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Friday, July 12, 2013

Mea culpa

Okay, first of all: the last several blog posts have all mentioned that I've been disengaged lately. That's going to stop. I still hope to go back and address the enormous backlog of blog comments that I've ignored, but until I do I'm not going to make new comments wait until I've cleared the backlog. I'm going to stay on top of blog comments starting with this post.

Second, as several of you noticed, Episode 344 had some editing glitches. Those are now fixed. If you purchased Episode 344 prior to July 11, email a copy of your receipt from Clips4Sale to clipreplacement@lostbets.com and I'll send you the updated version. In addition, please pick any other episode from the LostBets.com catalog and I'll send you a copy for free by way of apology for the inconvenience. I'm very sorry about this. We've recently been beefing up our quality control process to avoid glitches like this one, but 344 managed to slip through the cracks.

Then there's today's episode. Angel and Lance return to compete as a couple against new players Kandii (not to be confused with Kandie) and Xzavier. I've never seen that name spelled that way before, but apparently that's what he goes by. Enjoy.


LB Fan Gal said...

Awwww, and this episode sounded sooo promising in the Blog description, with couple facing couple, almost guaranteeing (you'd think) Male nudity be a part of the conclusion - But no, Men play, Women strip! :-(


Anonymous said...

might want to black out what happens in the description. This is the first time that the out come is not blacked out for the ones that want to find out later. love yours site red.

Red said...

@LBFG: Don't worry, there will be another chance at male nudity before these four are done.

@Anon 4:40 (please sign your posts): Sorry about that. I made a typo in the clip description (spelled "style" as "stule") so it wasn't blacked out. Fixed now. Hope the spoiler didn't ruin it for you.

Kevin said...

It will not let me send the receipt to clipreplacemeht@lostbets.com I will probably figure it out maybe though.

Sam said...


You have done "sex slave" forfeits before, but they are by nature pretty quick. Something I'd like to see would be a longer-term sex slave. (By "longer" I'm meaning a few hours -- or over night.)

Obviously you can't film all nights, or publish a video that long. But what might be workable is to have the loser narrate her experience after-the-fact. Ideally the winner has a video camera to record parts of the time period. You can then string together segments, and require the loser to narrate what she was being made to do, how it felt, etc...

No idea how you would get someone to agree to this -- I assume it would expensive. But if you can pull the parties off, this seems like it would be do-able.

Red said...

@Kevin: Oops. Fixed, thanks.

@Sam: Interesting idea, and I think it could be possible. We'll see if we can work that in.

Anonymous said...

waiting Sassy


Cofo11 said...

Hey Red,

Any update on the couple swap forfeit? Winning girl uses losing guy and winning guy uses losing girl. Paddling and anal, for both, would be awesome for that.

Also, have you ever thought about a dildo gag forfeit?

Anonymous said...

i love your wet and messy forfeits, i had an idea for one that could be cool and unique. if u had access to a pool u could fill it up with some kind of slimy liquid and have a pirate style forfeit where the losing girl/girls would have to walk the plank into this pool of slime. i don't know if this idea would really work but it could b hot especially if u have the winners behind them poking with plastic swords till they go in


Viredae said...

Hi Red, love the videos so far, and I've got a (hopefully) new twist on the orgasm forfeits and that is to make them a sort of challenge in their own.

My idea is if you have an orgasm forfeit where the winner gets to bring the loser to a forced orgasm, they have to do it within a set period of time, and if they fail to do so, the table would be turned and the loser gets the opportunity to get a forced orgasm out of the winner.

Now of course there are plenty of kinks to work out, such as whether or not it's a one time reversal only or if they keep going back and forth on the attempts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, we getting anything in the near future involving Catherine, Siren, or Candle? Especially anything involving them losing :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

It's been months since there's been a good girl-girl pussy eating forfeit. Any chance that forfeit will be back in regular rotation at some point?

Red said...

@Piti: Sorry, I haven't managed to get Sassy back yet. There's still hope, but don't hold your breath waiting.

@Cofo11: I did something very much like the couple swap forfeit in Episode 186, except instead of the winning girl using the losing guy, both winning girl and winning guy used the losing girl while the losing guy had to watch. It worked well and I'll do it again when I get the chance.

As for dildo choking, I could've sworn I've made at least one loser give a BJ to a dildo, but I can't seem to find it. And that wouldn't be the same as choking, anyway. What do y'all think? Do you want to see a loser get choked by a dildo?

@markhill: A kiddie pool full of goop, maybe. An actual swimming pool (one large enough to have a plank to walk off), highly unlikely. Really highly unlikely. I doubt I'd find a swimming pool owner willing to let that be done to his pool, and even if I did, where am I going to get the literally thousads of gallons it'd take to fill even a small pool? Sorry.

I've got another wet and messy video in the queue, by the way. This time, the loser gets turned into a really big peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Delicious.

@Viredae: Not a bad idea. A little bit reminiswcient of Earth and Fire. And like you said, it does have a few kinks to work out, but we'll see.

@Anon 8:33 (please sign your posts): Nothing in the pipeline, unfortunately, but I am going to see at least one of the girls you mentioned soon and will get some brand new material. Any requests?

@Anon 7:44 (ditto): You're right, it's been awhile. And I also don't have any girl-girl oral in the pipeline, but maybe I can get Catherine, Siren, and/or Candle to risk it.

Anonymous said...

In Lakota's slingshot bikini video, are her breasts real, and about what size would you say/large? It's a major factor in my video buying.

Anonymous said...

When can we expect Jennie's video to come out?

Red said...

@Alan: First, a disclaimer. I don't know for sure. I didn't ask and she didn't tell, at least as far as I remember. However, I believe they are real, and about a C-cup. Would anyone else like to chime in about Lakota's breasts?

@Anon 3:01 (please sign your posts): Jennie will be making her debut in Episode 350. I usually try to have something special for the -50s, and this one is no exception. The forfeit is one we've only used once before, and there have been quite a few requests for an encore. Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

On the Lost Bets Games site, the video on June 21, 2013 is the same as the one on December 14, 2012.

Thanks, Jim

Cofo11 said...


By dildo gag I mean a gag that has a dildo protruding out of it that can be used by the person not wearing it, something like this,

Anonymous said...

What is coming out over the next few weeks?

GuyFox said...

Any chance of ever seeing an Ashley Zayda match up?

Dave said...

Hi Red, a huge fan of Mika writing. Will we see her in a LB game again? And losing of course :D

Anonymous said...

I know you don't run the membership site and I know that the issue of the repeat episode Jim mentions was addressed when it first happened. Even though it was during your most recent disappearance I assumed you were still at least reading the comments cause very shortly there after a second video was posted on the same date. I cant remember which video it was but there is now only the repeat video showing for that date so it appears that the second video has been pulled back off. Unless I'm missing something.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Dave. Get Mika to go in for some hardcore bets vs one other person. Finish it off with some wet and messy and I'd buy every one of them.


Red said...

@Jim: As @Pareto said below, it's been dealt with. Although I don't run that site. they use my name and publish my work, and it's important to me that their quality remains high. The good folks there understand that, and they're keeping on top of things.

@Cofo11: Ordered. Why not?

@Anon 6:09 (please sign your posts): I'll be doing a "what's coming up" post soon.

@GuyFox: Never say never, but unlikely. Ashley done moved away.

@Dave and @Jum-Jum, I wouldn't rule it out, and it's likelier than an Ashley/Zayda matchup, but if it happens it won't be for awhile. Sorry to disappoint. And whether or not she loses, that's up to Fate to decide.

Anonymous said...

I just said Kandie because i knew she'd do hardcore. Mika vs anyone would be good. She did hardcore as part of a group but I'd like to see her go at it individually.