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Friday, May 9, 2014

Almost there...

Episode 399 is published today. Meet two of the three new girls who'll be taking part in Episode 400 as they face the prospect of nudity in front of the cameras for the first-time ever. Jasmine and Keenly make fine debuts, and the ever-popular Sassy is back to guide them.

I don't think I ever published a promo for 400. Time to fix that.

Of course, the updates aren't going to stop once we hit the big milestone next week. Here's a quick peek at what's coming up afterward. Promos to follow.

Episode 401 is a special case. It wasn't supposed to be "Loser Chooses a Special Penalty." There was a penalty already set up, but the loser didn't want to do it, and instead proposed something which (in my mind, at least) was much more severe. You'll see.

Bex and Piper return in Episode 402, and they bring their friends Sheri and Zahara to risk getting naked on camera for their very first times. Like usual with total newbies, I started them off with a relatively soft forfeit, more embarrassing than sexual, but things escalated from there and they wagered more and more.

Episode 403 brings back Caroline and Star for their second game. Last time, the loser had to get the winner off. This time, she has to get herself off, and it's quite a show to watch.

And then there's Very Special Episode 404. Kym returns after being gone for several years. She was an awesome chick when we last saw her in 2011, and she's still an awesome chick now. We meet new Eastern European girl Lika, and let me tell you, I've always found Slavic accents a turn-on. It probably goes back to bad 80s action movies with sexy Soviet femmes fatales. Finally, Caroline is back, and she's brought her true-blood sister Nikole. This is the third set of sisters who've joined us at LostBets.com so far (after Ashley and Kala, and Rainy and Ember) and it usually works out pretty well. While sisters typically (and understandably) have lower limits with each other than they might have with other girls, they know each other really well, which leads to some great trash-talking. The punishment here is hogtied tickling, and the sisters know each other's worst tickle-spots very well.

Some fun stuff coming up. Hope you like it.


FederBear16 said...

I hope you know that the next seven days will basically be me waiting to watch Episode 400. While it would be totally hot to watch Sassy lose and have to get banged by her ex-boyfriend, there really isn't a bad outcome here. Thank you for the waiting week from hell! :)

Riggins said...

Keenly's dancing in the preview vid... wow. I think I'm in lust.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I'm grateful for the fact that you provide spoilers: had either of the other two won, I'd have pounced on this clip in a heartbeat. Here's hoping the winner doesn't remain anywhere near as lucky in her upcoming game(s)!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait! And I'll buy 399 as well! But if there is never a losing Keenly game. I am going to be a very beyond unhappy camper ):


Anonymous said...

All four of those ep 400 girls are pretty much perfect. Can't say i much mind who loses.


Anonymous said...

Reddddd I just bought 399 and it's like corrupted and refuses to play on any device past the 8:54 mark ))): is all I can do is contact clips4sale? Figured I'd ask here first, cause I'd rather deal with quality customer service before I have to deal with the shmucks lol


Red said...

@FederBear16: Well, I just hope it doesn't disappoint. Like I said in an earlier post, I've hyped the thing so damned much that it'll be nearly impossible for it to meet expectations.

@Riggins: Keenly's definitely pretty special. I'm excited to have her as part of our roster.

@LSD: Well, I'd much rather have someone not buy a clip than buy it and be disappointed. As for the winner of this game, before the day was done she got her comeuppance in a big way.

@Deez: Sometimes a girl wins all of her games, which is one of the risks we run when we refuse to rig the outcomes, but I think it's worth it for the genuine reactions that you can only get when the game is fair. The solution is to try to make sure each girl is in enough games that it's statistically unlikely that she'll escape unscathed. As for your corrupted copy of 399, it's probably a failed download rather than a problem with the clip itself (otherwise, I'd be hearing about it a lot more.) Are C4S's support folks really such schmucks? I was under the impression that they'd gotten a whole lot better both in terms of response time and helpfulness. At least, the number of complaints I've gotten about them has dropped to zero lately. But if you really don't want to deal with them, send me an email (red@lostbets) including your receipt from Clips4Sale and I'll send you a fresh download link.

@Jag: That was my thought as well. When Dante told me he could recruit some of his friends, I was like, "well, that's cool." I wasn't expecting to find myself with four knockouts on hand. Great work on his part, and I've definitely gotta get them back for more.

Anonymous said...

Kym is back! I need to adjust my list...


Anonymous said...

All good now Red! It was just a bad download. Figured as much but didn't have time to watch the clip and to look into it right after I bought it. And I wasn't trying to imply anything personally, just that I've never had any extraordinary experiences with clips4sale service, where as your teams' has always been impeccable was all :D figured to post here crying for help as soon as to when I bought the clip so as to not look suspicious at all.

Sooooo, I love the cattyness and banter usually in almost all the games I've ever purchased from the store; it adds such an other element not found ANYWHERE else on the web. But I guess just being a day one big sassy fan, in the nicest way possible seemed, Keenly seemed to be just one really big giant bitch about winning haha. Never have I ever wanted a girl to lose SO bad before in a game on here. Especially if that loss with another cute new girl involved a gang bang and double vaginal. Now Sassy is typically pretty exceptionally blonde and not too hand eye coordinated lmao but I will certainly be praying as hard as I can for team Sassy to win 400 this Friday(: you have a hugeeeeee high up bar set for yourself to try to pass when 500 quickly rolls upon us in the coming months Red, *whewww*


RS said...

I'm looking forward to #400. All of the participants look like fresh boy-and-girl-next-door types. Makes this seem more "innocent," like a bunch of college kids that got drunk at a party and the drinking games got a little carried away.

Do any of the guys in #400 participate in any other games, particularly as competitors?

Anonymous said...

Know it's about 2 girl teams in 400, but seeing Keenly butt ass naked getting gangbanged and double vaginal would be some AWESOME come uppance for her. Hope there's facials too(:

Anonymous said...

hi Red. what are the ages of the contestants in this latest group of girls? and how many games did they play that day?


Johnny said...

@ Shredder - Angela is 25, Jasmine is turning 24 on Thursday (Happy Birthday Jasmine!), Keenly is 28 and Sassy is 22.

Angela showed up late and played 3 games. Sassy left a little early and played 3. Jasmine played 3 and Keenly played 4 games.

Johnny said...

I can't remember if Jasmine left early too, she may have.

Red said...

@Krycek: You bet! Kym's back, and she's not the only veteran-from-way-back who'll be returning soon.... at least, I hope not. Fingers crossed.

@Deez: Glad you were able to download 399, sorry the outcome wasn't what you'd hoped for. As it happens, Keenly and Sassy are teammates in 400, so they either both win or both lose. As for setting a high bar for 500, geez, nobody's even seen 400 yet. I'm already way concerned that I've overhyped it.

@RS: All eight of the players, guys and gals both, will compete in Episode 406 in a free-for-all game that ends with three very, very red asses and five gleeful (and mostly naked) winners waving their various implements.

@Anon 2:18 (please sign your posts!): I can't remember the last time a new girl had so many people praying for her to lose so quickly. You'll just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

I think I can speak for the greater good of the community in saying; we miss Heather ):

If that girl could only come in and push her boundaries and do some hardcore?


You can bet I'd be paying you guys and buying my way and doing anything I could to play I that game haha


Red said...

@CHx: You haven't seen the last of Heather. She'll be making her next appearance in Episode 408. She hasn't stretched her limits, yet, but I'm going to try to convince her.

Anonymous said...

I hear money has a great way with words Red. Us here I'm sure would be more than willing to employ the help of kickstarter as well haha


Anonymous said...

Is it Fridayyyy yettttttt??!! /:


Anonymous said...

Hey, sent you another email; i'm the video editor guy.

My email's D*********AC@gmail.com . Hope to hear back from you :)

Anonymous said...

You should definitelyyyy drop the video at midnight Red(:

Red said...

@CHx: If it can be done, I will do it. And yes, money has been a powerful lubricant in the past. Kickstarter doesn't allow that kind of thing, though.

@T: You sound like me waiting for Sunday and Game of Thrones. Thanks!

@Anon 10:03 (please sign your posts): I'm slipping behind in email replies again but I'll try to get to yours soon.

@Anon 2:17: Hmmm, that's a good idea... if I'd had time to announce it and get everyone excited for a midnight launch. Now, not so much, and you'll just have to wait. 24 hours 16 minutes to go.

John said...

Hi Red. Love your videos - been a big fan for a while. I think I saw somewhere that one of the guys (I think Johnny? Maybe Dante) had a one-on-one game with one of the girls sometime on the day that #400 was shot? Or that a relatively silly one-on-one or two-on-one involving a guy who normally is behind the camera was shot?

I haven't seen anything about it lately and I can't find the original post, so it's possible I dreamed it...but I figured I'd ask about it anyway, because it sounded awesome. I'm a bi dude and a big fan of the videos where both guys and girls are at risk.

Anonymous said...

It's Friday you guys c:

Johnny said...

@John - You did not imagine it, my friend. I ended up playing a quick game of Shockinaw with Bex between games and the cameras were rolling. That game is on the schedule but it's going to be a while. It's currently scheduled at 419b in the release order.

The good news for you is that there are several games before that one that also include male players who are risking penalties. These are 406, 410 and 414. There are also more videos that are in the vault that haven't been put on the schedule that involve males as well as females risking losing clothes and facing a penalty. Stay tuned!

Bex said...

It 12am Red!!! It's technically Friday!! We want #400!!! :)