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Friday, April 15, 2016

Our cup runneth over

First things first: the return of Julie today in Episode 509 along with the debuts of Aurora, Catalina, and Georgia. Yeah, baby.

One advantage of being single is that it's given me more time for shooting. Coming up with new games and forfeits, getting girls to play the games and risk the forfeits, and filming them doing it, this is something I love. I've done more shooting since December than I'd done in the year prior. That's a good thing, but it's got its downsides too. The unpublished episodes start to pile up. The publication queue gets increasingly congested, and the gap between episodes from the same shoot gets longer. And some of the new players won't debut for months after they were filmed. So I shouldn't promo them yet, right? I mean, what's the point? To frustrate people who like the new players and want to see them by making them wait?

Well, I can't resist. Making her debut in Episode 518, currently slated to be published on June 17. meet April, she of the two-toned hair.

She'll be appearing with Ana Molly, and one other new player, who happens to have a penis. Those who've asked for more games with dudes as players rather than just being there for the forfeit, take note. I'll promo JD later.

Last week I said I'd hold off talking about Episode 512 until this week, and now the moment has arrived.

It's the second game with Aurora, Catalina, Georgia, and Julie, and they ain't playing for an exercise routine this time. This one was kind of a serendipitous forfeit. We went to the grocery store to pick up chow for the shoot, and Lily was with us. Since we were in Portland and therefore everybody was a hippie, we went to Whole Foods, where we bought a lot of the organic free-range pesticide-free non-GMO all-natural bullshit they sell. When we got back, I noticed that one of the cucumbers was very long. And of moderate girth. In fact, it looked a lot like the double-headed dildo I bought awhile ago. And an idea was born.

Finally, one last thing: I haven't been getting a lot of feedback lately. It's important for me to know what you like and what you don't, so I can make better videos. It doesn't matter if your comments are mostly negative. In fact, I prefer that, since negative comments point out areas for improvement. Please, if you've bought any clips lately (or seen them on the membership site), let me know what you think. Tell me what worked and what didn't. Tell me what you want to see more of and what you want to see less of. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Red, the only complaint i have is with the POV store, the updates on the blog for whats coming have stopped completely and a very large amount of the clips recently are either masturbation or the girl has to show her body. It would be nice to have some different forfeits.

Thats my only complaint other than that im totally happy with everything else.


Red said...

@PQ: Thanks! I don't promo the POVs much because often, they're not even done until the week they're published. We're working on building the ready-to-publish queue back up, and once it is, I'll be able to start promoing again.

It can be tough to think of forfeits for POV girls to do. They have to be done solo, after all. I'd welcome suggestions for different forfeits.

David said...

Hey Red great site, no complaints, just wondering if you ever thought about doing a Hide and go seek type game? Love me some Julie!

Red said...

@David: No, I haven't considered hide-and-seek, but I can see a few problems. We wouldn't be able to see the hiding girls at all unless we hid cameras ahead of time in all the possible hiding places. (Unless we put cameras on the girls themselves. Strap a GoPro to their heads or something. Hmmm.) Also, hide-and-seek needs to be played in a big setting, ideally outdoors. So far we haven't been in a venue like that.

Glad you like the site, and hope Julie's return meets your approval.

AmAnd said...

April looks delicious. Are you sure you can't move one of her episodes up a few weeks early? ;)

Anonymous said...

Red - here's a suggestion that I'd certainly consider an improvement were you to put it into place. I realize that it'd be impossible to run your site without casting girls with artificially-enhanced breasticles - but (at least in the editing process) could you possibly avoid low camera angles that show the underboob scars where the silicone was installed? Fake tits unto themselves aren't enough to keep me from any given clip, but repeated exposure to recent scar tissue is a pretty serious turn-off.

Thanks for listening,

Red said...

@AmAnd: Delicious? I wouldn't know, I didn't taste her. But other people tasted her that day. I'll ask their opinion.

And no, 518 is really the soonest I can get her in. And I just noticed that I'd messed up my spreadsheet and somehow had two 518s, so everything after that got bumped up a number.

@LSD: Yeah, I know exactly what you mean about that unsightly gash of scar tissue under an artificially-inflated boob. I'd never thought of avoiding the low angle to hide that scar. It's a good idea, thanks.

The good news is that such unsightly gashes are becoming a thing of the past, usually only seen in older girls. The latest surgical techniques leave much less noticeable scars. But they still leave a fake boob. That's rarely a good thing, though there are exceptions.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of the POV's. I enjoy them more when there is an alternative ending. I usually end up buying both endings that way when I watch for the first time, I am a little unsure how things will end. I think the masturbation theme is perfect. The reality is that I am into watching the women undress more than a particular forfeit. So long as there are beautiful women, I will be buying. I do get disappointed when there is not an alternate ending. Sometimes losing as be as much fun as winning. Also, if you have more than one woman, the possible forfeits do expand. And in cases when there is an alternate ending, it can be double the fun to have to rub one out as the victorious girls enjoy a little playful teasing. Of course, I will continue to advocate the ballbusting POV forfeit ( or threat thereof).

Bob "from artillery "

Anonymous said...

Oh, and oh yeah, I don't like Rock Paper Scissors POV. Dice and cards are more realistic in that they are random.

Bob "from artillery"

Anonymous said...

509 is fantastic and a lot of fun! i like all three of the new girls too, so i'm only a little sorry julie won.

so many interesting things in the pipeline, too. do double-update months pay off, or do those tend to spread out the purchases and get you the same money for twice as much work? it does feel sort of awkward to talk about vids that won't be available for month. i don't know how much of that is finished and in the bag, or if there's a long queue with production work left to do.

anyway i understand your need for feedback, i'll try to contribute more.


Red said...

@Bob: Thanks for the feedback! We do have a few multi-girl POVs with alternate endings coming up, but masturbation is the forfeit in all cases. Next time I've got more than one girl in a POV, I should totally make them do stuff to each other when they lose.

@m: Very glad you liked 509, and don't worry, Julie doesn't win them all. She ends up having to do some pretty fun stuff.

Everything up through 513 is all the way through post-production and is ready to publish. 514-517 are almost all the way through and just need a final watchthrough to be done. With the ready-to-publish queue getting longer, I've thought about doing a month of double updates. I still might, but I'm hesitant. Double update months do bring in more sales than regular months, but nowhere near twice as many, which means that average sales per video drop quite a bit.

I should note that I absolutely fucking hate having to worry about bullshit like that. It was so much easier when I had a good full-time "real" job and didn't rely on LostBets.com for income at all.

Unknown said...

I really like that girl Ashlyn especially when it came to doing G/G related forfits and stuff would it be possible to bring her back for more of them :)

Anonymous said...

I like the povs but often skip them because I'm not familiar with the models and can't tell from a preview if they'll appeal. There's just not as much time to get to know the models and some of them kind of stick to the script and don't really get into the game. I'm sure it's not a practical thing, but getting pov vids with the girls from my favorite main vids would be a particular bonus.

Also for POV, consider games with two winners and a loser, so it could be the viewer and one girl teaming up on the other (presumably her exposing/vibing for the thrill of the viewer) or two girls teaming up to humiliate and abuse the viewer. I'm not sure if it would work well, but it could be an interesting twist.

Looking forward to more Julie, of course. Hopefully it won't be too long, but plenty of the other stuff is good too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red!
Big fan of your site, I really liked how you addressed the whole you have a lot of shoots piled up and so it takes a while to go up, I remember having to wait ages to see some games I was interested in that you mentioned and having to wait weeks.
Mostly what I would enjoy to see is some more humiliating forfeits, something both girls really don't want to have to go through and fight for the win, it makes the victory all the more sweeter, one pretty awesome video was 450, I know that if that was me I would not be able to look any of those people in the face again lol. Another was the long long time ago strip 8 ball game in front of a group. I would say a few more public forfeits is something I would like to see.
Girls I would love to see more of are Mouna, Zayda, Dominique, Nyssa and Candle, I like how she is so devious and always makes me laugh with her words.
As for the POV's I gave them a shot but I don't feel like they really bring me in as much, I think it's because we know the outcome, not a fan of scripted wins or loses I guess.
Sorry I wrote too much ^^; Looking forward to the future and what you bring I am sure it will be great.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

As always, you do a great job and I have thoroughly enjoyed just about every video I've purchased. In the realm of feedback on the videos themselves, I can't really suggest anything - all that I've bought are high quality and I can't think of a way to improve them. I'm not into seeing guys naked or doing forfeits, but I understand that a lot of your patrons are; I generally don't buy videos that have guys playing the games and risking forfeits.

The only 'negative' feedback I can give - if you can even call it that - is that I've suggested several things in the past but they haven't made it into the lineup even though they got some positive feedback. I completely understand that you have a lot of people asking for a lot of things and you have to work within many, many constraints... A few past thoughts that come to mind are:
--'Lost Bets Olympics' with the winner of each round not having to play the rest of the game, and each round having the participants lose one more item of clothing, play a harder game, and risk a bigger spanking.
--Another crotch rope walking forfeit (preferably with the loser's hands tied behind her back in something like a box tie so she can't cheat). A good addition would be to tie her ankles together too and have her walk forwards and backwards so she can't get off the rope until she's completed the forfeit.
--Playing Jingo with mini numbers written on the blocks that correspond to certain forfeits. Maybe there could be a circle drawn around the game and when the tower falls, the winner may do any or all forfeits corresponding to blocks that fell outside the circle.
--Making the loser play another game for her punishment - for example, the loser could be secured in the stockade on hands and knees and have to play Hi-Low through a whole deck of cards. She'll get one swat with the paddle for each wrong guess. (You could make it harder and have her play Hi-Same-Low... If the next card has the same value as this one and she didn't guess 'same', she gets 5+ swats)
--The butt/boob box for charity somewhere like Folsom or at an adult convention.
--A nipple clamp forfeit (I know you did one with clothespins before, but TBH the girls' body types just weren't for me - the first time I'd seen that forfeit was in Ep500) - would a nipple clamp tug of war for two losers of a previous game be possible?

...Another thought that I had on this topic that I haven't posted yet is to have a game with 5 players - play to one ultimate loser, 2 semi-losers, and 2 winners. The overall loser will have her hands tied behind her back and be blindfolded. She will have to make her way through a maze on the floor outlined in duct tape. When she steps on any duct tape, the 2 winners will each give her and each semi-loser one swat with the LB paddle. The catch is that the ultimate loser will be wearing two nipple clamps, each attached to a string. The ends of the strings will be given to the semi-losers who will use them to 'guide' her through the maze. They cannot say anything to her, they have to guide her only by tugging on the strings.

I really like the games where the loser has to endure something painful - I don't usually care for the ones where the loser gets to orgasm since IMO that's not really a punishment (though I enjoyed 468 a lot!). The painful forfeits almost always seem to cause apprehension in the loser, especially if the winners really give it to them. I liked 374, and the fact that she safeworded shows that the paddle can be very effective.

Like I said many times before, I thoroughly enjoy your work and thank you for even taking comments / suggestions. And I don't mean to pester you about these ideas... Just to remind you about a few ideas from the past.


RS said...

Ahhhh, I was going to ask about doing double-updates. I figured you must have some data about whether per-video sales were affected when supply goes up like that.

Viredae said...

Hey Red, first off, don't worry about lack of feedback, if people are still buying, that usually means everything is fine.

As for POV suggestions, it's not exactly a NEW forfeit, just an addition to an existing one, and that is maybe you can have the forfeit include the girls being "photographed" as they do their forfeits (and they can hold a camera if they win), of course, it's mostly pretend since they're already on camera, but it could add to the mood and fantasy of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
thanks for all your videos! Very happy to see Julie back, since I am a major fan of her. Looking forward to more videos with her...
I really like the videos containing anal or strap-on stuff. So anal strap-on would be fantastic... :-) Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

First time poster but long-term fan. Keep up the great work :)

My favourite clips are usually the tamer ones where the girls seem genuinely embarrassed. I'm a big fan of POVs and love the 'extreme exposure' ones the best so more variations of those would be great. Also love the yoga poses and generally anything that leaves girls blushing and exposed. Bring back 'Bexercise' too please, that was awesome!

- JB

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Speaking of POVs, are there any this week ?


Anonymous said...

No PoV again


Anonymous said...

Fan of the povs. Is it too difficult to always have a win/lose pair? I like to randomly pick between.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Feedback from me is a bit awkward. I used to buy a fair amount of clips in the past, but I think the last purchase I made was Episode 471.

The awkward thing is, I don't know why I'm not buying the more recent ones. Quality is just as good as always from what I can tell, but I've just not been tempted to part with my cash.

I've no idea what it really is, to be honest. Realise this is of no use to you at all!


Red said...

Oy. I shsould know better than to let the blog go so long without replying. Okay, here goes:

@Chris: I haven't seen Ashlyn in awhile, and unfortunately I don't have any more of her that hasn't been published yet. I'll try to get her back, but I think it's a longshot. Sorry.

@m: You'll see more and more POVs starring girls who've already played on the main site. As you noticed, a lot of the older POVs seem to have a pretty standard script, without much deviation. Here's why.

Aside from the early POVs that appearedf on the main site (like Episodes 157, 180, 211, 214, and a few others) most of the POVs weren't filmed by me. They were produced under contract by Lily, veteran of more than 30 games and a few POVs of her own. I love Lily, and I hope she knows this, but I wasn't thrilled with the POVs she made. For one thing, a lot of them did follow a very similar if not actually identical script, like you noted. (I love you, Lily!) That's why I've always treated the POVs as sort of second-class citizens to the mail episodes: I just wasn't very proud of them and felt a little embarrassed publishing them. Even now, when we're making our own POVs, I still fell like I'm not doing as well as I could. When I'm shooting a game for the main site, I'm very reluctant to cut, preferring to let things play out as naturally as possible. I'm the same way with POVs, but with POVs where the model really is acting, that doesn't make sense. I need to get over my aversion to cutting if I want to make really great POVs.

I really like the idea of a three-player POV to one loser. I like it a lot. Most of these girls aren't actresses and are doing their best to improv to a camera. If they had a second opponent to banter with, it might make it easier for them to talk to the viewer/player.

@Jay: Thanks and welcome! I have to say, I'm not sure what you mean by me addressing the problem of having so many episodes to publish that you might have to wait weeks to see the one you want. I mean, the problem still exists. You'll still have to wait weeks after seeing one set of players before you see them again. I'm glad you're happy with what I've done, I just don't know what I did.

The proper way to solve this problem would be to pick a few shoots and publish all their games in tight succession with only a few weeks between each. Only when a shoot was completely exhausted would I publish the first episode from a different shoot. That'd work in that if you saw a player you liked, you'd see all of them within a month or two. The downside is that some shoots won't be published at all for months or even a year or more. Usually I'm pretty excited about new players and can't wait so long to introduce them, so the status quo is likely to persist.

I'm always eager to embarrass or humiliate my losers. (At the same time I don't want to get my losers, my crew, or myself arrested, which limits what we can do in public.) 450 was a fun one to film. So were most of our other public forfeits.

I don't have any more of Mouna, Dominique, or Nyssa, and I'd rate the likelihood of getting more as slim. Zayda is a different story: she's a Portlander, not too far away, and she might be interested in returning. I'll contact her and let you know. As for Candle, you'll see more of her but it might be awhile.

You dodn't write too much. Feedback, suggestions, ideas, and questions are always welcone. Thanks for writing.

3 dawn, 9 to go...

Red said...

Didn't, and 3 down. Ugh.

Red said...

@ForfeitFan: And as always, it's good to hear from you. Very glad that you're still enjoying the material after so many years. Receiving glowing praise like yours doesn't help me improve, but it's nice to hear.

You're not alone in preferring not to see male players. A lot of people don't want to see dudes naked. (Some are okay with guys being there to fuck the loser, some aren't) Me personally, the way I've always looked at it was that it heightens the embarrassment for a girl to lose her clothes to a guy, and I've also thought that a guy getting defeated and stripped by gloating girls was sexy in its own way. Different stroke, no double entendre intended. This is why I like to shoot as much variety as possible, as you've heard me say a dozen times or more.

I'm sorry that I haven't used more of your ideas. I like many of them. The problem is my own complete disorganization. I don't have all the ideas in a single place, so basically the ones that get done are the ones I happen to remember. It's a terrible system. This is why I advise people who want to see something to mention it repeatedly. Eventually, it sticks. (I have a solution to this problem. See below.)

Okay, specific ideas:

Red said...

Olympics: Okay, where does the spanking come in? You say the loser of each round risks a bigger spanking, so I'm imagining that you get X number of spanks for each event you fail to win, is that right? Who administers the spanks, and when?

Also, what events do you think would work? Keep in mind that we probably would be indoors,

Crotch Rope: Another thing I've wanted to do again for quite awhile and just haven't managed to do. I like your propsed additions,

Jingo: Man, you have been here awhile! Jingo has quite a few variants now (invented in, you know, the nine years since Episode 009, the one and only time we've used Jingo. I wasn't really all that thrilled with Jingo itself as a stripping game (which is why we've never used it since) but maybe some of the variants and/or your suggestions will make it worth another try. One problem with gtames involving "microforfeits" is coming up with the darned things. It's easier said than done.

52-card hi-low for the loser of a game: Another one I'd like to do but haven't remembered to do yet. See below for solution.

Boob-butt box for charity: Remind me? It's academic until/unless we go to Folsom or any other place where that sort of thing is tolerated, but I'd still like you to remind me what you meant. By the way, do you know if Folsom has any rules about filming? This is something I'll need to look into before booking a trip.

Nipple clamp tug-of-war: Yikes. Does that mean what I think it means? You'd better tell me what it means, and also tell me why it wouldn't risk serious injury to the participants.

Nipple clamp maze: Neat idea. It might have to wait until we have a special venue, though. The hotel suites (or my living room) where we usually shoot don't have the room to make a proper maze on the floor. The good news is that we soon may have access to a new studio, which definitely will.

Having orgasms is great, but would you want to have one in front of a bunch of people who've just made you strip naked and are laughing at you? Ahd a film crew, and bunch of cameras ready to broadcast your O face to hundreds of strangers? I wouldn't.. I'd find the experience utterly humiliating, The hope is that the losing players will feel that way too. And while many of them don't mind (or even enjoy) having orgasms on camera, some find it quite uncomfortable and embarrassing. Especially in games like Earth and Fire, where you can see a girl desperately trying not to cum as she loses control of her body and it's only a matter of time.

But I understand why they're not your thing, and you're not alone in that either. Variety etc.

And it's totally okay to remind (or pester or nag) me about your ideas when I don't act on them. Which brings me to the simple, obvious solution to the problem. Well, the simple, obvious solution would be for me to keep careful track of everyone's suggestions, but this is almost as good. Frequently, I post something like, "Hey guys, I just did a shoot, and it was AWESOME!" What I need to post is more like, "Hey guys, I'm doing a shoot next week, and I want you to help make it AWESOME!" That way, people can present their ideas right when I'm planning the shoot, and they'll be more likely to get used.

@RS: Well, like I said, I hate to have to care about money. I'd much rather do what I did in the past and say "hey, the episodes are starting to pile up... I'll have a month of double updates!" Now I can't do that. It sucks.

Also, you guys are probably tired of hearing me whine agout this.

Red said...

@Viredae: Well, the problem is that sales are down, way down. We used to routimely be in the C4S top ten studios, and now we're lucky to make the list at all. To me, this indicates a problem. Some of the decline is undoubtedly caused by Google AdWords's baffling, fiscally unsound, and downright un-American decision to stop accepting advertisements (and money) from adult services. Some of it is probably due to saturation: once you've acquired a few hundred stripping game videos, you may not be in a hurry to buy more. I can't do anything about either of these. But if there's something else wrong, if there's something I can do, I want to know about it.

I like your POV suggestion. In the past, we've taken photographs of the loser and made them freely available (see Episode 330) but that could work for a POV too.

6 down, 6 to go. Halfway.

Red said...

By the way, just to add to something I said in the first of these replies: I'm really appreciative of the POV fans. Even if many of the POVs aren't to my taste, I'm grateful that they're to yours. I'll keep working to make them better.

@Anon 12:22 (please sign your posts): Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you like the videos. We've got some forfeits coming up involving anal, and we've got some forfeits coming up featuring strap-ons, but we don't have any yet featuring anal strap-ons. I like it and I'll try to do it, but a lot of girls are really protective of their buttholes (most dudes are, too) so it'll have to wait until we have players really to go there.

@JB: Welcome to the blog! This may be your first post, but I hope it's not your last. The key to genuinely embarrassment from the losers is to recruit amateurs, which I've been increasing my efforts to do lately, The key to getting the same embarrassment in a POV, you need a good actress. I don't make specific efforts to recruit actresses but occasionally one of my players will have a knack for it. They make the best POVs, and the next time I encounter one I'll make sure to have her do some super-embarrassed POVs.

@Jul and @Pq: This week's POV was delayed, but it's there now. Sorry. It was unavoidable.

@Anon 11:24 (please sign your posts): I'm afraid it's not feasible to have alternate endings to the POVs every time, but we can try to do it more often. There are a couple of reasons we haven't done more in the past. A lot of the forfeits aren't really feasible to do a "viewer loses" version of. And more importantly, as said above most of these girls aren't actresses. And it's a lot easier for a non-actress to masturbate in front of a nonexistent man than it is for her to watch and react to a nonexistent man masturbating. But again, we can, should, and will try to do more.

@Misono: That's interesting, but you're right, there's not much I can do with the information. Perhaps it's what I said earlier: you've had your fill of this kind of content. Regardless, thanks for buying the clips you did buy, and maybe another clip will pique your interest in the future.

Phew. Okay, time to work on this week's post. If you'd like to respond to any of this, please do so in that post.

Anonymous said...

Girls stripping each other off should be the most videos. The personal being stripped should not help at all, other girls should egg on the one stripping. Panties should be stripped with stripping girl on her knees and should be done in a quick pull to get a shock reaction. At the end the winner should be stripped by the losers with taunting or winners can only have socks/tie on. Same formula if repeated will yield best results.