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Friday, February 28, 2014

It's raining amateurs

Hallelujah! And when it rains, it pours.

It's only February, but we've already filmed fifteen players, in groups of three, eight, and four. Of the 15, at least 13 are pure amateurs. 10 have never been naked on camera anywhere before, and the 3 others have been on LostBets.com before but nowhere else. The other two are Dante and Sassy, and the only reason I don't include them with the others is that I'm not sure if they've appeared elsewhere.

What a year it's been. It all started when Jelly contacted me and asked if she could play again. Last time I asked her to come back, she declined, saying that she'd just done it because she wanted to try the experience but now that she'd tried it, she didn't need to do it again. But here she was, asking to return. Forgive me, but I for one am a big fan of the weak job market these days.

I asked if she knew anyone who'd like to play with her, and I did a spit-take when she wrote back, "Well, I talked to my three roommates, and they'd all be interested." After cleaning off my monitor, I told her that I'd get them in as soon as possible.

Things didn't quite go as planned, and of Jelly's roommates, only Indigo was able to make it. But she brought her friend Blossom, and we all had fun. Jelly's other two roommates (one of whom is Indigo's sister) are still interested and may make a future appearance.

Jelly, Blossom, and Indigo all have fairly tight limits, although to be honest, I think Jelly's are the tightest and we might have been able to talk the other two into stretching a bit if she hadn't been there. This is in stark contrast to the eight-player shoot, featuring Dante and Sassy returning, along with new boys CJ, Dragon, and Erik, and new girls Angela, Jasmine, and Keenly. Despite the fact that the six newbies had never been naked on camera before, they were daring enough to risk it all, and serious hardcore was the result. As I said earlier, I saw things I'd never seen before. New Clips4Sale category coming up for us.

I've said before that one of the best things about young amateurs is that they have young amateur friends, and can often talk them into playing, so when I heard from Bex that her two 20-year-old friends wanted to play, I was happy. Piper came back too, joining Sheri and Zahara. Sheri's a pint-sized brunette, while Zahara is a striking mocha-skinned beauty. Their limits were hard girl-girl, with Sybians and oral sex, but I'm pretty sure there's more to come from them, too. It was a great day, and Bex is rapidly becoming one of my favorite players. They played six games, plus there was a bonus: after failing to talk her appalled friends into playing Shockinaw with her, Bex sat down to an impromptu, candid game against Johnny

Promos to come.

Speaking of Bex and Piper, today's Episode 388 pits them against Madison in a game of Pod Stomp to two losers, who have to share a double-headed dildo. And poor Piper has never used a dildo before...


Anonymous said...

is the 8 person game going to be 400? By my estimation that puts us in a May time frame which is crazy far to start setting such high expectations! Do I suspect we may see a march madness double update month? Anything to get them to us sooner!

Anymore clues on the 505 reference?


Anonymous said...

i just hope '505' doesnt mean dude-on-dude action.


Red said...

@KAL: Yes, Episode 400 will be the first with that set of eight players. Three of the girls will play in 399, with a relatively soft forfeit to warm up the newbies. As for doing another double update month, maybe. We're just starting to recover from Double December, so I'm not sure how feasible it'll be. I like to have a stash of ready-to-publish clips so if some emergency comes up and we can't work on postproduction for awhile, there's enough to keep us going. We'll see.

No spoilers on what 505 means, although I may drop subtle clues from time to time. @shredder, it does not mean dude-on-dude action, depending on your definition of "dude on dude." But filming the game went off without a hitch. I've got the digital video files right here.

RS said...

I hope you decide you have enough of a backfill for some double update weeks because May is so far away!

Johnny said...

I'm editing my tail off fellas. We'll try and get that surplus of videos to the point Red can consider increasing publishing more of them.

Johnny said...

That phrase would have made more sense without the word "increasing". My bad.

Anonymous said...

PoVs here and gone in the blink of an eye Q_Q status update for us guys :) on the vids and the games

Johnny said...

@ anon 5:18 - Please sign your posts.

PoVs are down but not out. We had to revamp the existing ones a bit to make them better. We are getting close to bringing them back online. We are also making plans to film more of them and the ones we film in the future will be much better than the ones we've had to fix. Interactive games are still in development. Wish I could tell you more on that.

damndable said...

Not sure how I felt about today's forfeit, I was holding on for the losers to get into it a bit more, but it never happened, not really what I'd call "sexy" but eh, each to their own.

Johnny said...

@ damnable - yeah, todays video had more embarrassment than hot sex. They were very embarrassed though.

Red said...

[Warning: this post contains mild spoilers for episodes that won't be published for months. Act accordingly.]

@damndable: Sorry you were disappointed. I love Piper and she's got a gorgeous, lush body and a beautiful face, but the fact is that it's hard for her to feel comfortable doing these things with others watching and cameras rolling, so she doesn't really get into it. She lost a few games this last shoot that got her pussy stimulated by some pretty powerful devices, and they couldn't get her off, although at times you could see that it was reaching her, a little. Now Bex, on the other hand... eh, that's enough spoilers for now.

Or if you were referring to Madison, well, she was in kind of a bitchy mood all day. She wasn't a very good sport even when winning.

That being said, despite neither girl really getting sexually aroused by this treatment, I still thought it was pretty entertaining. Again, sorry you were disappointed, and hope you like the next one better.

Anonymous said...

@ Johnny:

Glad you're still working on (improving)the POV's, I love them!!

I hope you will publish a small amount of interactive POV's first (when the time comes) so you can learn from the proces and get feedback before you make a whole bunch of them.

The view (free)interactive POV,s lostbets has produced over the years were all very promising but still needed a little TLC to make them really work. One of the difficult things I think with interactive POV's is the scene's rhythm and setting the right atmosphere.

Anyway, good luck with them and your wotk is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

hi Red, just asking again: how's that St Andrew's cross coming along?

and yeah, this site needs more bondage and restraint forfeits.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

I have to admitt, that I like the idea Joe B. postet to "Mmmph mph mmph!". To bring back someone like Natalie or Kendra with some amateurs would be fun. Not only as a forfeit for the loser, but also as a part of the game. If a girl had lost all of her clothes, she could get back a life, by submitting to a dom for some time. Or the whole thing as a competition. The doms do things to the players (humiliating stuff, nipple clamps,...), an if they quit, they get the main-forfeit or have to take off an item of clothing, and the first naked player gets the main forfeit.


Anonymous said...

A suggestion for a modification to an existing game (or games). In Rock-Scissors-Paper or mogadishu, make the forfeit for losing dependent on the winner's throw. For example:
Scissors = Strip
Paper = Spank
Rock = Grope

You could add other things like cold water, or have two strip options in mogadishu

Bex said...

@Red and @Johnny

Bondage and restraints?! Hmmmmmm :) That could get interesting

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

As for forfets, I've got two in mind. One I saw on a Japanese DVD and it involved the winner jerking guys off onto/into the losers' pussies. The losers had either funnels or speculums inserted and the guys were either jerked off directly into them or into a glass that was poured in. It might be a way to do multiple creampies without the whole sloppy seconds thing.

The second one was a forfet where a girl gets creampied, but has to put her clothes back on without cleanup and do a "walk of shame"


Johnny said...

@Bex - (arches eyebrows and makes finger pyramid of evil) Mwah ha ha ha! Let me see what we have in the old restraint locker.....

Johnny said...

@Joe - I did have that good fortune. She was a lovely lady and I was very happy to get to enjoy her pretty body. We've attempted to get in contact with her since to no avail. We'll certainly try again. Wish us luck.

Anonymous said...


When will the clips with Catherine and her Sister be published?

Cheers p1312

Obelix said...

Hello people,

Have you ever considered featuring Tower of Pisa. It's a nice, nerve wrecking game that would do just nicely here.

A nice forfeit would be for the loser to give the winner a full body massage.

Anonymous said...

Obelix, I like your idea. The problem is that I'm not sure that being permitted to give a full body massage is a punishment for losing! I can think of a few circumstances where I would gladly lose if I got to give someone a full body massage!!

All my best,

Anonymous said...

Adam and eve...any update on your weekend...hopefully u guys changed ur mind on pics or video...:)


Johnny said...

Bex rocks. That is all.

Anonymous said...

i think you need to share vids of the extra curricular activities with the rest off us.


Johnny said...

@sam - we just spent the day making videos with Bex that were very much curricular. Most of them were POV vidz, but they were excellent. We'll all be seeing more of her in the future (and if I can talk her into letting me film some stuff privately I'll do my very best to share - I'd still need her permission for that).

Bex said...

Johnny rocks. That is all..... And you're a man of your word ;) lol hope the belt didnt wasn't to much

Johnny said...

@ Cheers p1312 - the games with Catherine and Nicole aren't on the publishing schedule yet. I'll ask Red to make a special mention of it when they get on there.

Johnny said...

@ Obelix - We'll take a look at the Tower of Pisa. We have been using a balancing game we call Pirate Penguins, which is not really the same, but does involve balancing things until the whole thing falls over. We'll check out the tower though.

Johnny said...

@Bex - Your uppance will come!

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the good work and awesome content you put out there. i'd like to suggest more tickling though, i love tickling and would love to see more on your site, maybe some forced orgasm tickling also!!

what do you think???


Wideouts said...

Any new B-sides coming. Enjoy some of the older games

Obelix said...

I don't know Pirate Penguins. With Tower of Pisa I imagined that if one item fell off the tower the girl loses 1 piece of clothing, if more fall off she loses 2 pieces, but never more then 2 per turn or the game may be over too soon.

@Trues: giving a body massage may to be punishment, but being fucked by a handsome guy is??? What matters is that it's great to watch.

Can someone please explain what curricular videos are? The name is unknown to me.

Johnny said...

@ Obelix - Being fucked on camera is often embarrassing so even if sex is fun and the guy is pleasant looking (Dante and I thank you for that assessment) it's still has a downside.

Extra-curricular means outside of school. When you say an extra-curricular activity you mean that it occurs outside of the normal scope of things (i.e. done on my own time as opposed to on camera for Lostbets). I just used the term curricular to mean that the filming we did was done in the normal course of business and would be appearing in the LostBets lineup of videos.

Bex said...

I'll take a massage!!

Johnny said...

@Bex, Obelix True S - Maybe we should have the loser give the winner a massage. Loser has to do some work, winner gets to win.

Obelix said...

That's what I said, the losers gives a massage to the winner. The downside is that the winner would have to get naked to a certain degree. We'd hate to see that ;-)

Another idea... Now that Maddie's come back, why not a game to celebrate lostbets xth universary (how many years have you been around?). A team match between girls from the early years (Ashley, Maddie) against a team of new girls. A game that requires good cooperation between teammates (pictionary?) and win or lose as a team.

Speaking of ol school, any news from Ashton or Mia? Pretty women, would be nice too see them again.

Obelix said...

@Bex I'll give you a massage. As soon as they find a way to do that over the internet.

Anonymous said...

I have two questions and a suggestion.

First the question: In this upcoming hardcore game involving a lot of newbies (which I am absolutely, totally going to buy), are any of the players in a current relationship with another player? If so, will you tell us before we watch the game? Because that will make it even hotter.

Second question: Have you considered redoing DareRing game? That was a wonderful site, and as far as I can tell you are the only guy who could possibly replicate it. I loved that site because of the possibility of some SERIOUS embarrassment/humiliation on the part of all players and not just the girls.

And the suggestion: Get two couples to play. The guys compete and as they win they get to strip the other guys girlfriend/fiancee/wife. Whatever girl is nude and her man loses again gets taken by the other couple AND a couple of other guys. No holds barred.

At the end, the losing guy has to masturbate.

I know, pretty seriously hardcore, but I'd buy that one!


Thanks for reading.

- JD

Johnny said...

@Obelix. Timely advice. Either today or 10 days from now (I forget which Red said it was, I think it's today) is the 7 year anniversary of LostBets first video. I've only been on board for 5 of those years, but still, quite an achievement.