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Friday, April 12, 2013

The agony of da feet

So today's update, Episode 331, features foot worship. I'm a bit short of time and don't have a lot to say, so here's a foot-related joke. A guy has an appointment with a urologist, but he accidentally walks into a podiatrist's office instead. The nurse instructs him, "Go behind that curtain and stick it out through the hole in the curtain," so he does. The nurse squawks, "WHOA! That isn't a foot!" The guy says, "I'm so sorry, I didn't know there was a minimum!"


Anonymous said...

a little off topic per this posting, but i was wondering if you had any plans to bring back that 'X' contraption that Kat/Naomi was bound to a long time ago.

similar to door jam cuffs, but superior in all ways because it leans the subject slightly backwards, presenting everything else just a little more forward for access, and better camera angles, too.

CA Fan.

Red said...

@CA Fan: I'd like to use the X-frame again, but it wasn't mine. It belonged to the location where the game was filmed, the Seattle Center for Sex-Positive Culture. I'll have to acquire one of my own; I think it'd be well worth the investment.

RS said...

I love the idea of the X-frame. Maybe one loser tortured simultaneously by several winners. Shaved (below the neck), tickled, paddled, penetrated....

Anonymous said...

How about anal ring toss for a new game:


these games also sound challenging: