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Friday, August 23, 2013

We got that!

Okay, first off, this week's update. Three cute girls with fairly conservative limits, but that didn't stop them all from making out with each other. The loser finds herself in a ticklish situation.

So we're back from an extended trip where we got a whole lot of girls to play a whole lot of games. It'll still be awhile before they're ready to publish, but when they are... we've got something for everyone. Want to see losers having to take it up the ass? We got that! Wanna see a loser double-teamed? We got that! Want to see truly shy and embarrassed girls who blush bright red as they're stripped? We got that! Want to see girls walk down crowded city streets wearing nothing but LostBets thongs and microscopically-tiny tops, as passersby gawk and take pictures? We got that! Want to see girls forced to go to a bar and recruit random strangers to watch them strip? We got that! Wanna see Sybian races? We got that! We got blondes and brunettes, tall girls and petite girls, slender girls and bigger girls, girls with tats and girls next door, girls, girls, girls... and guys, too. We got it all, and it'll all be coming to you this year and next. You're gonna like it.

Promo photos and videos to come shortly.


RS said...


Anonymous said...

I think the loser of the game would have lost a lot sooner if they were playing the game right. But who cares. I thought it was still a good show.


Anonymous said...

Very excited for the new girls and the new games!

How did you run the sybian race? Was it "see who can hold out the longest?" or some other iteration?

Anonymous said...

^ signed, Tromp

RRFrope said...

Wow this is a very promising post. Im sure Im going to enjoy this a lot. Thank Red.
By the way. I would like to remember you about the armbinder game I ask for months ago. It would be a very nice video

Anonymous said...


I need to make a complaint. I am trying to save some money but you keep coming up with forfiets that are just better than ever and forcing me to buy these clips!!

PS - Keep up the good work.

One suggestion I have is that you should run a competition so a LostBets customer has the chance to be in a game or a forfiet. Depending on the participent
this could be just as a spectator, to grope the loser of the game or recieve a blow job. The options are limitless and would be up to you.

I live in the UK but would look to travel if I won such a competition!!

The Foxer

Anonymous said...

Just one person speaking here but I vote to push any intense enf and/or public forfeits to the front of the queue. Any idea how long before these particular games will be published.


Anonymous said...

@The Foxer. I suggested something similar a few months ago - basically the winner could have sex with the losing girl whilst, if he wished, wearing a Mexican wrestler's mask or similar. I forgot to sign the post, but was sort of glad I did because I got a response that was quite critical (not posted by Red). Just because of that response, I'm not going to sign this post either (although I do post semi-regularly), but I still think this is a good idea. It's probably the last real taboo that Lostbets.com hasn't touched on as a forfeit, so I say go for it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some interesting stuff is coming up, but it looks like the long wait for another shaving forfeit will continue for a while.

I'd also still love to see one with a domme used in a forfeit with amateurs.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Is there really still no pubic hair as last item of clothing before a final forfeit? I know you're working on it and you'll make it happen eventually, but I'm so keen to see how that video plays out!

All the best,

Red said...

@Tromp: Each girl held the control box for the other girl's Sybian and tried to use it to force an orgasm. The first girl to succumb lost.

@RRFrope: I still want to use the armbinder, but I didn't get around to it this time. It's still on my list.

@The Foxer: That's the best "complaint" I've ever gotten. Thanks! As for running a competition among fans with the winner getting to be part of a shoot, see below to @Anon 7:45.

@K: When I'm ready to publish these videos, I'll front-load a bunch of the best ENF, but also the best hardcore. I want to keep a good mix so I have something for everyone. As for when that will be... well, probably not for awhile. There's a process between filming and publication, and that process takes time. The problem is that after a particularly awesome shoot with fantastic games and players, I get excited and I want to talk about it, even though it'll be months before the material makes it out there. So I end up teasing people with stuff they won't see for a long time. Sorry about that. I'll rush some of the games into production, and I'll try to get promo pics and videos up during the wait.

@Anon 7:45: I'm sorry that the critical response to your earlier comment stung. I always try to be respectful of other people's ideas, and I hope everyone who posts on this blog does the same. As for the idea itself, I think it definitely has merit, although letting the winner actually have sex with a losing player would be going pretty far. Maybe someday I'll go that far, but the first time I do a contest like that, the winner would probably get something a little tamer, like groping. Or the winner could take part in a shoot, get to be there and meet the players, and choose what forfeits the losers would have to perform. There are certain legal issues involved with running a contest for prizes, and I'd need to look into those before doing anything like that.

@Joe and @TrueS: Believe me, I really want to use shaving as a forfeit, or use pubic hair as an article of clothing, but the sad fact is that bushes seem to have gone out of fashion, and nearly every girl I've met lately has kept things completely clean downstairs. I'll do it again, I promise, but I need to have the opportunity.

RS said...

Still hoping someday for a mixed dare-ring style game where the players don't know what dare they'll have to do ... and the person they have to do it with is chosen randomly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Red,

Always good to hear your views. On one level, I am quite happy for bushes to remain out of fashion! However, they are useful for this forfeit! I still think it's worth asking a couple of girls to grow their pubes specifically for this. As long as they had four or five weeks notice, there would be something well worth shaving there and even if it was just reinstating their normal style, no-one wants to have someone else shave their pubic area on camera!

On a not entirely unrelated topic, have you thought of repeating the headshave forfeit at some point? I enjoyed the original, but the participants seemed a little too willing and unconcerned about the outcome. Slightly younger girls who would be terrified of,losing such a bet would be great to see - a tall order, I realise, but you manage so many unexpected things...

Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,

Viredae said...

Hey Red, you asked me about Ashton and whether or not she was still active, I'm not really sure, but here is her site:


Anonymous said...


Excited for what's down the road! I would like to echo a request made a couple of weeks ago about some more spanking forfeits. There are two formats that I think get the best results with spanking forfeits.

First, a guy vs. girl game. For some reason, a battle of the sexes game usually motivates the winner to really take it out on the the loser's backside.

The second format is a three person game with one loser, similar to episode 101. The winner who does the poorest spanking job then gets spanked herself. This motivates the winners to do their worst since they don't want to be the next one that's bent over and getting swatted.


Anonymous said...

Any forced-bi forfeits at stake in the new games?


BB said...

How about the loser has to recruit girls/women to play?

shaving fan said...

Yes Red another head shave forfeit would be great to see. I know it's hard to find girls willing to risk losing their hair, but it would make a hot shoot. Hey Belle I dare you to risk it.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I like pubic hair, and I'd like to see more of it. Totally shaved doesn't appeal to me.

Anonymous said...

are there more videos to come with cute Jennie? She looks so lovely and shy in her last video - I'd give a lot for seeing her lose a secound try of her first video...being creampied or at least receiving a facial up her cute little nose


Anonymous said...

I understand the want to see a younger girl have to have sex. It reminds us older fans of our youth. There is also something about seeing someone corrupted. Look how many actresses want to play the bad girl. Or maybe lets fans think of what might have been if they were bolder at that age.

One thing I would like to see for these games is that the loosing girl only having sex with the guy. Oral sex with the winner blocks the view of the loser's facial expressions. I really want to see Alexis having sex, but not having Ashley on her face.

Maybe bring Alexis back and have her playing against a younger player with a lucky guy standing by. The winning girl can watch or film with a second camera so we get a nice view of the loser's face.

Old Man