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Friday, December 5, 2014

Here we go...

Double December is here, with updates on Friday and Saturday all month long. We start off with two pretty awesome episodes, one hard, one soft. Episodes 437 is an hour-long epic. Episode 438 is an excellent introduction for two newbies.

Next week it's the debut of our new St. Andrew's Cross in Episodes 439 and 440. The following week begins with Episode 441 on Friday, December 19:

Amanda is back for another game, along with returning Kandii, sporting a new pair of boobs. (Y'all know how I feel about that sort of thing, so I'll just leave it at that.) They're playing Pod Stab, which makes them run and bounce a lot, and they're wearing four pieces of clothing: tops, bottoms, bras, and strap-ons, with the dildos sticking out their pants. The ultimate loser has to take off her dick, and then take in the winner's dick.

Then on Saturday, Episode 442:

Tara and Lizzy return for their sophomore appearance with Catherine. The loser gets hogtied and ticklespanked by the winners. And one of these girls really hates to be tickled...

That'll bring us up to the last weekend in December, with Episodes 443 and 444. Both of them feature sights that lots of people have been clamoring to see for a long time. I'm excited to be able to publish them.

This week's POV brings back a couple of girls we haven't seen in awhile: Zayda and Xena. I kind of miss Xena. I liked her. Here's video of her getting Lost Betsy tattooed on her freakin' wrist:


Anonymous said...

Downloaded, and have to say enjoyed watching that one! Seems to be a good chemistry in there, and it brought the personalities out.

Good job!


Anonymous said...


I noticed that you referred to the newly-renamed Tobi once as Bex in the description to 437.

Hope this helps.


Red said...

@Misono: I'm glad you liked it. I know you were really looking forward to it, and I was worried that your expectations were so high they couldn't be met.

@Mycroft: Thanks! In my head, I still think of her as Bex. I fixed it right away, and I appreciate you telling me.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Xena and Zayda might come back for the regular games?


Anonymous said...

Just got a look at Saturdays release. Plenty of cuties here! Any chance you could Catherine on a Sybian one of these days? Maybe as a VS You game?


Red said...

@N: There is one unpublished game between Zayda and Xena, but if memory serves, it wasn't very good. (My memory is often faulty in these matters, though. I frequently think games went worse than they actually did.) I'll check it out and see if it's worth publishing. As for getting them back for more games, I dunno. I haven't heard from either for quite some time. I'll see if I can still get in touch with them.

@Faithofheart: Glad you like the girls from 438. There's more of them to come. As for Catherine on the Sybian: you know how I've remarked in the past that it happens unrealistically often that someone will ask for something that just happens to be what I've already got? Well... you'll see Catherine vs. Angel having a jump-rope contest in Episode 453. Loser goes for a ride on the Sybian. Hope you like it.

Anonymous said...

Have a bucket at the end of the room. Now girls wearing string bikinis have to clench a golf ball between their butt cheeks. Now one after another has to walk with the ball clenced beteewn her cheeks to the bucket. There she must drop the ball into the bucket. All without using her hands. Losing a ball during the walk or missing the bucket means losing an article of clothing. Once naked each loss leads to a mini forfeit until a girl gives up and has to do the great forfeit.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what is the forfeit for this next pov.

Also when will we get to see the povs you filmed where the game isnt fixed.



OD 99x said...

Red, My White Elephant idea. As a fellow fan of Artwoks strip poker I’d start with a game of straight up strip poker with 4 girls. The lowest hand each round losing an article of clothing. For the sake of time I’d limit the clothes the girls where 3 or 4 pieces. I might also have a guy (Johnny?) be the designated dealer to keep it moving along, plus the guy could be part of the forfeits. You would have 4 envelopes each with an unpleasant forfeit in it, something that even the more outgoing girls wouldn’t want to do. Once the three losers are determined, the first girl to go out would pick and open an envelope to see her forfeit. The second girl can either steal the first girls forfeit or pick one of the envelopes. If a girl gets her forfeit stolen, she picks a new envelope. In this game it pays not to go out first, because you’re very likely to get the worst forfeit. For forfeits, I’d use the pussy pump, because the girls just don’t know what to expect with that. The pussy shocker, because I don’t think any of the girls want that. 20 whacks with the Lost Bets paddle with a butt plus inserted, and then for the last one, something with either the stockade or St Andy’s cross. It might be, being made airtight by the dealer and the winner with a strap-on, just something hardcore, with a little S&M to make it not something the loser wants to do. The big winner and maybe the dealer get to administer all the forfeits. Just my idea of doing two games in one to lift the Xmas spirits.

Anonymous said...

Hi red, just wondering if you've ever pondered the idea of doing a dare ring style game? Since dare ring has been over for so long, your site seems to be the best opportunity to film something like that... Your videos are already great though.


Red said...

@Birthdayboy: That's a neat idea, but I don't know if it has enough to sustain an entire game. I think it might work better as part of a game like Team Champion. Next time we play that, I'll use it as one of the challenges.

@PQ: If Xena and Zayda lose, they have to make out in front of you. If you lose, you have to masturbate in front of them. There's only one ending, unfortunately. (Two were filmed, but one was apparently lost. I don't know how. Maybe we forgot to turn on the camera. It's happened.) The fair POV isn't on the schedule yet. I want to film a few more before I publish the only one I've got.

@OD 99x; Now that's a nifty idea! I like it. We can even have the forfeit items wrapped up like Christmas presents. I'll see about doing that for next year.

@MAVS: I've certainly thought about it, because quite a few people have suggested it. (I guess LostBets.com is a natural refuge for DareRing fans who are disappointed that they haven't updated in so long.) I haven't wanted to copy their formula exactly, but I like to think we've captured the party spirit of DareRing in a few of our episodes. The nine total episodes with the circus folks were like that, and I think the game of Wheel of Torment has a bit of a DareRing feel. I'll keep looking for other opportunities to put in the sort of things that made DareRing great, and maybe some day I'll do a game like theirs as an homage.

RS said...

One of the things I loved about DareRing was how anything could happen to anyone. You never knew if you were going to do something positive or negative, nor whether it would be with someone else, or with whom. (And sometimes that the task could be positive or negative depending who you ended up doing it with.)

I would love to play a game like that in real life.

Red said...

@RS: You want to play in a DareRing-style game for real? Then make it happen. This is the Internet; I'm sure you can find like-minded folk in your area. If you really want to do it, do it.

Good luck! If you can get the consent of all involved, film it.

RS said...

I've been able to manage strip poker games on occasion, but I've found it's all but impossible to organize when you can't host and need to recruit a host at the same time you're trying to organize it. I've decided that in 2015 I'm going to spring for a cheap motel somewhere to organize a game that way.