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Friday, May 22, 2015

Promo a-gogo

Today's Episode 465 is a sort-of followup to 450, wherein Brad suffered a humiliating experience at the hands of Dakota and Mina, and now seeks revenge. Check it out.

I've admittedly been a bit out of it lately and haven't had much to say on this blog. To make up for it a little bit, I'm making available a Lost Bets Promo Pack, featuring all the I Lost All My Clothes promos I could find, plus some miscellaneous stuff, including some that has never been seen before. For example, there's a clip of every single "SUP!" uttered by Belle during her first shoot with LostBets.com. Download and enjoy. Feel free to share. Post wherever you'd like.

Speaking of promos, there's one available for Episode 469, but as it involves spoilers for as-yet unpublished Episode 466, I can't publish it yet. Here's an image, at least:

Buncha POVs coming up. Here's a peek:


Anonymous said...

I like the interviews. You should do more of them. I also think it would be fun to have returning players relive past embarrassments.


Anonymous said...

Game idea two nude losers must hop on hop balls. The clue is that on each space hopper there is fixed a remote controlled dildo. The girls sit down on the balls putting the dildo between their huhahas. Then the dildos are switched on by remote and they must bounce. The hopping makes the stimulation stronger. So it would be fun viewing how long they can concentrate on their sport.
First girl who stops hopping looses and gets another forfeit(think the winner could go on her titties after her pussy had enough stress for the day. therefore she could use toys like vacuum pumps or clamps or clamps with weights).
Would be even more fun with two big breasted girls seeing their titties bounce would add extra fun.
What do you think?

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say "thanks" for the promo pack - that was a lot of fun, and I'm thrilled to have those clips now stored on my hard drive. The only one I'm aware of that seems to be missing is the Rock-Paper-Scissors game between the two Dakotas, one of whom became known on-site as "Brooklyn" after losing. Getting the clip of Julie before the party was a special treat.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

win zip wants me to buy their program to open the promo pack, so i'll pass on that.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to support Tickler from the prior blog entry, and one up his suggestion, which was quite hot.

I'd love to see two girls, tied down, tickled each by a guy. The winner is the girl who can hold out longest without begging the tickling torment to stop.

That girl gets dominated and fucked by the winner and the two guys.

That, I think, would be wicked hot!

Thanks for listening.

- JW

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, Is Keenly gone forever? She might be my ATF. -SP

Anonymous said...

Where do Kym's limits end? She always seems to be in the "almost but not quite" hardcore category. Any chance we'll see her go further? 'Cause that would be kind of awesome. Just saying.


Zeo said...

Hi Red,
Enjoying my past collection of downloaded clips to date.
Came across several clips of Lily, and think she would be good to get back again.
Especially as the reference by Amberly in ep 71, as Lily's "Fur Coat" bush.

Anonymous said...

Been away from lost bets for awhile. Scrolling through the episodes published since I was last around, I noticed several new girls such as Kimmy, Judas, Shelby, Molly, Sharron, Bella, and Amanda. Anybody out there got any thoughts on these or any other new girls like which ones are worth going back and checking out and which episodes highlight the new girls best?


Anonymous said...


It's nice to have high-quality versions of the promos. Thanks.


Brian said...

When will older videos be on lostbetsgames.com again? Like #185 Strip no-name between Ashley and Alexis? That's never been posted yet. Up untill october 2015 it's games from the last 2 years.

Anonymous said...

I with Brian on this one - there's 74 games prior to #400 that haven't ever been on the paysite, and only one of those (#397) is on their upcoming schedule. Red, I know you don't run that site, but at least you've got a way to contact whoever does: there's no contact info (at least that non-members have access to) anywhere to be found.

It's been a while since I found your site(s), and I got my start with a membership at the paysite: being able to download that many games was a bargain for a newcomer! Since that time, I've scraped up the money to buy from you anything that I really wanted, which means there hasn't been enough (especially recently) added to the paysite to make it worth another month's membership. Not only that, but with you running double-entries from time to time (like the recently completed Maykota event), the paysite keeps falling further and further behind, building a bigger and bigger backlog.

There's a way to fix this, if you'd pass it on to The Powers That Be: let them spend a few months posting double-updates - one more recent, since that seems to be what's driving the site, *and* one of the older games. Increasing that back-catalog would make it worthwhile for more folks to sign up for a month or two - and of course, we'd do so via your link, so you get your cut - and hopefully, everybody involved makes a bit more money on the deal, with minimal additional effort from either you or lostbetgames.com. The inventory already exists: it just needs to be made available to the buyers.

And yes, I *do* realize that all of the old clips are available, one-at-a-time, directly from you, but the cost effectiveness just isn't there - particularly given how much your production values have improved over the years, and the prices on the individual older clips haven't been reduced to anything even closely resembling "clearance prices". I can't imagine that those older clips are making you any money as things stand - getting the paysite to post them seems a reasonable way to monetize older inventory without going to the expense of burning them on DVDs, as an example.

Think about it, please?


Anonymous said...

Red, do you know if Jelly has done any other shoots with any other sites? Also I assume we have seen the last of her on lost bets unless her boundaries of what she is willing to do in a forfeit increase?


Red said...

@K: Yup. One of the reasons we havne't done more interviews is that, well, we haven't always had Dante, who's naturally good in front of a camera and good with schmoozing. We've attempted interviews with me asking the questions from off-camera, and it just doesn't work as well. I'll try to remember to do more interviews when we've got a smooth schmoozer on the set.

@spacehopper: I definitely like the idea, and I love the idea of doing it with well-endowed women. We did use those hoppers once before (all the way back in Episode 221) and while it's a good episode, the race wasn't as good as it could have been because of the cramped space. I concluded that the hoppers require a lot of room and shouldn't be used until we're outdoors in a field, or maybe in a gym. But just bouncing up and down as part of a forfeit shoudln't take up that much room and it could be worth a try. We'd need to work on the rules a bit, though. What's to stop a girl from hardly bouncing at all, just a bare minimum? She'd get less stimulation and would be better able to hold out and win the game, but it'd be boring to watch. Perhaps it'd work better in reverse: the girls are trying to make themselves cum on the ball, and the first one to have an orgasm wins while the loser suffers additional punishment.

@LSD: Thanks, I'm glad you liked the promo pack. Like I said, I feel pretty bad that I've been neglecting the fans lately and I hope the promo pack makes up for it a little bit. Again, please feel free to share them far and wide, with anyone or any forum or any site you think might appreciate them.

To anyone who liked the promos: I also have all the promos for specific episodes (like the three that will be in the next blog post) but I didn't include them in the pack since they total over 5GB. Let me know if you want them, and if enought people do, I'll upload them.

@shredder: Yeah, I don't blame you, but why bother with WinZip? There are plenty of free tools that can extract from .ZIP files. Newever operating systems can handle the format natively.

@JW: I like it! Do you think the girls should start off naked, and play the game "sudden-death" style, where there's only one round to determine the loser? Or do you think it could work as a more standard stripping game, with each loss costing the loser an article of clothing? I like the idea of the girls gradually losing their clothes and becoming more vulnerable as more skin is exposed but I think it might take a long time.

@SP: I don[t have anything more currently with Keenly, but as far as I know she'd be happy to come back for more. Anyone else want to put in a vote for Keenly? And what would you like to see her having to risk doing?

@J: Last I checked, hardcore boy-girl was out of Kym's comfort zone, but maybe she's changed. I'll ask her.

@Zeo: Lily is wonderful, a really sweet girl, both on camera and in real life. Sadly, she's retired from roles in front of the camera and now does her own shooting. She shot most of the POVs for us. In one of them, she jumped in front of the camera and flashed me her still-furry pussy, but I don't think I can share it.

@Pareto: Welcome back! I hope you get some answers. The girls you named have quite a wide vareiety between them, so accurate recommendations will depend on where your particular tastes lie.

@Dex" Very welcome! Thanks.

@Brian: As @LSD noted, I don't run lostbetsgames.com, but see my response to him below. They certainly have all of the older clips. I'm not sure why they've chosen not to publish them, but again, see below.

Red said...

@LSD: For starters, I'm kind of appalled that they don’t have contact info on their site. I’ll bring that up when I contact them. I’ll also ask about the possibility of doing some double updates. For the record: Maykota was not a double-update month, just a month in which four out of the five updates featured Dakota.

There are good reasons why the membership site is behind the clip store, but you’re right: it’s gotten out of hand and there are too many clips available only on the clip store. Doing a few double-updates to thin the backlog is a very reasonable proposal and I’ll suggest it to The Guy. (I’ll also ask if he minds me using his name, because calling him “the dude who runs lostbetsgames.com” gets cumbersoime.)

@JD: Jelly is pure amateur, a regular girl. I only met her through her fellow amateur friends Lumen and Fern, who I only met because they were friends with my then-intern Casper’s sister. (The sister herself wouldn’t play, which is a crying shame because she is a stunning young woman.) They don’t really move in “porny” circles and they haven’t shot for anyone else that I know of. I can ask.

As for whether Jelly will appear again, difficult question. Jelly is a very strong-willed woman, with definite ideas of her boundaries. This can sometimes make working with her a challenge. You can see her “sort of” I Lost All My Clothes promo in the promo pack, and that’s not the only time she’s unexpectedly said “nope, won’t do that” to what I thought were fairly tame requests. This, coupled with the fact that she’s already done just about everything that’s within her limits, makes it unlikely that we’ll see more of her, but not impossible. If enough people want to see more of her and can think of new things for her to risk doing, I’ll invite her back.

She recently posted on Facebook expressing dire financial need, so maybe now would be a great time to approach her about relaxing those limits a little. But I think that would be evil.