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Friday, April 22, 2016

...and run out of town on a rail

Episode 510 today features Lela and Trinity returning, joined by new guy Tom. If you like Tom, sorry, this is all we've got of him. Loser gets tarred and feathered.

I let the blog comments in last week's post go too long without responding. I've replied to all comments there now. Sorry about the delay. Please leave any responses in this post.

So I was talking about our most recent shoots, and my plans to promo the players from it. We met new girl April last week. This time, it's someone we met before, making her return after 4 years.

Even with her hair straightened, I'm sure you recognize Starli. She did a whole slew of videos back in 2012 but hasn't been back since. I've had a few impassioned pleas to bring her back, and here she is. Be advised that the forfeits aren't nearly as hardcore and things don't get nearly as freaky-crazy as they did in her games with the circus folk, but hey, you don't need to be freaky-crazy to be sexy.

Finally, say hello to Episode 513.

Rachel, Lizzy, and Tomiko, last seen in Episode 497 are back. They all still have really tight limits, but that didn't make it any easier for the loser when she found herself strapped naked and backwards to the Greyjoy Cross and spanked by two girls who weren't very happy about the electric shocks they received during the game of Shockinaw and were eager to take it out on the loser.


Anonymous said...

Love this episode, Red! I buy your games where guys play for forfeits, and this forfeit is classic humiliation... One of my favorites.


Red said...

Thanks, Kelly! Very glad you liked it. It was a hell of a lot of fun to film. My only regret is that we didn't march the loser down the hall covered in tar and feathers. Next time.

RS said...

Ooo, marching the loser down the hall "tarred" and feathered would have been awesome. Next time. I'm out of town with just my work laptop but plan to buy this one when I get home on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red. I was just wondering if there was any chance of getting Erin back? I still revisit her embarrassing forfeit against Betty Jo. Would love to have her back.
-The Pin

Red said...

@RS: Well, the anticipation will undoubtedly make the clip sweeter for you. Let me know what you think when you get a chance to see it.

@The Pin: Holy shit, I have more of her!! I was just about to apologize and say there was no more to be seen and I didn't think it likely she would return. I was going to ask if you'd seen the B-Side featuring her and went to find the episode number so I could refer you, but it didn't seem to exist, which puzzled me since I was pretty sure she had one. So I did some digging on the server, and what did I find? Seven unpublished B-Sides featuring 17 players, some of which we haven't seen in quite awhile. They include Ariel, Asia M, Betty Jo, Daisy, Derek, Dixie, Erica, Erin, Isis, Kamora, Kandie, Lily, Mary, Navarre, Samantha, Sassy, and Stacey. Wow. I need to double-check to make sure that none of these games was actually published and I missed it, but I'm going to have to do something with these.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red

First, thank you thank you thank you for getting Starli back.
Second, yes you really need to do something with those B-sides. There are some great players in there and I would love to see more of them.


Anonymous said...

yes, that Erin and Betty Jo clip is still one of my favorites. that was a great forfeit.

and thanks for bringing Starli back. she was a favorite, and i still revisit that gangbang vid of hers.


Red said...

You're very welcome for the return of Starli. While I love finding, recruiting, and introducing new players, I've made a bit of an effort lately to entice some old favorites to return. This is more difficult than you might think. If a girl first appeared here several years ago, that means that now she's several years older. This doesn't bother me (and I'm sure it wouldn't bother most of you) but it bothers some of them, and they don't want to strip naked on camera if they feel like they've gotten too old. Women can be awfully insecure about their bodies. I begged and pleaded with Lily to come back, and her response was, "But I'm 30!" As if that matters.


Anyway, since you guys liked the Erin vs. Betty Jo forfeit so much, I'll have to get out the ol' hogtie again for an encore. And I've decided what to do with the lost B-Sides. I'll tell you in the next blog post. You'll see them soon, though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,
One video I really enjoy was one years ago with Raven vs. Alan where the loser had to go to the party naked and I have always wondered how long did Raven have to endure that for and how did it go? It's too bad you couldn't film there! A video I watch all the time and will we ever see her again?

Red said...

@Jasmine: I'm glad you liked Episode 133... and yeah, that was quite a few years ago. The game was filmed in August 2009, which is long enough ago that some of the finer details have gone hazy in my memory, but the party went on for at least an hour after Raven was brought in on her leash. And as for how it went... well, we didn't get arrested or kicked out, which is a good thing. And I'm pretty sure Alan had a great time. I'm less sure about Raven.

As for getting her back, well, I'm not sure but I doubt it. She hasn't tweeted in awhile and her personal web site seems to be shut down. Last time I heard from her was in 2012. She may not be available anymore. I'll try the email address I have for her, but don't get your hopes up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply Red!
Wow 2009 that was so long ago then! Man I feel old now lol And I am sure Raven had fun too!
I am hoping to see more embarrassing forfeits from the losers! Especially this tarring forfeit which sounds really funny and I will be checking it out lol

RS said...

I enjoyed this one very much. Wet and messy isn't particularly my thing, but mortified losers is, and this loser sure looked embarrassed and probably felt very silly. And they were covered enough that you might not have risked arrest if you marched them around in public. *Might.* ;-)

Speaking of naked in public, doesn't Portland allow public nudity? Or is that just nudity in bars? Because if so, that could be an excuse for a road trip with some public forfeits.

I always like it when guys are actual competitors and not just spectators or part of the forfeit, so thank you! You mentioned this is the only one you've filmed of Tom. While he isn't model-material like Erik or Adrian, he seemed genuinely embarrassed by the slightest little thing, so I'd vote for him to come back if it's an option.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inclusion of Tom! I'm another fan who only buys videos with male nudity, so I enjoyed this update. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I answered the questions you asked on your last post. Just wanted to let you know. I posted the response there so it's all in one place for easy reference.


JJ said...

Red, first of all thanks for many years of good work. More than 500 episodes, many many players, it must be about 10 years soon - wow! I had some pleasure with your players :-)
As I read the blog I see that you have many games "on the pile" but hesitate to do double updates. I can understand if the sale in those weeks decreases significantly. But what is the alternative? Wait and still publish at some time you don't want to produce any new films? Or leave many films "on the pile" as there are seem to be already many older ones which could be B-sides (or double updates)? In fact, it should be a good idea to publish more - one way or another.
One thing might be to take the risk for regular double updates - unless sales don't go so far down that the income drops below the cost of production. If you have more stuff you're able to publish then you may lose some virtual money in the "buyers per video" rate but you will earn more in a week as long as every customer who would buy in a regular week, buys at least one of the two updates in a double update week.
The other thing is: Isn't it a chance to get more (or more regular) customers? I rarely take a look at lostbets.com on fridays as I have to work on most occasions. I come to have a look on mondays or tuesdays. To see two updates then will double the chance there is one I like to buy. And for really double the chance - just make the update in one week diverse. One hard, one soft. One profesional, one amateur. One oral, one anal. One girl group, one boy/girl group. Etc.
Or just mix the B-sides in. One new update, one old. I did never understand why you leave so much stuff unpublished. Even if a game is not 100% your taste - it sure will be that of at least some of your customers. Best example: I liked the YBYA updates, even though they're old and not every part is filmed on top level. I just don't care too much about that. I certainly would buy every game with some specific player(s) in - and I'm sure many others think so too.
Maybe you think about it again :-)

Anonymous said...

Six straight weeks of POV without alternative endings and not even the slightest hint of a ballbusting threat. SMH

Bob "from Artillery?

Rene said...

Hello Red,

You wanted more feedback, here's mine.

As I've stated before: I'd like to see more b/g action. That's about the only thing I buy. Belle is one of the players I'd like to see risking b/g if she's in for it.

Also, it's been a while since we had larger groups. Every once in a while that's nice, especially with a b/g forfeit.

There some games I like which we haven't seen in a very long time. Memory, jester and screw your neighbor. One of the best softcore games was the large group screw you neighbor. If you could do that again with a b/g forfeit that would be awesome.

You've spoken about double update periods. If you have a large stack of ready to publish videos you could also chose to do incidental double updates. An extra update on Ascension and Whitsunday for instance.

Models I'd like to see back: Piper (!), Ashley, Olivia, Dakota, Jenny, Addie.

Red said...

@RS: Glad you liked 510. Yeah, the loser was covered enough that they could probably have been marched down the hall. Next time.

The cities that tolerate public nudity generally make an exception for commercial purposes. If I were filming a naked person in full view of the general public, the cops would probably get involved. They might want to see my nonexistent filming permit, too.

Today's update, Episode 511, also features a male player. Hope you like that one too.

@Jeff: Well, considering that today's update features Trace as a player, and considering that the winners get to do whatever they want to the losers, it's a fair bet that he'll end up naked, win or lose.

@ForfeitFan: I only see one comment in that post from you (on 16 April), and I replied to it. Is there another comment I missed?

@JJ: Thanks! Yup, we're coming up on 10 years here: my first shoot was on March 8, 2007. I've got something planned for the big anniversary. And I agree: wow.

The problem with restarting the B-Sides is that we don't have anyone to edit them anymore. We used to have an intern, Casper, who we gave the videos that were either getting old or were not (in my opinio) up to our standards. He did a pretty good job, but he's moved on and we're internless. I'd rather Johnny spend his editing time working on episodes that are both new(ish) and good.

But like I said earlier, I recently found a cache of unused B-Sides featuring some girls we haven't seen in quite awhile, and I'll be publishing them as part of a double-update month in May. More details of that in this week's blog post.

@Bob: Keep in mind that the videos we publish were filmed weeks or months prior. It takes a little time to get a suggestion into publication. Be patient.

@Rene: First of all, thanks for all the feedback!

As said earlier, today's update has b/g, so I hope it's to your taste. Belle has found the love of her life (I helped pay for their wedding) and I don't think she'd do b/g anymore. And while we're sad to lose her as a b/g player, we're extremely happy for her and wish her and her fiance all the joy in the world.

You're right that it's been awhile since we had a large shoot. Too long. I should see if the circus is still active and if any more of their talent would be interested in side gigs.

Screw Your Neighbor is actually coming up later this year, but yeah, it's a great game for groups and I should be using it more. I've lately switched that sort of thing over to Strip on Spades, but nothing wrong with a little variety. Memory is another game that we should use more often. I retired Jester because it stifled banter among the players and had them staring intently at a single spot without speaking or moving. Not very visually interesting.

I had to look up Whitsunday, so thanks for teaching me something new. If I were to do incidental double updates like that, it'd be more likely on Rosh Hashana or Purim than Ascension or Whitsunday. (It just so happens to be Passover right now, but it's too short notice to do anythign now.)

We'll definitely be seeing more of Ashley and Addie (thanks to a lot of people asking that I publish it despite misgivings) and Jennie. I'm pretty sure that Olivia is a no-go for future games and I think the same is true of Piper. Dakota I might be able to get back.

Sorry to those of you who had to wait a few days for a response. Please put new comments in this week's blog post.