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Friday, April 18, 2014

Once more into the ass, my friends

Hardcore fans, this weekend's update is for you. I had a real dilemma when publishing this one: what Clips4Sale category should I put it in? It fits in so many. So, so many. See for yourself in Episode 396 when Selah returns, Reyanna plays for the first time, Savannah debuts, Conor and Richard provide color commentary, and the loser gets extremely fucked.

At this point I've posted promos of Episodes 397 and 399 but not 398. Time to rectify that. Addie, Lela, Dakota, and Kandii are back to play a word game: Profanagrams. It's a game that definitely gives an advantage to smart people, and while I don't mean any disrespect to the losers, they were up against two girls that I think happen to be among the smartest players we've had. Masturbation for the losers.

Episode 400 draws one week nearer, and in my continuing effort to apparently overhype it so much that it can't possibly meet expectations, here's Dante interviewing his ex-girlfriend Sassy.


Anonymous said...


Those of you old enough to remember the VHS/ late-night pay-cable era may remember the movie Stripped to Kill (and maybe its sequel) about a Police Woman who goes undercover as a stripper to stop a serial killer who is preying on strippers.

B-movie actress Katt Shea walked into producer Roger Corman's office with that pitch and walked out writer/ director Katt Shea.

Where did she get the idea? In a strip club, naturally. What was she doing in a strip club? She lost a bet. She was sure her dinner date was full of it when he said Mussels were poisonous in the summer. She was wrong. She wound up in the strip club.

A rumor that she had to strip on amateur night as part of the bet could not be confirmed at this time, mainly because I just made it up. But one thing is certain, Katt Shea lost a bet and gained a new career.


P. S. Red, I would love to see a loser go up on stage for the first time. Would a strip club let you film that for the publicity or a reasonable fee? I have no idea, but if any of your crew are ever in a club, they should ask the manager.

Anonymous said...

So long as there is some hot asssssss action involving Sassy and or Keenly, expectations will be blown out of the water Red!

- Deez

Anonymous said...

are povs going to be back this week? Also what can you tell us about the two forfits in 400?

Anonymous said...

good vid this week. nice camera angles of all the action and worth the lil bit extra cost for such a longer than usual offering.

CA Fan

Johnny said...

@PQ - We should be able to get the POV's back up in the next few days. I need to talk with Red about the release order but we've got some ready to go. He's off with Morgan for the holiday so I'll have more info for you on that tomorrow. Red will have to get back to you on what he is willing to share about episode 400 when he's back as well.

@CA Fan - glad to hear it man. We're working on getting more angles on more action all the time - as can be evidenced by Hippo's recent tech innovations to our production setup.

Johnny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hello Red,
what do you think about a forfeit where the looser must walk down the street naked and must asked girls if they like to play a game immediately. She must ask 10 or 20 girls. If she has success another game with the girlon the street follows or if she is unseccessful she becomes a headshve (i like such forfeits) or a little bit harder she gets a nice spanking:-)

greets from Germany Kai

Johnny said...

Re: POV's - Sorry I'm late on the update. I'm going to do everything I can to get the POV's up again by tomorrow. I just have to talk with Red about the publishing order.

Johnny said...

POV's are on the way. The order has been determined. We're putting out the De-Bitchified version (as we're calling them) of all of the videos that had the girls acting snotty to the viewer. The next one that is new will feature none other than Bex. Hopefully we'll have these published tomorrow. More details to follow.

Johnny said...

UPDATE: I didn't realize it at the time of my last post, but there are 2 videos ready to release before Bex's first POV. They feature Aspen and Satine, two very lovely young ladies. I imagine Red will have some words regarding the POV's when he makes his post for tomorrow's video, so I'll leave it at that for now.

Bex said...

Bring on the POVs Johnny!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Regarding the POVs will be any where the viewer loses? If so, can there be a spoiler to let us know?

Thanks guys and keep up the good work!


Red said...

@Dex: Why would anyone make a bet with a girl where all she had to do if she lost was go with you to a strip club? Surely, Katt Shea had to strip naked on stage in front of a cheering crowd of men, and no doubt she was blushing and trembling as she did it. As for shooting at a strip club, I haven’t reached out to any lately, but it just so happens that I have a lead on a fully-loaded bar, and the bar has a stage. Maybe I shouldn’t jinx it by saying anything, but there are all sorts of possibilities.

@Deez: Okay, I’m sorry I have to throw cold water over a your and a few people’s hopes, but there is no ass play in 400. The girls wouldn’t go for it. What they did go for was, IMHO, sufficient.

@PQ: Re PoVs, see below. As for the forfeits in Episode 400, I’ll talk about them in my blog post later today.

@CA Fan: Thanks, I’m glad you found 396 worth the extra cost. It was a long one. I don’t feel great about raising the price on a clip, but I’ve held prices pretty constant for a long time, and these shoots have gotten way more complex and expensive.

@Kai: I don’t know the law in Germany, but in the United States nudity in public is mostly illegal. But if you want to see someone become a headshave, wait a few weeks, and just see what happens.

@DD: Yes, there will be POVs where the player loses, and yes, we will include a spoiler.

@Everyone re. POVs: Yes, they’re coming back. Soon. Will say more in this week’s blog post.

Anonymous said...

Not literally what I meant red, just the girls naked. The winners I want. All good though Red haha