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Friday, September 12, 2014

We've gone soft

A few people have complained to me lately that LostBets.com has been too focused on softcore lately at the expense of harder action, and they're right. We've done a lot of softcore lately and not much hardcore. That trend will continue this week with two more softcore episodes. But they're really good softcore. Today's Episode 422 features my favorite anatomy lesson we've done so far, including three of my favorite girls. And tomorrow's Episode 423 answers the question, "How did that blank canvas on the wall in Episode 399 turn into a non-blank canvas in Episode 416?" 

Not to worry, hardcore fans. There's more hardcore coming, and you will not have to wait terribly long for it.

I never did publish the promo for 423, by the way. Here it is.

If anyone is interested in buying this unique piece of art, let me know. I like it and think it looks great on my wall, but maybe I'll put it up for auction.

Next week kicks off with Episode 424, and yes, it's another softcore episode as Lavender, Luna, and Indigo return. Softcore was the only option.

It's Wheel of Torment again, and the loser is bound and tickled. As it happens, all three of these girls are extremely ticklish. As it happens, all three of them were really eager to avoid losing. And as a result, two of them opted to invoke the Bex Rule and count their pubic hair as an article of clothing. They had to shave their pussies bare and smooth in front of the cameras for the audience, but at least they got second chances to avoid the ultimate penalty. Did it work? Watch and see.

Then on Saturday, Bextember continues with Episode 425, and finally these girls take their first steps into hardcore.

It's a free-for-all game of Pod Stomp, to two losers. Those losers have to go down on their knees and service Johnny and Dante with their mouths. You're welcome, guys.

The week after that, they take another step towards higher stakes and put an orifice other than their mouths on the line. Stay tuned.


Qaz said...

I love softcore, but I like ENF in my softcore!

Anonymous said...

Can we get some previews for the upcoming weeks in the POV department?


Henry said...

Woohoo! Tickling forfeits are awesome, especially when the players really want to avoid it.

Red said...

@Qaz: You'll have to judge for yourself just how embarrassed Luna, Lavender, and Indigo were, exhibiting their naked bodies, shaving their pussies bare, and/or laughing hysterically and writing in bonds while being tickled, but they looked like it to me. They sure did a lot of nervous giggling.

@J: This week you'll meet new girl Katharine, as she plays in a game where the loser wears nipple clamps and a gag. Next week, the last week of Bextember, Bex challenges you to Rock-Paper-Scissors, where the loser gives the winner oral. Hardcore POV, coming up.

@Henry: I hope you like it, and I think you will.

Anonymous said...

How about nipple clamps as a forfeit in the general lost bets clips?
Or a strappado?