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Friday, January 11, 2013

Watery beer

I wonder what percentage of posts on this blog have me apologizing for or making excuses for being way behind in blog and email replies. Probably pretty high. Anyway, it's still the case that I'm way behind. The excuse du jour is that I've been spending nearly all of my free time in the company of a charming (and hot) young lady of my acquaintance. You know how it is, guys, right? You get a new girlfriend, and next thing you know there's no time for anything else. I'd call her by her name, except she doesn't have a stage name for me to use yet. I asked her to pick one out after I told her I'd be blaming her for my inattention, but she still hasn't settled on one, and she soundly rejected my suggestion of Yoko.

Today's update brings back my collection of young amateurs, Fern and Jerome and Jelly and Serengeli. The game is technically beer pong, but not really: I ain't serving alcohol to these youngsters. At least not on camera. Tickling's on tap for the losers.

Coming up:

Episode 319 brings back the circus folk, all 15 of them, playing a massive king-of-the-hill style game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. The forfeit is a little on the tame side for this crowd, as 7 losers perform lapdances for 8 winners, but it's a lot of fun to see what these crazy people get up to.

Episode 320 is one a lot of people have been waiting for. Fern and Salem play a game of Strip Mogadishu while sitting in front of a pleasant roaring fire. Each lost piece of clothing goes to feed the fire, and the loser has to (gets to?) break in my brand-new Sybian. Neither has ridden one before, and both are a bit apprehensive. Last time I used a Sybian, it was a rousing success. Will this one be too? Tune in to find out.

Candle and Tori return in episode 321 playing a classy game of Strip Blackjack. These two have a great rapport. They're both good at livening up a game with excitement and banter, but together, they're unstoppable. The winner gets to ream the loser with a glass dildo, and it turns out that she knows what she's doing. The loser is blown away.

Episode 322 features Eve and Grace playing Noname. (Cyndi had to leave). The winner straps on. The loser takes it.

Episode 323 is Fern and Salem again, this time playing Strip Memory. The loser has to undergo a forfeit that was suggested by a fan awhile ago. She has to walk naked and on tiptoe down a rope that's been stretched tight. The rope nestles between her pussy lips and stimulates her as she walks, and the knots we tied in the rope don't help much either. Worked pretty well, I think. You be the judge.


RS said...

Looks like a nice line-up. That group of 15 is awfully fun. And I love the idea of clothing being destroyed. Maybe someday you'll find a way to leave losers stranded naked after their clothing is destroyed. Not sure how, but maybe someday.

Anonymous said...

Red I Am looking forward to seeing Julie again if she is unable to come back please send an email address or number at blottyguy@Yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new girlfriend! Will the fans get to meet this young lady?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new girlfriend, and it looks, too, like there's a great lineup of videos coming out.

I'm really excited about 320! While Salem is a beautiful girl, I'm hoping Fern loses. We haven't seen her cum yet, and I look forward to that (potential) eventuality. Fingers crossed!

There was the prospect raised a few weeks ago of doing an 'aroused trivia' type of game, where the girl answering questions is subjected to various levels of arousing stimulation--ie sybian, vibrator, etc--while she answers the questions. I think this is a great idea and I'd recommend it highly.

Red said...

@RS: I agree, the group of 15 is awfully fun. There's one more after this. The climax, if you will. And maybe someday I will find a way to strand some poor girl (or girls) nude. We'll see.

@Ca Fan: Glad you find it sexy. Hey, I wanted to let you know that we've been actively trying to find and include more of those nice pussy shots you wanted to see. This is all footage that was shot before so we have to make do with what we've got, but when we do our next shoot we'll make sure our cameras catch the explicit shots. And our next shoot isn't very far away…

@blottyguy: I can't hand out Julie's contact information, or anyone's contact information for that matter. i'll forward your email address to her, and if she wants to contact you, she will.

@N: Thank you, sir. As for whether you'll meet her, I doubt it, but maybe she'll comment on the blog.

To everybody else, there are fifteen comments in the last thread that I've been too distracted even to read, let alone reply to. (And to be fair to the lady, not all of this is her fault.) I'll get to every last one of them before the week is out.

Red said...

@Anon 9:35 (please sign your posts): I hope you're satisfied with 320, although I'm not giving out any spoilers yet.

Does anyone knoww of a good source of trivia questions that aren't burdened by copyright?

Anonymous said...

Bring Jelly back for more and keep pressing to see what her limits are. :)

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to do another creampie related vid?

I'd like to see Kandi and the BBW from the gang-bang (among others) do a game where the loser gets creampied and then has to show it off in public.


RS said...

@Red - Regarding trivia questions not burdened by copyright: two ideas.

One is to go off of lists, like Wikipedia's lists of Presidents, Oscar winners, etc. Easy to come up with questions like "Who was the 17th President of the United States" or "Who won the first Academy Award for Best Actress" (or, if that's too hard, things like "Who won Best Actress for 'Silence of the Lambs'").

Second suggestion: I started to come up with a list of trivia questions myself for a game that I never completed. They all came from upcopyrighted materials like lists, etc., covering entertainment, history, science, etc. They're multiple choice questions (mostly, I believe) organized into categories. It was never finished, but I'd be happy to complete it and let you use it for free if you'd like.

How many questions would you need? I currently have 46 questions in categories like Entertainment (Movies), History (US History, US Government, US Presidents, World History), Science (Astronomy, Physics), and Sex & Nudity (Movies, Pornography, Public Nudity, Reproduction, Sexual Health).

Red said...

@Anon 11:20 (please sign your posts): I don't think Jelly will be back. I asked her to return, and she refused. She told me that posing for naughty movies was something she'd wanted to try, and she didn't regret her experience, but now she's done it and doesn't need to do it again. But she knows I want her back, and if she changes her mind I'm sure she'll tell me.

By the way, Jelly turns 19 this week. If you post birthday wishes I'll see that she reads them.

@Zauss: Can you be more specific than "the BBW from the gang-bang"? I'm not sure who you're talking about. Yes, another creampie forfeit is possible but I don't know what you mean about showing off her creampie in public. She can't show her vag in public, how could she show a creampie?

@RS: Thanks for the generous offer! I don't know how many questions I'd need because I don't know how I'd use them. Have to think about that one. But I'd appreciate good (and free) trivia questions.

I've used lists as trivia sources before. In fact, Hi-Lo Trivia is a good example of it, guess how many calories in a particular food or what distance between two cities or what year something happened. It's easy to come up with an unending supply of questions. It works. But it's a bit dry.

RS said...

I'll keep working at it, because it's fun for me and I could use it for other things myself. Currently up to 151 (60 Entertainment, but I might split out Sports; 38 History; 19 Science; 16 Sex & Nudity; 18 Social Science). 83 are multiple choice and 68 are fill-in-the-blank. They're definitely more interesting than counting calories! It's slower going and a bit lop-sided at the moment, but the more lists I find, the more well-rounded it will be. I can send you what I have so far if you want to get a sense of it.

Anonymous said...

@ Red

I was thinking Starli (Tori, Alexiel, Grace, whitney or Alice would be nice, too).

As for the creampie, how about a walk of shame type deal where the loser has to wear something like short shorts or a skirt with no panties that allows either the wetness to show or it to drip down her legs?


Jack said...

For the trivia game, make it more interesting by including personal questions about the opponent(s).
Let ervery player fill in a questionnaire before. Ask about their age when they had their first time (sex, anal, nude/sex on camera), their cup/penis size, the number of sex partners, their favorite sexual positions, if they paid/have been paid for having sex, what they would never do in sex/on camera etc.
Turn the answers into questions for the opponents and mix it up with normal trivia questions and some sexual trivia questions - that will be a good mix.

By the way - I'm a fan of the idea of personal interviews for every player (ideal before their first game) in which they tell about preferences, limits and sexual experiences. Is that possible?

Red said...

@RS: Again, thanks. I appreciate it. And if I end up using them, I'll give you a free copy of the first episode :-) You can send me what you have so far if you want, but I don't mind waiting if you'd prefer to show it when it's finished.

@Zauzz: I think Starli might be up for a creampie forfeit, and I'll ask her, but honestly I question your labeling of her as a BBW. Sure, she's no stick-thin rail, but she's not fat by any means. I'll still try to get her back. As for the others you mentioned, I don't think that any of them, with the possible exception of Whitney, would be up for it, but again, I'll ask.

@Jack: Nifty idea about the "personal" trivia. I'll see what I can do. As for pre-game interviews, I've actually filmed a fair number of them but am not really thrilled with how any of them turned out. I'm not a very good interviewer. I'll keep trying, and keep working on my interview skillz.