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Friday, February 14, 2014

At least the weather was nice

Today's update features something I teased awhile ago: a very public walk in very little clothing to make some very embarrassing purchases. The girls look great in almost nothing, and most of the passersby seemed to agree.

Coming attractions up to Episode 388 have been previewed in earlier blog posts. Continuing on, Episode 389 will bring back über-cutie Heather and spunky Lela, against Kimberly, whom we haven't seen in quite awhile.

The forfeit was a mystery to the girls, as I handed it to them on a stack of cards with "read these cards one by one and do what they say." Since they didn't get to know it, you'll have to wait a little while to know it too. (Don't worry, I will put a hidden spoiler in the clip description when it's published.) 

Moving right along, Episode 389 brings back Ashley, one of my very first players, and one of my best. She's not playing in this game, though, she's acting as a sexily-dressed emcee.

Hippo and I came up with this game late one night, and I will admit that intoxicants were consumed. We spotted an acronym quiz in a newspaper someone had left lying on a table. We knew most of the acronyms and figured it would make a great stripping game.  What we completely failed to take into account (again, intoxicants) is that we are geeks, and the players are not. Turns out that most 20-year-old girls don't know what "LCD" stands for. Who knew? Back to the drawing board for this game, but it's still an entertaining game with Ashlyn, Olivia, and Brooklyn, and with a pretty hardcore forfeit. Flynt and Bob step in to do the honors as the loser takes them both.

Now that I've published both episodes featuring Rachel, I can publish this promo, which is a bit of a spoiler.

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all. 23 blog comments I have yet to respond to in the last post. I'm going out for a romantic night with Morgan, but I'll get to them over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Love the forfeit with the bikinis and buying condoms and lube. Funny, sexy, and humiliating. Awesomness. Now it may be hard to get a fast food establishment to agree to give service, and it isn't as sexually humiliating, but what if a loser had to go to a local fast food place and buy food for the entire crew during rush hour? Could you Imagine the looks a sexy , fit looking girls in bikinis would get buying like $30-$40 of burgers and fries? BTW I didn't sign my post in Dec. where I gave a bunch of softcore ideas. I didn't look at it as being rude, but I understand your rationale. I will sign now and in the future.

Anonymous said...

I still think it would be funny as hell, but it may be too sexually suggestive for children children and their parents. Don't want anybody to get in trouble, or forany children too get the wrong ideas while eating lunch/supper.

Gade said...

I have a suggestion for making the walk of shame even more embarrassing. How about doing it immediately after a cum-in-face forfeit, so the loser has to go out and display her pearl necklace.
Maybe play to two losers, who have a blowjob/handjob race, and the loser does a public walk.

Anonymous said...

@ Gade: thát is an AWESOME idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What bra size would u estimate Olivia and Mouna are and are their breasts real or fake? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Sexy public humiliation rocks, indeed. The true dread the loosers face in this video is priceless!
Red, I can appreciate the LostBets branding on the thong but what about applying it to the actual g-string bikini bottom instead of thong?... maybe a clip, or a pin, or even a decal or something.

Gavin said...

Hi, I've now watched several of your videos and I love them. I do have a few suggestion for future games/forfeits. hopefully you may like some of them.

1) you have two sites, maybe an RV and a hotel room, something like that. the two sites should be about 5-10 minutes walk apart, somewhere fairly public. two girls go to the rv and play a simple strip game (rock/paper/scissors) the winner gets to cut the item of clothing off the loser. as well as clothes, they have one more "wager" a pair of handcuffs that is fastened behind their back. At the end of the game you now have 1 girl in a state of undress and 1 girl naked and handcuffed. The forfeit is to get back to the second location. Their clothes have been cut up so there can be no backing out. You could even make this last bit a race if you want to add a further bet.

2) The bodywriting forfeits seem pointless to me, as they girls laugh it off and it will wash off in a matter of minutes, so why not use a permanent marker? Now you would have to restrict the writing to location that would be covered by a t-shirt/jeans of course. so no writing on the face. the marker will rub off in a couple of weeks but until then the loser has slut/whore/whatever written on their body in a place only they (and us) know about.

3) how about having the loser shave her eyebrows off?

4) you have 2 girls, both blond, the loser has to dye her hair, depending on how evil you are feeling it could be a natural colour, something bright, or even go with two colours on different parts of her head.

Obelix said...

Hello Red,

Good games coming up I see. A pity I'll have to wait so many weeks for the next hardcore forfeit (a good one though).

I hope you will also find some time to reply to the mail I send you over 2 weeks ago. Would be nice to finaly get an answer. ;-)

@Gavin 1) is not a bad idea, although it should be only the looser(s) have to go on the streets naked, that's the whole point of winning and loosing. There would be some practical problems though (traffic, police, etc). It has to be done safely without anyone ending up in jail.
2)is not bad, but it's something we can't see on film. 3) and 4) are not realy my style. I like it if the girls keep looking pretty afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Great site Red, well done! Looks like some very exciting videos coming up.

I think Gavins ideas are pretty decent. I'd love to see suggestion 4 play out...keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

If you could get 4 strategically minded ladies together, I'm sure some people would love to see a game of strip mahjong.


Adam and Eve said...

Hi all,

We are going to try to finish this bet this weekend.

The update is
Girl 1 has 10 votes
Girl 2 has 9 votes

It is extremely close so we might leave this open for an additional week to make sure everyone gets in their vote! Again our email is adamandevelb@yahoo.com

We are still debating about the winner getting a threesome since we got so many requests for it. We would still need to find an extra guy for Eve if we decide this. anyone interested? ;)

Johnny said...

I'm always available for a lady in this particular sort of need. ;)

Anonymous said...

Are the dudes in 386 the girls boyfriends or something? Those are seriously some of the ugliest dudes I've ever seen. As a guy, when it comes to women I must be doing something horribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

Red, does email go into your spam often? I've sent you about 6 or 7 emails over the past year with no reply, so I was just wondering.

Eve said...

No new votes since last post

Obelix said...

Hello Red,

I agree with Anonymous 18-02-2014. No offence meant, but it is getting pretty annoying that you don't reply to my mail while you specifically invited me to send it. You haven't even replied to anything on this blog for ages.

It will not bar me from buying video's every once in a while, but please reply to my mail.

Johnny said...

@ Obelix et al - I have poked Red with the big stick labeled "Answer Your E-Mail Dammit!" several times this morning. Hopefully he'll get at you guys soon. He's been distracted by other matters recently. Many apologies.

Obelix said...

It's not as if Red has something important to do like filming girls getting naked for our enjoyment. ;-))

RS said...

Johnny, did you just volunteer to have a MFM threeway? Maybe you'd be up for the "anyone might have to do anything with anyone else" DareRing-esque game that many of us have been clamoring for. ;-)

Johnny said...

@RS - I'm afraid I'm not willing to have any contact with the other M. That probably wouldn't be useful for your concept.

Anonymous said...

Adam and eve

We want knowmyour guesses before the game.

Dif the girls know the standings


Eve said...

We are tied up. We might have someone to do a threesome. We will try finalize it and make our picks this evening. Every last vote counts.

Anonymous said...

Hey whats the status on the PoVs Q_Q I miss them already