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Friday, August 16, 2013

Big wheel keep on turnin'

Jennie's back today, along with Amber and Patrick. Unlike basketball, disc golf is not a game that Jennie felt confident of winning. See if her lack of confidence is well-placed.

So I've been away from the blog lately. Unlike previous absences, though, I have an excuse: I've been busy. Busy doing what? Busy recruiting new girls and putting them in games, that's what. Here's just a tiny bit of what I've been up to. More to come.

(Don't worry, fans of hardcore. Got plenty for you, too.)


RS said...

Love this! So much potential. Like the "Wheel of Destiny" from The Man Show, with some positive and some negative consequences. I wanna play!

Anonymous said...

you specify the gender of the loser in the final sentence of the second paragraph.


FederBear17 said...


Not gonna lie, I just paused the clip to compliment you on this one! I can barely contain myself while I'm watching it. I actually read the spoiler because I wanted a certain loser, and so far, this is quickly sky-rocketing to the top of my favorite clips list! (And I'm only six minutes in!)

Anonymous said...

hey red any chance of pics of the new players and also what about any more b-sides coming out particularly the one with bibi and kodak?


Anonymous said...

cant wait to see more of jenny and Amber.

CA Fan.

Anonymous said...

The forfeit with the lostbetssong was great.
What about changing it a bit?
You do it this way.
The losing girl lies on her back with her feet above her head and you insert a candle in her pussy or asshole then you lume the candle and she has to sing a song while the candle burns.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

the wheel of fortune is a great idea.


RST said...


There was some talk a while back about maybe having guy vs guy videos. Any update about that?

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Have you thought any more about doing a shoot at Folsom St Fair? I had 2 ideas for forfeits.
1) You could network with a BDSM supplier that will be there, and have a forfeit where the loser has to participate in a demonstration of their products. Maybe she'll be tied up and spanked, or tied down to a table and people from the audience can come up and tickle her, etc. Obviously limits would have to be known in advance, but it would be fun if you just asked the girls yes/no on whether they were okay with each implement/scenario, then left it up to the supplier what they would do.

2) Again, it you were somewhere like Folsom, you could make the loser participate in a "butt/boob box" You have a thin box that the girl would just fit in standing up. The box has 2 holes cut in the front for her breasts, and 1 hole in the back for her butt. you have her get in the box and you secure her wrists/ ankles to the back of the box. Then the when the front door is closed, people on the outside have access to her butt and her breasts, and she can't see anything that's going on. Now, she has to earn a pre-set amount of $$$ for charity in order to get out. People on the outside can pay to do things / have things done to her. For instance, maybe they can feel her tits for 1 minute for $3. or have her paddled for $5 per swat, or shoot 5 rubber bands at her tits for $10, etc...


Anonymous said...

Love the new vids and girls and looking forward to the wheel. Just curious if and when we'll see Fern (and friends) again.

And since every-one's posting their fav fantasies.... any chance of finding some amatures to submit to small boob humiliation ? Loser gets put in door cuff jams, bikini pulled off and exposed as a flat girl for the 1st time for all to see.


Anonymous said...


Love the Wheel of Misfortune.


Viredae said...

Hi Red, I'd just like to add to Forfeit Fan's idea with the thought that an adult convention might be the best place for one of the public nudity forfeits.

Viredae said...

Sorry for double posting Red, but I just had an Idea.

See, I love your POV videos that you make, and I especially loved the Ashley/Julie video you made, but I do recall you saying that had trouble finding girls who can convincingly convey the smugness when the viewer "loses".

Now of course, I believe you know that Ashton (Yes, that Ashton) kinda does work in an area where that sort of skill is required, and I was wondering if you'd considered calling her back to see if she's willing to do one more job for you.

Of course, I do believe that video would be only one scenario where the viewer loses, but what do you think?

Anonymous said...

There's really a much simpler way to get the girl(s) in a POV game to have more realistic responses to the "viewer" losing: have a male player off-camera to play against, and you'll have a perfectly honest and natural set of reactions from the player(s) on camera, since they won't have to be acting at all!

Longtime Stripgame Devotee

Brian said...


will you also respond to the comments in the previous post or do we have to re-post our comments?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I don't know if anybody's mentioned it in the comments yet, but happy belated birthday, Red!

– Big Sam

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would also second Ashton, Mia, Stephanie and Lumen coming back. Any updates on that?

London Fan

Red said...

Hi, folks. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, but as I said, I've been busy. More on what I've been busy with in today's blog post. Spoiler: I think you're gonna like it.

@RS: The wheel turned out to be a big success. It fostered a fun, party atmosphere among the players and I think the games that were played using it will turn out great.

@jhg: Whoops, you're right. Sorry for the spoiler. I'll fix it, but it may be too late.

@FederBear17: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it so much, especially after just the first six minutes. I hope the rest of the episode was just as enjoyable for you.

@markhill11: There will be pictures (and promotiuonal videos) of the new girls, but it may take a few weeks. I don't think you'll be disappointed, though.

@CA Fan: You won't have to wait long! They'll be back soon.

@candleinholes: I haven't used that one yet, but I will someday. I even bought special candles.

@RST: No true guy vs. guy games yet, but there are a few things like Episode 347, where the guys are the competitors and their girls pay the price for their losses.

@ForfeitFan: Folsom Street ain't gonna happen this year, I'm afraid. I've just got too much stuff going on, both for LostBets and for personal stuff. Maybe next year. The charity box is a great idea, if we can find a worthy cause that would accept porno money.

@AV: Fern I could probably get back. Most of her friends, probably not. Salem's moved, and Lumen is too embarrassed to play again. I do have a few unpublished videos with Fern and Lumen, but I told Lumen I wouldn't publish them anytime soon. They may be published eventually, but not for awhile. As for small boob humiliation... it's possible that I've already filmed something of that nature and it's just waiting to be edited and published. Stay tuned.

@Viredae: It's also possible that I've filmed our most extensive public near-nudity forfeits yet, and it's just waiting to be published. Also stay tuned. As for the POVs, I hate to sound like a broken record, but stay tuned there as well. I have a lot (and I mean a LOT) of them on film waiting to be published. I want to get a long series of them ready to go, and then I'll open a store just for them.

As for Ashton, last I heard she was retired. Do you have any information that she's still active?

@LSD: That's a really good idea. We'll give it a try.

@Brian: I'm truly sorry for my lack of responsiveness lately. I'll get to as many responses as I can.

@Big Sam: Thanks! It was a birthday to remember... any birthday where I've got naked girls in my house is a good one.

@London Fan: Like I said, Ashton told me she was retiring from modeling. Mia as well... she got a job where there would be serious negative consequences if it were found out that she was doing nude modeling. Stephanie I have been unable to get in touch with despite repeated attempts over the years. And all of Lumen's friends found out about her lost bets at LostBets and she's terribly embarrassed (borderline humiliated) by it. I don't think she'll be back. Sorry I don't have better news.