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Friday, December 12, 2014

Class of '15

First things first: I hurt Addie's feelings with the clip description for Episode 437 last week by saying that Kevin deserved a reward for enduring her as his girlfriend. She's a great girlfriend, and it wasn't fair of me to suggest otherwise. Besides, she was kind of mad at Kevin that day. Sorry, Addie.

It's Saltire and Battery week at LostBets.com as today's Episode 439 introduces our new St. Andrew's Cross in its unfinished-but-functional state. Then tomorrow, Episode 440 introduces the finished cross, plus new girls Bella and Sharron. It's a worthy debut.

In this week's POV, you'll meet new girl Alice, and play a game of Red-Black with a silly and embarrassing forfeit for the loser.

This would be the point in the blog post where I'd normally preview upcoming episodes, but I've already previewed next week's Episodes 441 and 442. and the week after that is Christmas, and I don't want to spoil the Christmas surprise too soon. Instead, let's talk about some of the folks who will be appearing in early 2015; some fresh meat, some old friends.

First off, a couple of new girls that will increase our Asian quotient by two:

Kimmy is a woman who knows what she wants and will get it. She's a strong girl who won't take shit from anyone. Competitive, aggressive, and fierce.

Mina, with her blue-streaked hair and glasses, is the archetypical Asian geek girl. Standing 4'11" and weighing in at basically nothing, this girl built her own R2-D2 costume. 

Then we have two girls who've been here before but managed to escape nudity.

Cut from the same cloth as Kimmy, Savannah is a motherfucking beast. Sexy, competitive, and dominant. She kept her panties in Episode 396 and her underwear in Episode 410, and I was eager to take another shot at getting her naked.

I can't help it, I've always been attracted to Jewish Princesses, and Rachel is just the type, with her jet-black hair, her pale milky skin, and her full, heavy breasts. We got to see those breasts in Episode 381 but nothing more, and we didn't even get that much in Episode 385, so again, I wanted to bring her back and hopefully get the full monty from her.

And finally, two reintroductions of old favorites.

We first met Penny back in 2008, and believe me, it's a fucking crime that six years had to go by before we got her again. In addition to having an absolutely killer body and a huge competitive streak, she's one of our smartest players. She's up there with Isobel and Candle, both of whom will also be coming back in early 2015.

And finally, a very special reintroduction:
Here at LostBets.com, we've always had a variety of girls ranging from complete amateurs who'd never been on camera before to full-fledged professional porn actresses. I've never been one to turn away a girl just because she was a pro. And while I don't specifically try to hide the fact that a girl is a pro, I don't usually advertise it either. And if a girl has a stage name that's too "porny", I ask her to use a different name at LostBets.com. So back in 2009, when I met a beautiful brunette model, I told her that I thought "Sinn" was a bit much, so instead she went by Cyndi.

When she came back earlier this year, I reminded her to use the name Cyndi rather than Sinn. "But I'm famous now!" she protested.

Well, that's true. So allow me to reintroduce Sinn Sage:

And she is, as she said, famous now. Sinn was the 2013 AVN award winner for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene, not to mention a six-time nominee, and we're proud to have her on our roster of players. And wait 'til you see what she did...

All of this and more coming up here at LostBets.com over the next few months.


Anonymous said...

what is the pov forfeit?

Anonymous said...

any comments about the limits of the new girls (asians! very nice!) would be well received.


Anonymous said...

If you get Xena to do another video in the not so distant future (and if she loses) can you stipulate that she ululates when she comes?


Anonymous said...

good offering this week. restraint fans will appreciate it.


OD 99x said...

Happy to see Penny, one of my all time Favs. She's famous to as a Happy Naked Girl who wrestles. Also happy to see a little more B&D, even the girls without limits sometimes aren’t happy about being restrained. Thanks Red, looking forward to an uplifting New Year

Viredae said...

Red, have you been reading my wish list for who to bring back? Because that is damn creepy (and awesome).

Red said...

@Anon 2:22 (please sign your posts): The loser has to wear a silly cat tail and roll around purrying and playing. Like I said: silly and embarrassing.

@m: Lately I've been classifying limits into six categories to make it easier to group girls together:

GREEN: softcore
DARK GREEN: solo (masturbation, toys)
YELLOW: girl/girl
DARK YELLOW: girl/girl with anal play
RED: boy/girl
DARK RED: boy/girl with anal play

Having said that, the six girls I just introduced are, respectively, red, red, dark red, green, dark red, and yellow.

(Keep in mind that just because a player's limits include an activity doesn't mean they actually engaged in that activity.)

@Beatrice: Will do! Our Xena doesn't have anything like the body type of the Warrior Princess, but I bet she could pull off one hell of a ulululation.

@shredder: Thanks for the plug, and I'm very glad you liked it.

@OD 99x: Like I said, it's a crime that we haven't had Penny back until now. She was taking some time off from modeling but now she's back and she's every bit as awesome as I remember her, if not more so. And as for the B&D, that's exactly what I had in mind. Lots of girls are cheerfully happy to fuck half a dozen guys at once in every imaginable orifice (and some unimaginable ones) but I can still make them squirm and dread losing with an embarrassing or restraining forfeit.

@Viredae: Well, you've heard me say quite a few times in the past that "luck" happens to bring together what people what to see at LostBets.com with what's actually coming to LostBets.com way more frequently than you'd expect from pure random chance. I don't know why, but Fate is on our side, and while it may seem creepy at first, you get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Following up from a few weeks ago--you said Jasmine had no idea she was going to play strip games until she got there!? That must have been a surprising afternoon. Good for her for jumping straight in.

Can't wait to potentially see her next year--I'd love to see her in an orgasm race or something similar.


Anonymous said...

There are not many phrases as intriguing as "award-winner for girl/girl", so color me interested. That, and I always like seeing players of different ethnicities join in on the fun. (And fierce competitiveness never hurts!) Looks like we're wrapping up the year in style.

— Big Sam

Anonymous said...

The football playoffs are nearly upon us. Perhaps each week you could have an ILAMC promo featuring a girl doodled with the losing teams colors. (No team names of course or anything else that would get you into trademark infringement trouble)


Marco said...

I must say that I LostBets is always unappealing. The basic idea of amateura undress each other for the first time is hardly recognized. It seems more to be a hardcore strip contest thats not lostbets but maybe a cheap porn page. Red think back to your roots a lot of fans are at stake. That made LostBets big and it currently seems all downhill all movies must go hardcore have mens the girls do professionals themselves off to a strip as they would do everytime it. Perhaps the message goes under but I bought for almost 3 months no clip, because the basic idea is missing.

Red said...

@brans: Yup. I called Dante and told him I wanted to do a big shoot, with four boys, four girls, and hardcore, and asked him if he could round up some friends to be players. He obliged, but he didn't exactly give his friends a full briefing on what was to be expected of them. And yeah, Jasmine (and the others, too) deserve props for being great sports about it all.

@Big Sam: Well, like I said, I don't generally announce which of our players are professional porn starlets (because there are fans who'd rather not know) but this is a special case and I'm happy to make an exception. The AVN Award is one of the most presitigious in adult entertainment, and Sinn deserves credit for it. By the way, speaking of folks of different ethnicities, early 2015 will see our first black male on LostBets.com. Jay was great: studly, funny, a little geeky, and he added plenty to LostBets besides racial diversity.

@K: I have an idea for something I'd like to try for the NFL playoffs this year. We'll see if I can pull it off.

@Marco: I'm sorry you feel that way, and believe me, I remember my roots. My personal preference is (or at least was) for shy ENFs, blushing as they reluctantly strip, and it's hard to do that when the penalty is something extreme. Girls who are willing to do hardcore on camera aren't usually the shy, blushing type. There are a few reasons why LostBets.com has moved in a more hardcore direction -- but it's important to point out that we've by no means gone hardcore exclusively. We'll always try to have a good mix, a good variety.

Variety's part of the reason for the increased focus on harder forfeits. I like finding new things to do, things we've never done before, and there's just more of that in the hardcore direction. But the biggest part of the reason we've done more hardcore lately is that I want to make videos that people want to see, and there's just no denying the fact that the hardcore forfeits are immensely more popular than the softer ones. The hardcore episodes are the ones that rocket to #1 on the Top Clips list, and they're the ones that push Lost Bets Productions higher on the Top Studios list.

I'm going to keep on making a wide variety of videos, from softcore to hardcore, from amateurs to pros. But I'm also going to keep on making the videos people want to see, so for now at least, that'll probably mean a continuing emphasis on harder forfeits. Again, I'm very sorry that this disappoints you, but it seems that more people are disappointed when we don't do hardcore.

Anonymous said...

In response to Marco's comment above, I don't begrudge anyone his tastes, but I think the increasing emphasis on more hardcore forfeits over the last year or two is a welcome development. While it may be true that the hardcore videos tend to use professional models somewhat more often than the softcore videos, it's far from a perfect correspondence. A number of the early, softcore videos had professional models, even if they did a pretty good job of portraying innocent amateurs. Conversely, some of the recent hardcore videos feature amateur players.

In fact, I think the hardcore videos with amateur models are probably the best content lostbets has to offer. There simply aren't a lot of places where one can find well-produced, amateur hardcore content, and lostbets is one of them. Red certainly does a good job with the softcore videos as well, but the reality is that amateur softcore content is a lot more accessible, and available in much greater volume across the internet than amateur hardcore. In other words, its inherently more difficult for lostbets to distinguish itself in its softcore content, which, I think explains why the hardcore videos sell significantly better.


Marco said...


Are there any option to get a special amateur clip. I would pay for it too. And i wrote, i guess 3 times a email for a special clip for money with the cast that is avaiable. I know that many sites offering free material about amateur but money is no problem.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall seeing some games from LostBets before - like similar to the idea of the POV, but actual games so the winner/loser wasn't pre-determined.

I can never seem to find them though. Is there a reason those stopped? The POVs aren't bad really, but it's kind of a letdown knowing the entire outcome of the game is pre-determined.

Anonymous said...

I'm with MC. I like a lot of Lostbets stuff, but at the end of the day, the ones I'm more inclined to buy are the hardcore ones, and more specifically, the amateur hardcore ones.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Red said...

@MC and @GWKS: Thanks for the defense, and I'm glad you like the hardcore trend, but I totally get where @Marco is coming from. I can pinpoint the exact moment when my interest in stripping games was first sparked, and from the beginning, the embarrassment has been a major part of the attraction for me. It's true that we've drifted from our roots.

That being said, I'm extremely proud of our recent work. I think it's the hottest, sexiest, funniest, most entertaining stuff we've done lately. It's been a challenge to keep improving but I think we've done it. We'll never abandon softcore, and we'll never abandon hardcore either, but the balance may shift.

@Marco: I haven't done custom work in the past, but I'm not opposed to the idea. What I generally do is ask people for their ideas, and if I like them, I'll make them into videos and send them a free copy. No payment necessary. If you really want to subsidize the production of a very specific video, write me again and we'll talk about it. (Please keep in mind that your requests have involved large groups of players, which can get expensive.)

@Anon 9:24 (please sign your posts): You're referring to our few interactive games, one or which you can find here. (The other one is no longer online.) The interactives are kind of a sore spot for me; they're an example of how my extreme laziness can be a really bad thing. I've got footage for a dozen or more interactive games but I've never done anything with them because I've been too lazy to actually get a professional-quality game engine developed. (The one that Mia's game is based on I wrote myself. It was my first attempt at developing in Flash, and it's not of a quality suitable for sale.) Someday, someday, I'll publish a batch of interactives, but I've given up on making promises as to when. Longtimers know, though, that I've been known to fill requests years after they're made. Don't give up hope.