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Friday, December 25, 2015

You sleigh me

Merry Christmas to all! And what better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus than with porno? It might be a bit blasphemous, but if there's a Supreme Being, I'm pretty sure He approves.

(okay, maybe more than just a bit blasphemous.)

Anyway. Assuming I haven't been struck with lightning by a wrathful God, today we'll see Episode 496. Adorable young blonde Kasady is back, and this time she's facing off against a girl with a bit more of a wild streak than Monica has. Bailey is here to lure Kasady into more daring forfeits, starting with a winner getting to sit on a loser's face.

In a couple of weeks, things heat up with Episode 498.

It's a couples game, as Kimmy and Kevin square off against Trace and new girl Helena. The game is Strip Frenzy, where whoever mashes buttons faster is the winner. The players alternate, first boy vs. boy, then girl vs. girl. Each time someone loses, both members of that couple have to strip. Once one couple is naked, the real fun begins. The losing guy gets strapped to the Greyjoy Cross. Restrained, he has no choice but to watch helplessly as the winning couple uses his woman in any way they want.


Then there's just one more to go before Episode 500...

Episode 499 brings back Anneliese, hot blonde who exudes sex, and Rose, hot geeky brunette who's no stranger to sexiness herself. Also joining them is Trace, there because of his skills with rope. I guess they teach you that in the Marines, because he's pretty good at securely binding someone. (Do they teach you that in the Marines? If so, I approve.) Once the loser is securely bound, with her legs in the air and her pussy fully exposed and vulnerable, the winner gets to have her fun, with various toys to help her out. 


And that will be it until Episode 500...


RS said...

Looking forward to #498. Are Kimmy and Kevin are a couple in real life, as are Trace and Helena? Makes the cuckolding aspect more painful for the male loser...

Anonymous said...

i really looking forward to 498, gonna be so great. i still look for a Earth and fire game with 3 Couples. The 3 guys are tied, the Girls plays when a girl lose the other two Girls work with the losing Girls guy. When a guy cum its over. The two winning guys fuck losing girl. the two winning Girls have their way with the the tied losing blowing guy.


Jeff said...

Looking forward to 498, although I'm not sure why the losing male can't be used and humiliated, too. :)

Red said...

@RS: I'm not sure. They arrived together and seemed to be chatting amiably enough, but I didn't pry into the details of their relationship, and I personally witnessed all four of them banging other people. So if they're in relationships, they're open relationships, so I'm afraid the cuckolding aspect is not very strong in this one.

@swedishguy: Okay, I'm not sure I follow. So after a girl cums she keeps on playing but when she loses the other two girls try to make her guy cum rather than her? That sounds pretty hot, I'll see what I can do. Only problem I can see is that the game could end up taking quite awhile but I'm sure there are ways around that.

@Jeff: I thought of that after it was over, and kicked myself. Maybe the winning girl could have taunted and milked the losing guy on the cross. Next time...

Anonymous said...

In My idea just the Guy cuming, not the girls. The girls play maybe in bra and panties. First loss she lose one item, second loss she Lose the second item, Third loss the other two girls try To get her boyfriend/teammate To cum in 30sec, next lose the time is 45 sec, fifth loss 60 sec etc.

That can play With all games and if you maybe take Hich Card the game part are Quick.

First team with guy To cum lose


Anonymous said...

Shit I like that idea from swedishguy. Excellent game that involves bjs from the start by the other girls, but if they cum too soon have to watch their girl get plowed. Similar to the handjob race with Catherine.

The 500 episode which includes the gameshow episode you have previewed before. Does it include the bj race featuring Zayda?

Anonymous said...

I think that chastity could be a nice addition to any form of cuckold forfeit. Would be a nice way to humiliate and tease the losing guy without him getting anything out of it!

Ryan P.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what are the chances of Madison coming back? She's definitely my favorite girl in recent years, and I'd love to see her again. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Madison would be great. Sheri back too. i havent gotten my fill of either of them.


Red said...

@swedishguy: Thanks for the clarification. I like it. I'll need to find three couples to play. but that's probably doable. I'll also need a way to restrain three men simultaneously, with their dicks accessible. I've only got the one Greyjoy Cross. Suggestions?

@Anon 2:27 (please sign your posts): Just to clarify, the game show series won't be Episode 500. They'll be published near Episode 500, at about the same time. But does it include Zayda in a BJ race? Yes. Yes, it does.

@Ryan: I'm sorry I haven't done the chastity thing yet. I'll get to it, at some point.

@Cheesehead and @shredder: Madison is a "probably not." She's best friends with Delilah, who was Johnny's ex. Then again, lately Johnny and Delilah have had fairly friendly relations, so maybe it's possible. Sheri would probably be up for it. The question I have is: what would you like them to do, or risk doing? I don't really like reusing old scenarios, making girls do forfeits they've already done. Both of those girls have already gone pretty far. (Giving a blowjob at a public carwash is fairly extreme, I think.) Can you think of new things for them to risk?

Anonymous said...

Red said...
@swedishguy: Thanks for the clarification. I like it. I'll need to find three couples to play. but that's probably doable. I'll also need a way to restrain three men simultaneously, with their dicks accessible. I've only got the one Greyjoy Cross. Suggestions?

What about the assorted restraints you were using before you acquired the cross: the doorjamb cuffs would certainly work, and I think you could get by with the hogtie harness for the third.


Red said...

@LSD: Yeah, I thought of that, but for the sake of fairness I'd rather have all three guys secured in the same manner. The doorjamb cuffs wouldn't work unless we found three doors all next to each other. The hogties might work but also might make it too easy for the guys to resist orgasm, being bent into an uncomfortable position. I'll put that one under "maybe." (Certainly we could acquire more hogties if necessary.) Hmm... maybe we could build some sort of frame that all three guys could be doorjambed to.

Anonymous said...

For me it Should works With just handcuffs With hands back


Creampie fan said...

For Sheri how about she risk a cream pie gang bang, or maybe do another head shave game. Those are 2 she hasn't risked. For the shave the more girls in game the lower the risk for them losing ( might make it easier to get them to risk it )

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, for my two cents I don't think it matters a ton if you have amateur girls risking things they've done. I mean, you have some porny girls risking stuff they do all the time, I'd rather see amateurs risking stuff sometimes and doing stuff you won't see them doing anywhere else. Of course you know your sales stats so that's most important. But I think if you have returning girls risking stuff they've already done, and mix and match them with newer girls, whatever, it still works. I like Sherim Jasmine, Keenly...that whole group we only saw a few times. But yeah, Sheri could risk a gangbang anyway, if she'd be willing...she hasn't even been up for that before, has she?

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Bammy said...

Helena is definitely a good find! I've seen her in other videos and she appeals to the MILF market which should be good for lost bets. It's sounds kinda weird but I hope she loses in Episode 498!

Anonymous said...

Agree with ano
The amateur's girls, its fine with flashing, shave, forced orgasms, and so on. But when you can get them too risk, a pussyeating, a sybian, there the real threath is. I know it is not easy, but that is what i look for.
The hardcore girls we seen, get fucked in other episode, i think you have too make the game more hardcore, but especialty the forfeits. Humalation is the key here i think, mistress get too be used bye another girl, sent in public with an butterfly Wibe, and a ropebondage on tits and pussy, and a short dress, that if you look closer, wont hide much.
Hello from Kim

Anonymous said...

This week's clip is only offering the SD version. Will there be an HD version as well?