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Friday, September 19, 2014

And now, we're starting to get hard

One softcore episode and one hardcore episode for this weekend in Bextember. Today, Indigo, Luna, and Lavender are back in Episode 424 to face a dreaded hogtied tickling. Tomorrow, as previewed last week, Bex, Piper, Zahara, and Sheri take their first tentative steps into hardcore in Episode 425.

Coming up...

Next week starts off with Friday's Episode 426 brings back our losingest player Angel to take on Grace and her rockin' tits. The loser takes forty (forty!) barehanded spanks from Lance. 

Then on Saturday, Bextember ends with a bang. Literally. The girls form two teams of two, and they play Ginger Ale Pong. (It's like Beer Pong, but with ginger ale instead of beer. Three out of four of these girls are too young to drink.) The two losers both have to serve Johnny's sexual pleasure. and he takes full advantage. Brace yourselves, girls: two of you are gonna get fucked for all to watch.

That'll do it for September, but there's plenty of cool stuff coming up on October. We'll see these girls again, as they continue to raise the stakes. We'll see the return of AshleyNikole, and Kym, as well as Hannah, whom we haven't seen in quite awhile. Lavender, Luna, and Indigo will return as well. We'll see the debuts of new girls Sage and Harley. And then, on Halloween, a very special episode. I'm going against my usual inclination and publishing this one out of sequence, so I can get it to you faster. Keenly and Sassy  are in it. It's the most risky public forfeit we've ever done.


Anonymous said...

its even worse than that. she can get an abortion or hormonal birth control pills at 14, but cant smoke a cigarette til she's 18.

speaking of youth, i hope its the two newer girls that johnny gets to take. Bex seems too eager.

some handcuffs in there would be cool,too.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess - Zahara with Sheri(95%) or Piper(5%), and Zahara team wins?

Anyway i want Bex and Piper to lose so...hehe :D.

Clairvoyant ;)

Anonymous said...

In 425 it will be same - Bex lose with company of either Piper(95%) or Sheri(5%).

Not that i have sth against it ^^.

Clairvoyant again

Anonymous said...

i definitely want sheri to lose, because then i know its real since she was reluctant... that, and i think she's the cutest.


Anonymous said...

Would be a shame if Zahra couldn`t put that red lipstick to good use...
And with Bex in POV next Wednesday I wish her all the luck today.


Anonymous said...

@ Clairvoyant


Red said...

Yeah, the drinking age in the United States is an oddity. In addition to being permitted to suck a dick on camera, Sheri, Piper, and Zahara can also vote, serve in the military, and in general be treated as adults, but not drink. Supposedly it's a way to cut traffic fatalities, but while alcohol is a factor in a large number of traffic accidents, the US has a traffic fatality rate that dwarfs those of European nations with lower drinking ages.

As for the predictions of the outcomes, like I said in the clip description, nothing was rigged. Everything depended on the skill of the players, and that applied to all the games that day. So when you make your guesses, make them based on who you think is more skilled at the games. A few weeks ago I was talking about how the games usually turn out great, with just the outcome we'd want, and how it happened so often I worried people wouldn't believe me when I said the games weren't rigged. This whole set of four games was one of the examples I was thinking of. I don't want to spoil the outcomes of future games too much, but nobody managed to win all of her games.

Anonymous said...

Red just checking. What the time frame for the games with Sassy to be published?

Thanks for the great site
Sassy fan

Anonymous said...

Me again - my prediction wasnt completely bad.I said:
Zahara wins for sure- 0% accuracy
Sheri wins for (95%)-95% accuracy
Piper wins for (5%) - 5% accuracy
Bex lose for sure - 100% accuracy

So my prediction was 50-50.But i must said.as claitvoyant i failed, cause i was almost sure that Zahara will win, and that prediction failed.

Anyway i cant wait next saturday.Damn, i want Piper and Bex lose, it destroy my ability to see future! :/.

Maybe its all because i think game between Daisy and Erica was fixed - i so wanted Erica lose and fail!Its your fault Red! :P.

Wish you all the best Red, good health especially.

Sorry for bad english.

Former Clairvoyant, now forced to retire.

Red said...

@Sassy fan: The first game from that series will be published on October 31, although like I said, it's being published out of order and was actually the third game out of four played that day by Bex, Sheri, Keenly, and Sassy. (Like this set of four, none of those four were rigged in any way.)

@Ex-Clairvoyant: Well, those are the dangers of trying to predict the outcomes of fair games. Sorry Episode 236 didn't turn out the way you wanted, but I didn't rig that one either. (If I'd known that Erica would soon change her mind about being willing to risk hardcore, maybe I would've.) Better luck with your forecasts next time.

No need to apologize for your English. It's not perfect but is certainly intelligible, and your skills in my native tongue are undoubtedly better than mine in yours. Thanks for the good wishes for my health, which has been pretty stable lately.

Anonymous said...

If you do another forfeit with a tied up girl like tickling. You could tie up two girls softly, so that they are able to free themselves with some labour. Then you make an escapecontest. Girl who manages first to escape from her ties wins. The ropes of the losing girl are secured then she has to endure the forfeit.

Anonymous said...

Hi red,

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed episode 424. That's exactly how I hoped the Bex rule would operate when I first suggested it!

I hope you're well.

All my best wishes,

Zeo said...

Hi Red,
Eager to hear more about the proposed episode featuring Keenly and Sassy, which you explained was to feature public nudity. Although will patiently wait until the release date, or until you are willing to give more clues closer to it's release.

Been recapping some old episodes and noticed one where Jelly lost and became a human sushi tray. That episode was quite good, hence a repeat of that forfeit I think would be very interesting. Maybe not sushi, but some other type of food used instead.
Could be more interesting if loser is shaved, or uses the Bex rule and still loses anyway. However, as we all know Jelly isn't willing to shave her pubic region, at any cost to the game.

Anonymous said...

Are we allowed to take random stabs at the games that were rigged?

The Amber / Jenny games struck me as a little bit suspiscous, with the experienced Amber losing the hardcore games and the inexperienced jenny losing the softer forfeits


Can't wait for the Bextember finale.

HC fan.

Anonymous said...

I too anticipate a description of this daring public forfeit. I don't think I ever mentioned that I really liked how the balcony forfeit turned out. I hope to see that one reused.


Red said...

@Birthdayboy: Intriguing idea! I'll see what I can do. Still working on the Hysterical Literature thing, by the way.

@TrueS: I'm very glad you liked the way 424 turned out. I did, too. I especially liked how invoking the rule did, in fact, save the two girls from the forfeit. I think I'll tell the story to future players, which will hopefully persuade more of them to sacrifice their pussy hair for a shot at victory.

@Zeo: Yeah, it has been awhile since the naked sushi table. What other food would you suggest? I went with sushi because naked sushi is actually a thing in Japan, but I'm open to suggestions. As for Episode 432, the Halloween episode, see below.

@HC fan: I'd actually rather people not take random stabs at guessing which episodes were rigged. While I occasionally say when a game is fair, I don't do it routinely because I don't want people to infer that any game I don't explicitly state is fair must be rigged. It kind of defeats the purpose of rigging s game if everybody knows. If you just assume that any particular game is fair, you'll be right more than 95% of the time. And if you really want to know about a specific game, email me.

I hooe you like the Bextember finale. You (and other fans of HC) will find much to like in the months to come, I promise.

@K: Thanks, I'm glad you liked Episode 420, and no, you hadn't mentioned it before. I really appreciate it when people tell me what they like and don't like, which helps me decide what to make more of and what needs fixing. I wish more people would do it more often. As for repeating the balcony forfeit, I'd like to also. There's a limited amount of time before they tear down the Viaduct, so we'd better act fast.

Okay, so as for Episode 432, the Halloween episode, the one with the daring public forfeit, I wasn't planning to say anything about it until closer to publication, but I'll let a few facts out. First, a clarification: I described it as a daring, risky public forfeit. I never said it was a daring, risky public nudity forfeit.

Episode 432 is being published out of sequence. It was the third game played that day but it's being published before either of the first two, and even before the last game from the previous shoot. The reason? The girls (and the guy) are wearing Halloween costumes, and I thought it appropriate to publish it on 10/31.

In an earlier thread, I mentioned that Morgan successfully used a persuasion technique that I never thought would work. When Sheri heard about a forfeit, she turned even paler than usual and said, "No way. I don't think I could do that. Count me out." She changed her mind and agreed to play after Morgan pointed out that there were three other players, and there was a 75% chance she wouldn't have to do the forfeit.

Well, that was Episode 432. And that's all you get for now. More info in the weeks to come. I have to keep you coming back, don't I?

Zeo said...

Hi Red,
I realised that the nude sushi table was a Japanese thing, however didn't know there was an actual term or name for it. Which I am not going to try to pronounce or explain.

You can stick with sushi if you like, but just though a variety of foods would be a nice change. Not sure of which foods would be best, but as the human body is not completely flat like a proper table, you might want to select foods that aren't round, and roll off the loser's body during the forfeit.
Maybe you could use whipped cream to stick the round foods in, like a cross combination of the losers covered in whipped cream, sauces, and so on in past games.
If anyone else has some ideas, feel free to contribute their feedback as well.

Anonymous said...

Another thing that I forgot to mention. Years ago Raven was cuffed leashed and forced to attend a party completely nude. Dante's place looks like it would be a good party space if you get the idea.


Anonymous said...

I appreciated the picture-in-picture in last Saturday's game. Nice touch. Looking forward to the finale of the series in a few days.


Anonymous said...

i hated the picture in the picture, that small frame bouncing around, bouncing from side to side. its a big and bad distraction.

next time, when you do that, keep it in one place ok? that way we can keep focused on it, or stay focused on the big picture without interuption.

this one was hard to watch, just for that issue alone. i'll probably not even go back to try it again.


Anonymous said...

Not a massive fan of this weeks pov. Not much point unless your are meant to start licking the screen.


Johnny said...

@MC - Thanks!

@Shredder - Good to know. I'm sorry you found the movement on the PIP distracting. I will make sure that any future use of PIP doesn't jump around the screen.

Anonymous said...

So you are saying 432 May be a risky public hardcore forfeit???

Or I might just be misreading between the lines.


Anonymous said...

I was trying to think of some Halloween games that would be more than just costumes and decorations. First idea was having one girl navigate a haunted house with the other girls in hiding spot along the path she has to follow ready to jump out and pull her clothes off, then they trade places. Winner is one with clothes on still. I gave that up as being to complicated needy a large house to move around and the camera having to follow along.
Another idea I thought of was to have 3 or more girls each taking turns choosing which room is safe to place an object on the far side of it from where she entered. One room is full of zombies who are the other girls whose job is to strip the other girl of her clothes. If she is lucky she can escape the zombies and go into the correct room. Then another girl is chosen and the 1st girl goes with the zombies choosing which room to hide in. The better they can hide the further in the other girl will go in and will be harder for her to get out. Winner is the last one with some clothing left.
But there are problems with this with the camera having to be at other locations. Also very likely the clothes will to ripped or torn off so they should not wear clothes they don't want damaged. Also wearing bras may not be a good idea. More rooms could be added to this and the zombie group if they choose split their forces and put them in other rooms. Basically I want to see a clip with girls getting scared to go with Halloween coming up but hopefully someone can come up with a better idea than the overly complicated one I have come up with.

Anonymous said...

sorry I should say that last comment about the zombie game was me. Forgot to put my name on it.


Anonymous said...

@ Johnny:
if you want to try that 'two views' thing again, just use a split screen.
like, in this case, one girl on each side doing her forfeit. not that little box on the right, and then the left, whoops, back on the right... oh no... its on the left again....

i just tried to rewatch it, and gave up. i sent it to the recycle bin. waste.

remember: split screen. stationary.


Red said...

@Zeo: Well, I used sushi because it's traditional, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that it has a lot of advantages. It's finger food. It's served cold, so it doesn't burn the loser. The rice isn't so slippery that it falls off the body nor so sticky it sticks. But I like variety too, so I'm trying to think of an alternate food with the same advantages. Veggies? Nachos? Little sandwiches? Hard to decide. Anyone got any input on this?

@K: Yeah, Dante's would be a good place for a party, but I know someplace even better. We're working on it. I don't want to say anything more lest I jinx it, but if you want to see girls embarrassed in a party atmosphere, we're working on it.

@MC and @shredder: Interesting couple of contrasting opinions on the picture-in-picture. Shredder, I'm sorry you were disappointed. Send me an email with a copy of your receipt and I'll send you an alternate version where the PIP inset doesn't move.

@MC, just a quick correction: while this weekend marks the end of Bextember, it's far from the finale of the hardcore series with Bex, Piper, Zahara, and Sheri. They played four games that day, and this weekend we'll just be seeing the second one. The other two are currently on the schedule as 430 and 435.

@PQ: Sorry about that, but not all of the POVs will have multiple endings, and not all of the ones with a single ending have forfeits that it would be feasible for the viewer to perform.

@DK: I don't think I said that 432 was a risky public hardcore forfeit... but as a matter of fact, it is. It definitely is.

@KatF: Those are good ideas but, as you say, complicated. The camera thing isn't really a big problem, since we've got enough cameras now that we could probably just strategically position them and be able to catch most of the good stuff. But both ideas require a lot of girls and a lot of room. And I'm a bit leery about having people forcibly rip the clothes off of resisting girls, since that could lead to injury, or at the very least (as you say) damaged clothing.

In any case, Halloween 2014 is already taken care of, so there's plenty of time to come up with good ideas for Halloween 2015.

Gade said...

You may have already done this, but apple bobbing would be a good Halloween-themed game. Especially since the girls would be bending over to play.

Red said...

Bobbing for apples might work well, but what rules would you use to turn it into a stripping game?

"Ducking for apples -- change one letter and it's the story of my life.” --Dorothy Parker

Anonymous said...

I like the bobbing for apples idea. Maybe they have to get an apple in a certain amount of time, and if they don't, they strip. That's be a good lead in to a hardcore game, with the bobbing and all, get it???

Guy Who Knows Stuff