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Friday, September 5, 2014

Here we go

Our first ever double-update September kicks off today with Episode 420. We've done quite a few things in public lately, and this is one of my favorites as Lavender, Luna, and Indigo compete to two losers who have to smoke their cigarettes in full view of a busy street. Naked, of course. Tomorrow, Episode 421 brings Bex, Piper, Sheri, and Zahara back to continue their journey towards greater risks as two girls climb aboard the Sybians.

Next week will bring Episode 422, with Candle returning along with sexy grad student Isobel and big-breasted Caroline to play a fun game of Wheel of Torment. The losers will have their naked pussies spread wide by specula as the winner gives what is certainly our funniest, sexiest, and most informative anatomy lesson to date. I learned something.

On Saturday, Bextember will continue with Episode 423, featuring a softcore but very fun forfeit. It's a team game of Pirate Penguins. Two losers are going to be human paintbrushes, as the winners decorate them with festive colors and then press their naked, paint-covered bodies into a canvas to preserve the image forever. (Video promo not ready yet.)


Anonymous said...

Whats up next on the POVs?


Anonymous said...

The hell, i use PQ. i didn't write that. I am normally the guy who asks though.

But yeah what is next on the povs?

dave35_b said...

POV'S are so far off the ground any news on some interactive one's ? the original one is kind of old now if any one still remembers it

Red said...

@Fake PQ: Are you the same guy who pretended to be @GWKS last week? Come on, dude. Don't be a dick. Sheesh.

@Real PQ: Isobel is doing her first POV next week. Loser has to use a glass dildo.

@dave35: Well, for years I've been promising that the interactives would come soon, and they haven't, so I've given up making promises about them. But they're still in the works.

Anonymous said...

Cool. is it two endings?


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Zahara is super hot. Hope you have more (and more hardcore) stuff of her!


Red said...

@PQ: Nope, not this time.

@lobster5001: You're in luck! There's more of her, and it does get quite a bit more hardcore.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, longtime fan and just wanted to leave a comment. I'm a gay dude and buy pretty much all of your videos featuring guys. I've bought gay fetish porn that sort of attempts to do what you're doing, but nobody else on the web does it with as much skill, intelligence, and commitment as you do. I'm not sure how you do it, but you always create just the right atmosphere in your games - this work is just QUALITY, and it seems like your players have a fun time, too. Keep up the awesome work.


Red said...

@John: Thanks for the extremely generous praise! I've always wanted as many people as possible to like my work, but I've never hoped to attract much of a gay male audience. (Gay women, on the other hand, I had higher hopes of reaching.) I'm very glad you like us. And yup, the players genuinely have fun. That's part of what makes our videos good, I think: the talent and the crew, we're all having a blast, and the result is awesome footage.

Unknown said...

I wish there would be a little more hardcore stuff, I am getting tired of these softcore updates.


Thanks anyway Red.


Wideouts said...

On the pay site, there are 3 lovely ladies (a brunette, a red head and a blonde). Have they ever been taped? If so, when were they published. Thanks.

Red said...

@James: Yeah, I know we've been pretty heavy on the softcore lately. Not to worry. There's plenty of harder stuff on film, waiting to be post-produced and published, and it'll start appearing shortly.

@Wideouts: I have no idea who those girls are. I don't run the membership site, I just license them content, and they handle their own design.

Anonymous said...

There has been some recent talk about fans other than straight men on this sight. While I tend to never pay for a clip that doesn't result in female nudity, I'm glad that there is content being produced for a wider audience. Perhaps there is interest from people other than me for couples games in which a pair of male and female lovers wind up naked and embarrassed together while a clothed hetero couple gloats. How about a gay couple vs a lesbian couple. In general I would like to hear more discussion regarding how this site can expand this niche to which all of the current fans belong.


RS said...

It's probably pretty clear with my expressed interest in CFNM scenarios that I, too, am gay. The cool thing about this site is that I only have to pay for the clips that I think I will like. The a la carte option makes the Clips4Sale site more useful for me than the licensed content.

I like "K's" idea of pitting a gay couple against a lesbian couple. Since there's no sexual interest there, I wonder if the gay guys would be more embarrassed, or less, to be naked in front of women?

I don't know if there are many of your male players who would be up for this (but I know of at least one who has done this sort of thing for other sites), but as a variation of K's idea, I'd love to see a straight male-female couple pitted against a gay male & lesbian team. Losing team performs oral sex on the winners. If the gay team loses, the guy performs oral sex on the female winner while the lesbian gives a BJ to the winning guy. If the straight team loses, each loser performs oral sex on the winner of their own sex.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see two straight couples face off where the winning guy got to fuck the losing girl and the winning girl got to fuck the losing guy with a strap on.

Red said...

Well, the way I've always tried to expand the audience is to strive for variety. From Day One I've sought to film something new, something I hadn't filmed before. The more different niches I can film, the more people can find something here to like. And that's why I like the a la carte clip store format, too. Nobody has to feel like they've paid for a clip they have no interest in. I've said all this before, though.

@RS, nope, I had no idea you were gay. While I can be pretty oblivious to obvious signals, I don't think you have to be gay to find tThe thought of a naked man humiliated as clothed women point and stare and laugh sexy.

Your idea sounds awesome, and no matter how the game turned out, the forfeit would have something for everyone. Recruitment might be a problem, since all the players would have to at least be willing to go outside their preference if they lost. Doing it @Anon 10:25's would probably be easier to recruit for. Probably easier to convince a het guy to take a strap-on from a girl than to convince him to blow another guy. Both ways sound like they'd be great if I can pull them off. (By the way, @Anon 10:25, please sign your posts.)

Not until after the first of the year, though. No more shooting until 2015.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for penalty (stop me if you've heard this one.) I recently saw a Japanese clip that featured vibrating underwear. It's hard to describe how it works (they showed the actual device) but it seemed very effective - two of the girls ended up squirting. How about having a girl walk around in public with it under their clothes?


Red said...

@Beatrice: That would be awesome, but unfortunately, it would probably be against federal law. 18 USC §2257 requires anyone making a video containing "actual sexually explicit content" to keep a copy of the ID of every person appearing in that video. Doesn't matter if you blur their identities, you still need their IDs. Doesn't matter if they never engaged in, or weren't even aware of, any sexual activity at all, you still need their IDs. Previously when we've taken the camera out in public, we've relied on the fact that simple nudity doesn't rise to the level of "actual sexually explicit content" to avoid having to ask every single person on the street for their IDs. Strapping a vibrator into some poor girl's panties and making her cum would probably cross that line, no matter how hot it would be.

I am not a lawyer and this is just my opinion, but this is what I think is true. Now, how about a link to that Japanese clip?

Anonymous said...

The Isobel POV was a really good one.

Also, not sure if there is plans already but would there be an interest on making a losing POV side of such a bet? Where the girl wins and hands the dildo forward out of view [basically pretending giving it to the viewer] and encourages the viewer to use the dildo on themselves while they masturbate?