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Friday, January 23, 2015

Reset button

It's happened a couple of times over the years. I neglect the blog and email for awhile, which causes unanswered comments to pile up, which makes the task of answering them all the more daunting, which leads me to neglect the blog for awhile longer, which causes more unanswered comments to pile up, which makes tackling them even more daunting, which... you get the idea. Probably most people have strategies for coping with this situation, but I do not, so when it arises I have an unfortunate tendency to just go dark and ignore everything for awhile. Most likely it's at least partially thanks to a touch of ADHD. (Long-timers are probably used to it by now.)

The way out is Comment Bankruptcy, which I think I've declared twice (or maybe three times) before. I'm deeply sorry to those who took the time to write in, but I can't focus my attention any blog comments prior to this post. Comments to this post and beyond will be answered as quickly as I can get to them. I apologize to (and am grateful to) anyone who was worried about me or about the future of LostBets.com. I'm fine, aside from having a few screws loose, and LostBets.com will continue for as long as it can.

The repeated POV, by the way, was due to an entirely different problem: a network hardware failure that caused the computer that was rendering P048 to crash hard. P048 is up now, for those who've been waiting for it. Also, P048 marks the end of publishing POVs in standard definition. It's 2015, and just about everything can handle 720p. It's time to start phasing out the older, lower-quality standards.

This week, enjoy the return of Bella and Sharron, and a new game involving slapping, and a forfeit involving one exciting Sybian ride. That's Episode 448. There's already been a video promo for Episode 449, featuring Tobi vs. long-lost Penny. Episode 450 pits pale cutie Dakota and living anime girl Mina against newcomer Brad in our first co-ed game of Magnitude/Earth and Fire. Loser gets leashed and humiliated in front of a bunch of happy spectators. No video promo for that one, since there's hardly any footage that doesn't involve nudity.

No video promos (or even still shots) of the episodes after that yet, but 451 marks the return of Amanda and Kandii in another game with a Sybian forfeit, and then, ah, then comes Episode 452. Three of our spunkiest, most competitive, most outgoing, and sexiest girls face off: Tobi, Penny, and Sinn (formerly known as Cyndi.) The losers undergo a very public naked forfeit, with dozens of onlookers cheering at their nudity. 

Then comes Episode 453, which is another Sybian forfeit with Catherine vs. Angel. The girls compete to see who can do the most consecutive jumprope jumps, with the loser stripping. Fan Faithofheart recently asked on the blog if Catherine would ever ride a Sybian here. We'll find out.

That'll bring us to Episode 454, which will be published on March 6, which is close enough to March 8, LostBets.com's birthday. And 454 is a birthday-themed episode, with a birthday-themed forfeit, which also happens to fulfill a longstanding request from Ravenfan. Thanks for waiting, bud, and I hope you like it.

For you POV fans, take a gander at what's coming there in the next couple of weeks. All new material, I promise.


Anonymous said...

Ever consider having an episode of just your fans competing, no models? That would be fun.

RS said...

I'm very glad indeed to read that #450 involves happy spectators. (It would be terrible if they were sad spectators!) I imagine it can be embarrassing enough to be naked and humiliated in front of the LostBets crew, but I suspect it's easier to block the crew out than it is to block out a fully dressed audience who's there just to ogle your naked flesh and cheer on your humiliation. Awesome!

RS said...

Per Anonymous' suggestion of getting fans to play: I imagine a lot of fans would love to play, but only if the cameras aren't rolling. Getting them to play on camera would be awesome, but harder to arrange.

Andrew Breckler said...

I made a post at christmas That never got answered so I will repost it here.
I have an idea that can be used to add a little spice to any game, preferable ones with four or more players. Have the loser of each and every round either spin the wheel of torment, or draw a piece of paper from a bowl. If drawn from a bowl they put it back after reading it. Then they do the forfeit, which yes can be removing another piece of clothing. If you use a bowl it can have forfeits even players that have tight limits would still do, like hug the player on there right. Another forfeit suggestion is masturbate for 30 seconds.

Johnny said...

@Andrew Breckler: If I'm reading your suggestion right, you would like more games involving four or more players. The games should have reusable mini-forfeits like the wheel of torment or drawing mini-forfeits from a hat. Forfeits that are quick and semi-awkward would seem to be your preference.

Am I correct? I'm trying to distill your post down to a feasible concept we can aim for for you. None of the individual ideas is new to our productions so I want to be sure I understand the mix you are looking for so we can at least try and work it into the production line.

Johnny said...

@RS Re: Episode 450 - Yeah, the loser ended up getting a bit more public attention then they bargained for. It was fairly awesome.

@Anon 1:06 First Please Sign Your Posts of 20015 (I think, I'm probably wrong), and RS: Re: Fan Games. RS is essentially correct. We're all about having fans be a part of the games, but reluctance to appear on camera is a very common issue. We've never made a solid effort to recruit an all Lost Bets Fan game though, so maybe it's worth a shot. Any interested fans please do let us know. Especially if you happen to be in the continental United States.

Red said...

So I fired up the browser and thought, "Oh, geez. Six comments already?" Then I saw that two were from Johnny and one was a postscript. Okay, manageable.

@Anon 1:06 (please sign your posts): I'd definitely be open to having fans as players, but since the audience is (I assume) overwhelmingly male, a fans-only game might be a bit of a sausage fest. We generally only take male players if they come with a female.

@RS: Most of the spectators were old friendfs who were staying in the same hotel, and they sure got a kick out of seeing the naked loser brought in on a leash. As for getting fans to play on camera, well, that'd depend on how daring they were. I'd be willing to allow players to wear masks. (I did have a masked girl on camera once, in Episode 178).

@Andrew: Thanks, that's an interesting idea. For it to work, either the game would have to be very fast-paced, or the players would have to be wearing very little clothing to begin, or we'd have to redo the spaces on the Wheel to increase the number of "Strip" spaces, because otherwise it could take very long.

@Johnny: "Continental United States" is pretty broad. We're in the Seattle area, and anyone who wants to be in a game would be responsible for their own transportation.

Johnny said...

@Red: I know, but I figured that was a good start for narrowing it down. We get to Florida once in a while.

Anonymous said...

You deserve your reset. Couple of quick comments and a question.

Sharron and Bella are hot. Their last game was amazing. It is worthy of full review soon.

One of my top 3 clips all-time was Raven in 133 (nearly 5 years ago)being lead nude to an unseen party on the leash. So you made that happen in 450? May you live a 1000 years.

Finally, you teased Rachel. I need to put an approximate date on my calendar when I'll get to see those beautiful breasts again.


Red said...

@Krycek: Thanks, I'm glad you like Bella and Sharron. 448 is unfortunately the last I've got of Bella, but Sharron will be appearing in three more games this year.

The gathering in Episode 450 might be a bit small to be called a party, but it was close.

I just put the first game of Rachel (of two she played in) on the schedule at Episode 456. That'll be March 20. Sorry for the long wait, but those boobs are totally worth it.

I'm not sure I'd actually want to live a thousand years, but I do appreciate the sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Mina's super-cute, I'm hoping there's more of her to come?


Red said...

@N: Indeed. She'll also be in Episode 456 (March 13) and in two other episodes that aren't scheduled yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
I think the waxing was the best forfeit ever. But it is not necessary to wax armpits too pussy and asshole is enough.
You could give a naked loser give the choice to get an extra chance by using the bexrule or even get 2 extra chances by waxing her pussy.
Therefore you could ask a nude looser "forfeit, bex, or waxrule"
If waxing is chosen the girl gets one article of clothing back after waxing.

Please give waxing another chance.
A loosing girl could be part of a game.
She has to stand idle braless her hands tied up behind her back with one bell hanging on a cord which ends are selotaped to her nipples. She must shake her boobs to make the bell ring.
Some blindfolded players have to search the bell in the room and get the bell from her body.
Who gets the bell can choose an opponent to remove an article of clothing.
Then the girl with the bell searches another place where she stands idle the bell is attached new and the next round starts.

You could also play this as a game with two couples, where the boyfriends take turns in getting a bell from their girlfriends while the time is taken. The boy who had the shorter time wins and removes one article of clothing from the other boys girl.
You could also play this with three girls one gets a bell hanging on a necklace. The other two get blindfolded. The girls are only allowed to move on allfoursA loosing girl could be part of a game.
She has to stand idle braless her hands tied up behind her back with one bell hanging on a cord which ends are selotaped to her nipples. She must shake her boobs to make the bell ring.
Some blindfolded players have to search the bell in the room and get the bell from her body.
Who gets the bell can choose an opponent to remove an article of clothing.
Then the girl with the bell searches another place where she stands idle the bell is attached new and the next round starts.

You could also play this as a game with two couples, where the boyfriends take turns in getting a bell from their girlfriends while the time is taken. The boy who had the shorter time wins and removes one article of clothing from the other boys girl.
You could also play this with one player having the bell on an a necklace while the others are blind. All players are only allowed to crawl on their knees. Touching the girl with the bell means you can choose one player ti strip. Each minute the girl wuth the necklace stays untouched she can strip one opponent. Who touches the girl with the bell gets the necklace and is now hunted. Would be fun viewing nude girls crawling on their knees.
Please answer to my suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Two nude girls are given 1minute to cover their bodies with as much toilet paper(thun paper) as they can. Then you give them squirtguns and they shoot at each other trying to destroy the paper on the opponent. First girl without paper arond her body looses. She gets tied up in the stockade. Then we stay at the squirtguntheme. The winning girl shoots 20 times at her asshole with a squirtgun. Like on a shooting gallery you count how often she hitted the hole. For each hit a buzzer is set one minute higher. After the shooting she is allowed to do whatever she wants with the looser for the buzzer time. So if she had 20 hits the looser is hers for the next 20 minutes. With 5hits only 5minutes.


Anonymous said...

Hello Red, it was very nice to talk with you but if you finally give me an answer I have given you now already 3 messages last wrote is now been 4 weeks late. I imagined it differently I hope for a reply if you've ever read my three messages already. Thats not polite thats just very poor after great beginning. Yours sincerely Marco

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered "butt plug of war" as a forfeit? For games with 3 girls that have 2 losers it would work perfect. Just tie 2 butt plugs together with a few feet of string/fishing line and insert one into each of the losers asses. The losers must get on their hands and knees, facing opposite directions and try to crawl away from each other, clenching as tight as possible. Whichever girl lets her plug slip out is the ultimate loser and must suffer an additional forfeit like masturbation or spanking.

Anonymous said...

Red I need a way to contact you I've previously made clips for you an I'm interested in making more I also have a partner whose interested as well, but I've searched your site backwards an I don't know how to get in touch with you to make more...for now ill remain anonymous. But please if you can get back to me I'd appreciate it much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Have you ever thought about doing more (any?) "winner take all"-style games where all the girls are fully dressed and only the loser(s) have to strip. You've done a great job catering to all corners of our perverted little world but I think there's still a lot more to explore in CFNF. And I think this would be a great "orientation" game type for genuine first-timers.


Anonymous said...

I think you should give strip poker a try. It still is the most classic strip game.

I think that there is a way to make it work. Just play Texas Hold'em. Use chips for betting (1 chip = 1 piece of clothing).

Than have each girl pay an ante for every round and take one or two of these chips out of the game (!).

This assures that girls have to bet. Moreover the total number of chips and thereby the total number of clothes keeps decreasing.

(For example if you have 5 girls with 12 chips and you take two chips out of the game every round, the maximum number of rounds is 30.)

Have the girls bet like normal poker. The winner gets the chips. The losers have to strip so that the number of chips equals the number of clothes. Then play on until two girls are naked.

As for clothes. You want the girls to wear many items. The best outfits are probably those burlesque outfits with many useless items.

You could have for example the following 12 items (in stripping order):
- hat
- necklace
- top
- skirt
- high heels
- (underbust) corset
- garter-belt
- thigh-highs
- bra
- slip
- pasties
- micro-string

Last but not least. It's poker. The winners should be rewarded. Pay the girls a bonus for each item they have left in the end!


Unknown said...

Oi tenho uma produdora no Brasil e gostaria muito de enviar filmes para vocês.... Qual o e-mail de contato de vocês?
o meu é jferreiraecia@gmail.com

Johnny said...

@jferreiraecia: Nenhum de nós falar Portugeuse . Eu tive que usar um tradutor para entender sua mensagem. Você pode enviar um email para red@lostbets.com ou Johnny@lostbets.com

Johnny said...

Americanos raramente sabem mais línguas além do Inglês, e nós não estamos particularmente bom com Inglês também.

Johnny said...

How about them language translating web services? Pretty snazzy stuff. I know zero Portuguese personally.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it'll be anything you'd be interested in, but there's a fiesta drinking game that might work out for the site called Konpira funefune.


Also, I'd love to see Mina risk a dreamlike, if she's willing.


Anonymous said...

Autocorrect changed that to fiesta - it should have been geisha. Sorry about that.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back, Red. Any girl vs guy 1v1 coming up?


Jack said...

@Johnny: great work ;-)
And for the difference: As a European knowing at least a little Italian and Spanish it was possible for me to understand the answers.
By the way: After just returning from the States I have to say that many Americans know other languages. Like Spanish or Chinese. But these Americans do know very little English. At least in some parts of Miami and New York I thought my English was better than that of many people around me...

Back to topic:
I still would like to see a game where girls with stricter sexual limits play a game with physical tough forfeit(s) they would like to avoid. Like really hard spankings, getting naked into the snow (too bad you're not in NYC right now...), ice cold showers or some kind of exhausting physical work (lift five boxes with beer cans up to the 10th floor etc.)
Then give the losers a chance to stay in the game. Instead of losing another garment (which they don't have) they can do extra-levels like "open your legs", "show pink", "masturbate for a minute" or "give Johnny a blowjob". If the girl wants to stay in the game she might even stretch her limits. If not she is simply a loser (and we all get to know reactions when she is confronted with her limits).

RS said...

I love watching naked in the snow forfeits (like Episode 263). Maybe because I imagine the cold snow would be uncomfortable enough that even exhibitionists who love to lose would try to avoid losing games where being naked in the snow was on the line.

Johnny said...

@Jack: You're a good man, Jack. Nice suggestions buddy! However I have recently acquired myself a girlfriend who isn't the sharing variety so my involvement in the games will be extremely limited or non-existent for the near future. I still appear in at least one game in the footage we have yet to release so I'll be back briefly, but for the most part I'll leave it to these young fellas like Dante and his buddies. Plus that cat Jay who is appearing in one of our upcoming videos was awesome too so I'll go easily into my semi-retirement as an adult actor and you guys will still be in good hands. We'll just make the forfeit to have to give Dante or Jay a Bj instead.

@RS and Jack: I think we've passed any chance of snow in our area for the season and we're not likely to travel to the east coast during this unfortunate streak of heavy weather they seem to be experiencing. When we can safely get some snow footage we will be happy to do so. It might be a while though.

Anonymous said...

I don't like all these nasty hardcore forfeits - I wish you had more medium-to-gentler stuff like you used to do.

P.S. If you still need a name for the "69 Triangle", may I recommend "Love Triangle"?

Anonymous said...

That also should have been "creampie" in my last post, not dreamlike.

My autocorrect is obviously a prude.


Johnny said...

@ Beatrice. - We'd love to have Mina back again and hopefully will. I don't know if she's up for a creampie but Red can always try his smooth talking routine.

Johnny said...

@AL - So far no boy vs girl 1v1 games are on the production list. I can't remember if we have any games like that in the can or if we'd need to film one. I'll look into it.

Johnny said...

@Luca - Strip Poker could work with enough articles of clothing. The only issue I can see is that often people aren't sure how to play, which can make for a poor game.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to give us an update on the pov for this week?


seoexpert said...

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