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Thursday, November 29, 2012

It ain't Polaroid or Fuji, that's for sure

First things first: Episode 311. I announced 310 a day late, so I'm doing this one a day early to restore cosmic balance. Cyndi made her last appearance in Episode 125, more than three years ago. Well, she's back, and hotter than ever. Two new girls debut alongside her, Eve and Grace. I think you'll like them both, especially when the glass dildos come out.

And speaking of girls we haven't seen in awhile...

I very frequently get requests to bring certain girls back. Unless there's a good reason (she's absolutely not interested in coming back, or she was a royal pain-in-the-ass, or she was extremely unpopular with everybody but the requester) I always try to fulfill these requests. Sometimes this quest is hopeless. And sometimes, as the months and years go by, and people keep posting requests, and I keep responding, "I'm trying,' it might get hard to believe that I'm really making an effort. But sometimes, I do manage to bring back a long-lost girl (Isobel, anyone?) even after years.

Which brings me to Kodak.

I'm sure that a lot of readers are paying very close attention now, even those who didn't pick up on the reference in the title of this post. That's because along with the other girls who appeared with her in Episodes 237, 240, and 244 (Bibi, Cody, and Tori), Kodak is one of the girls I've gotten the most requests to bring back. Every few weeks there's a new email or blog post asking if and when Kodak would be back. Well, I've finally managed to get back in touch with her. And she's willing to come back and play. That's the good news. Before you get too excited, though, there are a few caveats.

First of all, she's not local, which means I'd have to fly her in. I've never done that before. For Kodak I would, but it does mean that shooting her would be quite a bit more expensive than usual. And then there's the timing. She's about to move out of the country for the foreseeable future, so if she's going to play, it's going to have to be during a very short time window in December. This will also mean breaking my pledge to myself not to do any more shoots until 2013. Again, though, for Kodak I'm willing to do that. To tell you the truth, I'm surprised I made it this long.

And then there's the biggie. This is actually very good news for Kodak, but not so good news for the rest of us: she's in a loving, committed relationship. Not only does that mean she's off the market and those of us who fantasized about getting with her can just forget it, it also means that her limits have tightened up considerably. She's willing to play, she's willing to risk her clothes, but she's not willing to risk doing much of anything explicit. We're talking limits like Julie circa 2007, no open-leg shots.

So my first question for you guys is, should I go for it anyway? I've got a feeling that I already know what the overwhelming response will be, so the second question is, what should I have her do if she loses? What would you all like to see Kodak putting at risk, that wouldn't stray past her limits?


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a crazy amount of expense and hassle for very little. i wouldnt bother

Anonymous said...

I would think a messy forfeit could work. Would have loved to see her lose the last one she was in.


Riggins said...

While I think it isn't worth the hassle and expense, I can definitely understand that Kodak has fans who think that she certainly is worth it. If there was a chance Ashton and Mia might be coming back under the same conditions, I would be posting "DO IT!!!!!!" as much as possible.

Is there a way you could do a Kickstarter type thing, and get Kodak's fans to put up something to help defray the cost? $10-$15 gets an exclusive video, $20-$25 gets the exclusive plus early access to the games, $50 and she'll say hi to the donor on camera, etc.

Anonymous said...

I really miss Cory, who was greatl player, perfect body and their limits weren't tight even though she didn't act like pornstar but ordinary girl.

I have bought all her clips, and missing new.

Anonymous said...

Could i use this opportunity to request bringing back Raven? if it's gonna happen, why not a spanking forfeit.

damndable said...

If you do, please please use the clod water forfeit I suggest a while back, would love to see kodak squirming like that.

Anonymous said...

defiantly would love to see kodak back and if she could get in contact with bibi its even better, possible forfeits could be another wet and messy the last one was very hot, or spanking or naked bar walks/ slingshot bikini. would she be willing to stretch her limits if her boyfriend was involved with the forfeit?


Anonymous said...

Have Bibi along too and it will be a no-brainer... :)

Anonymous said...

damnandle's cold water forfeit or an ice forfeit would be awesome.


Anonymous said...


I see the conversation has already moved on, but I want to say I enjoyed Witch Hunt.

Mistress of Ceremonies Scarlett did a good job. She really kept the game moving, but it still worked well as a game.

I disagree about your proposed rule change. Make sure the chairs don't quite touch, if the vibrations caused a problem. Then it shouldn't be up to the villagers to stomp their feet, it should be up to the witches to be quiet and stealthy. It can be done if you are careful, and if watching this video doesn't make future witches careful, then they deserve their fate.

Your idea of giving some helpful hints if you try this with another group is good, and if you have some of this group back for your next big game, it would be interesting to play again and see how much they have learned.

You already put your finger on the big problem. When you are assembling a big group, you usually want a lot of women (because that's what you and most of your audience are here for), with some men (to raise the stakes), but that results in the men being outvoted in this game. Since it would be a ridiculous waste to go to the effort to put together a large group for just one game, I don't have a solution. The need of the many games outweigh the needs of the few or the one.

Despite that problem, between all the lynchings of the female witches and the grudge-cursing of one of the woman, there was still a lot to like.

Not to mention the finale, which I also liked, mostly thanks to the beautiful Belle, who got into the lostbets spirit, ordered people around, and almost single-handedly saved the segment from being a bunch of shots of the backs of peoples heads. She was also MVP of the game portion and clearly someone you want on your side.

I really liked the mechanic of individual elimination with mini-forfeits leading to a team win and final forfeit. I'll have to try and think of some other games like that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red
well I am one of Kodak's biggest fans and I would love to see her again. She is even nice to see with her clothes on, and congrats to her
for finding love. If I were her boyfriend frankly I wouldn't want her to even considering coming on this site. However, since she is just a fantasy for me part of me says yea go ahead, but if I were you from a business point of view, is it cost efficient, especially if she is only willing to risk a tame forfeit which might effect how many buy the video.. Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

I'd pass. Too much money and hassle.


Anonymous said...

Nice hard paddling ;)

Anonymous said...

My favorite lost sheep would be Taylor,Lumen, Bibi and Anastacia (in that order).

The limits also offer oppurtunitites to try shoot a different kind of vid.

Some suggestions:
* try to create a situation that really embarrasses or humiliates her
* focus the forfeit on boobs (maybe even by allowing to keep on panties)
* having an orgasm where only the face/upper body is shown (maybe some variation on the Hysterical Literature vids)
* it's a long shot, but do suggest the Sybian to Kodak

Maybe you should make them POV because it would be a shame if you have nice forfiets prepared and she ends up winning all her games... .


RS said...

I think @Dex's review of Witch Hunt. I would buy it again if you choose to reprise it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Dex, Belle is hilarious. I love how she totally gets into everything.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Pass on any girl that won't risk a hard forfeit.

SB Boy

Mindworm said...

I bought episode #311, and while it was a good one, I somehow managed to buy it twice! I first used Firefox and got to the site where I entered name and card-number and so on. I then expected to get to the site where the warning that it shouldn’t be refreshed comes up, but for some reason I got to the main C4S site instead, and never got to the site where I can download the clip either. I thought that I must have done something wrong, so I tried anew, this time using IE. This time it worked fine, and I was able to download the clip. Shortly after I got two mails, both saying that I was billed $16.99. When checking my account, I see that I also was charged double! How could this happen?

Another question; a couple of months ago I tried to buy a video by using my IPhone 4. I got the mobile-version of LB up, and I also got the mobile version of C4S up, but when I came to the site where I normally download the clip (when on the PC, I right-click to download), I never found out how I could download it to my phone. How is this done? Since both your site and C4S have mobile-versions of the sites, I guess this should be possible? I ended up by later buying the clip from my PC, so this time I also was double charged.

Carl said...

I really liked the games with Kodak but in that case I would pass if it ends up paying you much more than usual. She's undoubtably a really beautiful girl but we've seen even more of her than we could expect now. Only a nude-in-public forfeit would make me change my mind.
Everything would change if Bibi is in as well. She's the one of these beauties who has not offered that much of her amazing body to us, so I would be willing to buy any game (even if you doubled the price) with chances of her losing - no matter what the forfeit is.

Anonymous said...


Even though it probably means another shoot will go by where you probably won't be able to use my perfect forfeit, for a girl as hot as Kodak, I would think it's probably worth it.

She is one of the most beautiful girls on lost bets. I think it would be a good thing if you were to get her back.

If you're going to be doing a shoot, is there any chance you may find a way of squeezing in that dream forfeit of mine? The pubic hair as last item of clothing one? Even if Kodak is not involved in that video?

You can't blame me for asking…it eventually worked for greenmonster89!

Hope you're well.

All the best,


RRFrope@hotmail.com said...

The return of Kodak is a great notice.
She has limits? It is spreading legs or futher? isn´t it? Then you have to find hard forfeits that fits this limits. Say her "be carefull with your wish for, it may come true"
She hadn´t say nothing about bondage, fetish or BDSM isn´t it? how about going outside handcuffed, blindfolded or gagged?
How about clothespin, tickling or wax forfeits? How about ropes? How about the armbinder forfeit?
Hope it works...see you

Anonymous said...

Great to see Cyndi back, you were right about her being hotter Red!
Any more in the pipeline?

CA7 said...

I love Kodak and think she is one of the hottest girls on here, but I don't think it is worth it if she has so many limits. I want to see more videos where the forfeit is something they are really embarassed to do (whatever that might be). I like the idea of pushing the envolope. Also, am I the only one that would want to see more boys vs girls games?

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with CA7 and some others above... if someone is setting the limits of what they will do, then they're really not going to be embarrassed by any ensuing forfeit that stays within their safe bounds and doesn't push their limits. And isn't that really what watching Lost Bets is all about... seeing a pretty young lady feeling embarrassed about their forfeit?

Admittedly, a lot of the game players are actresses, so they can sometimes compensate for their lack of real embarrassment by using their acting talents, but if we know beforehand that Actress A won't cross a certain line, then we know before purchasing (or not purchasing) a video that there's a very good chance that the certain level of on screen emotional embarrassment is probably not going to be reached.

So, I'd have to agree that any extra expense to use any player that has set her limits to "tame" beforehand is probably not money well spent. I'd love to see Kodak again but I'd submit that her limits and her present situation would be cost prohibitive.

And, speaking of bringing back some old favorites, Red, didn't you mention a while back that Camilla might be interested in returning? If so, do you have any update on that possibility?

Thanks for the continued great work!


Anonymous said...

Must admit, I would also like to see Camilla.


Anonymous said...

I don't really care about Kodak one way or the other, but I find that girls with tight limits are often the best enf reactions. You mention earlier Julie as being the benchmark for tight limits. She also brought us some of the best embarrassment on the web. I don't want to offer any spoilers, but for what I mean look at any of her first three losses. I know Julie is somewhat rare but anything in this direction I for one would buy.


Anonymous said...

@-unsigned, You're absolutely correct about Julie, but part of her charm was that she was always expanding her limits. In the case right now with Kodak, she is offering to tighten her limits. So I'm not sure if we're looking at similar situations. Julie was/is a rare jem.


Anonymous said...

@JHO - True. What I really meant was that from time to time I'd like to see a more back to the basics of hardcore enf reactions over hardcore sexual punishment.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a girl like Kodak in door jam cuffs saying/reading something like:""hi guys,
My name is [loser] and got my tits out for all my fans.
I am standing here topless an handcuffed for your viewing pleasure.I am not going anywhere so take your time and check my body out. Enjoy!"

Even better would be if a popular amateur would come and say "I am having an orgasm right now for all my fans".


Anonymous said...

I think Kodak should have to do an exhibitionist-style forfit. That way there's no toys, penetration, or spread legs. But being forced to over-expose herself out in the open would be something R-rated not X while still being profoundly embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

public nudity or less clothing like in the past or tickled past her limit

Anonymous said...

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