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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Star of the show

Today, we introduce new girl Star, who really wanted to join us here at LostBets.com and finally got the chance. She's pitted against Caroline, who's not new but who hasn't been seen in awhile. It all comes together in pussy-licking-good Episode 394.

Getting closer and closer to Episode 400. But before we get there, we'll hit Episode 399, starring three of the girls from 400. Here's a teaser.

Here's an interview with Keenly, one of the players in the upcoming epic battles. We'll get to know the others later, too.


Obelix said...

How about having some asian or latina girls on Lostbets as I have suggested before?

Game suggestion, the old mikado game, where you have to extract sticks from a bunch without moving any of the other sticks. A real nerve racking game.

Anonymous said...

I second the call for more ethnic diversity

-A different Obelix

Red said...

Jasmine is an absolutely stunning Asian. You'll meet her soon. You'll also meet Zahara soon too, equally stunning but black. And I'm hopefully meeting another cute young black girl on Monday. I always want to keep our palette from getting too monochromatic.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of different kinds of beauty. This site has never really featured a "cute" black player. I'm looking forward to seeing one.

-The same different Obelix from before

Anonymous said...

add me to the list in desire of diversity. amateur diversity, you know... the babe next door. not pros.

CA Fan

Red said...

Oh, the girl I'll be meeting on Monday is definitely a babe next door, not a pro. She's Jelly and Indigo's roommate. Their other roommate is Indigo's sister, who's also supposed to be there on Monday.

That Monday shoot will have four or five girls, all complete amateurs. All have very tight limits... all but Indigo have never been naked on camera before, and she's only been naked for us. Anyone got any ideas or requests for what we can do with them?

JJ said...

Try and let them play an easy game of luck (dice etc.) which is not lost after being nude. The ultimate loser will be tied up and get a hard spanking.
Every player can decide when it is their time to lose. Losing after getting nude is not the end of the game. They can choose to continue:
a) play on with legs spread
b) show pink
c) use a dildo for 10 sec
d) masturbate for 30 sec
e) piss in front of camera
f) give Johnny a handjob
g) give Johnny a blowjob
h) get fucked by Johnny

As their limits are tight as you say they will stop at some time before it's getting hardcore. But I would love to see if this makes some competetive girls think about things they could not imagine ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ha, I love Dante's interview. "Who do you like least." What a horrible, horrible man! I'm glad he's back, he's hilarious.

Red, did you ever try to get in touch with Mika? I'd like to see Mika, Dante and Johnny some more. Johnny and Dante make for an entertaining pair.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Red said...

Okay, did Johnny bribe all of you or something? I stopped having him in the games because he was more valuable behind the camera, but those of you who want to see him and his penis return will get your wish. Monday's not our only shoot this week.

@JJ: I like the idea very much but I can pretty much guarantee that they wouldn't go past b). Even Indigo, who I think would be open to stretching her limits, won't do it when her sister is present. Don't get your hopes up too high.

JustAnyOtherRandomGuy said...

@different Obelix
"This site has never really featured a "cute" black player"
Really, I for one thought Lexi from game 112, 109 (spectator), 133 (spectator) was incredibly cute.

Johnny said...

Thanks for the words of support fellas! The bribe money is in the mail.

@PM - I liked Lexi too. I also thought Amani was lovely.

Red said...

@Johnny: Of course you thought Amani was lovely. You plugged her in the butt. As for cute black girls, I thought Je C had a certain something, although she didn't show us much skin.

Anonymous said...

@Just any other random guy.

Good call. But that is kind of a deep cut. And a single person is a distinct under representation. More like her would be great.

-Other O

Anonymous said...

For the upcoming shoot. How about some blend of posing and singing and dancing.


Anonymous said...

Here's an idea for a forfet that might be OK for some of those with tight limits.

Make them wear vibrating underwear in public.


It has a remote control!


Obelix said...

Hello people,

How do you feel about games involving blindfolds? I can think of many games and variants that would be fun to play and watch. Some examples.

Example 1 (4-6 players):
One person is blindfolded, the others stand in a circle around her. One of the others approaches the person in the centre and kisses, licks or strokes her on a bare piece of skin for a few seconds. She then moves back to her place on the circle. The person in the middle takes her blindfold off and tries to guess who touched her by what she heard, smelled and felt and by watching the guilty faces around her when the blindfold comes off. If she guesses wrongly she has to strip, if she guesses correctly the person that touched her has to strip as a punishment for not covering her tracks sufficiently. BTW: the others in the circle have to remain silent while the person is blindfolded so she can hear properly, the penalty for making noise being having to strip herself!

Example 2 (2 teams of 2 players):
The girls in one team are both blindfolded, spun around a few times by the others and then put at a random spot somewhere in an empty area. They now have to kiss each other full on the mouth within a certain amount of seconds finding each other by sound and touch. If they don't succeed they have to strip.

Example 3 (variant of ex. 2):
One team member is blindfolded, spun around and placed somewhere in the room. She then has to dip her finger in whipped cream or chocolate paste. Her team mate is not blindfolded but placed somewhere facing the middle of the room. She then has to guide her blindfolded team mate purely with words towards her and and put the cream into her mouth without moving herself within a given amount of time. The non-blindfolded player may make no movement whatsoever until her teammate's finger is directly in front of her mouth.


Anonymous said...

I just gotta say that the girls you have come up with of late are among the most attractive I have ever seen. Ashlyn, Olivia, Brooklyn, Mouna, Dakota, Heather and Jelly are just incredible and I know I have left some out. You can show all of them as much as you want and more. Also glad to see you brought back some of the all-time greats like Addie, Ashley, Amber and my all time favorite Candle, Or maybe she is my all-time favorite, I really have a tough time deciding. Anyway, dam good job and thank all the girls.

JJ said...

I like the idea I posted above even though the girls would not decide even for a) The main thing about it is to get the girls to choose in public how far they will go. No matter what they decide - it may cause some embarassement and some interaction about what they dare and don't dare. That will make at least most of these games special.

damndable said...

If it's not too late for suggestions for the tight limited girls, things that could be humiliating but not too sexual / exposing:

- Tied and tickled
- Wet and messy (these forfeits have been getting better and better, would love to see some homemade gunge, and increased hair/face coverage)
- tied wet and messy (not sure you've ever done this?)
- sprayed with cold water
- tied up and spread with cold water

Anonymous said...

The vibrating underwear of Pennywise sounds great. How about using it in a game. You have two girls. Each of them has to read loud an erotic story while wearing a vibrating panty. Like in hysterical literature http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lUARpT4JJew
You take the time she was able to read. Then it's the other girls turn to read not knowing the time her contestant made it. The girl who was able to read longer wins. And the loser has to do a forfeit.


Anonymous said...

The vibrating underwear would be also great un a quizgame. A girl giving a wrong answer has not to remove clothing instead of the remotecontrol of her vibrator is set one step higher. This is funny cause the vibrating panty has ten speeds to choose. The girl whi first gives up has to strip and spread her wet and swollen pussy for us.


Anonymous said...

For the hysterical reading you could also have a girl sit on a sybian. The loser has to go to a book store and buy a new book barely covered by underwear which she made of the paper of the book she read.


RS said...

I'll chime in to say that I also like it when Johnny plays. But he certainly didn't bribe me to say this, because I would love to see him lose and suffer a very public and embarrassing punishment.

Anonymous said...

While you seem to be getting some past favourites back at the moment is there any chance of Mariah, Liliana, Lakota or Zoe returning?


Red said...

Hey guys, just wanted to quickly chime in to say that the two shoots this weekend (one hard and one soft) went extremely well. Those who wanted Johnny to return will not be disappointed. Nor will those who wanted him to lose; Morgan came up with a particularly humiliating forfeit just for him. The next day, Indigo came back and brought her sister and her friend for their first times on film. It was high-energy, fun, and embarrassing for the losers. Good times.

That's the good news. The bad news is that the footage will probably not be published for quite awhile yet. There's just too much good stuff ahead if it. I should maybe stop teasing about things that won't be seen for several months.

Anonymous said...

Just sounds like more double update weeks to me


Obelix said...

@Red The bad news is that there is too much good stuff ahead? BAD news you call it?

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, are we ever going to see another guy risk getting the fleshlight?


Bex said...

Johnny was definitely in front of the camera this weekend! ;)

RS said...

Keep teasing away! That's what's helping build a busy discussion board. For those of us whose budgets force us to be selective about what we purchase, it still keeps us coming back to see what's in the pipeline and participate here. Thank you for all your work!

Red said...

@JR: You know, I've said this before: it's amazing how frequently people make requests that just happen to be what I've already got coming up. You will see the Fleshlight used two days from now, in Episode 395 on Friday.

@RS: Oh, and also, on Sunday I finally used the trivia questions you sent me last year. I had them printed up on color-coded cards, and bought a game show buzzer system. You'll be entitled to a free copy when it eventually comes out. I also had the losers record a promo just for you. I'll send that along when it's ready, too.

Obelix said...

@Johnny You do realise it's the ladies that are supposed to lose, not you? ;-)

RS said...

Oh, cool!