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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Yes, freebie, as in free complete game. Read on for details.

First of all, double update weekend! Been too long since we've had one of those. Episode 367 on Friday, Episode 368 on Saturday. Enjoy.

Episode 367 debuts Bailey, Ashlyn, and Richard. It's a good one. Just to forestall what I'm sure would be a lot of inquiries, it is with the greatest regret that I tell you that Episode 367 is the only game I have (so far) with the insanely cute Bailey. Believe me, I wish it were otherwise.

Episode 368 closes out the series with Mo, Liilii, and Erica. As I said earlier, it's not one of my personal favorites, but fans of these ladies should enjoy it.

For this week's player promos, we'll start with a returning veteran. She's only been in two LostBets.com videos, and those were almost three years ago. From Episodes 198 and 201, please welcome back Kym.

Speaking of returning players, here's an ILAMC promo for Candle:

As for today's newbie, there are two of them, and this is the reason for the freebie clip. Meet Dakota:

And also, meet Dakota:

Now, unlike the United States, we can't have two Dakotas. We've had duplicate names before (as Asia M, Britney S, and Amber Heavens could testify) but I don't like doing it. So I did the obvious thing: I made them play a stripping game, with the loser having to give up the name. Wanna watch? Just click here to watch the whole thing. Enjoy!

Dakota and that other girl will be making their debut in Episode 369, which is why I didn't promote it last week. I didn't want to spoil the names of the competitors.


Anonymous said...


I can't believe no-one hasso far wanted to congratulate you on finding girls as cute as the Dakotas! Well done!

If you have an amateur shoot coming, I'm still hoping for my forfeit to get some use!

All the best,

Viredae said...

Truly magnificent, Red, both Dakota and (now) Brooklyn are extremely Adorable, especially Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

What r the two dakotas limits


Seahawks82 said...

Big fan of the Dakota, now Brooklyn, here is hoping to some great games from these girls! Love to see them both lose some hardcore stuff.

James said...

lostbetsgames.com posted a repeat again. I'm afraid I'm done with them.

Best of luck with your website.

Anonymous said...


Great job finding Dakota and (now) Brooklyn. Very promising. Could you perhaps tell us what they risk in episode 369?

- W

Anonymous said...


This is the third or fourth week in a row that the members site got a rerun. I know this happened earlier this year as well. Is it a scheduling problem. All I know is that a month or so ago, several videos were pulled down off the member site and for the past few weeks they have been put back up as new. I hate to write and complain each week, but I do pay for new content. Can you fix it

Red said...

@TrueS: As a matter of fact I do have an amateur shoot coming up. It's planned to include two girls who've never been naked on camera and two girls who've been on LostBets.com. But which forfeit do you mean? The pubic-shaving thing? If not, you'll need to be more specific.

@Joe: Both Dakotas have fairly liberal, open limits. For example, in Episode 369, they losers get facials.

@Seahawks82: See above re. facials. And that was just one game of several they played.

@W: So, Episode 369 involves four girls (Dakota, Brooklyn, Selah, and Maddie) playing disc golf to two losers. They have to go down on two very willing guys (Conor and Richard), with both girls taking facials. Whoever doesn't get her guy off first also has to endure a spanking.

@James and @Anon 5:11 (please sign your posts): I've emailed the guy who runs lostbetsgames.com again. I don't know what the problem was: last I heard the duplicates were caused by a data glitch that had been fixed. @James, I certainly don't blame you for not continuing with your subscription. I'll keep you guys posted on what I heard back.

Updater said...

Hello James, this is the updater from lostbetsgames.com -

I`ve double checked and this weeks update is the clip:

Team Champion with Team Fuck Yeah vs team vagenda

I Couldn't find this clip nowhere on the site? where do you see this is as dupe? if its a mistake and you prove me wrong i`ll release bonus video just for you for pointing this out.

But this is really something i`d like to see and fix asap if i`m mistaken.

We are here to make sure all members are always happy & satisfied and the last thing we would want to see is disappointed members, we do care and we always here and respond as fast as we can to any possible issues.


Anonymous said...

the clip was up there months ago, removed, then reuploaded.

Piti said...

Hi Updater.

I´m not James but I share his complaint.

This clips were update at may or June. Later, I don´t know when, were deleted and added a new clips like
Strip Ball Blast with Fern and Salem.

Strip Team Noname with Jessie, Nyssa, Ember, and Chelsea
were added two times 31 may and 8 march.

Thank you


Updater said...

Aha i understand, i was not aware of this as i fired the guy who did the previous updates because of those issues.

So the clip:

Team Champion with Team Fuck Yeah vs team vagenda

is a dupe also?

I have an idea, maybe i`ll show you guys the whole list of future updates and you can tell me by titles which of them are dupes *for example* posted before and delete or something along those lines, in order to prevent such situations again.

P.S: you can always mail us at support@ninjadollars.com and we will ALWAYS take care of any/every complaint issue you guys have.

Anonymous said...


I have the latest game as being downloaded on the 31st May 2013 so it was definitely on the site then.

The other episodes from about that time that haven't yet been repeated but have disappeared is no 299

It seems the repeated ones are have been 293,294,295,298,300 they were all released about april/may and subsequently removed.

I think some may have been bonus updates due to the three different episodes of episode 264 being posted about this time hope this helps.

I think it may also be episodes 308 and 309 replaced two of the repeated episodes in may when the above were removed.

Trying to help

Anonymous said...

The datestamp on my copy of Team Champion with Team Fuck Yeah vs team vagenda is 31st May 2013, that's when I downloaded it from you, it will have been posted possibly a few days before that.

Anonymous said...

yeah post the future updates and we can let you know which are dupes.

Anonymous said...

Team Champion with Team Fuck Yeah vs team vagenda is definitely a repost

Updater said...

Ok, i understand, i will keep this video for the sake of those who do not have it and release a new one today also as update! and we will implement the upcoming videos thing asap so you guys can review all before the videos will go live!

Thanks for your feedback! :)

Updater said...

Strip Estonian Roulette with Cyndi, Eve, and Grace is now live!

Thanks again guys!

Anonymous said...

top, thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey red, did you get my email about editing video?

Needed a reply back before I could send examples of my work :)

The email was sent from De*****ac@gmail.com .

-Video editing guy

James said...


Google has a cache of the old upload dated 7 Oct 2013 16:29:07 GMT. Hopefully the bonus clip is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Hey red, been a fan since you started way back... I e asked for a while now to see no light shown down towards any new pov match games and Pov interactive games. It seems like a waste the way your site started out to not follow thru with those. Would love to hear a status update about it.


Anonymous said...


That's exactly the one I meant! Pubic hair as the last item of clothing!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Unlike the Dakotas in America that have mountains, the Dakotas that are on LostBets don't even have molehills.... Their breasts in the free preview (while I appreciate the notion of a quick freebie) remind me of the 4 mosquito bites last time I went boating. Too each his own, and I've seen email duels before over the issue, but I want to cast my ballot for non-fake BOOBS.

Updater said...

James, the new episode is already live, Strip Estonian Roulette with Cyndi, Eve & Grace

You should see 2 episodes dated Nov 8th.

Anonymous said...

Loved the free vid.

Any chance that lostbetsgames.com can become ipad compatible? I guess increasing numbers who don't want to own content would like to stream it on portable devices.


Anonymous said...

considering lostbetsgames.com is so poorly done i dont think anyone would bother

Updater said...

Hey Ferguson!

All LostBetsGames videos/trailers & .mp4 downloads has been reconverted to stream on mobile devices (iOS) that does not support flash streaming about 2 weeks ago.

So this means all our videos should be working on your iPad already.

You should try to download & test the .mp4 files.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, not a huge deal, but in the episode 367 you give away who one of the winners will be when you say "They get to use her however they want".

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for 369, that the one with Maddie and the two Dakotas, right? Are you going to release any previews for it soon?

Red said...

Okay, I'm glad that things are going smoothly with the membership site now. Thanks, @Updater, for taking care of this.

@Video editing guy: Yes, I got your email, but I haven't had time to respond yet. I've had an awful lot on my plate. I'll get to it.

@DaM: Progress is being made on the POVs/interactives, but I don't have any more detail to report. Still hoping to have the POV store open by the end of the year.

@Mychestisbiggerthantheirs: Hey, I drove through South Dakota once, and the place was flat as a pancake. But don't fear: even if both Dakotas are a little small-chested to your tastes, I'm sure there are other new girls who'll be more to your liking. Wait 'til you meet Heather and Lela, for example.

@TWSS: Whoops. I tried to avoid gender-specific pronouns and failed. (Morgan just told me to blame her, as my proofreader.) Sorry about that. I figure probably most people would want to know the gender of the loser anyway.

@Anon 3:20 (please sign your posts): I'll be previewing 369 later this week. Hope you like it.

Anonymous said...

When will we see Heather and Lela? What will they be up to?

Red said...

@Mychestisbiggerthantheirs: Heather and Lela will debut in Episode 375. Heather's limits are very tight, so games with her as a player will be fairly softcore. Lela is a lot more adventurous, and risked more when facing opponents with similar limits.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn is a little babe, man. I love her cute little tits.

Unknown said...

369 was awesome! I was praying for more interaction between the cute Brooklyn and the curvy rubenesque Selah. I would love to see the little Brooklyn as a lesbian sub to the experienced nuturing Selah!

Unknown said...

Dakota Skye WAS awesome in 369. The physical contrast between tiny Dakota and voluptuous Selah was exciting. Love to see these two together again with lez action.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the video is gone. Can you reupload?