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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I'm on vacation with my family at the moment so I'm going to keep this brief. Happy Thanksanukkah.

Here are a couple more opponents coming soon. First, there's Harley.

She's blonde. That's it. Like I said, I'm keeping this brief.

Selah's friends Reyanna tagged along as a spectator in Episode 369, but I was captivated by her mammoth natural tits and talked her into playing a few games herself.

I don't think this is a very flattering picture, but it's what I've got. Also returning is veteran Kandii, last seen whooping Angel's ass.

Finally, here's a promo of Lela. I really can't wait for you guys to meet her.

This week's update, Episode 371, brings back James and Madison. Spoiler: Sometimes things don't turn out the way I'd hope, but the result is a pretty damned good CFNM clip. This one's for you, CFNM fans.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, recently when I try to buy your clips I get a an error...(err-aey)

I've tried contacting c4s, and no response. I googled it and apparently it means c4s blacklisted my card for some reason. I've made dozens of purchases from your, and other c4s sites previously without issue, not sure why I would be blacklisted.

Anyway, you should come up with another option for purchasing, I can't be the only one getting this error. Keep up the good work.

RS said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Red, to you and your team!

Red said...

@Anon 9:05 (please sign your posts): Sorry to hear about your problems buying clips from C4S. I'm surprised that C4S support hasn't gotten back to you; they're usually pretty responsive. Does the credit card in question still work for other, non-C4S purchases? Have you disputed a charge or initiated a chargeback on a C4S purchase? I know that's something that causes C4S to ban credit cards. Can you try using a different card? Or maybe you could purchase a Clip Cash Card from C4S and use that to buy the clips.

Beyond that, there's little I can do other than (as you suggest) set up an alternate purchase method, but that's not going to happen overnight. Thank you for your past purchases and I hope you're able to purchase more in the future.

@RS: Thank you very much, and same to you! I have an awful lot to be thankful for this year, even more than usual, and I hope the same is true of you and yours.

And that goes for everyone. This is a time of year for counting your blessings, and I hope you all have a lot to count.

Anonymous said...

Credit Card Blacklisted dude... I've bought clips with prepaid Visa gift Cards to a unique email address before no problem. Not optimal I know. But it's an alternative. Just trying to be helpful is all.

Anonymous said...

so red could you suggest some games which the people playing are tense or have high stakes for the players.


KP said...

Three game ideas:

If you dont mind mild blasphemy, for next year: Strip Dreidel. Here's a way to make it more of a simple R-P-S, type of game for 3-6 players

נ (nun) = do nothing
strip - do nothing

ג (gimel) = take everything in pot
strip - take one item from every opponent

ה (hei) = take half the pot
strip - take item from one opponent

ש (shin) = add coin to the pot ("Shin, Shin, put one in")
Strip - take off one item of your own clothing

Anonymous said...

Exposed in public videos even make the pro's dread loosing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I think dreidel (KP's suggestion) would be pretty fun. In fact, while you're at, how about a Christmas/holiday special? Musical chairs to Christmas songs or other holiday games with holiday forfeits. You could "dress" the loser up as a Christmas tree or have them go out in a really skimpy elf costume.


Anonymous said...

Haha! Yes! How about a holiday exposed in public costume consisting of two areola-sized strategicly-placed adhesive-backed package bows, and a a strip of 1-inch-wide ribbon fashioned into a g-string? Just one thing... Puh-leeze make sure a height/weight proportional girl with huge natural boobs looses, rig the game if you have to!... I love presents that bounce when you shake them!

Anonymous said...

Having seen Episode 369 (which was a lot of fun, the difficulties of indoor disc golf aside), I agree about Reyanne. To bring out the old quote, "They are real, and they are spectacular." That ought to be a fun bunch of games, so good show, Red, good show. And, of course, a happy belated holiday.

— Big Sam

Anonymous said...

This is the anonymous guy w/ the billing problem from before.

c4s got back to me and claims I've been banned for distributing clips.

This is asinine, I've never shared ANYTHING I've downloaded from c4s. The email was also threatening some sort of legal action. Fucking sucks to be one of the few people out there that regularly buys porn (instead of pirating it) and never shares, only to be accused of distributing videos illegally. I don't even pirate non-adult content. Top level bullshit. I've emailed them back demanding any evidence of this, as I know there can't be any legitimate proof, as I haven't done it. But either way I'm done w/ c4s. Going to miss my lostbets vids... gl Red.

Red said...

@RG: Hmm. I'll try to think of more (and hopefully others will mention their favorites) but two that come to mind as episodes where the players really, really did not want to lose are 071 Bush's Last Day and 161 Strip Jarvis with Zayda and Amber Heavens. I'm sure there are more recent good ones... anyone have any suggestions?

@KG: Every year around this time, I think, "Hey, I should do Strip Dreidel," then promptly forget about it until the next year. I've also been on the fence about what rules to use. Yours are good ones but might make the game too fast, unless the players are wearing a lot of clothing. Maybe this would be a good time to allow jewelry, or for paired items like socks to come off individually. I've also thought about using standard rules, with each player getting a supply of tokens (gelt?) with the first player to run out having to strip, followd by redistribution of the tokens and the next round. That way might last too long, though.

Also, you said you had three game suggestions. What are the other two?

@MagicMike: Yes, public exposure is a good way to inspire fear of losing in girls who normally don't mind. We've got some of that coming, but I need to get some more.

@YoMomma and @Eric: In addition to the dreidel thing, a holiday themed shoot is something I've thought about doing for years but have never actually done. I definitely like your forfeits. They'd be a great way to highlight the holiday theme.

@Big Sam: You'll be happy to know that Reyanna's luck was not very good. She kept her clothes on for 369, but the next day. she was letting it all hang out, fully on display.

@Billing Problem Guy: Wow, does that fucking suck. You could still try @Anon 9:10's suggestion of a prepaid credit card and a throwaway email -- but if you wanted to boycott C4S entirely for this, I wouldn't blame you a bit. Maybe they'll figure out that it was a misunderstanding, and I hope they do.

RS said...

"Maybe this would be a good time to allow jewelry, or for paired items like socks to come off individually."

I'm not a big fan of using jewelry as clothing because it doesn't really expose anything. I'm fine with shoes and socks all being counted individually -- for foot (and especially sock) fetishists, it drags out the slow reveal while still revealing more and more.

Or if you really wanted to maximize nudity while prolonging the game, you could allow footwear to be removed individually and allow for jewelry, too, but none of that can be removed until all other clothing is already removed. ;-) Makes it more likely that even a big winner will exposed.

You could also drag out the stripping part of the game before the big punishment at the end by including mini-punishments that would take about the same amount of time (three quick swats on the butt, sucking a toe for 10 seconds, etc.) that already-naked losers of the hand have to do. Once they've done each of these penalties, if they lose again they're the ultimate loser.

RAJ said...

Red the best clip ever was 228. Need
to do another with a HOT ending like that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, stripping sequence should be in "decending order of coverage" Like shirt, shorts/skirt, bra, panties, shoes. I think adding any extra items once the player is naked is awesome, it greatly increases the likelyhood that all the girls have to stand around completely naked while they play to get rid of each other's shoes/ jewlery/ etc. Making it so that the loser doesn't loose until they're naked AND they loose around after also has the same effect.

Anonymous said...

A way this can be maximized IMHO is one classical set-up:
Geht them into jeans and first go for topless... Jeans and nothing else hmmmm... brings back memories.
Then start the rest, shoes final.
And to spice it more... why not continue after nudeness?
For example, if nude and losing again, put on one of those leg irons you got and after that finally maybe handcuffs... and voila:
Package prepared for anything from tickling up to more HC-style forfeits.
Added value: three more rounds to get the winners to their natural state, too ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
when are we going to see more of Olivia and Mouna? Both of them are incredibly cute.

Obelix said...

Hey Red,

I love the video's you're making, an idea I've found nowhere else. I was wondering if we will get to see more b/g action before the year is out.

What I liked the most was naked twister with the 2 losers getting f***ed by 2 guys. A remake of such a scene would be nice, VERY nice.

Red said...

@RS: Yes, forcing footwear (or jewelry, etc) to come off last is a good way to prolong nudity and increase the odds that more players will end up exposed. I've actually done that a few times lately, but you have to be careful not to take it too far. If the players have, say, five articles of "clothing" that have to come off after they're already functionally naked, the odds of every player ending up naked by the end of the game rise to near-certainty. While this doesn't sound like a bad thing on the surface, you have to give the players at least some reasonable hope of emerging victorious with their modesty intact. If nudity is virtually certain, the players become resigned to it, and there's no tension.

@RAJ: I'm glad you liked 228, although if it was really the best clip ever, that means I peaked more than two years ago, which is a little depressing. What exactly was it about 228 that you liked so much?

@Anon 8:45 (please sign your posts): See above to @RS. While I'm all for increasing the amount of skin on display, if every player is virtually assured of nudity, there's no drama and the girls are less engaged.

@FC: Olivia and Nouna will be back in Episode 377. Sorry so long, but there's just so much good stuff to cram in.

@Obelix: There are boys in 373 and 374, but I wouldn't characterize either as "b/g action". There is some more (pretty good) b/g coming, but probably not until the new year.

RAJ said...

clip 228 had the best spanking scene ever

KP said...

#2, Based on survivor challenges like this...


Use the clothing cards as targets in a game of darts or penny pitch. Deliberately scatter different players pieces so that if they miss they could hit their own by accident

(This can also be done on a regular dart board by assigning numbers to different items of clothing.

3. Categories (either with or without a starting letter) - take turns naming... Cartoon shows, Pac-12 teams, Olympic Cities, The most played songs on youtube, seven dwarves, US Capitals. First to miss, repeat, or take more than x seconds loses an item. A trivia-type they might even have played as a pre-schooler:

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Ryanna with massive natural boobs, or is Reyanna a different girl? What 's she going to be doing and when do we get to see her boobs?

JJ said...

Maybe best way to combine more clothing with seeing many nude players (but still give them a fair Chance not to get nude) in that dreidel game would be mixing two suggestions:
So one after another it would be the following clothing/mini-forfeits:
- left shoe
- right shoe
- left sock/stocking
- right sock/stocking
- watch/jewelry
- scarf/tie
- blouse
- jeans/skirt
- bra/shirt
- panties
- sit and play with legs spread
- show pink pussy/get hard dick
- be the loser and do the real forfeit

Play in bigger groups with more losers, and it will be enough nudity in the game, I guess

If you have players with similar boundaries and a not too sexual forfeit everyone wants to escape (hard spanking, ice bath, head shave or similar) you could try to get them in as deep as possible: After getting nude everybody can decide whether to end the game and take the forfeit or take the chance to play on and take the smaller forfeits - if a game is close, this could get players as close as possible to their boundaries and would give the viewer true impressions about who is willing to risk much.

Anonymous said...

no lostbetsgames clip this week

Red said...

@RAJ: Thanks. Hopefully I can top it someday.

@KP: That target shooting challenge is a great idea. I've been looking for new ways to use the foam dart guns I bought, and having the players shoot at clothing cards will work very well. Thanks! As for the Category game, I've thought of the same idea, as a good way of finding non-copyrighted trivia questions. It does require an emcee... but I can do that, from off camera.

@Markus: The girl with naturally huge breasts and short red hair is Ryanne, and the girl with naturally huge breasts with the kinked dirty blonde hair is Reyanna. Similar but different. She played in two games. In one of them, the loser got a good ass-reddening paddling, while in the other, the two losers played a second game, with each riding a Sybian and trying not to have an orgasm. Whoever succumbed first was used by multiple guys and girls. Not gonna say who won. Also, not sure when those games will be published, but I'll try to at least get a promo or two up fairly soon.

@JJ: I like it. Now, if I have a series of gradually escalating small forfeits that the girls can choose to do rather than submit to the game loser's fate, I think the trick will be to balance the severity of the forfeits. The final forfeit obviously has to be something that the girls are anxious to avoid but willing to do if need be. What might be cool to do is have some of the later forfeits in the stack be ones that go beyond the girl's limits, but just slightly, and in a different way than the primary forfeit. Let's say the game loser gets 50 or so whacks from the paddle. If I have a girl who's told me she's not willing to masturbate for the camera, she might still be reluctantly willing to take "spread your legs and play with yourself for 30 seconds" rather than endure the paddling, especially if other girls are close to defeat as well.

By the way: "hard spanking, ince bath, head shaving or similar?" One of these things is not like the others. :)

@Anon 6:39: You'll get faster results if you send this sort of complaint to support@lostbetsgames.com. They can do something about it. All I can do is contact them and ask them to do something about it, which I have done. Hopefully it'll be resolved soon.

JJ said...

Glad you like my idea. The way you described it is exactly how I meant it. You're definetely right, head shaving is different, and a kind of forfeit I usually don't like when somebody suggests it here. For me a good forfeit has to be sexy in some way (in fact the best ones go ENF style). But it is in my eyes something which is not sexual but rather humiliation - and in this way similar to the other two, just in a more drastic way. So if some girl is willing to risk that and has sexual limits, it might work. But in fact it's rather unlikely that two or more girls risk that one and have limits on the other hand.

For the small forfeits it might run like this (for girls):
- nude
- spread legs
- show pink
- take a dildo (5 sec)
- finger herself (30 sec)
- give a handjob (30 sec)
- give a blowjob (30 sec)
- give a handjob and cum on her
- give a blowjob and cum on her
- let him fuck her (30 sec)
- let him fuck and cum on her
- let him fuck her ass
- pee

variations in the order of forfeits just as it fits to the girl's limits

I would like to see this with rather inexperienced beginners. It would have been great stuff some years ago with legendary Groups like Julie/Claire/Elizabeth or Ashton/Mia, the russian Girls or the Bibi/Kodak crew. Maybe it is a Chance to get a bit more ENF-like stuff back in your site which is in fact the thing I'm missing since the site has grown more and more to professionality (which is in most aspects a really good thing)

Anonymous said...

The category game would be great. One great category would be 'sex toys' or 'sex positions', etc... Great viewing the girls having to name things like that. They might get red and laugh a lot while playing. I think you would not violate any copyright by using this game.