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Friday, September 23, 2016

(Re)turning the Paige

We haven't seen Paige since 2013. I know a lot of people have wanted to see more of her, though, and she returns today in Episode 532, along with four girls who've never been on LostBets.com before: Kimber, Jennifer, Becky, and Jasmin. This one's for the softcore fans: none of these girls was willing to risk her tender privates. But they're five cute girls losing their clothes and having to model their nude bodies, and isn't that plenty?

Looking ahead to the future, we've got Episode 535.

Strip Foosball. It's the game that got Katherine Heigl down to her bra in the movie 100 Girls, and it was featured in that one set of videos from way back when.  (I think the girl's name was Jillian in that one.) Anyway, like I said in the preview for Episode 533, it turns out that foosball makes a great stripping game. It's tense, fast-paced, and exciting. Ana Molly and April duke it out, with the with JD and the winner taking a crack at the loser with the LostBets.com paddles.

Continuing with the girls from the most recent set of shoots, here's Dee.

Dee's got very big tits. She'll be appearing with Chels, who also has very big tits. There was a reason I specifically wanted to pit two girls with big tits against each other. I'll explain when the date gets closer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red, when will the B-sides with those lost episodes start up?

- The Pin

Anonymous said...

Are Becky the same girl which played at POV site or another?


Mismanager said...


I am surprised to read your comment about Paige's tight limits. In earlier appearances on this site she has been fastened to a door and vibes and has risen a Syrian. She has done this elsewhere and has also done some hot GG stuff with Addie Juniper. Is she going soft on us?

Anonymous said...

I was also surprised that Paige is so shy. Based on her other work I'd have guessed she'd be up for anything.

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but I think he meant the new girls, not necessarily Paige. I'm also wondering about B-sides? Thanks.


Anonymous said...


Is there any chance we'll see LunaVera in POVs again? Love her, would definitely buy anything with her in it.


Riggins said...

Episode 533 is great. Fun game, good banter and a HOT forfeit.
Well done, can't wait for the next game with Starlii, Helena, Alisha and Selina!

Anonymous said...

Any more tickle torture forfeits coming up any time soon?


Anonymous said...

I would love to see some headshave body shave forfeits .

Those were amazing

RS said...

I'm still holding out hope that some day a male contestant will go for bush's last stand and wager his pubic hair as a final item of clothing (is that the Bex Rule?), or is similarly punished as part of a penalty for losing. Maybe a mixed game of male and female competitors, all with pubes, with losers getting strapped down spread eagled and their body hair waxed off.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
Update is the false one... 534 is missing.


Anonymous said...

Lets get to the (Re)turning of whats coming up!

LoA said...

Excuse me Red but Julie had challenged "YOU" in
"Strip Poker with Julie and Ashley vs. YOU!"

Dave35 said...

Can someone help me out what is the game where they play rock paper scissors and then losser gets striped then played with?

Anonymous said...


Strip Earth and Fire?