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Friday, March 8, 2013

Fake but accurate

Today's update is a little different from usual, but I hope people like it. It does feature an amateur girl taking her first ride on a Sybian, so there is that. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I generally hate rigged games, too, and think I've got pretty good at guessing them over time. However...if the description for this one is true, that alone is pretty freaking hot and I am happy to suspend my disbelief out the window.


Anonymous said...

how about, instead of rigging a game, just put the lady on the sybian, and film her riding it?

it could be as an addition to the real game.

havent purchased yet, but hoping this lady's ride is as hot as the other one's.

CA Fan.

Anonymous said...

Meh, this one isn't really in the spirit of the site, but I appreciate you being upfront and honest about how it went down.


Anonymous said...

I sort of guessed this one would feature the other girl wanting to try the Sybian. Kudos for the girls for risking some rather scary requests from the blog during this shoot.

One more request for Fern, next time when succumbing to a forced orgasm forfeit, try to look straight in the cam with eyes wide open and say
"I come (hard) right now for all my fans at lostbet.com".

Since so many requests (even some unlikely ones) have been published recently, i have to ask: is "small boob humilation" in the planning?
I love the idea of an amateur girl in door jam cuffs realizing every one gets to see how small her tits are and there isn't a darned thing she can do about it any more.


Anonymous said...

After reading your blurb I went & bought both of the clips for Salmen & Fern with the Sybian.

The first one was better but only because I loved how Salen was holding Fern as she was on the device.
Especially how she held Fern's hair back in a ponytail so we could see her face.
Great idea from AV but to see this from any of the girls would be extremely erotic.


Anonymous said...

Red, you are an honest bastard and I love you for it!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Red said...

@RottenRope: Well, the clip description is accurate, that's how it went down. But don't be so certain you can spot the fakes: they really are very few and far between, and I've had people email me saying that they were pretty sure that a particular game was rigged and it wasn't. There have been a lot of really low-probability outcomes here. (If you ever really want to know whether a particular game is rigged, feel free to email me.)

@CA Fan: Yeah, just sitting the lady on the Sybian might have been better than rigging the game, but it was her idea.

@AV: I'll pass the request along to Fern next time I see her. As for small boob humiliation, I really want to do that, and well once I have a suitably equipped (or suitably ill-equipped) player. Next time I have a flat-chested girl showing up, I think I'll ask her to wear a padded (or stuffed) bra, without telling the other players. I'm hoping for some good spontaneous reactions from the other players when the bra comes off.

@Furrychris: I think part of the reason that 320's forfeit came off better than 326's is because, again, it was really late in the day and we were supposed to all knock off and go home after 323. I hope you still found 326 worthwhile though.

@Johnny and @GWKS: Thanks to you both, but I really don't know if I can take credit for honesty here… after all, my original intent was to pitch this as a game like any other, and the main reason I didn't was that I figured the truth was even hotter than the fiction.

Anonymous said...

The idea with a paded bra is great.
I know there's a bigger market for hard core stuff, but I enjoy the ENF clips with amateurs T lostbets.com.

Part of the embarrasment comes of doing something a "good girl" isn't supposed to do.
Another part is knowing all the little imperfections are exposed for all to see and worry about reactions. My idea is somewhat of the "nightmare scenario" where that fear becomes true and the loser is ridiculed and humiliated while topless.

Ideally you'd have two or 3 suitable players and a few people present and instructed to act as audience. The players are unaware of this setup , but the "audience"is ready to play their part in this "nightmare scenario". It would be best if the loser has her hands high in cuffs cuffs, because there is really the sense of antipation when the bra is removed by the winner. Also, the loser is helpless (can't cover up) and flat in this stretched out position when she gets the reactions on her boobs. I hope the loser will be embarrassed or pissed off when fun is made at her expense this way.

I realize this is a "fantasy scenario" and hard to pull of with genuine reactions, but I'd appreciate the effort.


Red said...

@AV: I'll do my best, I truly will. In the meantime, you might enjoy Episode 328. It's not small breast humiliation, but if you like girls embarrassed by exposing their physiques in all their glory with all their flaws, 328 might fit the bill. It features the return of Kimberly, whom we haven't seen in quite awhile, against veteran Catherine and rookie Caroline. Kimberly's always been a full-figured girl, but she's put on a few more pounds since we'e seen her last, and she seemed pretty self-conscious about it. Her embarrassment at having to reveal her new, larger body sure looked genuine to me, and the other girls were ready with a few choice taunts as she stripped. She gave as good as she got when she was winning, though.

For the record, I like women's bodies in all their dizzying variety of shapes and sizes, and I think Kimberly looks fantastic. But she looks even more fantastic when she blushes.

Cofo11 said...

Hey Red,

I've been enjoying the updates, but was wondering if you had thought anymore about the couples game and forfeit anymore? Where the losing woman and losing man are handed over to their opposites on the winning team. Hopefully with paddling, anal, and strapon?

Anonymous said...

for the tensed rope forfeit with the knots in it it would be even more fun if the girl had to go through it also backwards so she can't see when the knots will pass her snatch. So it will be more exciting for her sensitive pussy lips.