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Friday, April 24, 2015

Back on the cross

Today's Episode 461 brings back three of my favorite things: Isobel, Catherine, and our LostBets.com St. Andrew's Cross, along with something new for the forfeit. 

Next week marks the beginning of Maykota, which is now officially Mostly Maykota. I both overestimated the number of episodes with Dakota I had available and underestimated the number of Fridays in May. This means that Episode 466, to be published on 29 May, will not in fact feature Dakota.

Instead, the last Maykota episode will be 22 May's Episode 465.

Last time we saw Dakota with Brad, she and Mina were humiliating him in Episode 450. Now he's out for revenge, and either Dakota is going to have to use her vagina to put on a puppet show or Brad will look even more ridiculous with his dong all prettied up.

Then the last weekend in May brings the aforementioned Dakotaless Episode 466:

This was a hell of a group. Kym is always a blast, and she's one of those girls (like Ashley and Candle) who automatically makes every episode she's in kick ass by infecting the other players with her exuberance. Kimmy is a relative newcomer but she's off to a strong start. And this episode introduces two new girls: bleached-blonde big-breasted Scarlett, and Crystal, who has red hair and glasses, two of my favorite things. The loser of this Queen-of-the-Hill game of Rock-Paper-Scissors is tied down to a bed while the three winners have their way with her. 

On into June for Episode 467:

It's Kimmy again, with three different players. There's diminutive Lilly, who has only appeared on the POV site in Episode P033, here for her first game against other players. There's Savannah, who has only been in two other episodfes, 396 and 410, and didn't lose either one. And there's Bob, whose defeat in Episode 277 got him screwed in a very uncomfortable place, and I'm not talking about the back of a Volkswagen. He's risking that again, as the two winners of this game get to do whatever they want to the two losers, and all three of these girls would love to make Bob endure that humiliation.

Finally, coming up in POVs:

Becky plays a new game Strip "From-the-Hat", which Lily came up with as an experiment. I don't think the experiment was entirely a success, and I don't know if we'll use the game again, but it makes for an entertaining vid.


Anonymous said...

Excited for the preview of 467. I hope Savanah loses. That being said I would love to see a database of records and what they risked. Could lead to a tournament of champions style thing. Obviously it would be a scheduling nightmare. Keep up the good work.

Is there anyone else out there who has never lost?


Zeo said...

Hi Red,
Continuing on from our posts from last week, regarding the remake of episode 71 - You Bet your Bush.
I mostly enjoyed the idea of the girls losing their bush. But the various games were a great tease as each girl got to lose some clothing before a loser was declared.
As we know that all 3 girls of that episode did lose their bush's at some stage, not all at once. Would like to see some willing volunteers risking their bush for a remake episode.
Pity to hear about Aurianna not being able to return, but that is some of consequences we must face.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I've got two forfeit ideas for you that I'd love to see, and don't think have been done:
* Loser is tied down, blindfolded, and screwed by an unknown man. (That is, he is brought into the room after she is blindfolded -- so she has no idea who it is.) Or if not screwed, then grouped or some such.
* Two losers (preferably straight) are directed in a porno scene. That is, they have to act out lesbian sex under the direction of a third person (telling them specific what to do to each other).


Brad said...

Hi Red, I can't wait to see boys and girls embarrassed together in a same episode. Did you find any cute boy willing to play?

Anonymous said...

I second Brad's motion. Especially if they are a cutsie
lovey dovey couple.


Red said...

@Blue: I hope you like 467, although I won't spoil whether Savannah loses. But win or lose, we haven't seen the last of her. As for the database, I'm planning to restart that project in late May. Stay tuned.

@Zeo: The reason I ask is that we do have other episodes where girls lose their pubic hair. Since the institution of the Bex Rule, losing one's bush has become incidental, so it may not work as well as a standalone forfeit. (Waxing, on the other hand, is still something we gotta do again someday.)

@Al: I like both of the ideas. It may be a little tricky to conceal the identity of the guy but we can probably do it. And if we've got the right players, the direct-a-porno forfeit could be really great.

@Brad and @K: We don't have any games currently on film that feature boys we haven't seen before, but I'm working to recruit some new ones. Girls too. And couples, if we can find some.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, whatever happened to lostbeta.com?


Brad said...

Yes please, try to do it. I'm waiting impatiently for your news.

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with Brad and K. I'm here for the chicks, so I don't care greatly who the guys are. But I do think that some of the frequently recurring male actors (Flynt, Bob, etc.) give the videos a pretty porny vibe that sometimes detracts from the amateur feel of the videos. The Madison/James basketball video is a good example of a video that still feels pretty "amateur" despite being a semi-hardcore m/f scene. I think that's the type of content a lot of the audience values.

Speaking of amateurs: any progress getting Jasmine and/or Fern back?


Anonymous said...

Any more of Fern?


Anonymous said...

MC: the problem for Red is finding enough amateurs who will do hardcore. its the hardcore that pays the bills on this site.

as it is, it takes several 'cycles' of low limits before an amateur is willing to expand her horizons, if she will at all. :(

and i second that Fern request, too.


Anonymous said...

Shredder - I don't think you and I disagree at all. I didn't mean my initial comment as a criticism of Red's content. I think he does a great job, and I'm not a critic of the more hardcore direction this site has taken over the last two years or so. I meant my comment as a mere expression of preference--understanding, though, that just because I and others really enjoy the amateur hardcore content doesn't mean it's easy for Red to find and produce.


Anonymous said...

MC- yer right. we dont disagree at all. i dont buy the pro stuff, not at all, but enough people do to keep Red's bills paid while he seeks the amateur stuff we (and he) prefer.

i wish it was more often, though.


Brad said...

Yes, you're right. But his store on clips4sale is under the "embarrassment" category and there are many people who would like to see boys and girls embarrassed together, because this kind of content is still quite rare on the net. There is no need of sexual acts and hardcore scenes, only nudity and simple embarrassment between boys and girls players.

Red said...

@Joseph: That's the project that's been stalled for awhile but I'm hoping to reanimate later this month.

@Brad: I'll do what I can.

@MC: It's true we've had fewer amateurs in the last few months but I'm hoping to fix that in the extremely near future. I'll post promos of the new players when I've got 'em.

@MC and @Emale and @shredder: I've contacted Fern and asked if she'd be interested in more games, and she said "maybe." I'll keep asking her.

@shredder: Sometimes it does take several iterations before an amateur is willing to do hardcore. Julie is the quintessential example, of course. It took Sassy quite awhile to get to hardcore, too. But not always. Bextobi, Sheri, Zahara, Piper, Keenly, Angela, Jasmine, these are all pure amateurs on film for the first time ever who were willing to risk at least girl-girl sex right out of the gate. Some were even willing to risk hardcore their first times, and those that weren't, were after some persuasion. It seems easier these days to get young women to bet their bodies. I blame the terrible job market.

@JS: Do you mean Ashley, or Ashlyn? Ashley, I'm sorry to say, is unlikely to return. She's got a good job on the other side of the camera now and she has (I believe) retired from modeling. Ashlyn, on the other hand, will return quite soon, although she did not bet her ass. I'll see if she'd be interested in making such a wager.

Red said...

@Brad: You're right that there's been a dearth of embarrassment lately. We haven't shot at all in several months now (had other stuff on my mind, and had a huge backlog of material to publish) and now that we're ramping up to shoot again I'll try to find some amateurs to embarrass of both genders.