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Friday, March 27, 2015

Rock Paper Scissors Shoe

At least, that's what Dakota seems to think the game's called in today's Episode 457. That's what she says as she prepares to throw, anyway. I think she means to say "Rock Paper Scissors Shoot!" but it sure sounds like Shoe to me. She takes on Lela, so we've got two extremely fun girls facing off head-to-head. Oral sex for the winner, a prize both girls would eagerly like to get.

New promo this week. Last week's episode featured Lizzy and Rachel, who proved popular. Well, they're back in Episode 460 along with Candle, who's a player this time and not just a domme.

They play Strip High Card, except instead of the highest card winning and the lowest card stripping, the highest card loses a piece of clothing. (We didn't tell them to play it that way, they just took it upon themselves. It's the misère version.) The two losers have to spread waaaaay open wide on the couch and have their vajayjays made up and decorated, so they can perform a puppet show with them. It turned out pretty hilarious. 

Coming up in POV land, a couple of new girls. This Wednesday, Ember (not the same Ember as appeared in Episodes 253, 260, and 267) risks having to perform oral sex on a vegerable in P060. The next week, cute LeAnne risks masturbating, in a game with multiple outcomes. LeAnne's great. I gotta see if I can get her for the main LostBets.com site.


Anonymous said...

i'm really liking the idea of brother-sister games discussed in the previous thread. no sex, of course, but a spanking forfeit would be fun to watch, or posing.

maybe two couples, who play against each other? or two brothers play with their sisters on the line? that second part may not be too hard to recruit. find girls willing to play (thats easy enough), and ask if they have a brother they'd be willing to bring along.

also, looking forward to seeing amateurs again. hopefully, soon.


Brad said...

I also find this idea extremely exciting and I would be happy to pay a lot for this kind of embarrassment videos, but I think it would be too hard to find real couples of brothers and sisters willing to play. There's a high risk to waiting a long time and players could be not cute. Perhaps it would be better to find cute couples and use the imagination. In any case, the idea of boys and girls playing together is what we really want to see in embarrassment videos. It should theoretically be easier to realize than any porn video because no sexual act is necessary.

Anonymous said...

Based off the screencaps alone, the next two POV clips look like instant buys.


Anonymous said...

Hey red speaking of people getting away, Savannah never had any forfeits. Doesn't seem right. Any chance you can get her back.

Also I love the multiple part games. Feels nice to have a running story.

Last I still hope to see mini forfiet in strip memory. Give the puller the instant ability to take that action. Wedgie, pie in the face, spanking could all be cards. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I see something is gone wrong with POV updates.
P055a/b was Leah (correct)
P056 were Skyye and Phoenix (correct)
P057 was Carmen (correct)

Then it was a mess. U said "This Wednesday, Ember (not the same Ember as appeared in Episodes 253, 260, and 267) risks having to perform oral sex on a vegerable in P060."

Instead there is Fiona plays Strip Red-Black against you (p58).

What will be p59? There aren't any news...


Anonymous said...

Paulie is right.

And listen! I'm telling you, to celebrate the greatest looking fucking motion picture ever, which is to say Mad Max Fury Road, do it Thunderdome style.

Two men enter, one man leaves!

But do it with like, four players, and play three games, each with a hardcore forfeit like gangbang or a single fuck or whatever, and only one escapes.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

the evet best was Locked in Stockade Buttplug and forced orgasm by hitachi while she is in the stockade

Bammy said...

Hey there I was wondering if Fern was going to come back and do some shoots. She was pretty hot on the Sybian!