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Friday, February 7, 2014

That girl belongs in a museum!

Jordana, Rachel, and Michelle return thus week in Episode 385 to show off our brand-new carnival wheel, Spin the wheel and you either lose an article of clothing (37.5% of the time), get a microforfeit (37.5%), are safe (18.75%) or get to make someone else strip (6.25%). We've ended up using this wheel several times since, with this layout and others. Today's loser is drawn on by both the winners and by our LostBets.com camera crew, Delilah and Quarry.

Semi-spoilers from Episode 385 follow, so if you don't want to know, skip to the next paragraph. This is, I am sorry to say, it for Rachel and Jordana, at least in the foreseeable future. This means that Rachel never lost her panties. I'm sorry we never got to see her naked, but it's part of the price we pay for not rigging the games: somethings the girls escape, especially when they play a limited number of games. We did see quite a lot of her luscious body in Episode 381, so at least there's that.

Welcome back three of our most popular new girls, Olivia, Mouna, and Dakota in Episode 386. We've seen them risking some of the hardest of the hardcore, now they're going to do something more embarrassing than sexual. The two losers put on LostBets.com thongs and teeny tiny bikini tops that only cover their nipples when carefully positioned, and everybody walks down to the drugstore past gawking onlookers so the nearly-naked girls can buy condoms and lube. And I thought Morgan's shopping trip was embarrassing.

Episode 387 is our first-ever four-player game of Candy Passing. It's also a repeat appearance of Dakota, who again is one of our most popular new girls. It also marks the return of Lela, yet another popular new girl. And it also marks the return of Kandii, last seen whipping Angel's sorry ass. And it also marks the return of Addie, last seen more than three years ago in Episode 192. Welcome back, Addie. Finally, it marks the debut of our brand-new dildo gag, suggested by blog commenter Cofo.

And then in Episode 388, Bex, Piper, and Madison are back. The pizza's been eaten, Sassy's gone home, and it's time to up the stakes a little. The girls play Pod Stomp, one of my favorite games for getting the players bouncing and jiggling, and the two losers have to share a double-ended dildo between them. And one of the players has never ever used a dildo before....


Obelix said...

Hello Red,

You are behind answering e-mails, the price you pay for being a popular guy. It would be nice though if you'd find time to answer my mail of 8 days ago, especially as you invited me to write you.

I see good updates coming up. No hardcore though, any idea when the next hardcore vid will be up?

Unknown said...

I also send an e-mail some days ago. I understand there is a lot of work behind this page, anyway I appreciate if you have some time to reply it.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to our favorite kinky amateur couple Adam and Eve?? /:


Anonymous said...

Not that it matters at all, but the image for episode 388 has the forfeit as loser give random lap dances.


Spanishman said...

I found this site some years ago, after watching a part of video of one of games with Elora and Pettels in other website.

I would love to see them playing again.

I like very much this site Thanks to Red and other people who make possible this site.

Thank you and sorry my mistakes, english is not my language


Johnny said...

@ TWSS - yeah, we noticed that mix-up in the forfeit for the image of episode 388. My fault. I corrected it and passed on the correct version to Red. I'm sure he'll get it fixed soon.

Adam and Eve said...

Hi everyone!

Sorry we have been MIA the last week or so. We have had a lot going on in our lives and unfortunately coming on here and posting and updating had to take a little bit of a back seat. We are back to our normal schedule and should be able to respond to all comments.

We are all tied up with one last game to go to decide the winner! HOWEVER we are asking a couple things from you guys.

The first thing is we decided to go the direction that the winner gets an entire weekend with their person and the loser will get an hour with their person. Being this is the case, if you want to decide which of the two girls Adam gets to have then email us for their picture as well as your input.

We realize this may take a week or so to get people's responses so we are not sure if next weeks video will be included in our game or wait to the following week.

Ask us any questions you may have and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam and Eve...just catching up with your saga. Probably what you're doing is best overall...maybe not quite as exciting with as high of stakes, but most likely better to not have bad feelings. And at least the loser should still have to witness the winner getting the prize. Good luck with it, sounds like fun!

What was your email address? T'll check it out!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Adam and Eve said...


Anonymous said...

I was just going to suggest that a mother/daughter game on here could be good. Certainly there are some where both look very hot. I've seen plenty of women in their 40's who are hot, with equally hot 20 something daughters.

I was thinking a game where the loser has to ride the Sybian, and the winner controls it could be the ultimate dare. Speaking of that, Game 351 is AMAZING.

But yeah, mother and daughter game with masturbation/Sybian on the line.

Anonymous said...

Been poking around the catalogs a bit and, to clarify something here:

The POV "games" aren't really games, are they? They seem to be just movies with a pre-determined end. But I've seen some games with the Lost Bets logo on them before, mainly rock-paper-scissors... are there others like them?

Anonymous said...

So jealous of your bet Adam and Eve. I'm waiting to see the outcome and how you guys feel after and then I am going to try to bring this up to my girlfriend and try to get her to do something similar.


Zeo said...

Hi Red & Johnny
After reading Anonymous (11:34 AM) comment regarding POV's, recalled my memory to seeing a clip on the Internet of Ashley from 2008.


Of all the clips I have watched, I don't believe I have even seen this clip ever published here at LostBets, yet the video clearly has Lostbets and year 2008 in the clip.
Hence wondering what episode this clip relates to or whether it was just a promo clip that get released some time.

Anonymous said...

@adam and eve What's this bet you're talking about?

Adam and Eve said...

Anonymous (8:27) (as Red would say--- Please sign your posts!)

Me and my fiancé made a bet that the winner would get a weekend of 'cheating' aka spending it with another person. Please reread previous posts for details in the prior weeks.

People already have emailed us (adamandevelb@yahoo.com) and casted their votes. As per couple requests, an update on the voting as of this moment.
Girl 1 has 4 votes
Girl 2 has 2 votes
We will continue to update as more votes arrive.

Someone suggested that the loser should be able to spend their hour with their person but with the stipulation of no vaginal sex. What do you guys think? Either state your opinion here or in an email to us.

Additionally, people seem to want Adam have both girls (aka threesome) if he wins. Let us know what you think. And if that is the case, how should we even this out for Eve? (maybe an entire week with her prize?) give us suggestions!

Lastly, do you guys think we should be able to watch each other the entire time when the other person is with their 'prize'? or should they be unable to see what happens?

Sorry for the long post, but everyone seems to be ramping up the questions now that the winner is almost crowned.

Anonymous said...

Are the two girls up for a threesome with Adam if thats whats decided...m

Eve said...

Have not mentioned threesome to them yet

Obelix said...

Hallo Red,

We have not heared from you in ages. Are you all-right?

Adam and Eve said...


We have had a few more people contacting us wanting to vote. Right now the votes are as follows:

Girl 1 has 5 votes
Girl 2 has 6 votes
Letting Adam choose has 1 vote

Please continue to vote and voice your opinions. Again our email is adamandevelb@yahoo.com

Johnny said...

@Obelix and all who are awaiting responses. - I assure you that Red is alive and well. I will prompt him to get on his correspondance ASAP.

Johnny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Johnny said...

@Zeo - Red informed me that the Ashley clip is from an unpublished episode that was going to be an interactive video. We're still in the production stages of that line of videos but hopefully they will see the light of day at some point.

Anonymous said...

Adam and eve since this is the big one...who did u guys pick...j

Truk said...

LOVED the Wheel Of Torment - It would be great to see another round between naturally busty girls facing the prospect of jumping jacks or a trampoline...keep up the GREAT work!

Red said...

Okay, folks. I’ve done it again and neglected the blog (and email) for awhile, but now I’m back and I’m going to blast through the replies to this and more recent blog posts. I realize there are ignored replies from earlier threads. Sorry about that. If you need a reply, please repost.

@Obelix, sorry to keep you waiting, but I’ve answered your mail.

@Edenbringer: You too, man. Sorry for the delay.

@TWSS: Fixed. Thanks.

@Spanishman: Thank you for the compliment, and don’t worry about your English. It’s way better than my Spanish, I haven’t seen Pettles and Elora since I filmed them during my third ever shoot, nearly seven years ago. I don’t know if the contact information I have for them is even still valid, but I can try it and see.

@Anon 8:52 (please sign your posts): I wouldn’t shy away from a mother-daughter game. It’s hard to think of anything more embarrassing than having to masturbate in front of your parent, or your offspring. And then there are the opportunities for spankings. I fully agree that there are some damn fine MILFs who would look great losing their clothes to their adult daughters. I once came close to having a mother-daughter shoot, but the mother, who’d been recruited by her daughter, backed out when she found out that the games involved nudity. I swear, parents and children just don’t communicate effectively in this day and age…

If you like the idea of the winner controlling a Sybian ridden by the loser, how about two losers riding Sybians controlling each other’s, trying not to be the first to orgasm? It’s coming, no pun intended.

@Anon 11:34 (please sign your posts): There are two types of games other than the traditional unscripted games: POVs and interactives. POVs are just movies with the girl (or girls) on the screen playing against the viewer. There’s no element of interactivity to them. Interactives are games of rock-paper-scissors that you can play, win, and lose. I have footage to make a whole bunch of these, I’ve just been too fantastically lazy to package them for sale. Someday…

@Truk: Thank you very much! You will see more of the Wheel of Torment, with all sorts of girls with all sorts of boobs. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.