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Friday, December 19, 2014

Soliciting your opinions

I haven't said this for awhile, so I'll renew an old request. One of the main reasons for this blog is so I can get feedback and discussion from customers about what they think of the videos. I always want to keep getting better, and the only real way to do that is to get honest and constructive feedback. Lately I haven't been getting enough of that, so I wanted to remind everyone that your feedback is always welcome. It's great to hear what you like (and I certainly don't mind hearing my praises sung) but it's even better when you tell me what you don't like, because that tells me what needs to change. Please, let us know what you think, and don't shy away if your feedback is negative. Thank you.

It's a weekend of sophomore appearances. Today's update, Episode 441, brings back Amanda for her second game, this time against veteran (although somewhat different-looking) Kandii, with both girls having their dicks swinging in the breeze. Tomorrow we see Tara and Lizzy make their second appearance with Catherine in Episode 442. The loser gets a "hogtied ticklespank", which is pretty self-explanatory. The loser happens to be a girl who absolutely hates to be tickled.

And on to next week. For awhile, I've said that I've got something special for Christmas, and here it is.

Johnny and Dante dole out the punishment to the losing team in Episode 443, as Tobi and Sassy take on Keenly and Sheri. Losers get fucked, and Dante was really looking forward to getting one last fuck from his ex-girlfriend, Sassy. This episode may prove controversial, for reasons you'll find out when you read the clip description. 

This one is going to be published 36 hours early, at 7:20 AM Eastern time on Thursday, December 25. Merry Christmas!

Saturday's Episode 444 is the icing on the cake... so to speak.

Four girls compete to see who can gobble two cupcakes the fastest. The losers strip and get paddled. The winner wields the paddle. This one was short and sweet, less than 10 minutes. Now, I don't want to take anything away from Cheyenne, Lela, and Kimberly. They're awesome, all three. But this one has Heather, sweet, angelic Heather, making what is very likely her last appearance at LostBets.com. We miss you, Heather.

Happy fourth night of Hanukkah to those who are celebrating it!

This week in the POV, challenge Salem, who we haven't seen since Episode 326, to a game of Strip High Card. Loser gives the winner an anatomy lesson, using their own body as a model.


Anonymous said...

Could we get a few more harsher forfeits in the povs, the only really tense ones are the anal ones. thats the only criticism i have. thanks.

Qaz said...

My humble opinion:

LostBets is one of the best sources of paid ENF and amateur material on the Internet. If I'm not mistaken, providing ENF content was the mission of this site, since it was so scarce anywhere else.

Lately, I feel that the site is shifting towards hardcore content and more "professional" looking models. This is the content that is more hyped on the blog and it probably even sells more - I wouldn't blame you for pursuing this. Its fine and all, but I personally am feeling less of that ENF magic that originally drew me here. To me, I'm finding it harder to distinguish LostBets from traditional and widely available pornography. Porn is so widespread and easily available that when I pay for it, I expect something a little more unique.

What would make me happy is seeing more amateur models and embarrassment. I love the models with tight limits who are experiencing exposure for the first time. I love it when a game can bring me back the rush I felt from my earliest truth or dare games. I am even okay with professional models who can pull off the amateur vibe - I don't know if Sassy is professional, but even after so many games she still feels fresh. I'm turned off by models who are overly eager to show off, since I can find these anywhere without paying for it.

Just my two cents. Regardless of my comments, I still enjoy what you provide here. I visit weekly and I'm still excited to see what's coming up.

Anonymous said...

Lost Bets is increasing the quality and variety of videos IMO, I also prefer amateur features and love the mix of softcore and hardcore.

I like when Mika appeared on videos, and I don't like that it's been so long without Mika appearing in a video haha! Apart from this, best site of the internet.


Anonymous said...

I echo the opinion of Qaz above. The recently went back to watch some of your earlier takings and find them far more enjoyable than your current material. You can find 1000s of hardcore sites but there was something refreshing about some of your earlier games. I found a recent POV with Skyla refreshing because she was trying to hide. A good example is Amber - one of my favorites. She was more enjoyable as an innocent than doing hardcore.

Jack said...

Main parts of what Qaz said is my opinion as well. For my part I won't buy games with spanking forfeits played by girls who have nearly no limits on camera.
I like some good hardcore stuff, and most of the hardcore on lostbets.com is definitely good hardcore.
But some years ago I bought many more games than I do now. It's not a question of price but of the attitude of the site. As Qaz said, ENF was a major content in the earlier days of lostbets. And girls like Ashton, Mia, Julie, Claire in these days were girls pushing their limits, girls who surely did not want to lose.
As I see from your comments, Red, you are doing well with the site like it is now. So there are not too many reasons for great changes. But what about trying to do both styles? One update per week for HC content, one for ENF content.
Try to get some new really fresh faces from colleges. Girls who are just willing to get nude if necessary. And try to push their limits. That may be even expensive (persuading a newbie to risk something is for sure harder than having girls who are willing to get fucked). And there will be some who cannot be pushed (and some of them may add the row of great girls like Berenika, Bibi or others who never got even nude). But there will be one or two like Julie who may have started blushing when losing a "doing a naked twirl"-forfeit, and end up with a dildo or even more. Looking for these girls and showing them to us (even when they are not willing to stay) is the real task I want lostbets.com to take. It is what made this site unique.
Don't misunderstand me: lostbets.com is still quite a good porn site. But it was (and could be) a very good erotic site with more amateur and ENF stuff.

Jack said...

Main parts of what Qaz said is my opinion as well. For my part I won't buy games with spanking forfeits played by girls who have nearly no limits on camera.
I like some good hardcore stuff, and most of the hardcore on lostbets.com is definitely good hardcore.
But some years ago I bought many more games than I do now. It's not a question of price but of the attitude of the site. As Qaz said, ENF was a major content in the earlier days of lostbets. And girls like Ashton, Mia, Julie, Claire in these days were girls pushing their limits, girls who surely did not want to lose.
As I see from your comments, Red, you are doing well with the site like it is now. So there are not too many reasons for great changes. But what about trying to do both styles? One update per week for HC content, one for ENF content.
Try to get some new really fresh faces from colleges. Girls who are just willing to get nude if necessary. And try to push their limits. That may be even expensive (persuading a newbie to risk something is for sure harder than having girls who are willing to get fucked). And there will be some who cannot be pushed (and some of them may add the row of great girls like Berenika, Bibi or others who never got even nude). But there will be one or two like Julie who may have started blushing when losing a "doing a naked twirl"-forfeit, and end up with a dildo or even more. Looking for these girls and showing them to us (even when they are not willing to stay) is the real task I want lostbets.com to take. It is what made this site unique.
Don't misunderstand me: lostbets.com is still quite a good porn site. But it was (and could be) a very good erotic site with more amateur and ENF stuff.

Anonymous said...

I was going to log my opinion, but Jack and Qaz already did it for me but better. There seems to be less embarrassment than there used to be, which is what the site means to me. -SP

Anonymous said...

what i would like to see more of? post forfeit interviews, especially with the ones who just did something they never did on camera before.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add that I recognize and appreciate how hard it is to find amateur girls willing to risk full nudity. Just encouraging you to try hard! I do know that your brand is a lot less lascivious than others out there, which I hope helps.

Have you ever considered a bigger, public cash prize for the winner (you'd probably need a decent consolation prize for the loser).

Also I had mentioned a forfeit idea awhile ago that you said you liked and you wanted to try. It was a forfeit where the loser had to do some JOI (jerk Off Instructions), I think having the loser acknowledging that people are jerking to their video or image may go a ways towards upping the embarrassment factor. Just figured I'd remind you!

Keep up the great work, and I love how open you are to feedback, it makes your work special. Big fan!


Anonymous said...

As a gay male, I know I'm not your target demographic, so I'm not entirely qualified to offer advice. Still, it seems like whenever your videos feature male nudity (alongside, not in substitution of, female nudity), you make quite a few of us very happy. And at no sacrifice to your core hetero fanbase. ;-)

I don't expect you to cater to the gay community since the site was not designed with us in mind, but I also don't think it would hurt to let the guys participate a bit more frequently. :)

- Jeff

Anonymous said...

SP here again, and I'd like to say, as a straight man, I'd welcome more male nudity. It's hot to see the ladies react to exposed penises. I also think straight people in general are way less uptight than they were when the site started. I say bring on the dicks!

Andrew Breckler said...

I agree with most of the comments, you have gotten away from your softcore roots. The is what brought my to lostsbets.com in the first place. Because before i even know about the site, i was looking for strippoker videos and among the pages and pages of pure hardcore videos that came up that had maybe one hand of poker, i found "Ashton and Mia play strip high card" and it was exactly what i was looking for, a strip game that was not sexual just fun. Know with you using pro's with no limits, it seams like it is all about the forfeit, and not the game. I have nothing against the hardcore or even your latest softcore, but from the clips you show it looks like the real losers are the ones that do not do the forfeit.

mismanager said...

I'd go along with most of what Jack says but would add that the thing I least like is the inclusion of men. Harder girl-girl scenes are fine but I am quite happy if the only dick I see is my own.

Dan W said...

I'd love to see a blowjob race in some sort of 2-part forfeit.

Forfiet ends for the first girl to make her guy cum (swallowing would be amazing by the way!), the losing girl either has to finish her guy off and then do something else - or the losing girl stops sucking and the guy does anything he wants to her - and cums wherever he wants.

The less professional the girls the better of course :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh I had another game Idea I think you'd like:

2 women are tied up with their legs spread. They play trivia against each other. Whenever one gets an answer wrong, a piece of clothing is cut off of her. That's it!


Anonymous said...

I agree I would like more focus on the game aspect. If the loser really feels like a loser when doing the forfeit, it is a succesul "Lost Bets"clip in my opinion. And that is probably why I prefer amateur and softcore because ENF is more likely to happen in those clips.


Anonymous said...

I've been coming and purchasing clips from you since the very first Ashton vs Mia in 2007.

I like everything from shy ENF all the way up through hardcore.

Here is the thing that makes a video work vs not work. I like to see a girl risk pushing her limits. So if it's a new girl that has never been nude on camera before, I will like it. If it's a pro that has never done hardcore before, that works for me too.

This weeks blog about Dante wanting one last go at Sassy is working for me too. As far as I know she's never done hardcore on camera (even though she's risked it before here).

Julie is another perfect example. She started out pushing her limits with the shy ENF stuff. As she did more her limits expanded. Each time that she risked something more, it was exciting to watch.

The last thing I can say is to echo what others have said. Having a pornstar risk getting tickled isn't much of a risk for them so it doesn't push the buttons. So if I see someone who I know does porn, I would hope to at least see them risk a BJ or hardcore.

Hope that helps.

Dex in C-town.

Anonymous said...

Like most posters, I am more a fan of soft-core forfeits. It is more fun to see girls forced to up their limits. If a true amateur goes from being embarrassed by exposing herself to being embarrassed by getting fucked, well that is true progress. But I am more happy seeing an amateur having to give us an anatomy lesson for the first time.

If I were to see hardcore, it would be in the following set up. Four or more girls and three guys to participate in the forfeit. It would be a three week process with the four (or more) girls not really wanting to do hardcore but in it for the money (or whatever you can coerce them with). The first week has the four playing to one looser who gets fucked in front of the other participants. The second week has one looser who gets fucked in front of the others. The final week sees which girl escapes getting fucked. I know that takes a lot of time and space on your system. But I think the fun would be for us to pick a girl we really want to see loose and watch to see if she gets through all three games or if she gets what we want to see. If this were to be a good selling series, you could always follow up with another four girls and maybe have a playoff between the two winners.

My second thought is about Fern. With as many requests as you have had for her to do hardcore, why not have her play a game with her boyfriend? If he wins, we all win. If she wins, he has to take her to an expensive dinner or some other forfeit. You stated that she would only risk hardcore with him. Maybe the above could work or you could just do a porno with the two of them due to demand to seeing Fern in hardcore action.

Old Man

Anonymous said...

I don't know, seem seems like a lot of people here are complaining about the loss of softcore, but I'm not seeing it. At least a good half of them seem to be softcore...so yeah, maybe that means you go a week or two without one, but there's a pretty consistent bunch of them coming out. All of these ones with tickling or paddling or anatomy lessons. I mean, go to the site and look at them. Softcore isn't the sole FOCUS of the site anymore, but there's still a ton of them.

Overall though, I agree with Dex. I do like seeing the girls come up through the ranks, it makes almost a good soap opera storyline...and as someone who's been watching Spartacus lately, I really get into a good soap opera! Agree about Sassy, she's working in that old Julie way, although I guess she started with a fucking risk, but escaped it. So she still counts!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Red said...

Whew! 19 comments since I posted this. (It was 14 when I started writing this response. I had to edit this line) I want to thank everybody who took the time to make their opinions heard. Some general thoughts:
The shift towards hardcore isn't really new. It's a continuation of a trend that's been going on since the very beginning of LostBets.com. Our early forfeits were things like baby oil rubbing, jumping jacks, and other super-tame penalties. We didn't do a masturbation forfeit until Episode 018 that we did our first masturbation forfeit, Episode 164 our first boy/girl. We've been progressing further down that path since the very beginning. It’s mainly part of my quest to always find something new to do, rather than doing the same thing over and over again. During that time, I like to think that we've expanded our repertoire rather than shifting it, so we've got a broader spectrum. We still do softcore forfeits (although now when we do, it's usually more elaborate than the old ones that were over in less than a minute) but it's become less frequent as more hardcore has entered production.

Because the fact is that they don't sell. As an example, take the first weekend of Double December, when we published Episodes 437, which featured boy/girl sex and a whole lot more and Episode 438, an entertaining and revealing double anatomy lesson. 437 outsold 438 3-1 despite its higher price. Or take episode 428 which featured amateurs with tight limits, two of whom were doing their first ever naked shoot, the third her second. And it sold so poorly that it really got me to thinking about the future of softcore at LostBets.com. There's one last game from the series featuring Lavender, Luna, and Indigo, but I pulled it from the schedule after 428. Now, maybe people don't like this particular trio. Maybe people are turned off by the fact that Luna and Indigo are sisters. I don't know, which is part of the reason I'd really like feedback. 428 was an outlier. But boy-girl clips outsell girl-girl clips, which outsell softcore clips, and the difference is pretty big in both cases.

I hate that I have to care. I didn't start LostBets.com for the money. I had a well-paying job I loved, and all the money from LostBets.com was just delicious, delicious gravy. I could make whatever I wanted to make, and if it sold poorly, who cared? But times change, and LostBets.com keeps food on the table and a roof overhead. It would be downright irresponsible of me not to pay attention to what pays the bills. And that means more hardcore. When people vote with their wallets, that's what they choose.

I'm not trying to be defensive, and I'm certainly not trying to belittle or dismiss anybody's opinion. To anyone who really doesn't like the direction LostBets has been going, I understand your point of view and to some degree I share it. Softcore will always have a place here, and I'll always delight in putting pure amateurs in front of the camera to risk their clothes for the first time, even if it gets less frequent.

But I don't think our hardcore is indistinguishable from the vast pool of generic hardcore porn available on the Internet both free and paid. I think has Lost Bets always had a "feel", and I think that feel works well in both softcore and hardcore. I like our hardcore-capable, flexible-limited girls. They may not be embarrassed, but they're competitive and they don't like losing. They're fun and high-energy. It's a party-like atmosphere where everybody has a good time and it kind of reminds me of the feel the old DareRing games used to have. I've said it before, but I'm extremely proud of our recent work and everybody who helped create it.

Red said...

And besides, it’s not like we’ve abandoned ENF. It’s harder for hardcore to involve ENF, but it can be done. It’s still possible to embarrass a fetish model, and we have. It’s still possible to get a porn starlet to risk doing something she’s never done before and doesn’t want to do, and we’ve done that, too. And we’ll keep trying to do it some more. I’m going to make a conscientious effort to get more ENF into the episodes, both hardcore and softcore.

@Anon 12:22 (please sign your posts): I'll try. Would you (or anyone else) like to suggest specific forfeits you'd like to see in the POVs? Games, too. Ideas welcome.

@Qaz, I appreciate the criticism, and I also appreciate that you're still a fan of the site and keep visiting, even if our videos don't interest you as often as they used to.

@Dave: All right! I promise you and all the other Mika fans that I will attempt to contact Mika early next year. I'll do it. I'll let you know how it goes.

@Anon 2:09 (please sign your posts): Thanks for your thoughts. The only thing I’d say is that I have a feeling that the kind of forfeits we did in the early days might not feel as fresh if we did them today. That might be why they’re not selling as well, come to think of it.

@Jack: Again, thanks for your thoughts. (You know, I’m grateful to everyone who wrote in, and it’s kind of silly to keep saying it. From now on, please read an expression of gratitude for taking the time at the start of each of these replies.) It’s just not feasible for us to do two updates a week, every week. The bottleneck, again, is postproduction. As the videos have gotten more complex, editing has gotten more time-consuming. I’ve thought about bringing in outside help (and a few people have volunteered) but when I’ve tried farming out editing work, I just haven’t been satisfied with the results. But even if we could manage the pace, many of the recent softcore clips haven’t covered the cost of making them. If I published one a week, it could ruin us.

@SP: It’s actually gotten easier to recruit amateur video virgins, since amateur video virgins tend to know other amateur video virgins, and the players usually have a good time and want to share it with their friends, and I pay a referral bonus. It works out. I do like the JOI forfeit and I’ll definitely use it next time I have some Green-level girls. (Or Dark Green, in which case the loser has to play with herself while others jerk off to the sight.) Finally, while I have occasionally offered small cash bonuses to the winners of games (which helps make the girls more competitive and also helps when a girl doesn’t really mind the forfeit) I don’t do it often or on a large scale, because I think there are legal ramifications to running a contest with cash prizes. As for your snip trivia game, it could work. I’ll see about making it happen.

@shredder: You’ve been asking for that for awhile, but then you were asking for the St. Andrew’s Cross for awhile, and then you got it. I’ve tried to do post-forfeit interviews before, but I’m not a very good interviewer and couldn’t really come up with anything more than, “So, uh… what did you think of that?” Got any suggestions for post-game questions?

You probably do, and you’ve probably already posted them here before. This blog format really sucks for organizing and remembering information. I really need a better community site… but see many prior posts re. my pathological laziness.

Red said...

@Jeff: Actually, I’m quite interested in your opinion. You’re right that the interests of the gay male community probably won’t be the first thing I consider when pondering improvements to the site, but I’m still curious. I’m gratified and flattered to have gay male fans, but I don’t really get what you like about our videos. Sure, there are men in (some of) them, but they’re not doing anything gay. They’re mostly spanking girls, fucking girls, or getting blowjobs from girls. Do gay men enjoy watching hetero couples? Or is it just the naked men? That would make sense… but most of our males (with some notable exceptions) aren’t especially attractive, at least not by conventional mainstream standards.. My philosophy, at least until recently, was that the girls were there for the viewers to ogle, while the guys were there for the viewers to identify with. Since the average person doesn’t have an above-average physique, I didn’t go out of my way to recruit guys with above-average physiques. So I’m very curious to know what’s the attraction. Let me know!

By the way, this is as good a place as any to address @SP’s and @mismanager’s comments re. dick. I agree with SP that straight society has made astonishingly-rapid progress in its attitude toward dick, and I don’t think quite as many straight men are revolted by the thought of dick in their porn as before. And I also agree that without dicks, there can be no female reactions to exposed dicks. But there’s no accounting for taste, and people like what they like and there’s no blame or shame in that. Some people don’t like dicks in their porn, some people don’t like foot-licking in their porn, some people don’t like midget clowns in their porn. And some people like all three of these things. Nothing wrong with that, and I try to understand and respect all of these preferences, even if I don’t share them. In conclusion, LostBets.com will continue to feature a mix of mixed-gender and female-only games. When I publish an episode that I think will really turn some fans off (like the forced-bi forfeit I’ve been hoping to do for awhile), I’ll try to make it part of a double-update weekend with something more mainstream.

@Andrew: Yeah, like I alluded to above, it’s a problem when a girl doesn’t mind the forfeit or even wants to do the forfeit. I’m working on that, and I have a few ideas to make it better. But I want to say I’m very glad that you found LostBets.com to be exactly what you were looking for.

@Dan W: We’ve got a couple of blowjob races on film, and if they’re not exactly the format you imagined, they’re pretty hot and I’m pretty sure you’ll like them. And as for non-professional players, one of them involved Sassy, Keenly, Tobi, and Sheri: amateurs through-and-through. That one will be Episode 447, to be published on January 16.

@AS: Well, more difficult to get ENF into hardcore clips and/or clips with professionals, but not impossible. I’ve heard you loud and clear and am going to try to get more ENF into the episodes.

@Dex: Ah, Julie. She was incredible, and her transformation from shy girl barely willing to take off her clothes (but unwilling to spread her legs) was amazing to behold as her limits fell one by one. I don’t know if we’ll ever see her like again, although there was a bit of an accelerated version of her journey with Bextobi, Piper, Sheri, and Zahara.

Red said...

@Old Man: So in your three-game series with four players, the losers of a game sit out the following games? Would be the only way to ensure a different loser each round. So what do the prior round losers do, assuming I don’t just send them home as soon as they’ve lost and been fucked? Hmm. I’m sure we could some up with some way for them to participate as props in the later games.

As for Fern, I contacted her to ask if she’d want to come back. She thanked me and said she needed to think about it. I’ll keep you posted.

@GWKS: Sassy’s progression hasn’t exactly paralleled Julie’s, but it’s had its similarities. I don’t want to say anymore because I know how her progression ends and I don’t want to spoil anything :)

Johnny said...

@Dex: I'm with you man. What I enjoy about our productions is seeing the real reaction of real girls pushed beyond their comfort zone. I like the light forfeit girls who hate to be tickled and I like the hardcore girls who really wanted to be one of the winners sitting on the sidelines laughing at the girl getting fucked. Light or hard, if the stakes matter to the players I really enjoy the game. But that's me. Taste is subjective, especially in these matters.

@Old Man, Red: I'm jumping the gun a bit here, but I think Old Man's idea might be a good fit for a concept we've been working on. It might not be exactly as OM envisioned it, but his suggestion might help round out a thing we've been kicking around.

RS said...

As one of your gay male fans, allow me to offer my own personal opinion on some of your questions...

"I’m gratified and flattered to have gay male fans, but I don’t really get what you like about our videos. Sure, there are men in (some of) them, but they’re not doing anything gay.... Do gay men enjoy watching hetero couples? Or is it just the naked men? That would make sense… but most of our males (with some notable exceptions) aren’t especially attractive, at least not by conventional mainstream standards."

Some gay guys do get off on watching heterosexual sex (and, by the way, there's a surprisingly large market among lesbians for all-male gay sex porn). There's even a site gay "Straight Guys for Gay Eyes" where they make a point of hiring attractive male models (no Ron Jeremy types) and focus the camera more on the guys. But gay guys specifically seeking our straight guys in porn is a niche market. For me, personally, it's about stripping games with naked guys. I buy the ones where the guys lose or at least get naked as part of the forfeit. (I've also bought a few where the guy(s) didn't end up naked but were at least partially undressed if they were cute enough.) Male nudity is male nudity regardless of the guy's sexual orientation. There really aren't providers of all-male stripping games -- at least where the stripping game is real and not some sort of half-assed foreplay set-up before jumping into fucking a few minutes later. I like it when the games are real or at least appear realistic and no one is doing that for the gay market.

"Since the average person doesn’t have an above-average physique, I didn’t go out of my way to recruit guys with above-average physiques. So I’m very curious to know what’s the attraction. Let me know!"

For me, that's part of the charm. Average guys are part of what makes it feel like a real game than if they were drop-dead-gorgeous models. That said, I personally think Erik could be popular with a major gay studio if he wanted, and I'd probably buy anything he was in as long he at least lost some *some* clothing. Totally my "type," physically speaking.

"But there’s no accounting for taste, and people like what they like and there’s no blame or shame in that."

Absolutely agree 100%. The dick wants what the dick wants. One person's "ewww, gross" is another's "holy fuck, that's hot."

Of course, since it's your livelihood, you have to pay attention to the numbers and what sells. Sales are the most important barometer you have, of course. But still, I'm glad when guys play [insert another plug for Erik], especially when they lose (or at least shed their clothing, even if they win).

Jack said...

I don't know how you are working. But the reason not to publish two updates a week for postproduction reasons - that is nonsense. Everybody who has some experience with cutting and editing video or tv clips will be able to produce a 30 minute clip from 60 or 90 minutes raw material on one day. At least if you don't have more cameras than necessary (what might be 3 or 4). Of course the recent clips are more professional than the early ones. But that does not make them better automatically (even if some are really good). There were simple two-girls-on-a-sofa-clips (one camera, one angle) that were perfect because the girls and the game were perfect. I bet they didn't cost and they didn't take any time in postproduction.
If you try to sell more and more, don't waste time on games. Just let good looking girls have a good fuck. It will be sold. Maybe I will buy some from time to time. But it won't be lostbets.com as I like(d) it.
And if you tell about 437:438. If you just changed the girls who play it would have been not 3:1 but about 1:1 I assume. The girls in 438 have not proved to be interesting in any way. Addie and Tobi will sell every game I guess. They have fans because they had good performances. I would buy about every game with Ashley in it. Simply because I like her (as a girl and as a player). Even though I have seen everything of her already.
So this is not fair to compare. Give comparing a try when you have a game with three cute newbies undressing for the first time on camera with the loser doing yoga poses. Simple game, two cameras (for the forfeit). And another game with three experienced girls playing for two losers get fucked. And for that use all the equipment you use right now. I'm quite sure that the result will be different and the game that costs less will at least sell the same number of copies.

Anonymous said...

Old Man,s idea IS a good one, I've had that sort of idea too. For THAT one to be really effective though, I think it should be played with amateurs or as close as you can get. With porn stars it's fine, just not as interesting.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Qaz said...

Thanks for the response Red. I hope my opinion did not offend you too much - you deserve to be proud of your work.

I'm disappointed to hear the softcore stuff doesn't sell as well. Personally, I did buy 438, but I skipped out on 428. ENF is important to me, but I also need to click with the girls. That group didn't do it for me unfortunately. Personally I'm always willing to consider ENF clips...if I haven't gotten a recent one, then it was because I wasn't into the group, the outcome didn't suit me (ex: an experienced veteran lost instead of the newbie), or the forfeit was uninteresting to me. On that note, I think softcore games are more likely to be attached to more niche forfeits, like wet n messy and feet, which I presume don't sell as well (I could be wrong).

I can't speak for others, but I do tend use your blog as a guide. If a game receives hype, then I follow more closely and an more likely to buy it. I believe hardcore games receive the bulk of enthusiasm, so sometimes I miss out on softcore games. The most recent softcore games to get hyped were the ones with Heather (which I did enjoy).

Anonymous said...

To answer Guy Who Knows Stuff, I was thinking of armatures as the players.

To Red's point, after the first round, the loser or losers could do a few things. One option would be undressing the loser of each round. Another could be doing lap dances or other activities to get the guy ready for his prize. Plus they would have to stay naked.

Old Man

Anonymous said...

Red: i've given this some more thought, and went back through some or my favorite clips.

Kat was a favorite of mine. So is Fern. Julie. Dahlia/Jaqueline. Salem. some others as well...

i think there is something more special when the ladies playing are next door types with real world looks and bodies...

pros (or seasoned models, if you will) are everywhere on the net, and seeing them naked is nothing special to me, and i can usually tell who they are before i actually see them play. they have a 'look' about them.

an old favorite, and was probably cheap to produce: the one where Kat gets waxed after losing a game to Lily.


Johnny said...

@Shredder. Kat is my Ex-wife. That's a very nice compliment. I passed it along to her.

Anonymous said...

i think it would be nice to have a section of this site that indicates current players - maybe past as well - and a comparative scale of their limits similar or akin to the color scheme you recently suggested. it lets fans know what girls are up to what limit wise as well as who is available to request more of. maybe just list all players and list active or inactive or hell even retired. personally though i would like to know the limits and see them listed too

Please Sign Your Posts

Red said...

Hoo boy. Get ready for another novel, folks. For some reason, I’ve been long-winded lately.

@RS: Thanks for the info, although a few minutes after I posted, I realized that "Do gay men enjoy watching hetero couples?" was a really stupid question, with the obvious answer, "Some do, some don't, just like everything else." I suppose that gay folks are as diverse in their desires, preferences, and kinks as straight folks. What you say about average-looking guys makes sense, and actually sort of parallels my philosophy towards the attractiveness of my female players. I've never been terribly choosy in that regard, and in the early days I wasn't choosy at all. If a girl was willing to play, she was welcome to play. My theory was that if a hot girl lost, there'd be a hot girl naked, which is good, while if a less attractive girl lost, it could increase her embarrassment and shame to have to reveal herself, which is also good. And I'll add Erik to my list of players to contact when we start scheduling new shoots.

Red said...

@Jack: I assure you, postproduction is the bottleneck. It's pretty time-consuming. @Johnny can fill you in on the details of what needs to be done, but it involves no fewer than three complete passes through the footage (angle selection, pan-and-zoom, final watchthrough), plus time spent lining up video tracks, color correction, etc. @GWKS, you know stuff. Back me up here.

We currently shoot using eight cameras, plus a ninth when a player whips out her cellphone during a forfeit. Is that more than necessary? Maybe, but the fact is that fewer cameras have always proved inadequate. Our productions aren't scripted, and we don't do multiple takes of the same scene, and we like to let the scene unfold naturally rather than cutting and interrupting. For all these reasons, we don't have much control over blocking. Really awesome moments can happen from any angle and without warning. The more cameras we have the likelier we are to have a good shot of a particular event. It's more like filming a reality show than traditional video production. The reality TV folks use a lot of cameras, too. Several times, something really awesome has happened, but Johnny and I stared at the multi-camera monitor trying to pick an acceptable angle from an array of poor-to-mediocre choices, wishing we had just one more camera to fill a gap in coverage. Our current cameras are: wide center, wide left, wide right, handheld left, handheld right, pan-tilt-mounted low, pain-tilt-mounted high, and "special", typically pointed at a game board. We use them all, and we're glad we’ve got every one of them.

Admittedly, the early days were a hell of a lot simpler, and cheaper too. But I’ve always been driven to improve, which is why our productions have grown ever more complex and expensive. In hindsight, maybe that was a mistake. Maybe I should have said “good enough” years ago, but that’s not what I did and I have no regrets.

You're right that comparing 437 to 438 isn't fair, but then, neither is any head-to-head comparison, really. I haven’t run the numbers and don’t have the data to prove it, but I’m confident that the average hardcore clip outsells the average softcore clip by at least 3:2, and that includes the clips with three cute young first-time amateurs risking yoga poses. Look, I like watching cute young first-time amateurs blushing hard as they hold their open legs in the air, and you like it, and a lot of the people posting in this thread like it. But we’re a minority. Blushing cute young first-time amateurs will always have a place at LostBets.com, but I’m not going to ignore the preferences of the majority.

And I respectfully disagree that what we’ve been doing is “not LostBets”. I think that even when we go hardcore, we’re still different from mainstream porn. Even if the element of embarrassment is diminished or absent, the element of competition still promotes a unique dynamic among the players, who aren’t working from a script and who are urged to “keep it real” as much as possible. That’s not what you get when you just throw a bunch of actors in a room and direct them to fuck. I don’t think I’ll ever make that kind of porn. It just doesn’t interest me, and I’m not at all sure it’d sell. There’s a lot of competition, both free and paid.

Sorry to make this so long, and I’m not sure why I wrote so much. Obviously I can’t talk you out of your preferences, and wouldn’t if I could. But I don’t like it when fans are disappointed, and while maybe I can’t alleviate the disappointment, I can at least try to explain the whys. I’m glad that you’ll keep checking the site, even if you won’t find something to buy as often, and I hope that it’s more often than you think.

Red said...

@Qaz: First off, your opinion didn’t offend me in the least. I have a thick skin, but I don’t think I needed one for your constructive criticism. Anyone who’d be offended by that probably shouldn’t be asking for opinions in the first place.

I also want to make it abundantly clear that I am not castigating softcore fans, either individually or as a group, for failing to buy the clips. I bring this up because you sound almost apologetic when listing your reasons for not buying certain episodes. The information as to why you passed these episodes up is very useful, but nobody ever needs to apologize for not buying. On the contrary, if somebody buys even one episode, I’m deeply grateful. As has been said, there’s lots of porn out there, and lots of it is free, and the fact that people choose to spend real hard-earned money on my porn still amazes me, even after all these years.

Longtime readers of this blog have heard me say it all before. Longtime readers of this blog have heard me say “Longtime readers of this blog have heard me say it all before” before, too. And I was gonna save the waxing nostalgic for LostBets’s next birthday, on March 8. I made a special episode for it and everything. It involves birthday candles. And Candle.

Finally, your point about blog-hype is well-taken. I do tend to hype the hardcore episodes more, but that’s because they sell better, but maybe that’s because I hype them more. I’ll make an effort to more effectively promote the softcore episodes.

@Old Man: Hey, I have an idea. What if the losers of previous rounds could be part of the game itself? Like, maybe for the second game, Body Shots with the loser of the first game being the target? And for the third game, something that makes use of the two prior losers as props. Maybe something like 253, where each contestant gets a loser to play with, and the winner is the first to force her loser to orgasm.

@shredder: Like Johnny said, Kat/Naomi/Amber Heavens is his ex-wife, and I’m sure she’ll be flattered by the compliment. Pretty sure she’d be uninterested in returning, though. And your favorites are indeed all amateurs or at most semi-pro, depending on your definitions, I believe Julie did some nude modeling for other sites, and I know Lily did. Lily also is unlikely to come back. She shoots naughty movies now, but she’s not in them. Salem, Dahlia, Fern, and Jacqueline were all complete newbies. And Jacqueline, you may recall, was literally the girl next door. She hasn’t responded to my pleas for her to return, so I guess she’s not interested. Dahlia, possibly. Salem, also possibly (although you’ll see her in a couple of POVs soon.) Fern I’m still waiting to hear back from.

Speaking of returning players, I recently heard from Leilani, who wants to come back. Sammy, too, although she cautions that she’s gained weight. Can I get some input on whether or not people would like to see more of these two? I’ll probably promote this question to next week’s main blog post, for those who didn’t brave this wall of text.

That waxing forfeit was pretty good, wasn’t it? I should do that again. I wonder if the same beautician is available.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely interested in seeing more of Sammy! Bring her back, please.


Johnny said...

@Please Sign Your Posts. Great name. Well played, sir.

Anonymous said...

@ Johnny: i think you ended up the loser in that divorce.

@ Red: there is often a fine line that gets blurred easily tween an art model and a porn model. i have known some art models that actually tend to be quite shy when not modeling yet, had no issue with me, or anyone else for that matter, seeing their photography. its a different world and a different discipline.


Johnny said...

@Shredder. I always do. I'm tempted to save time and meet a woman who doesn't like me and give her half of my stuff.

Jack said...

Red, I didn't say that the stuff you've been doing is not lostbets.com. I said that your arguments will lead to an outcome that won't be the lostbets.com I like(d).
If you say we are the minority - yes, maybe we are. But by saying so you are just on the direct way to produce mainstream porn and nothing else. They call it mainstream because they sell for the majority. Like you want to do right now. And I bet the majority would buy most of the hardcore clips without the game as well. But lostbets.com was different and has won its fans by producing clips for minorities. This was changing over the last months (and maybe years). That disappointed me, but the more disappointing fact is that you seem to betray your former ideals if it is all about what sells the best.

Johnny said...

@Jack. My two cents on this: We aren't on the way to becoming a mainstream porn production studio. We make very different materials than anybody else out there and will continue to do so.

And Red isn't selling out his vision as you seem to imply in your statement about betraying ideals. The spectrum of videos we produce may involve more hardcore content but softcore will always be there. Even if it sells less. Do you see the significance of that? If Red was all bottom line and no love for the games then he'd just figure out what videos he could produce for the highest profit margin and focus on that alone. He doesn't. He's the heart and soul of LostBets, as well as its founder. He has a very real love of ENF and stripping games. When his fans let him know through their purchases and their direct communication that the majority of them want harder penalties in games he gives the fans what they want. He does that without ever turning his back on the fans who love softcore and share his love of ENF and stripping games.

Ultimately this comes down to your first statement in your most recent post; the changes you see happening are not the changes you prefer and some of the focus on hardcore is not appealing to you. That is perfectly valid, but we can't possibly please everyone all the time. The good news is that you have little to fear. The types of videos you have stated a preference for will always be a part of LostBets.com.

Anonymous said...

@Red: the waxing forfeit was a real forfeit. i dont know why you havent thought to bring it back. i'd rather see an amateur risk that than her third taped blow job (finishing on tits) with somebody she probably didnt mind blowing anyway...

maybe you could get Dahlia, Fern and Salem to play against each other. i would buy them three times over.

Leilani: i can see over-eager bolt-on boobs anywhere on the net. nothing special there, but thats just my opinion. most peeps probably disagree with most other things i like anyway.

Sammy: yeah, i wouldnt mind seeing more of her.

there is what i like, and i know that probably much of it wont bring in the money.
what i appreciate here, is that you still try to keep your 'art' real... while attempting to please the debit cards at the same time. in the end, i know that the debit cards will have to win.


Anonymous said...

@Shredder. I always do. I'm tempted to save time and meet a woman who doesn't like me and give her half of my stuff.

i tried that too, Bro. and now she wont leave unless i give her ALL of my stuff.


Johnny said...

@ Shredder. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to revise my strategy.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am among the silent majority that is satisfied with the general direction of this site. With all due respect to those whose tastes diverge from mine, the notion that lostbets has departed radically from its origins is a significant exaggeration. While it is true that there is more hardcore content than in the early days, a quick glance at the clip store shows numerous softcore and all-girl games within the past years.

And the idea that the early videos were true amateur productions, whereas the recent hardcore videos are strictly professional, is an oversimplification. A number of the early softcore models are in fact professional models--even if they did do a pretty convincing job of portraying reluctant amateurs. Conversely, many of the recent hardcore models appear to be genuine amateurs. Sheri, Zahara, and Angela, to name a few from the past year. (And that's not even counting players like Sassy, who appear to be semi-pro models of some sort, but definitely not porn stars.)

Contrary to the view that lostbets has lost its distinctiveness by adding more hardcore content, I'd argue that Red's ability to find genuine, attractive amateurs willing to risk hardcore forfeits is one of the distinguishing attributes of this site, and one of the reasons I'm willing to spend upwards of $20 a clip. So, while I have no objection to a variety of content, including softcore, I hope Red generally stays the course and continues to supply a healthy dose of hardcore in 2015. (And if any of that happens to involve Fern or Jasmine, so much the better.)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Please Sign Your Posts just won this fucking blog.

Jack...I can indeed back Red up on the editing, COULD you edit one of these videos in a day? Yeah, if you wanted to do a quickie somewhat sloppy job on it. But Red's not doing that, they're even doing COLOR CORRECTION on this stuff...you don't see that a lot in porn except for higher end stuff. It's a white balance and DONE. 11 cameras is a lot. And they do edit more than one a week...several times a year they release two every week for a month. And let's not forget they also have to correspond with the models, set up bookings, and shoot. So, I don't know that it's your place to tell them what they can and can't get done in the time they want. Besides, it's their gig and they can do or not do however many videos they wish anyway.

Plus I think it's pretty presumptuous for you to say what would sell and what doesn't...Red has the actual sales figures, he KNOWS what sells. And as Johnny said, if Red only cared about making cash it's be all hardcore all the time, but it's not. There's PLENTY of videos I wouldn't buy, I'm not really into the soft stuff. There's a lot of it, maybe it's not exactly for you, you don't like the girls or whatever, which is fine...doesn't change what the video is or isn't.

And also as Red and Johnny say, this isn't like regular porn. I don't pay for porn, man! Well I do, but pretty much from here, but I don't buy the whole "two people enter a room and fuck" stuff. Cause who cares? Lostbets has a fun vibe and it's entertaining to watch, that hasn't changed at all.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

There are two aspects that used to be more prevalent that by returning to you could satisfy the software fans (such as myself) without abandoning the money making hardcore forfeits.

The vids have gotten very business like. The players introduces themselves, describe the game rules, state the forfeit and play each round, strip, twirl and repeated until the loser is determines.

Older games tended towards a moment when the players considered how embarrassing the forfeit would have to be. I loved the intensity that Ashley used to desrcibe the forfeits in the early Kala games.

Also I used to like the increasing anxiety as each inner more layer of clothing gets exposed. Also how as each item came off the players would become more fearful of having to do the forfeit.

I feel that the sight used to be more mindful of these aspects and that returning to them would go a long way towards restoring the aesthetic defines the strip game niche, without forcing you away from the success that hardcore offers.

Also I personally would like to see as part of the game that any applicable player (not necessarily a loser) has to perform the phrase that pays:

I lost all my clothes at lostbets.com


Johnny said...

@Guy Who Knows Stuff. My brutha. Represent! Thanks for the backup man.

@K - Not a bad idea man. Having the ladies (and gentlemen sometimes) discuss the forfeit a bit more and in general be more conversational about the very unusual situation they are in does seem like a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I think K brings up a really good point. Hyping up the embarrassment to come in the pre-interviews was something done better in the early days, I figure. Also, lively conversation. I've got experience in reality tv post production, and I can back up Johnny, Red, and GWKS. 11 cameras is a lot, and the post on that would take a long time to do well. -SP

Anonymous said...

i hope that fern will consider some POV videos.

my purchases have always been player/actress driven. few of my favorites are currently in circulation, but i am excited about some of the new faces and i don't see my habits will change. hardcore or softcore doesn't differentiate nearly so much.

so if i were to offer input, it would be to continue to seek out great personalities. not necessarily the super fun party girls, either - shy beauties with good spirit are excellent too.


Anonymous said...

@Red: Sorry for the late reply -- I forgot to check back.

Anyway, @RS summed up my feelings far more eloquently than I ever could, but I will add this: The appeal of gratuitous male nudity in your videos (to this gay man, at least) is that these are real, average, presumably heterosexual men who I'm getting to see naked in an initially non-sexual situation. I don't download the videos where the cock exposure is limited to a dick on the receiving end of a blowjob, but I happily fork over my cash when I get to see a male contestant gradually stripped naked as a result of a competition loss. Seeing a genuine, guy-next-door straight man forced to sheepishly remove his underwear in front of mixed company is so exhilarating compared to watching a dime-a-dozen, bicurious Sean Cody college jock robotically stroke his shaft for the camera. Essentially, it provides us gay males with a type of spank fodder we don't often have access to in our day-to-day lives.

Also, I understand why you might not think much of your male players, but the "real guy" type has become quite popular in the gay community. Cubbiness is in. A contestant like Lance would have far more fans than some blond twink dredged up from Corbin Fisher. I mean, you should've heard the gasp I let out when I discovered that Chuck appeared naked in a video. Yes, really.

So that's my explanation. Hope it was insightful! Also, if you can get Eric naked again, pleeeease do it.

- Jeff

Anonymous said...

I suggested a messy forfeit a while ago on this blog. With your mention of the lack of sales of the soft-core forfeits, if you were to focus on the messy or wet part of a forfeit, you could post it on the UMD.net. I do not know if they charge, but there are a lot of fans of WAM (wet and messy) that read those posts. I would hope that might increase your sales of wet or messy forfeits. It has been so long since I first found your site, but I may have found it from a post on UMD.net that showed an early messy forfeit. My memory is foggy, but I think one of your fans posted it.

One of my early VHS tape buying finds was the compilation of wet t-shirt contest. I enjoyed seeing the shy players that would give in to the cheers and doff their top or stayed shy throughout. So I have always been attracted to "amateur" players. I bought your wet t-shirt video a while back. It was good and featured two of my favorite players.

A long time fan of your tamer videos. Have never bought a hardcore, but that could change if an amateur I would be cheering for to loose actually looses. No girl / girl content (I know I am different than most guys) and no toys involved are my tastes.

Your suggestions for loosers in the game I suggested earlier in this post are nice. I was probably making my suggestions based on my more soft tastes.

Old Man

OD 99x said...

Speaking of Kat, How about releasing that Bet Your Ass on DVD. I think that even pros are ENF when there is a studio full of strangers. BTW Still my Fav Porn Site, it has different strokes for differnt folks. Happy Holidays.

dave35 said...

I would like a game of earth wind and fire with 2 girls and 1 guy maybe they would team up on him force an orgasm or he would only get one of them naked still could be fun to watch

Johnny said...

@Jeff - I noticed that "regular guy" thing. This last summer a lady I had a date with wanted to meet at a gay bar. She doesn't like homophobes. Neither do I so I was happy to meet her there. I was very surprised at the posters and video images on the walls. I expected a lot of Abercrombie and Fitch type models but it was really just a bunch of regular dudes. It was an interesting perspective on an unfamiliar culture.

@OD 99X - DVD? Would you settle for having the scenes released in digital format? DVD has physical products and shipping costs as well as having lower resolution. I'm in favor of releasing the YBYA stuff as well, but DVD?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm late to the party, but here's my 2 cents...

ENF is some of the best content out there, imho, and Lost Best is the cream of that crop!

But, for me, the main draw is some level of embarrassment and/or defiance from the loser and a good, believable rapport between contestants. That doesn't necessarily mean soft- or hard-core, though I personally prefer when things lean towards the latter. I enjoy when an orgasm is involved. :)

So examples that very well reflect MY tastes are episodes such as 114, 151, 204 and most especially 38, 43,73 - with 292's forfeit maybe being the hottest thing on the internet. lol More recently, 336 340 and 436 were also very good.


OD 99x said...

Johnny, I know there was some issues with YBYA being released on-line so Red had mentioned possible releaseing it on a DVD. I'd prefer fo it to be online. BTW your xX had two of the best fofeits becasue you could tell she really didn't want to do them, Getting waxed and going down on Zayda. More forfeits that bgirls don't really want to do

Johnny said...

@OD 99x - I know, weren't those awesome?! The going down on Zayda one (161) specifically I have fond memories of. Red, Dante some models and I were upstairs in a house filming another video while Zayda and my xX were sorting out their very high stakes game downstairs. Amber felt that intensely about the bet and not wanting to do it; she didn't want to have anyone else watching, and this is a woman who once blew me on stage in front of an audience (YBYA - 107). She is NOT into girls and really didn't want to lose.

Amber's anguished cry from below let us know the outcome. It was a priceless moment.

Re: YBYA, The Lost Files - I'll chat with Red and see what the hold-up is. There's probably a good reason for the delay. I've probably even heard the reason a handful of times before but I forget about these sorts of details fairly easily.

@DM - speaking of priceless moments, 292 was one of the most incredible moments of tenderness and intimacy I've ever witnessed. We were breathless and still as the more experienced girl introduced the one who hadn't been with another women (I think she might not have ever had an orgasm from oral sex before too but I'm not 100% on that) to a clearly mind-blowing new experience. For a few intense minutes the rest of us weren't even there. The girls forgot all about us and we forgot all about ourselves just staring at the moment we were sharing. The moment after the girl came the only sound you could hear was her soft breathing and gentle loving words to the other girl. I was in awe.

Johnny said...

I honestly feel privileged to have shared that moment in those ladies' lives.

Anonymous said...

Love the hardcore scenes, especially the harder stuff. Those have generally been the ones I've purchased.

Would like to see more pushing limits -- but I understand that's different for each model, and in a lot of cases they need a few softcore scenes to be comfortable filming first.

I'd like to see some longer-term forfeits, like wearing chastity belt/plugs or being a sex slave for a certain period of time. But that might not be realistic from a timing perspective.

Red said...

@PSYP: I was working on such a site once. It was actually pretty cool but I got distracted and sort of abandoned it. I should resurrect it. It indexed games, players, episodes, and forfeits, and linked them together. For each episode, it would show (if you wanted spoilers) not only who won but the final clothing state of each player. It didn’t show what each player’s limits were, but that’s a good idea, and if/when I bring it back, I’ll add it.

The data file I was using is now woefully out of date, ending at Episode 280 (18 May 2012). The daunting task of bringing the file up to date may be part of what’s kept me from re-engaging in the project. I’ve been thinking about solving this problem by putting the file up on GitHub or somewhere and inviting fans to fill in the gaps.

Also, I want to join the chorus praising your choice of handle. Hope you don’t mind me calling you PSYP.

@LSD: Duly noted, and thanks for the input.

@shredder: And somewhere between “art model” and “porn model” is “fetish model”, which I think a number of our players would self-identify as. But it’s not like there are bright-line divisions between the categories, and the distinction seems unimportant for LostBets purposes anyway. A player can call herself whatever she wants -- art model, fetish model, porn model, ballerina -- but as long as she’s willing to gamble her clothing and look good doing it, she’s okay in my book. (And I’m pretty flexible on that second part.) But I do think the distinction between girls who’ve been naked on camera before LostBets.com and girls who have not is important. (For the record, I’ve never knowingly lied about whether a player was a video virgin and never will. Although I suppose that if I were willing to lie about a player being a VV I’d probably also be willing to lie about lying about a player being a VV, so my word here may not mean much.) I’m very happy with he number and quality of VVs we’ve managed to recruit, and judging from your list of favorites, so are you.

I can see about getting Dahlia, Fern, and Salem together, but unless things have changed since I saw them last, a waxing forfeit would be pretty pointless in for at least some of them.

Red said...

@Jack: You’re right, you didn’t say that what we’ve been doing was “not lostbets.com.” I mischaracterized what you’d said.

I still don’t see LostBets.com’s current direction as being the road to “mainstream porn.” Hardcore or softcore, LostBets.com still caters to a niche market, and clips like 443 sell well not because mainstream audiences buy them, but because LostBets fans buy them. If people just wanted to see was two guys fucking two girls, there are a whole lot of alternatives with higher production values and lower price. There are literally tens of thousands of studios on Clips4Sale.com and elsewhere selling mainstream porn, and most of them sell nothing.

I hope you don’t mind me disagreeing with you on this. Believe me, I care very much about your opinion, and the opinions of those who’ve agreed with you. You’ve all reminded me of some important things and given me some useful advice on ways to materially improve our content. The accusation that I’m abandoning my early fans, frankly, hurts.

@Johnny: Thanks for the defense. LostBets.com was, is, and hopefully always will be a labor of love.

@MC: Thanks for the input, and for the vote of confidence. And yup, there are way more video virgins than there were in the early days.

@GWKS: You too, man. Thanks, your words mean a lot. Color correction is an area where we haven’t always been up to par but we’ve been trying to improve it recently.

Again, though, Jack has some good points and some valid concerns, and he’s not alone.

@K: Yeah, that’s along the lines of what I was thinking. Hardcore and ENF don’t have to be incompatible. And the ENF aspects of the site, for softcore and hardcore both, could definitely stand some improvement, and some of our early ENF classics should inspire us. As for the ILAMC promos, yeah. I forget to do them way too often.

@SP: Pre-game discussions will be helpful, but lively conversation during the games is one area where I don’t think we’ve lapsed since the early days. Sure, there are a few girls who are quiet and don’t really get into it and don’t say much, but we’ve always had those, and heard some damn snappy dialogue lately. By the way, where did you and @GWKS get the idea that we shoot with 11 cameras? Eight. Eight, and sometimes nine. I don’t want to take credit for being more over-the-top than we are.

@m: Thanks, good advice. Would you mind listing some of your favorite girls? If we get Fern back, I’ll be sure to get her in some POVs.

This is all I have the energy to write at the moment. I’ll get to the others later…

Anonymous said...

@Johnny: Very cool to hear that you're an open-minded guy. Makes me enjoy your videos that much more! :)

- Jeff

Anonymous said...

Another gay male fan here, just echoing what others have said - I'm very into ENM (and CMNM/CFNM) and there really isn't any other site producing quality, non-scripted content of that variety. I only buy the games where men are participating in the strip games (and generally, only ones where they lose) - but that's actually a pretty decent number of videos! Really looking forward to seeing guys continue to risk forfeits on here. And just for the record, I've enjoyed basically all of your male players who've lost - and I've especially enjoyed when great female players (like Tobi and Candle) enjoy taunting them.

Obviously, forced bi would be especially appealing - as would any forfeit that the male players really wanted to avoid - but seriously, just games where men are involved and risking a loss are exciting to me.

Really great stuff, Red. Keep up the fantastic work!


Anonymous said...

1. How about a guessing game with girls blinded and having to guess which cock belongs to which bloke

2. Some kind of punishment wheel where the forfeit is spun for - they don't know what it will be

3. More couple games - especially ones where guys compete with girlfriends facing punishment

Sophia said...

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