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Friday, November 16, 2012

Tori Tori Tori

A little over a year ago, I had the good fortune to get four lovely and exuberant young ladies in front of my camera: Bibi, Cody, Kodak, and Tori. Since then, I've heard many, many requests to see more of them, and since then I've tried very hard to get them back. I still haven't managed to get in touch with three of them, but I was able to reach Tori, and she was willing to try her luck at LostBets.com again.

I paired her against another of my most popular players: sweet, smart, punny, and stunning Candle. They square off in their debut match in Episode 309, today. Enjoy! And rest assured that I have not given up on Bibi, Cody, or Kodak.


Gary said...

Hi Red,

The update looks great as usual. And thanks for participating in the comments.

I was just wondering if you had more snip games planned in the future. The prolong and helpless process of having clothes cut off by someone else is very underrated. Sometimes it's (IMHO) better than the actual forfeits.

ForfeitFan said...


I had 2 ideas for forfeits.
1) If you end up doing a shoot at Folsom, you could network with a BDSM supplier that will be there, and have a forfeit where the loser has to participate in a demonstration of their products. Maybe she'll be tied up and spanked, or tied down to a table and people from the audience can come up and tickle her, etc. Obviously limits would have to be known in advance, but it would be fun if you just asked the girls yes/no on whether they were okay with each implement/scenario, then left it up to the supplier what they would do.

2) Again, it you were somewhere like Folsom, you could make the loser participate in a "butt/boob box" You have a thin box that the girl would just fit in standing up. The box has 2 holes cut in the front for her breasts, and 1 hole in the back for her butt. you have her get in the box and you secure her wrists/ ankles to the back of the box. Then the when the front door is closed, people on the outside have access to her butt and her breasts, and she can't see anything that's going on. (Too make it more fun, you can put 1 way glass in front of her face, so people can see her.) Now, she has to earn a pre-set amount of $$$ for charity in order to get out. People on the outside can pay to do things / have things done to her. For instance, maybe you can put 2 clothespins on her for 3 minutes for $10. or have her paddled for $5 per swat, or shoot 5 rubber bands at her tits for $10, etc...

Anonymous said...

i like tickling forfits too but more of hands above the bed thing and not a spot missed

Anonymous said...

Big fan of the site-great stuff!
Any chance of seeing a game where some guys risk a bi forfiet?


TieNTease said...

For a future game, here's a thought for a "no losers" scenario.

Well, actually there is a loser, but she's the loser of a previous game, and part of her forfeit is to be the "prize" for this game.

You need at least three players (plus the prize of course), and they can be any combination of male or female. The game is decided on points, but this could be based on a game of skill (such as darts) or a game of chance (such as rolling dice). At the end of the game you should have the players separated based on the number of points each has won.

The player with the most points gets to do whatever he or she wants to do with the prize for, say, 10 or 15 minutes. The player with the next highest score then gets to play with the prize for a shorter period (perhaps 8 to 10 minutes), then turns her over to the low-scoring player for 5 minutes.

Just to enhance the prize's anticipation, she can be bound (and perhaps gagged) nearby while the players compete to take their turns with her and tell her what she's in for.

TieNTease said...

Just an additional note on the scenario above: This could work especially well if at least one of the players has a score to settle with the prize. That player will be especially motivated to get a high score, and will be guaranteed to get at least some chance at revenge.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a loser being the prize of a second game. For girls with stricter limits maybe put her in cuffs and she has to offer her boobs as a prize.


TieNTease said...

I think there have been other games where the loser of one game had to be the prize in another. I seem to remember one girl being the Bunny in "Pin the Tail on the Bunny" because she lost an earlier game. :)

What makes this one unique is the "no losers" angle. All of the players will get to take a turn with the prize girl. They're just playing to see how much time each of them will get with her.

Anonymous said...

tickling the loser tied to the bed with two girls not missing an inch would be nice and perhaps after shes exhusted both winners eat out the loser.

RS said...

You haven't posted anything about Episode 310 yet, but I wanted to say how much I really liked it. Lots of players get naked (both ultimate losers and ultimate winners), lots of embarrassing mini-forfeits, and a general light-heartedness even though the forfeit is sexual. The player I was most hoping to be utterly humiliated emerged relatively unscathed -- perhaps there will be other opportunities with this group? This seems like a group that would up for a no-holds-barred DareRing-style game. The kind where what dare a player has to do and which other player(s) they have to do it with are both chosen randomly.