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Friday, July 26, 2013


Many of you have been waiting (with varying degrees of patience) for more hardcore here at LostBets.com. Well, today the wait is over. Seasoned veteran Amber faces off against 18-year-old newbie Jennie, and one of 'em is gonna get fucked and creampied. Been awhile since we've done that, but it's finally back. Enjoy.


Riggins said...

That was awesome, Red. I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just say I can't wait to see the other games they played.

However, I think their names were switched in the scoreboard in the corner of the screen.

FederBear17 said...

Was reallyyyyy hoping for this to turn out the other way, but still pretty hot! Can't wait to see more of Jennie, I think she's super attractive! You're my hero Red, keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Red we want BIBI to lose a game with hot forfeit!

Anonymous said...

That has to be one of the most sexy scenes I've seen.

A great clip Red, loved it especially when Amber's arms were being held behind her back as Patrick was fucking her.

She looked like she was enjoying it too! Hoping there's much more to come.

Anonymous said...

Great to see some HC action. Paige and Madison in a similar bet would be win/win.

Anonymous said...

Great scene, very hot.

But... and I'm not calling rigged per se, I would have happily bet all my worldly possessions on the result of that game going the way it did.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to say, please give my thanks to all the players, Jennie , Patrick & especially Amber for giving such great entertainment!


Cofo11 said...

Amazing shoot Red, that was awesome. It was also great to see you say you had ordered the dildo gag. Any idea when we might see it and with who?

Brian said...

Wow! Great update on the lostbetsgames.com website. Best clip i have seen. My ultimate game would be see a domme vs domme stripgame between Ashley and Raven. Best would be 2 clips where both would lose once. But a game between Ashley and Kendra (good friends in real life as i understand it) would be nice too. Or a Ashley vs Candle/Charlie/Randy Moore game. :)
Please plan a domme game into the next shootings again.

Anonymous said...

like Jag, i knew who was headed for the loser's circle before i knew who the loser was and was pretty happy with that.

and, you are right to claim this clip as the best M/F sex you've ever filmed. it was not just hot, but all the camera work and editing was spot on.

i agree with anon that it would be awesome to see paige and madison in a similar bet. maybe a multi player game with ferm and salem too, if you get them back.

CA Fan.

Anonymous said...

yeah, the names are the wrong way round on the scoreboard. I too was hoping for the other outcome, but really enjoyed the forefet nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, how much skin does the winner wind up showing before the game's over and the loser gets creamed?

Longtime Stripgame Devotee

Anonymous said...

will there be more games with Jennie? She is sooooo cute

GGG said...

How exposed does Patrick himself get in this? Does he just pull down his pants, or does he get full-on naked?

Anonymous said...


Nice. You're half way to the ideal match-up of two women who are both only playing because they think they can't lose. How about asking some of your other models if there is a game in which they are so confident of victory that they would expand their limits?


Anonymous said...

The only peeing forfeit I've ever seen you do was on a B-side. Are there more of them that I have yet to discover, and/or, is there a reason you don't do more of them? On another note, I'm assuming the reason B-sides is no longer being updated is that there is no more extra content for it, is that correct?

Red said...

Gentlemen (and a handful of ladies), apologies for taking so long to reply here.

As @Riggins and others pointed out, there was a minor glitch in Episode 350: the names of the contestants were reversed on the scoreboard. To anyone who bought the clip prior to today and wants the corrected version, please forward a copy of your receipt to clipreplacement@lostbets.com. No free bonus clip for this one, though, it's too minor. @Riggins, you get a freebie for being the first one to point out the problem. Send me an email with your receipt and tell me which clip you'd like.

@FederBear17, sorry that the girl you wanted to lose didn't lose, but glad you liked it anyway. You certainly haven't seen the last of Jennie.

@Anon 11:43 (please sign your posts): You and me both, buddy, but I've been unsuccessful in my attempts to contact her for another round of games. Will keep trying.

@Furrychris: Thanks! There is indeed much more to come, although to be totally honest, I'm not sure any of it tops 350. You be the judge. And I'll be sure to pass along your compliments to the players.

@Anon 12:35 (please sign your posts): You'll see Madison doing some harder stuff in the future. Paige may be a harder nut to crack, although not necessarily impossible. When she first showed up and I asked her about her limits, she was pretty firm on "no penetration"... but then I talked her into risking a Sybian ride, which definitely involves penetration, so there may be hope of coaxing her into taking bigger risks.

@Cofo11: Our next shoot is in two weeks, and we'll be bringing the dildo gag with us. I feel a bit sorry for whoever is going to end up wearing it, but that's what they're there for.

@Brian: Thanks! Glad you liked the Kendra v. Natalie game. We've gotten several requests for domme v. domme games over the years, and Kendra and Natalie won't be our last pair of dommes. And at least two of the players you mentioned will be back in front of our cameras very soon.

@CA FAn: I'm really proud of the way the sex scene turned out. We've learned a lot with experience. Turns out that filming a good sex scene involves more than just pointing cameras at people having sex. (Who knew?) But like I said earlier, things have really been clicking lately, and we've been getting really good angles and putting them together well.

@Novacatt: Glad you (and others) liked it despite hoping for the other girl to lose. Again, there's more to come, and perhaps the winner's luck won't hold out across every game.

@LSD: The winner gets down to her bra and panties, which kind of annoyed me. Patrick, you see, got to pick what pieces of clothing the losers lost. I'm really big on keeping things real and giving the players minimal direction, letting them just be themselves, but maybe I need to make an exception in cases like this. I mean, what kind of guy takes off a girl's outer clothes while leaving her underwear? If you get to pick the otder a girl strips, and you take off her shirt first, why wouldn't your second pick be her bra? If you take off her pants first, why wouldn't your second pick be her panties? Grr.

@Anon 11:33 (please sign your posts): Oh yes, we definitely haven't seen the last of her, and I agree, she is cute. She's even cuter when she's naked, but I guess you'll have to wait to find that out.

@GGG: It was a hot day, so Patrick stripped and did the full monte for the forfeit.

@Dex: I have been! And I'll succeed someday. My only fear is that if a girl is playing only because she's certain she'll win, she may renege on the forfeit if she loses. That's a chance I'm willing to take.

Red said...

@Anon 12:50 (please sign your posts): Yeah, B022 is the only peeing forfeit we've done so far -- and it's not very explicit, either. No particular reason we haven't done more of those, other than I haven't heard many requests for them. And yeah, we kind of ran out of material for the B-Sides. There are still a handful (maybe 10 or so) that haven't been published yet, though, so they'll return at some point.

Anonymous said...

I'd be a fan of more peeing forfeits as they seem like a good way to get more of that ENF action that is my favorite part about this site.

-Lazy Larry

mastachef said...

Great clip Red, I love these HC forfeits. Any chance of Erica, Raven or Catherine coming back on more hardcore, specifically BJ forfeits?

Anonymous said...

The forfeit with the lostbetssong was great.
What about changing it a bit?
You do it this way.
The losing girl lies on her back with her feet above her head and you insert a candle in her pussy or asshole then you lume the candle and she has to sing a song while the candle burns.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

How soon do you anticipate that we'll be seeing more of Jennie?


Anonymous said...

Red, few blog posts ago I asked if you were doing anything with Siren, Katherine or Candle in the near future. You asked me back if I had any suggestions. Turns out I do!

Get four or five girls dressed up as cowgirls (meaning boots and hats; obviously keep em naked otherwise). Rather than a strip game per se, make it a contest. Have each girl ride the Sybian like a mechanical bull. Judges will grade the girl on how long she lasts, how embarrassed she is, and the "quality" of her performance (greater enthusiasm and more dramatic reactions to the orgasm are infinitely preferable than sitting like a lump, and make the endurance challenge more fair). Three or four losers dress up in the skimpiest swimwear the laws in your state will allow and clean the winner's car. The winners should be encouraged to invite as many people for the show as possible.