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Friday, November 9, 2012


I really like it when I can use fan suggestions. Especially when it's something that might make the players indignant or upset, like getting electric shocks to the pussy. I can just say, "hey, don't blame me, blame the fan who suggested this!" So thanks, OD 99x, for episode 308's forfeit. Fern is back. Salem is back. Both have agreed to stretch their limits somewhat, and the first test of that is today. Enjoy!


MickB said...

Hi Red,
Still enjoying your wonderful clips and hearing about each new episode week after week...

Did send you couple of emails earlier in the year, and must have been buried in your growing list of regular emails each day.
These were regarding the errors I brought to your attention about 12 months ago in the B-sides clip store.

Firstly, there is a duplication of the episode # B046. As was first issued on 20th December 2011 for the "Strip Estonian Roulette with Derek & Betty Jo" episode. THEN, this same episode # was re-used for another clip issued on 17th January 2012 for "Kordelia plays Strip Poker against YOU!".

Secondly, also on the same date (17th January 2012), there was another clip issued, BUT with no episode # attached to it. Titled "Strip Estonian Roulette with Sassy and Kandie".

So, thought I better post the message here to remind you and so it can be looked at and resolved. By the way, looking forward to the B-Sides store resuming it's growing collection like the original collection has been doing.


Anonymous said...

Will be seeing more of Jelly she is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorites.

Anonymous said...

I see Torri is coming back, will Cody, Bibi and Kodak ever come back, never saw better than those girls.

OD 99x said...

Thanks Red for using my idea for a forfeit. I had a different actual device in mind, but the one you got is better. While being at a shoot is not realistic having them use, or should say curse, my name is the next best thing. I really enjoy having a forfeit that the girls really don't want which you've accomplished in this clip. I hope to see more shock treatment for some of the those girls who don't seem to have boundaries, puts the excitement back in the contest. This clip also shows you're, doing a great job bringing the "shy" girls along, a la Julie. Keep up the good work. OD99X

Anonymous said...

awesome forfeit action, Red.
it will be a semi-fav of mine.

now, for the criticism:
once again, your camera guy seems to be averse to close up angles. when legs are spread, we would like to see the folds and lips up close, gonzo style.
not constantly, but occassionally at least.
why does he fail to provide this on a steady basis? whats his issue????
maybe you need new camera operators, because this has gone on and on...and on...
sheesh! there is a zoom function on video recorders. use it, already!

two: you gotta get some light on the subject. when the loser was bent over, we werent able to see anything. too dark and shadowed.
(made even worse because the camera operator could not find the zoom function, as usual...)

CA Fan

Cofo11 said...

Hey Red I have another idea for a forfeit. You could have a list say 7 or more of your more "fun" (for us and the winner at least) implements, say the shocker from this episode, paddle, strap on, plugs, pussy pump, leg spreader, handcuffs, etc. the more evil the better. Have the girls choose x number of implements from the list, so they have to make choices on what to use, for use on their opponent if they win. They would then right detailed instructions on what they plan to do with their chosen implements, this would be in a sealed envelope and known only to us and the one girl. You open the envelope to get the forfeit when a winner is decided. The catch is this, instead of using the winners plan, the winner would open the plan the user created and carry out on the loser what the loser was planning to do to her. This sounds interesting and should provide some good banter and a oh shit moment for the loser. What do you think? Also, would it be possible to see the shocker used on the losers butthole?

Red said...

@MickB: I'm very glad you like what you're seeing (and what's coming.) As for the email, yeah, believe me you're not the only one who's been waiting for a reply for quite awhile. I feel pretty bad about that and when I have free moments I'm going through old emails that I've neglected to reply to. I've been trying (and not always succeeding) to at least answer current mails in a timely manner.

The B-Sides are on hiatus. Thank you for pointing out the glitches in the episode numbering (my guess is that Casper just mislabeled one of the B047s) and they'll be fixed eventually, but I've got a lot of other things on my plate just now.

@Anon 7:21 (please sign your posts): You'd better believe there's more games with Jelly. She played two more games with Fern, Jerome, and Serengeli, the first of which will be published (wait for it) as Episode 317. Sorry for the delay, but there's just so much good stuff. Beyond those two games, I'd love to have Jelly back and I believe she'd like to come back. We'll see what we can do.

@Anon 7:25 (please sign your posts): I've tried very hard to get in touch with all four of Bibi, Kodak, Tori, and Cody. I've gotten a dozen requests or more for more of them. So far, Tori's the only one I've successfully contacted. Will keep trying with the others.

@OD 99x: Well, that's what I got when I searched for "fetish series shock therapy". This device was obviously made to be fully inserted rather than handled (delivering shocks through the fingers), but I think the winner was reluctant to take it that far. After all, the device is pretty big, and the loser is pretty small. And her pussy is pretty tight. This was her first time testing the waters with her newly-expanded limits, and I didn't want it to end in tears. Next time, the winner needs gloves.

Speaking of their newly-expanded limits, this is just the first of several games they played that day. And while I'm proud to have corrupted two more young women, this was no five-year step-by-step battle of seduction like it was with Julie. When the dam broke with these two, it broke hard. I've already talked about one of the forfeits that happened that day. There were plenty more. Prepare to see Fern and Salem as you've never seen them before.

Red said...

@CA Fan: Thanks for the criticism. I'm sorry you've found the camera angles frustrating. Believe me, it frustrates us too, during the editing processm, when something interesting is going on, and not a single one of our cameras got a good shot. But to a large extent, the cameramen (Johnny and/or Hippo) don't deserve to be the target of that frustration. For starters, the problem is often camera placement, not zoom. Are there many shots where the nice open pussy is in the frame but too small to see? Usually the problem is that the camera is off-axis and would need to be moved to get a better shot, or something (or someone) in the way. To a large extent the blame falls on me as the director, mainly because I'm hesitant to yell, "Cut!" so we can reposition the cameras and/or the people to get a better shot. I prefer to let things play out organically without my interference. Sometimes, though, I need to get over it and interrupt for the sake of video quality. I'm trying to get better at that.

Cameras have zoom functions, but using them is a tricky business. Zoom lenses greatly amplify camera movement. They also shrink the frame, making it easier for things to move out of it. If shifting her pussy by two inches would put it out of frame at 1x, shifting it by one inch would do it at 2x zoom. To get a close-in shot, it's nearly always better to just bring the camera in close, but it's hard to do that without getting the cameraman in the other shots. This is why we often give a camera to a winner. She can get in the shot all she wants.

Believe me, we are very aware that sometimes the girls aren't as exposed as they could/should be, and we're always trying to improve the situation. Recently in many of our games we've been requiring losers to stand in front of the camera to strip, and pause to allow a good pan of her increased exposure.

Again, thank you sincerely for the criticism. I've said this a dozen times before, but while praise is great, criticism helps us improve, and we always want to improve.

@Cofo11: Thanks very much for the idea. I think it has some merits, but honestly it'd need some work before I could use it, and here's why. These girls are generally nice girls. They're either strangers or friends. If I give them the choice of what to do to each other, they generally go easy.

But I like the idea of putting all of the toys and gadgets I've accumulated over the years on a list. Then I could use a die roll or a spinner roll or whatever to choose a forfeit at random, or use some method tied to teh game to choose one... there are some good possibilities there.

As for using the shocker on a loser's butthole, that would depend on the players and whether they're willing to risk such a penalty. I'll ask around.

Anonymous said...

Red: if the camera is static, there is no 'cameraman' so to speak.

have that static shot, but also have a real camera guy, who actually HOLDS the camera and *zooms in* occassionally... its getting old, ok.

there are at least a dozen vids i did NOT buy because i was fairly certain somebody behind the camera didnt catch what i was looking for...
because, i paid for too many occasions when they did not...

you need to fix this, and sales will skyrocket...

seriously dude, i want that for you... as well as us.

Ca Fan

Anonymous said...

its like, the loser is bent over... and NOBODY with a camera bothered to think:
"duh, i might wanna zoom in on this... maybe grab a flashlight, too..."

its got to get better.
it has to.

Ca Fan

Anonymous said...

First off - great stuff.

Second, I was wondering if you could do some more videos involving either creampies or ending up on or in the girls' pussies either through the usual means, or handjobs, funnelling or shot glasses etc. It would be awesome to see either multiple girls getting creampied or a girl getting multiple creampies.

Thanks again,

Sixtus the sixth.

JJ76 said...

As I watched last week's clip it just rushed through my mind that one of the biggest wishes has not yet come true: See Ashley getting fucked on lostbets.com. At least there must be some more tries. She is one of the greatest players ever, her limits include boy-girl hardcore action on camera as we know - and it would be a pity to see her retiring one day before having real fucking action of her on a lostbets tape.
As she is one of the very competetive girls it would be great to watch her mood changing from being annoyed about a loss just to having fun for herself and/or pleasing a guy to get off the fastest way she could imagine.

Try to make that come true, and if you do so you could try to make another all-time favorite, Addie, her opponent in that game. She recently dared to do some boy-girl action as well.

RB53 said...

What about a forfeit with (straight) guys vs (straight)girls and the losers have to give oral stimulation to eachother while the winners get to watch.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea how to combine the assholetickling forfeit.You tie the girl up doggy style wiht her feet spread wide open now the girl has to endure 5 minutes of alternating assholetickling and spanking. You start tickling her in her asshole. During time she decides whether she wants to be spanked or tickled in her asshole. You tickle her until she screams "spank" now you spank her until she cries "tickle" and so on. So the girl must decide during the time, if tickling is more stressful or the spanking.



Anonymous said...

new forfeit idea:

a losing girl has to go to a professional massage while you film it. The masseur has only to knead her very intimate parts around her pussy and her pussy. some girls even have her tension. It would be very exciting seeing the girls reactions during procedure


Anonymous said...

what about the nude housecleaning suggested a time ago.


Johnny said...

@Ca Fan. We're with you man. We'll make it happen. - Johnny

Ranier said...

I would love to see someone riding the sybian again as a forfeit. Or something like two sybians together and the first one to cum loses getting screwed by some hand picked guys.

Anonymous said...

Any word on anymore POV/masturbation instruction vids anytime soon Red? I am chompingggg at the bit for them and seeing how along it could be going cause I asked you about it a few months ago

Anonymous said...

She is mine to. Hope to see her back!