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Friday, March 22, 2013

Tickle, tickle

I love watching girls with big tits playing Pod Stomp. Actually, I kinda like watching girls with little tits playing Pod Stomp too, but nothing beats that jiggle.

Kimberly's back. We haven't seen her since Episode 122 nearly three and a half years ago. Catherine's back too, and new girl Caroline gets off to a good start. A lot of people have asked for more embarrassed girls lately, and I think they might like this one. Enjoy.


Red said...

@Ravenfan, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that your request will finally be fulfilled! I have had some girls play a game, and the loser had her asshole tickled most thoroughly. The bad news is that it's currently on the schedule as Episode 339, which won't be published for several months yet. But you've been patient for a good long time, and I hope you don't mind being patient for just a little longer.

Red said...

Actually, after rereading the comment, I'm thinking that wasn't the real @Ravenfan. If it's not, well, he did ask for asshole tickling an awful lot, but his persistence did pay off.

Anonymous said...

Regarding this clip: I'm not much of a 'tickle' fan, but this might still be worth buying just to watch these three playing Pod Stomp -- depending on the level of nudity before the loser is determined. How much do we get to see of the non-losers, Red? Your write-up on this clip doesn't tell me enough to make a decision on buying or not.


OD 99x said...

Red, a little off topic, but I have an idea for a game and forfeit that will may may be popular with this with a certain fetish, not my thing but some like it. The game is a take on volley ball. you have two girl or more possible using dildo's, the softer rubber kind , to try to keep a balloon from hitting the floor. You could either go in order and if iy hits on your turn you lose, or use sides of the room and if it hits on your side you lose. The sides of the room way enables you to have teams and a more stable filming area, but i like the taking turns idea more movement. One rule should be that the girl has to hit the balloon in an upward direction. hitting it down would be too easy. When a girl loses she has to lose a piece of clothing and pop the balloon by sitting on it, hence the balloon fetish for those who like that. The final loser has to pop her last balloon, or several nballoons and then either has to masturbate with her dildo or be forced to orgasm with her dildo. There should be lots of moving and jumping around and lots of mini forfeits.

Red said...

@LSD: The two winning girls end up topless at the end of this one. Maybe I should routinely put information like that in the spoilers, especially if it's the deciding in factor in whether you buy a clip.

If you'd like to see more, these three girls will return in Episode 332, and the winners of 328 might not be so lucky. In fact, they might find themselves in public with very, very little covering to protect their modesty.

@OD 99x, it's a good idea for a game (and a forfeit) but while the "taking turns" version would provide more movement, it might be unworkable. Who's the judge of whether a girl hit the balloon in an upward direction? How upward does it have to be? Could a girl just tap it up an inch or two, leaving her opponent with little chance to return? I think giving each player a court to defend would work better.

Anonymous said...

awesome, Red.
thank you making my one fetish happen for less than $17.

still hoping for the 'piss in mouth', 'vomit' and 'scat' forfeits, too.
how soon before you get to those? i'll be waiting...
cant wait to buy them.

'Raven Fan'


Red said...

@"Raven Fan", again I find myself questioning your sincerity. For the record, I've got no plans to use any of the things you suggested as forfeits, although I never say never. (What, never? Well, hardly ever.) I'm not turned on by piss, shit, or puke, and I think it's safe to say that most people aren't either. In fact, it's probably safe to say that most people are disgusted by them. But it's also safe to say that some people do in fact find them a turn-on, and one thing this venture has taught me, it's to avoid judging people based on what they like, and that there really is no accounting for taste. So while I don't anticipate shooting vomit, pee, or scat anytime soon, I wouldn't rule them out, either. It's one of the things I dig about the a la carte clip store model: I'm free to make videos that have niche appeal, and everyone who's not in that niche can just skip them, without having to feel like they've paid for a clip that isn't at all to their tastes.

Ravenfan's made a lot of suggestions over the years, many of them quite good. He may have asked for asshole tickling frequently enough to annoy you, but why not just ignore him? Why you gotta hate?

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I had an idea for a game that incorporates some different things people have been asking for for a while.

Have 4 girls play a game of high card with the following rules:

Each girl has her own color of chips. Give each girl 30 chips of her own color. For each round, the ante is 3 chips. Then deal each girl 1 card. The girls can then raise if they choose. If someone raises, the other girls can call or fold. Then all girls show their cards and the highest card wins.

Here's the fun part. The other players can redeem chips for services or clothing, but only to the girl to whom the chips belong. The cost for several services and for the articles of clothing will be posted. For instance, let's say that red lost 10 chips to Blue, and suppose that a shirt costs 10 chips. Blue can then give Red the 10 Red chips, and force red to remove her shirt. Of course, Blue could also opt to save the chips for a bigger prize later.

The game does not end when a girl is naked, the losers are the first two girls who give up, and they are at the mercy of the winners. Once a girl is naked, each of her chips counts as double when redeemed (but only as one when betting).

Some forfeits on the board could be:
Shirt or Shorts 10 chips
Bra or panties 15 chips
10 hand spanks 10 chips
3 paddle swats 10 chips
30 seconds of tickling 15 chips
2 clothespins on nipples for 5 minutes 15 chips
One lap along a crotch-rope 20 chips


Anonymous said...

Seriously looking forward to 332. Ant chance of telling us what precisely they will be wearing and where they will be showing themselves off? Also are there any more public walks of shame in the queue?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha...okay, I totally wouldn't mind seeing a pee or puke video. Now, I'm probably a lot different than your usual buyer, in that I rarely buy these as porn, per se...but because they're entertaining. I think they're fun to watch in the same way I watch prison shows or ghost hunting shit. Don't get me wrong, sometime they are totally hot...like I didn't see Mika doing what she done did in her last one, and I was totally into that.

But to have someone pee on someone else...and I mean really do it, piss all over their face and stuff...that's hilarious, and NO one would want to do it, so it'd be doubly good. Kind of like the stuff they do on Jackass is great, but I'm not going to whack off to it. So...like I said, don't make anything geared for me, but I bet I'd watch it!

Anonymous said...

I'm generally with you Red on the disgusting stuff. However, I think the one where the girl was forced to pee in front of the winners was a great humiliation forfeit that I'd like to see brought back.


Red said...

@ForfeitFan: Thanks for the idea, but I can see several difficulties with it. First, it's complicated. Complex games are hard to explain to (at least some of) the players, and often lead to mistakes being made during the game, in which case I need to either leave it in or interrupt the game to cut and explain. Second, the players would have a big incentive not to redeem their chips. As long as they can bet chips they've won from other players, they're in no danger of losing their own clothing. If they redeem chips, they shorten their own stacks and put their own modesty at risk. With four players it'd be tough (and time-consuming) for anyone to accumulate enough chips of a single color to redeem anyway. I think the idea has potential but it definitely needs some work.

@K: I hope 332 lives up to your expectations! As for what they wore, I won't say just yet, but I will say that it's so skimpy that we were seriously concerned that anybody seeing them from a distance might think they were actually naked and raise a ruckus. We actually drew a thin line of marker around their waists to make it look like they had thongs and weren't totally stark bare-assed naked.'The location is the same as many of my walk-of-shame forfeits: the bar of the hotel where the game was played. And I'm afraid this is the last one in the queue for now. After sending lots and lots of girls to the bar in scandalously little, the hotel finally had enough and told me to knock it off. I'll have to find someplace else to send my barely-clothed losers.

Everyone else, will reply later.

RS said...

I may have mentioned this before, but Forfeit Fan reminded me, in case I haven't.

I like the idea of incorporating poker chips in strip poker in order to capture the traditional poker elements of anteing, raising, calling, folding, bluffing. The problem, though, is that if the rule is that the players get more chips by selling clothing, the games can go on forever if one player doesn't dominate the game -- chips go back and forth instead of someone having to sell clothing to get more.

One option, piggy-backing on ForfeitFan's suggestion, would be for each player to have a different color chip. Ante, raise, call, fold, etc as usual. At the end of the hand, the chips are placed in a hat and one is randomly drawn. If the chip is the color of one of the losers, that player strips. If it's the winner's, either the winner chooses who strip or, for a faster game, ALL of the losers strip.

Thus the percentage chance of a loser having to strip is based on how much they risked relative to other players. The odds for a player who folded having to strip is less than the odds for a loser who stayed in, but there's still a chance.

And if you're concerned that a cautious player will just keep folding, you could have a kicker penalty if a player who folded has to strip -- like, for example, the winner of the hand gets to choose which item they take off, while players who stayed in get to choose themselves what to remove if they have to strip.

Best with players who are at least somewhat experienced with poker. And large, oversized cards, while harder to shuffle, show up better on the camera.

Anonymous said...


Just to clarify. A girl can only bet her own color chips. The only thing she can do with the other colors is redeem them. Also, the girls can 'team up'. For instance, if 1 girl has 3 red chips and another has 7 red chips, they can combine to make the Red girl take off her shirt. I am thinking this might create some good banter and strategizing between the players.

I know it's a bit complicated, but if you can find a way to simplify it a bit, I think it would satisfy some of the requests: Mini-forfeits, and "loser is the first to give up"

Maybe having the girls play some practice rounds off camera would get them acclimated to the game? Just an idea.


Red said...

@Anon 4:39 (please sign your posts, are you the guy who's posted twice as "Raven Fan"?) The odds of seeing a pee video in the future are a lot higher than those of seeing a puke video, for several reasons. For one, unlike peeing, puking can cause real physical harm. and in the case of young women psychological harm as well. I'll do my best to embarrass my players, but I'm not going to encourage them to vomit.

It's a good question about how many people like my clips for the reasons you do. I mean, I really hope that people are getting turned on by my video, but I freely admit that some of the episodes are hotter than others, and as long as people are enjoying them and being entertained, that's plenty good enough. But really, ghost hunting shows? I've never seen one, except for the South Park episode about them, but sheesh, I hope I'm a little classier than that.

As for doing a video where the loser gets peed on… well, yes, I agree that it'd be totally humiliating and the players would be extremely motivated to win. Maybe someday.

@Joe: Ah yes, Episode B022, from the currently-dormant Lost Bets B-Sides. You're right that it was incredibly humiliating for the loser, and not nearly as extreme as the above suggestion, and maybe I could do it again. Maybe in a different setting than a bathroom, too… loser has to pee outdoors maybe? Morgan suggested that a loser be forced to wet her pants. When I asked why a LostBets.com loser would even be wearing pants, she suggested that she have to do it in public. Maybe that could happen, too.

You may have noticed a lot of uses of the word "maybe". There's still a pretty strong taboo about this. But I'm not ruling it out.

@Everyone else: more later.

Anonymous said...


Yeah I don't think peeing in pants is as good. It seems like it kind of lets her off the hook to have it covered. And yeah I know it's more extreme, but you always have to be thinking of new directions to take the site right? I know I don't speak for everyone, but I typically don't invest in clips that don't bring anything particularly new to the table.

Having said that, one old thing I'd love to see brought back is the forced shaving. You've said in the past it's hard because the girls don't have much hair to begin with, but I think that's fine. The less there is, the quicker it goes, allowing you to not have to spend the entire forfeit on that.


Anonymous said...

Regarding prospective shaving forfeits in the future: how far in advance do you book your shoots? With sufficient lead time, simply ask the girls not to shave between setting the date and playing the game. That'll insure there's enough there to make the shaving forfeit worth the effort.


RS said...

Forced shaving might be more embarrassing for the guys if they lose than girls (and I love when male players are embarrassed, too) -- especially if it includes everything below the neck (genitals, arms, legs, underarms, ass crack, etc.). But LSD's suggestion about instructing players to not shave for a month beforehand is a good one, too.

Misono said...

Just to second a prior suggestion, I think the golden shower forfeit could be worthwhile as a one off.

Obviously it'd be up to the players if they want to compete with that at stake, but any bet should be competitive, and losing punished in a way that it sort of can be felt. Not many marks of shame above a sprinkling of amber nectar, I guess.

I say this as someone not normally into that, but do think the competition that would go into filming such a clip would be amazing to watch.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I'm the guy who posted at 4:39...sorry, I forgot to add my name. I've posted here as Guy Who Knows Stuff. I haven't posted as Ravenfan.

I do find some of the videos hot, and it's not like I buy all of them. But there's a bunch that I didn't find really hot. Not a knock on you, they just didn't appeal to me in that way. It's hot seeing a likeable layer stretch their limits, and I've always said I was a fan of Mika, who went pretty far...of course she started pretty hard, but still.

But to me, the funny ones are best, and then if there's sex involved with non professional players, all the best. And the sex ones are great because they include guys, who tend to be funny too...Dante was hilarious. The one with a couple of girls giving him a blowjob as he told jokes was great, both for hotness and comedy value, and the one where accidentally jizzed on Johmny's pants but then gave Johnny the finger was great too...and again the girl in that one was amazingly hot to me.

I guess vomit could cause harm, but I guess it depends on the player. I saw in Jackass a guy took a giant shit on his own face, and that would fuck ME up...but he seemed to be just fine! And realistically, if someone was vomiting on someone else, I'd really just be watching it with my eyes half closed anyway. But pee doesn't seem that bad, and would still be gross and funny.

And in terms of being CLASSIER than ghost hunting shows? I love you man, but no way! Maybe an equal level of class...but I'm not including those sucky ones with the dude bros, I mean good stuff like Destination Truth, which is like a funny ghost hunting show (and Bigfoots). Actually, you should check that show out, as it gives me the same pleasure as your stuff...it's funny, but then has real monster hunting. Where your stuff is funny, but has fucking.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

i still think the tickling in this video is not ruthless enough but that is just me.

RST said...


I know you had a previous video with a hj race. What about a hj marathon? Each girl tries to climax the guy. First girl to do so wins and the loser must take off 1 piece of clothing. Then 2 more guys are used for the next round. Maybe the ultimate forfeit could be sex for this game? Or something you think worth wild. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

This isn't relevant, but you should bring Amani back. I would pay to see her in any game.

Anonymous said...


I hope you're well.

As someone who has been nagging you to use my pubic hair as last item of clothing idea for quite a while now, I would have to say that: 1. As long as the girl has something there (even a small Brazilian); and 2. Has to take it all off to bald, a full bush is certainly not required for a shaving forfeit to work.

Shaving on camera is just embarrassing! Particularly if you use my idea that the loss of the pubic hair is the last item of clothing before sex on camera; and it is the lucky guy who gets to shave the girl or girls who lose their last item of "clothing" before he has to have sex with one of them!

The best shaving was probably Ashton and Mia because of the embarrassment involved.

Hope this helps,

Anonymous said...

speaking of Dante: one of my favorite clips was the cream pie forfeit played by Sassy, Amber and Kandi.

the game was fun, and the forfeit action was a true, domination forfeit-style fucking...
(would have loved to see Amber lose that one, but the real loser was great, too.)

would like to see more of that.
it would be even better with hands cuffed behind her back.

but that's just me....

CA Fan

Red said...

Oy. Holy backlog, Batman

@Ravenfan: Well, a birthday candle in the ass sounds interesting, but pretty short. If I do it, it'll be part of a larger birthday-themed forfeit, probably involving frosting and ice cream.

@RS: There is a much simpler solution to the potentially infinitely long poker game: have a house rake. Half the ante and/or blinds goes to the bank. That ensures a constantly diminishing supply of chips in the game even as more chips are brought in when the players are forced to sell clothing.

@ForfeitFan: If chips won from other players can't be wagered, only redeemed, that creates a strong incentive not to bet at all. You can't possibly increase the size of your stack, and betting risks shortening it. The optimal strategy would be to bet as little as the rules allow and wait for your opponents to lose all their chips betting against each other. Still needs some work, I'm afraid.

@Joe: Well, if a loser is forced to pee her pants, you could at least watch the stain spread. But your point is well-taken. And you're right about new directions. I've catered to fetishes that probably had a smaller niche. We'll see.

And I'm planning to shoot a game with shaving in the very near future. Stay tuned.

@LSD: Yes, I could tell the players to let their pubic hair grow in advance of a shoot, but it's come up before that it's far better, far more embarrassing, for a girl who normally wears a bush to lose it and expose her bare pussy than for a girl who normally keeps it bare to go back to normal.

@Misono: I think I'm in pretty much the same boat as you are. I'm not into pee, never have been, but man, would that make for some motivated competition and some truly humiliated losers.

@Everyone else: Stay tuned…

Red said...

@GWKS: When you puke, you're bathing your esophagus, mouth, and teeth with stomach acid. I just don't think I'd ever be comfortable ordering a girl to do that. I may not be classier than the ghost hunting shows (like I said, my sole exposure to them has been through a South Park episode) but I sure as hell hope I'm classier than a guy taking a dump on his face! As for Destination Truth, I'll find time in my TV watching schedule for it.

@Anon 1:36 (please sign your posts): I'm sorry you didn't find the tickling up to snuff. Could you please be more specific about where it fell short and how it could have been better? Or provide examples of videos that have the kind of tickling you'd like to see?

@RS: Interesting… but I would need a lot of guys for that. Even if the girls only wore three pieces, I'd need a minimum of six guys and possibly as many as ten. Not saying it'd be impossible to round up that many dudes (in fact, I need to if I'm ever going to pull off that bukkake forfeit I've been thinking about) but tough.

And speaking HJ races, one is coming up in Episode 336, although not quite the same as the one in Episode 252. In 336, two girls work on one guy, taking turns getting him for 30 seconds, and the one who brings him off wins. The other one gets a facial.

@Anon 1!:54 (please sign your posts): Well, it's as relevant here as it is anywhere; it's not like I have anyplace better to make requests. I think this is the first time that anyone has requested Amani back. I've kind of lost touch with her but I can try to re-establish contact.

@TrueS: Oh, I'm hanging in there. Hope you're well too.

In my next shoot, I will use shaving as an article of clothing. Sex is not within the limits of the players, one of whom is a first-time amateur, a friend of a friend, but I'm sure I'll find something for them to do.

@CA Fan: Glad you liked Episode 197). I will do another creampie forfeit sooner or later, don't worry :)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry man, you're definitely classier than Jackass...just not my precious, precious ghost shows. And maybe Storm Chasers.

Bukkake...I'd like to see that one. It'd be a good one to get a few of the players who have done some other stuff for you, if you can.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Thanks Red, I would love to see Amani back.