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Friday, May 31, 2013

The return of the Machine

Sybian time again. One girl rides while the other takes control.

Amber's wild side continued to emerge.

I'm behind in comment replies to the last blog thread. I'll catch up soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
now that was hot, just how many more clips of Belle & Amber are there?

RST said...

Red, I know I will be in the minority here but any chance of a guy vs guy game(especially with 2 straight guys). I'm straight but I'm certainly curious on how that game will play out.

RS said...

FYI, for the record, I'm "RS" not "RST." That said, I'd be interested in a game structured where straight guys might have to do stuff with each other. But I suspect RST and I are in the minority.

Tim said...

I'd be open to that too as long as the forfeit makes them very uncomfortable

Anonymous said...

You guys really want to see two guys play? The only way that'd work for me is if their girlfriends are there and required to do the forfeit.

Howard Stern messed around with games like that a while back. He had a game where a guy would play trivia and if he won he'd get money, but if he lost his girlfriend would have to strip. It worked pretty well to have the girl's fate not in her own hands.

He also had a game where family members competed as pairs against each other in trivia. Mother-daughter pairs and brother-sister ones had to strip each other for wrong answers.

Hey Red, do you think you could get family members to team up together and take the fall together in a lostbets game? I'm guessing that might be a long shot. I don't recall seeing any MILFs on this site.


Nick said...

Joe, I remember that! Didn't one of the brothers feel up his sister? I'd prefer Joe's idea with having the gfs involved, however if the video with only guys gets decent reviews (and maybe if it is discounted) I Might consider checking it out.

p131213 said...

Hi red,

I had a dream: a Snippety-Hop Race between candle, ashley, zayda and catherine. The two loser get spanked by the winners and then they have to go the walk of shame in public only in a c-string! That would be great! Sorry for my bad english!

Cheers, p131213

Red said...

I've caught up with comment replies in the last thread, if anyone was waiting.

@Furrychris: There's one more from that series, which will be published as Episode 344. And I recently heard from Amber, who's interested in playing some more games, so this set will not be her last.

@RST and @RS and @Tim: It's never been too much of a concern to me whether a particular forfeit would only appeal to a minority. It's one o the things I love about the a la carte clip store format: I'm free to make clips with niche appeal and people who don't like that niche don't have to buy them.

For awhile I've wanted to do some clips in the "forced bi" category, but I haven't yet had the opportunity. It's on my to-do list.

@Joe: Ah, I well remember Howard Stern's "It's Just Wrong" games. He also did a daddy-daughter version. I've done two sets featuring siblings (Ashley and Kala, and Ember and Rainy) but they were playing against each other, not taking the fall together. I've tried to get other sets of relatives to compete… after all, what could be more embarrassing than being stripped and humiliated in front of a family member? So far, no dice… although I did find out that m home state of Washington has some of the strictest laws in the country against hanky-panky between relatives.

@Nick: Well, either get the girlfriends involved, or maybe have a 2 girl vs. 2 buy game where the losers are forced to play with each other.

@p131213: The four players you mention live kind of far apart from each other, so getting them together would be tough. I can try. I need to use the Hippety Hops again anyway. And y our English is fine. No need to apologize for it.

Anonymous said...

amber coming back???
hopefully she can risk another cream pie domination forfeit like in the past.
still, one of the best clips you have, imo.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...


Love your idea of 2 girls vs 2 boys where the losers are forced to play with eachother. Also forced bi sounds interesting too.


RS said...

I'd be interested in a boys v. girls game where the losers have to play with each other. Or a straight girl/boy team vs. a gay girl/boy team where the losers service the gender they're not attracted to. Or a free-for-all where two losers have to do stuff together regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

I particularly like forfeits where losers may be willing to pay up but really, really, really don't want to.

p131213 said...


Please try it. I know you`ll do your best!!

Cheers, p131213

Anonymous said...


I like the boys vs. girls where the losers are forced to play with each other idea, but I would tweak it a little.
I believe that, in our culture, the taboo against experimenting with homosexual behavior is much stronger for males then females. So I suspect that, while many girls would be very comfortable with those stakes, for most guys, getting to watch two girls make out would not be worth the risk of having to make out with a another guy if you lost.
For that reason, I would change the stakes to: if the boys win they get to play with the girls, but if they lose they have to play with each other.


Anonymous said...

Adding to Dex's idea, if the boys win they get their way with the girls and can do what they like, but if they lose then they have to at least touch each other's junk (maybe oral if they are willing to risk that)


Brian said...

Not interested in boy-boy stuff however reading these comments did bring some ideas to mind.

Part of the success of this website is that people risk doing things they are anxious about.

Even 2 straights girls risking something bisexual wouldn't really interest me because there already is so much girl-girl out there but........

Idea 1:
Lesbians risking to do some boy-girl sex would be appealing to me.
Have 2 or more lesbians play against eachother and the loser(s) would have to perform a sexual forfeit with a boy / let a boy have his way with her.

Many sexy girls on the net do only girl/girl stuff. Maybe Red can get them to risk some boy-girl sex in front of the camera so
Idea 2: have some well known adult actresses risking to perform straight sex with a guy.
Would be nice to have for example Charlie Laine, Sinn Sage, Celeste Star, Randy Moore and /or Cali Logan come over and the loser(s) would have to perform blowjobs/boy-girl sex in front of the Camera.

If there's 1 person in this universe who can make this happen it our very own Red!

Last suggestion. I've seen that besides the blow-up dolls/real dolls there are also male blow-up dolls. I think it would be very funny and also sexy to see..

Idea 3: The losing girl having to perform sexual acts as if this male blow-up doll were a real person.

So the doll is out there on it's back with a blown-up plastic hard-on and the losing naked girl would have to pretend it's a real guy caressing & kissing it and giving it a blowjob and riding it cowgirl style etc.
For instance.

Just some thoughts crossing my mind.

Any likes/don't likes?

OD 99x said...

I think we've already seen both of those. From cooment by Kamora in 200 it sounded like she didn't like men, but in 217 she had sex we Dante. In 161 Amber Heavens goes down on Zayda and it is something she had not done before. Correct me if I'm wrong Red. OD99X

Anonymous said...


I had another idea for a hardcore boy vs. girl game. This one is a simple one-on-one contest. If he wins, he gets to fuck her, but if she wins, then she gets to fuck him.

You still have that strap-on, right?


Anonymous said...

As a girl, I would love to see a guy being forced to take it in the a$$ or be forced into touching another guy (it is not the same if he is bisexual and willingly doing it). There is something special to me about a guy being forced to do this against his will.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever think about a simple crowd funding concept. Choose a forfeit: stakes must be high. It must be something the players are reluctant to do but mat have a price for. Ask for payment in advance from public for the clip., if enough money collected by a given date then forfeit happens and those who payed recieve clip. If not, then everyone is reimbured. People who invest more can get something extra... Hard to set up I'm sure, but potentially loads of fun!

Also I'd totally like a "fuck a stranger" concept. 2 boys play vs one another and 2 girls play vs one another in another room (or at another moment). The 4 players are total strangers (or at least guys and girls never met). Both loosers get put together in a room and must make out and eventually suck/fuck. For a twist: winners get offered extra money if they accept to do it as well.

2 difficult concepts I'm sure... But hot!


Brian said...

As a boy i would do my best to lose if i was playing Yoyoma's suggested idea. ;) What would also be really interesting is having the girls play a game in 1 room and the losing girls would have to go naked and blidfolded to the next room where 1 or 2 boys will have their way with her without her seeing or knowing who they are. Plenty of girls who would be turned on by that idea aswell.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see a guy really risking something as a forfeit. It's painfully clear that episode 273 was set up since there was blatant cheating and the male player has been in other scenes where he takes it from a female with a strap on. Episode 337 was much better in that the guy really didn't seem to want to do the forfeit or like he would like it if he did lose. To me, it's not worth having a guy in a clip if he really isn't risking something he is uncomfortable with.


RS said...

I agree with Albert, I would love to see a guy risk something he really, really doesn't want to do. I like ones with guys in them because it helps me imagine that I'm participating rather than watching. In the times where I've played games in real life, there's a real rush in playing for a reward that you really want, but there's even more of an adrenalin rush from the fear of losing if you're risking something really intense.

Also, I'd love to see more games with audiences, if possible, whether it's in a party format or in a game show format.

Anonymous said...

I agree with both Albert and RS

Roger said...

It would also be nice to see girls risking things they don't really want to do, like Ashley in a submissive forfeit where she gets tied up and toyed with.

Another 2 suggestions:
As for a real hardcore game/forfeit.
(Just thought of this yesterday)
I would like to see 2 girls in a room filled with boys.
These could be the 2 losing girls of a previous game starting a new game.

The first girl has the active role and, having a certain time limit, has to make these (say 5) boys come, everything is allowed, handjobs, blowjobs and sex.

Everytime a guy orgasms the other girl has to take off a piece of cloting. If girl 1 manages to do this within the set time she gets to have her way with the naked losing girl; girl 2.

If she doesn't succeed, girl 2 gets to have her way with girl 1.

There have been many suggestions lately. It would be to write or print all these suggestions and put them in a bowl or jar. Then none of the girls would know what forfeit they are playing for.
The losing girl has to draw a piece of paper with a forfeit from the bowl and this way "seal her own faith". She has to give the piece of paper to the other girls and they have to show it to the camers so the winning girls and the "audience at home" get to know what the forfeit is before losing herself does.
Best would be if the winning girls just perform the forfeit without informing the poor loser. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm currently viewing a lot of the older stuff. I must say that each time I hear Johnny laugh or see the cat or dog (especially when focussed upon) it annoyes me. Likewise the often bad focus on a secondary camera. The games are about the girls and occasional guy, so focus on these people and keep the video sharp.