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Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome to the machine

Fern and Salem, a fire and a Sybian. Who wouldn't appreciate that combo? Enjoy today's update, Episode 320.


Anonymous said...

good one here. i especially enjoyed the control aspects joyfully employed by the winner.
super hot.

these two are good together. i hope they continue to venture further into lost bets.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

Great scene ! Cherry on the cake, the loser ends up to be the one I wanted to see on that machine ;)

That's a shame Lumen has quit, I would looooooove to see her at the loser's place :/


Anonymous said...

I had high expectations for this one and they were surpassed.

(Also sorry to hear that Lumen regerets her shoots, especially when seeing Fern and Salem having so much fun while stretching their limts)


Anonymous said...

hello everyone this is the very first time i have ever left a comment on any blog or video. i have an idea for what i think would be a good game. have two somewhat shy ladys play a game you have not used in a long time , like strip 4 in a row, in front of a male spectater. the loser then has to have her breasts played with for a time, say 5 minutes, by the male spectater with the winner videotaping the whole thing. if you have the right ladys it should be fun to watch

Anonymous said...

sorry i forgot to sign my name is Andrew

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

what about the suggested strip contest between two loser suggested a time ago.

And what about my other suggestions?


Red said...

@CA Fan: Thanks, I'm glad you liked this one. Fern and Salem played two more games that day, and they will be episodes 323 and 326. After that, if people are still hungry for more, Fern would probably be willing to come back for more, but I think Salem moved away.

@Tipiker: Glad you liked it and also glad you're happy with the outcome. (I was too.) But if anyone's disappointed with how this one turn out, hang on for a few weeks..

@AS: Thanks! I should make a macro for "glad you liked it". And to both you and @Tipike, yeah, it's a damn shame about Lumen. She was truly shy, and that made her get very quiet when the cameras were rolling, so she never had the on-screen presence of some of the more extraverted girls. But she made up for it with her amazing angelic baby-faced beauty. And maybe with time she'd have learned to relax and let her personality show on camera.

@Andrew: First of all, it's very flattering that LostBets.com inspired your first ever blog comment. Hope it's not your last. And your idea for a forfeit would work really well, but only with the right players. We want someone who will blush deeply when a guy plays with her nipples on camera. Maybe I'll use that one for some young amateurs playing their first game ever.

@Ravenfan, I've been on a hiatus from shooting, so I haven't gone through the suggestions lately. I'm finally planning a shoot, and I'm going to take a good look at everything people have requested or suggested.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed your site.
Props on the creative games & constant new material.
I like the way you keep the clips fun, yet incredibly sexy :)

I've purchased quite a few clips over the past 3 years.
To keep track of all the episodes, I put together my own personal database.
Using an Excel spreadsheet, I can search for anything I want (Clip numbers, names, bet descriptions, losers, forfeits, categories, clip length, and price. B-Sides are also included in a separate tab.)
Anyway, it's been very useful for me & I'd like to pass it on to you & your viewers.

I've uploaded it at:

Again, great job with the site & I look forward to many more forfeits!

NY Fan

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the Anastasia clips available on the membership site? you only have them selling as individual clips which are pretty expensive for how short they are.

I was just wondering if you'll ever make them part of the content that monthly members have access to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red
Ever thought about the girls dressing up as english schoolgirls ie gymslips,St Trinians style. Navy blue knickers
Whitesoxs v stockings
Not sure about the forfeit,
regards James

Anonymous said...

Two girls each propose a forfeit. The other players (if any) and crew present then vote on which forfeit they find hottest and would most like to see happen. The player who comes up with the favorite forfeit, "Wins", and it's obvious what happens next.

For an added twist you tell the winning girl what the loser proposed before the forfeit commences, to provide that extra winning incentive.

Developments could be to let the lostbetsgames fans vote, though this may not logistically be workable, or to let the girls try and win "votes" in mini games.

Red said...

@NY Fan: Thanks for the compliments! Thanks also for the database, although actually I have my own, which I've been doing a terrible job of keeping up-to-date. You can check it out at http://lostbeta.com. I started building that site awhile ago, and Judge has been developing it since.

@Anon 2:08 (please sign your posts): Episodes get published in the clip store first, then get published on the membership site after they've aged a few months. If you don't want to pay the higher price in the clip store, just wait a little while. Everything makes it to the membership site eventually.

@James: Not just as schoolgirls, but lots of other costumes or uniforms would make great stripping game outfits. I'll see what I can do.

@Anon 4:37 (please sign your posts): That's a nifty idea, and I like the idea of letting the fans have a say, although yeah, there would be logistical challenges. And I'd need the right players for it: leaving creative choices like what forfeits to use up to the players only works if I've got enthusiastic girls who are really into it and eager to embarrass their opponents. But it's do-able.

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to come back- Fern ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply on how clips get moved from individual sales to the membership site. Sorry I forgot to sign the first time.

- Jimmy