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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Damn, that's cold

Friday's update, Episode 366, features a new game; Ice Endurance. The winner of each round is the girl who can hold her hand in a bath of freezing cold ice water longer. I'm not sure how well it worked as a game. Post your feedback and let me know.

Sneak peek at coming attractions:

Next week's Episode 367 debuts new girls Bailey and Ashlyn, and new dude Richard. It's a free-for-all game of Pod Stomp, with the loser having to submit to the two winners. 

Mo, Erica, and Liilii return in Episode 368, for a simple game with a simple forfeit. The loser takes a paddling, but to be honest, this was far from the best paddling I've filmed. I hope fans of these girls like it anyway.

I'm not going to promote Episode 369 just yet, for reasons which will become clear when I do.

Angel and Kandii square off in Episode 370, with the winner getting to strap on and the loser having to take it.

James and Madison do their penultimate game in Episode 371. Whoever has the worse memory gets put through a very revealing naked exercise routine by the winner.

If you like it cold, you'll like Episode 372, with the redhead, blonde, and brunette trio of Hollis, Katie, and Paige. They have to race down the hall in their underwear to fill their hands (and undies) with ice, trying to be the first to fill up her bucket. Loser gets bathed in all that ice.

The last game in this series, Episode 373 stars two couples, Angel+Lance and Kandii+Xzavier. It's a free-for-all game of Screw Your Neighbor, where pair bonds mean little. Two ultimate losers have to sit side-by-side and masturbate as the winners watch.

Episode 374 is the last to feature James and Madison, playing Strip Air Hockey. I met Madison through Johnny's then-girlfriend Delilah, who's quite a little hottie and would've made a great player. She wanted to do it, but she's got male relatives who would kill her and probably us. But she makes an appearance in a non-stripping role here, acting as Designated Stripper, responsible for choosing and removing the articles of clothing lost by the players. Delilah also joins in the forfeit, which involves the loser getting locked in the stockade and spanked with the LostBets.com paddle, a riding crop, and bare hands in that order. It got a bit out of hand.

Today's featured returning player is Michelle, last seen in Episode 304.

She's dyed her hair and gained a little weight, but she's still the same vivacious girl.

As for a newbie promo, meet Selah.

She's a blonde MILF with a very outgoing personality and a competitive streak a mile wide. I'm pretty sure she was drunk when she showed up for her first game. Look for her debut in Episode 369.


Anonymous said...

lostbetsgames screwed up again.

Anonymous said...

When you compose the right up for #367 I hope you indicate just how naked the winners wind up getting. I speak only for myself of course but it will make a huge difference in my decision to buy it.


Anonymous said...

Just like K said, it would be interesting to indicate how naked the winners end up in 367. And to add that information with every clip would be nice; you do it in many clips but not all (is there a reason in particular?)

Regarding that matter by the way, disappointed about 365: in an answer you made to someone's inquiry as to whether or not the winners ended up naked, you indicated that one of them was topless and the other nude. Yet, none of these newbies ended up nude so... a let down on my part cause i was expecting to see more. Please, don't make mistakes like that for 367 (not complaining cause i enjoyed to see Mouna and Olivia but i will also based my decision to buy 367 -and others- on that kind of information).

And I hope that, in future games, we'll get to see Mouna and Olivia really naked.


Anonymous said...

lostbetsgames.com is posting repeats again. This is starting to upset me. The guy posts 1 video a week, how difficult is it to check that he's not posted it before - this can't be a mistake. I may as well cancel membership and just sign up once every 6 months to download everything in one go.

Unfortunately he's making Red look bad. I know Red doesn't run the site, but lots of people won't.

Red said...

I'm not happy about the screwups at lostbetsgames.com. As @UKSid points out, I don't actually own or run that site (I just license them my content) but as he also points out, this is making me look bad and damaging my reputation. The only think I can really do about it is complain to the guy who runs it, which I've done. To his credit, he seems truly concerned and wanting to fix the problem, so we'll see what happens.

@C, when I read your post I went back and looked at 365 and was horrified to discover that you were right: both winners keep their panties. I could've sworn that Mouna ended up naked, but I was wrong. Very sorry about that. If you'll send me an email, I'll send you a free clip of your choice to apologize for the error and to thank you for pointing out my mistake. And don't worry: I don't want to give any spoilers for future games, but both Olivia and Mouna were in enough games to make it statistically unlikely that they'll escape all of them with their panties intact.

@K and @C: From now on I'll make an effort to include the final clothing state of the winners in the spoilers. However, for 367 you needn't worry. Since it ends with group sex, even the winners get naked.

Red said...

Email from the lostbetsgames.com guy:

Hey Red.

I just made the dupe private and released new video.

Ill kill my updater for this.

I`ll personally go over all new qued videos and see no dupes are available.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, are you looking for anyone to help you out with video editing work, especially with so many videos coming up?

Or someone to add more effects to videos (like scoreboards, so forth)?

Anonymous said...

Red, when you show photos of new upcoming players, could you please have at least one of the photos of them be full length so we know what kind of bod' they've got?

Anonymous said...

I thought Ice Endurance was an interesting game but might need some changes to make it work better.
I agree that you should have some warm water for the girls to use after each round. Whilst Amber and Jennie did swap hands you could have a specified order i.e. Left Hand, Right Hand, Both Hands, Left foot etc..
I think this game is worth doing again but it could have one fundamental flaw. If one player has a higher tolerance of pain than the other she will win every round.


Red said...

@Anon 12:17 (please sign your posts): I've tried using remote editors before, and it hasn't worked very well. The problem is that I can be kind of particular about what I want, and I really need to be there with the editor to go over the project so we can tweak it and try out different things.

That being said, we can talk about ways you might be able to help out. Drop me an eamail, red@lostbets.

@Furrychris: To tell you the truth, I don't much like the fucking machine I bought. It uses a rotary motion that feels very odd to the users and falls out easily. I need to get a new fucking machine with true reciprocating motion, but my equipment budget is still reeling from the second Sybian. Maybe sometime in 2014.

@4x4: I don't have full-body shots for all of the girls, but I will try to use them when I have them.

@thefoxer: It's true that if one player has a higher tolerance, she will dominate. But that's a problem afflicting a lot of games involving physical challenges or tests of skill. I got a suggested fix via email: handicap a player who gets too far ahead. So maybe if a girl is two or more pieces ahead, she has to submerge both her hands, or add a foot, or something else like that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, this is the anon who asked about doing video editing work for you in the previous comment, sent you an email named "Video Editing Work". :)

-editor anon

Anonymous said...

Hey red, been a fan since you started way back... I e asked for a while now to see no light shown down towards any new pov match games and Pov interactive games. It seems like a waste the way your site started out to not follow thru with those. Would love to hear a status update about it.


Anonymous said...

On the ice endurance challenge, interestingly there was an experiment that used the length of time people would withstand pain if they were allowed to swear, and if they weren't; those permitted to swear averaged longer with their hands in the ice than those who were only allowed to show mundane words. So an additional level of challenge for those in the lead might be to forbid them from speaking, or maybe give them a rhyme they have to recite.

Red said...

@Anon 1:28 (please sign your posts): Didn't I see that on Penn & Teller: Tell a Lie?

Anonymous said...

It was Penn & Teller, but their Bullshit episode on profanity, rather than their Tell a Lie show, unless they doubled up


Anonymous said...

Turns out they did double up with that one, and they have done it on Myth busters too