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Friday, June 5, 2015

Familiar faces

I've still been neglecting the blog lately, but if you've been waiting on a reply to the last blog post, I've answered everybody there.

We go hardcore today with Episode 467, with Kimmy returning along with Lilly, making her non-POV debut, Bob, who's had some jubilant victories as well as some very uncomfortable defeats, and Savannah, last seen about a year ago. Of all the players who've maintained perfect winning records here, Savannah is probably the one I've gotten the most requests to bring back. Well, here she is. I was tempted to rig a game to force her to lose, but I resisted the temptation and all of the games she played in (including this one, 471, 475, and one more episodes that's not scheduled yet) were played without rigging, giving her having a fair chance to win. How'd she do? Wait and see.

In the last blog post, I said that I couldn't really promote Episode 469 because it might spoil 466. Well, 466 has been published, so here's a better look at what's coming up.

It's the same crew from 466, and the loser of that game is out for revenge. This is a bit of a long one; Pod Stomp takes forever with four people. I maybe should stop using the game when there are so many players, but the girls are only wearing three garments, one of which is a stylish LostBets.com T-shirt with nothing underneath, and that had to come off first. Made for more time to watch the girls struggling to nimbly stomp the pods with their boobs out and jiggling. 

The week after that, we have 470.

I came up with the game Mogadishu because I wanted something a little more complex than Rock-Paper-Scissors and I didn't like existing five-throw RPS games. (Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock? Seriously?) I tried to make it easy to learn: the throws for Earth-Air-Fire are the same as Rock-Paper-Scissors and they work the same way, with Air eroding Earth, Fire consuming Air, and Earth smothering Fire. But it turns out that this makes a lot of players confused, so I've been trying only to use the game when we've got smart girls. These are smart girls. Man, I love smart girls.  Isobel, my favorite sexy grad student, joins Catherine, who's played in more than a dozen games and lost quite a few. It's fun to embarrass these girls, so I brought back the pussy pump, only with a twist. The loser has to wear a "thighbinder" before she's pumped. It's a strap that wraps around the victim's thighs and goes behind her neck. It forces her to keep her legs held high and spread wide. The loser's swollen pussy will be on very graphic display.

That takes us to the end of June. We'll start off July with Episode 471.

As menioned previously, Savannah is in this one, along with new girl Cherry M. (We already had a Cherry, so we asked her to use an initial.) There to watch, to referee, and to take part in the forfeit (but not to play) is Brad. The original plan is that the loser of the game would be given to Brad to use as he wanted, but the winner turned out to have other ideas. You'll see.


Anonymous said...

Just an FYI Red, lots of spelling and other mistakes in the description for 467. Sounds awesome though!


Red said...

@F: Oy! You had me worried there, but looking it over, the only thing I see is that for some reason Clips4Sale has decided to stop showing apostrophes in clip descriptions. Fixed it (for this one, at least) by replacing the apostrophe with an HTML entity. Are there any other mistakes besides the missingt apostrophes? Shit, I never used to make typos.

Anonymous said...

"The two losers must submit to the two losers" and then just some spacing after periods. No biggie, just letting my inner grammar nazi get the better of me :p


Gade said...

The last sentence of the forfeit mentions "Bob's clock" as well, which is probably a much more niche fetish.

René said...

Any chance of seeing Piper back risking a decent fucking?

Anonymous said...

Is Bob digital or analog?

I'd love to see more Kandie, if she's still available. Her juggleballs forfeit was one of the hottest. Also, I have an idea for an embarrassing, but relatively PG forfeit. Have the loser run errands in sweat pants that are wet in strategic places. Tap water could be used, but the point is that witnesses as passersby with assume the worst.


Anonymous said...

Red, if you ever get around to amateur girls again, i would LOVE to see last weeks forfeit put into practice more (spread eagled to the bed and tickled). of course, the amateurs may not agree to the wand and face sitting, but thats ok.

and a solution to girls with tight limits: maybe, after some negotiating, you could offer a privacy patch (a little stick-on that covers the vagina) like they do in hollywood.


Red said...

@F: There’s no need to apologize for your inner grammar nazi. I’m a bit of a stickler for that sort of thing myself. I think Morgan is going to kill me the next time I reflexively correct her “have went” to “have gone.” Usually I have her proofread the clip descriptions before I publish them but this time she was busy and I foolishly decided to go ahead and publish anyway rather than wait.

@Gade: Gaah! Well, by Rule 34, I’m sure there’s clock porn out there somewhere, and there are people who find it intensely erotic.

@RenĂ©: Didn’t we see Piper get a good fucking in Episode 430? In any case, I don’t think she’s really interested in coming back, but I can try to find out.

@B: I guess he must be analog, because the big hand was pointing straight up. I actually heard from Kandie recently asking if we were planning anything. I’ll give her a call when we plan our next shoot. As for your pseudo-pantswetting forfeit, maybe. I think it could be quite humiliating without stretching the bounds of a girl who’s not willing to go too far but it feels like something’s missing and it could be better somehow. Hmmm.

@shredder, I’d love to use that forfeit more, and I will. I also really need to find some more amateurs. Previously my best source of amateurs was other amateurs who referred their friends, but that’s dried up lately.

As for the modesty patches that they use for film and screen, unfortunately I don’t think they’d help us much. The problem isn’t that the girls won’t get naked, it’s that they won’t do certain other things while naked. If a girl isn’t at least willing (if reluctant) to risk losing all her clothes at LostBets.com, we can’t really use her as a player.

Anonymous said...


Regarding finding new amateurs, have you ever taken a look at the Seattle-area listings on FetLife (www.fetlife.com)? There's an awful lot of groups in your area that get together to 'play' in lots of different ways, and it's certainly possible that some of them would be willing to bring it all in front of your cameras. Lots of kinky folk are kinked in more than one direction, after all, and you've got nothing to lose by making a few contacts to see whether appearing on video might indeed be somebody's kink. If you try it out, let me know how it plays out.

Good luck,

Riggins said...

Red, GREAT episode this week. Don't want to put any spoilers, so I'll say this. Three hot girls having a good time doing sexy stuff in a fun atmosphere, this is exactly what I like about your videos and why I'm a fan.

Anonymous said...

Red, I saw the post from the other thread where you were asking if people would like to see Keenly back. I definitely would, I liked that whole group. Bring em all back, I says!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

It'd be awesome to see Keenly back, and risking a spread-eagle jerk-off instruction to the home viewers. I think that'd be hot. I'd love to see some cum commands and/or countdowns from the girls in general.

Thanks for all your work!

Red said...

@LSD: That's not a bad idea. I've created a FetLife account and we'll see if maybe I can drum up some interest.

@Riggins: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. There are more episodes with similar themes in the works.

@GWKS: Duly noted.

@Anon 5:02 (please sign your posts): Hmm. I bet she'd be really good at JOI. (I think... honestly I'm not sure what goes into a great JOI video. Tips would be appreciated.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

For your response to JD on the last blog, I would definitely be down to see more Jelly if you can find things within her comfort zone. She is one of my favorites! Thanks


Anonymous said...

Another thought regarding Jelly is if lily shoots some of the pov's for you (if I understood that correctly from your reply to zeo) then maybe Jelly would feel more comfortable with Lily and willing to push her limits. You could ask lily to try and whatever she is able to work out with Jelly would be great, even if it's very soft core.


Andrew Breckler said...

I just thought of a tournament style series of games, that you can play with the girls that have not lost, and who are willing to do hardcore. It would involve 7 games, each game can be its own video. first you would have 8 girls playing four 2 person games were the forfeit is softcore (spanking, baby oil on the breasts, yoga posses, that type of thing). Then next the 4 winners from those games move on, to two 2 person games were the forfeit is more hardcore (masterbation, oral, that type of thing). Then the last 2 players play a game for fool on hardcore sex and the winner of that can have bragging rights.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, if you ever come out to DC I bet I could get you a ton of amateurs!

ps, hot ones.

Also, Obama lives here.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I'm the anon from 5:02 before, sorry bout that.

The keys to a great JOI video are a tight shot on the girl, eye contact with the camera, confidence, self-awareness (of how sexy she is), feigned awareness of the viewer and the effect she's having on him, and the ability to keep talking decisively until the end.

My personal favorite ones are where the girl teases the camera, instructs me to stroke, (sometimes she'll set the pace), strips, shows off her body, and teases the viewer on how bad he wants to cum but not yet, not unless she decides he can at the end. After a few minutes of this, she'll do a "cum countdown" where she'll countdown from 20 or 10, and when (or IF!) she gets to "zero", you're supposed to cum.

Some of the examples you'll find are linked to some hardcore fetishes, which I love, but a basic JOI doesn't need all that if the girl you use isn't too kinky. Here are some good examples:


tienteaser said...

Looks very interesting Red.

Back in Sept or Oct 2014, I suggested a forfeit that seemed to be well received at the time. It would be for a game with three or more girls: Loser is bound on a bed or on the floor, and one of the winners sits on her face while the other tickles her. The deal is that she gets no break from the tickling until she has serviced both of the winners.

At the time, Piper indicated that she'd be willing to play for this forfeit. I'm sure there are other girls out there who would. You replied that you'd put it together. I'm wondering where we are on this? I'll definitely buy it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, any chance there's more of Mina in the pipeline? I think you mentioned she was in two more episodes. Sorry if I sound impatient, just wondering.

(Accidentally posted this on an earlier blog post, let's try this again on the right one.)


Red said...

@Joe: Lily did indeed shoot most of the POVs for us, but she's moved away from the area so can't shoot local girls like Jelly anymore. I'm not sure it'd even work anyway. It did with Julie, who on four or five occasions agreed to stretch her limits as long as I left the room, but I don't know about Jelly.

@Anthony: Yeah, there's been more than one suggestion over the years for a tournament. I'd like to do one, but there are a couple of problems with your format. First, since the early losers get lighter punishments than the later losers, the players would prefer to lose early rather than to lose late. A girl might well decide she'd be better to throw her first game and take, say, a spanking rather than continuing on and risking having to give up her pussy to a stranger's dick. I don't ever want a player to have an incentive to lose, but I'm not sure how to solve this.

The other problem is that during all these head-to-head games, six players will be sitting around with nothing to do. I guess they could be spectators but it seems liuke such a waste when they could be playing, losing, stripping, and doing forfeits. (I could help this a little bit by not letting the players get dressed after the games, so during the later games the earlier losers would have to watch naked.)

But I do like the idea of a tournament in general. I just want to make sure that if we go to the trouble to make it happen, it'll be the best it can be.

@GWKS: We've got no plans to come to D.C. anytime soon, but if you send me pictures of your recruits and they're hot enough, maybe I'll consider it. Imagine the NIP forfeits we could do with all the fampous historical landmarks. "Loser of this game has to sit naked on Lincoln's lap!"

But what does it matter that Obama lives there? Were you thinkihgn Michelle might be interested in playing? Or... Malia will be 18 in July, I think. Nah, better not. I don't know how Barack feels about these things personally, but if I were President and some guy tried to talk my barely-legal daughter into getting naked on camera, I'd have the Secret Service break his kneecaps. Not worth the risk.

@SG: Thanks much for the tips and the links! I'll take a look at the videos and I'll incorporate your suggestions next time we do JOI.

@tienteaser: Well, Episode 466 kinda had somethig sort of like that, the girl restrained to the bed part, at least, and there was some tickling, although it wasn't the main focus of the forfeit. But plenty of people who've seen their requests fulfilled (sometimes months or years after making them) could tell you, the secret is reminding me every now and then. I'm horribly disorganized and forgetful, so if you make sure I remember, it's more likely to happen. There is another episode with bound tickling coming up... see below.

@N: Mina will appear again in Episodes 474 and 478. Sorry you've gotta wait. In 474 she's joined by Bailey and Kym. The loser is bound to the cross and ticklevibed by the winners. In 478, her opponents are Kimmy, Lilly, and Savannah. Bob and Flynt are also on the scene, to provide... other services. You'll see.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure! I think a JOI forfeit would be the right kind of embarrassing :) -SG

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest clips ever. I'll give it a full review once the spoiler buffer has passed.


Anonymous said...

Great site but you should make your clips cheaper. $17.99 for something thats only 720p.

Like I said great site, I'd buy more clips if they were cheaper.

tienteaser said...

Thanks Red. I'll try to remind you every now and again. I've hesitated for fear of nagging.

Anonymous said...

I love it where ballbusting is the end result of a guy losing. Any more of that coming our way?