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Friday, January 4, 2013

Bring it on!

Today's update brings back a game we haven't seen since Episode 268: Earth and Fire. I really like this game. Something about watching a girl struggling to hold back her orgasm as two determined girls try their best to break her appeals to me. This week's contestants are Cyndi, Eve and Grace, and they make fine players.

In other news, I am once again (still) way behind in responses. I hope everyone had a great New Year. Here's to making 2013 the best year yet.


Anonymous said...

This is in the top ten of LB video. The three of them look great and very into it! Eve is so cute.

MickB said...

Hi Red,
Keep up the good work.
Had a possible suggestion about a mailing list being started to notify people of updates each week.
Not so much an issue whilst you are only updating the regular section of the website, but would be good when you resume the B-Sides collection as well.

May be useful for posting special notices for certain times of the year, when you post mutiple clips in the same week.

Anonymous said...

Great clip, really sexy. I'd love to see more of the three of them.

How about Strip blackjack & the loser has a ride a suction cup dildo attached to a window?

Grace would look great at that.


Gatorfan said...

How many rounds were there? Or what was the length of the last round?

Anonymous said...

What is coming out over the next weeks

Anonymous said...

Great video, Red!

My only suggestion would be to have a mix of "enthusiastic" and "timid/awkward" participants.

Also, any news on Sarah?


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I'm still hoping for my pubic hair as last item of clothing game idea soon! Meantime, I had a pretty extreme forfeit idea. This one might be going a bit too far, but I would be interested in what you and others think of it. If the consensus is that it's not pushing things too much, I wonder how workable it might be?

Basically, how about a hardcore forfeit where the losing naked girl has to have sex with a (masked if he wishes) member of the Lostbets "community"? You could even have some sort of online competition or draw to find the lucky guy?.

If the guy was masked, you could keep him away from the girls until after the forfeit had been performed and then film the girl's reaction as he takes his mask off (whilst keeping his face hidden from the camera)?

Please note: I'm not volunteering! I think it might be a bit too much of a distance for me to travel!

I appreciate that this is pretty extreme - even for Lostbets - and that there would need to be certain practicalities to deal with regarding STD certificates or condoms, but nothing that couldn't be overcome. I also appreciate that there might be a limited number of girls who would be willing to take such a risk, but I would have thought that some of the professional performers might - even though the idea would work even better with amateurs!

If the guy was masked (with some sort of Mexican wrestler's mask or similar) and you ran a competition or draw, every guy watching the video could have the feeling that it could have been him participating in Lostbets!

Anyways, I would be grateful for your thoughts (and anyone else's).

Happy New Year and all my best wishes,

Mismanager said...

For what it is worth, my thoughts about TrueS's suggestion is that I wouldn't be interested in buying such a clip, and I have bought most of those on the site. TrueS seems to be trying to drive Red in a particular direction. I'd urge him not to go down that route. I'd be surprised if any of the girls would be interested and would worry about any that were interested. My advice would be for Red to stick to what he does so well. Aren't there other sites out there that cater for his tastes?

Anonymous said...

If you don't like a suggestion, or don't think it is in keeping with the rest of the content of the site, by all means say so. However, should you not have the good grace to refrain from remarks that could be construed as an attack on one person, or your perception of that person's tastes?

Is the suggestion really so much stronger than being gang banged by a group of friends / work colleagues? A forfeit which already features in one video. The suggestion is certainly not as strong as some of the truth or dare stories out there.

It's a very strong forfeit, but it's something fresh for the site. What other fresh hardcore forfeits might there be? Hardcore forfeits are always going to be borderline (at least) offensive to some people. The thing about Lostbets is that it permits people to see Dare fantasies that they have, but in some cases may not wish to personally experience, brought to life.

Does the prospect of community participation put anyone else off? If so, why?

ATCFNM said...

I'd LOVE to see this type of game played with a guy, him being the receiving end of the vibrator under his cock. Just more interplay between the guys and girls in general would be awesome. Not so much as what TrueS has suggested, as I'm not advocating taking the interaction between the guys and girls that far. Stuff like the handjob race was more of what I had envisioned, but nothing further from that. Just anything where the guys have just as much of a risk of losing and being embarrassed as the girls.

Just a suggestion.

I am incredibly impressed by the fact that you've taken this site from having only a few videos and turning it into the juggernaut it is! This site kills everything sites like Dare Ring, Truth Or Sex, or others I've seen. I can't wait to join up again!

Anonymous said...

I love this Kandie! She is the hottest. There should be more vids with this hottie.

And did she only perform for lostbets, or are there more vids of her on the web?

Still I have some doubt about 165/169/179. She (Kandi) loses all the games. On the other hand Cara never loses and Zayda only rarely loses. Are these three episodes staged? Has to be, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Just bought this clip. WOW!!!! The game is as much fun as the forfeit. Although the forfeit was fantastic. One of the hottest so far. Three beautiful naked women that look as if they are totally into what they are doing. I truly believe there was no real loser in this game and would love to see these three together again. I am going back and take another look at their previous game.
Bob L.

JD said...


I still am waiting for you to shoot a game where couple play, and it is the guys who play a game of skill (whatever it, I don't care). When one loses, the other strips the loser's girl of one piece of clothing.

When one loses - girl is naked and loses again - she gets fucked by the winning guy, the winning girl and (hopefully) another guy or two. Facials would be sweet.

Then the losing guy has to jerk off in humiliation.

- JD