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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Doctor is In

Dre is back, by popular demand, and she's here to break in newbie Cheyenne. Who will be covered in balls, and who will have to show us all how she masturbates? Tune in today to find out.


LondonFan said...

Hey Red.

Is there any chance you may upload some clips from games again soon? I found this site via your Daily Motion account which hasn't been updated for a while and was thinking that if you possibly added some new stuff then more people might purchase.

Also, is there any chance of London returning? I still think she has the best breasts ever featured on this site.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Hey red blottyguy wondering it you got any news from Julie. Thought she might do a good job working for my business. Thanks-blottyguy@Yahoo.com

Red said...

@LondonFan: Yeah, making more promos would be a good idea. I've been kind of lax about doing that lately. I'll see what I can do.

I've asked London if she'd be interested in coming back. We'll see what she says.

@blottyguy, I gave your email address to Julie. I'll ping her again and see if she says anything.

Anonymous said...

More tickling forefits the better the loser suffers more if done properly. Glad to see the site up and going. The sister site no longer streams videos just letting you know. it says file not found or stream not found

Red said...

@Anon 8:21 (please sign your posts): That's odd. I don't check the sister site very often, but I just looked at it and the videos seemed to be streaming fine. Maybe they were having a temporary glitch or something?

As for more tickling forfeits, there's one coming up next week in Episode 328. Was it done properly? You'll have to be the judge.

Gade said...

I don't think it's a temporary glitch, it's been like that for several weeks for me.
If it helps, the error message when you try to watch the preview clip is:
"200, Stream not found, NetStream. Play.StreamNotFound, clip: [Clip]" and then the website address (I wasn't sure a post with s web address would be allowed through the filters)
I haven't renewed my subscription, so I don't know how it's affecting paid viewers.

Cofo11 said...

Hey Red, 
I've been enjoying the updates, but was wondering if you had thought anymore about the couples game and forfeit anymore? Where the losing woman and losing man are handed over to their opposites on the winning team. Hopefully with paddling, anal, and strapon?

Red said...

@Gade: Oh, that's weird. I had only checked the streams behind the paywall. Yeah, the promos aren't streaming, apparently. I sent an email to the guy who runs it; hopefully he'll fix it.

By the way, if you or anyone else wants to subscribe to the sister site, I'd really appreciate if you'd do it after clicking through the link on this page. I get a bigger slice of the pie that way.

@Cofo: I'd like to do that (previous couples games have been great successes) but I can't make promises as to when. I've really, really cut back on my shooting schedule lately. I've had to. I love shooting, I love coming up with the games and the forfeits and watching them unfold, but I was just doing way too much of it and the backlog was grossly bloated. The current publishing queue extends into July and doesn't even contain everything I've got on film. So I may not be able to film a couple of couples until later in the year, but rest assured I will.

Anonymous said...

Any chance on starting the B-sides again or increase the number of updates, then?


RS said...

If you love filming but there's too much of a backlog, one solution would be to publish more frequently, like twice per week.

(Of course, I understand the economics might not be as favorable, as many fans can only budget so much, and may end up being more selective about what they purchase if there's more to choose from.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I had an idea for a game that incorporates some different things people have been asking for for a while.

Have 4 girls play a game of high card with the following rules:

Each girl has her own color of chips. Give each girl 30 chips of her own color. For each round, the ante is 3 chips. Then deal each girl 1 card. The girls can then raise if they choose. If someone raises, the other girls can call or fold. Then all girls show their cards and the highest card wins.

Here's the fun part. The other players can redeem chips for services or clothing, but only to the girl to whom the chips belong. The cost for several services and for the articles of clothing will be posted. For instance, let's say that red lost 10 chips to Blue, and suppose that a shirt costs 10 chips. Blue can then give Red the 10 Red chips, and force red to remove her shirt. Of course, Blue could also opt to save the chips for a bigger prize later.

The game does not end when a girl is naked, the losers are the first two girls who give up, and they are at the mercy of the winners. Once a girl is naked, each of her chips counts as double when redeemed (but only as one when betting).

Some forfeits on the board could be:
Shirt or Shorts 10 chips
Bra or panties 15 chips
10 hand spanks 10 chips
3 paddle swats 10 chips
30 seconds of tickling 15 chips
2 clothespins on nipples for 5 minutes 15 chips
One lap along a crotch-rope 20 chips


Anonymous said...

London's boobs are great. But I think Grace is possibly your best talent find ever! I've bought them. Her body is amazing and I'd love to see more of her!