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Friday, September 2, 2016

Suggestions, anyone?

First things first: in the last blog post, where I mentioned the players who returned for an encore (Sassy, Nettle, and Leilani), I was extremely remiss in not mentioning that Tobi was back, too. Originally, she wasn't going to play, she was just there to shore up the confidence of her friends Dylan, Tyler, and Kendall, her friends that she'd recruited, none of whom had ever been naked on video before. But when one of the three newbs had second thoughts after her first game, too embarrassed to continue, Tobi stepped in like a champ and filled her role in some games that required four players. Thanks, Tobi!

Second things second: meet Tyler.

Third things third: I'm behind on emails and blog replies again. Hippo was out here for last week's shoots, and when he's here we're usually busy.

Fourth things fourth: I'm soliciting ideas and suggestions for the POVs. As I said in an earlier blog post, most of the POVs were done by somebody other than us, but I'm taking a more active role in the POV production now. Unlike the vast majority of the games on the main clip store, the POVs generally have a predetermined outcome. (They're still not scripted, though. I let the players improvise and say whatever comes to mind.) In most of the previous POVs, there isn't much of an explanation as to why the game is taking place at all, and they generally start with "Hi, I'm XXX. Would you like to play Strip YYY with me?" That's fine, but I'd like there to be more of a scenario. And that's what I'm soliciting ideas for: scenarios that end with a girl (or girls) embarrassingly naked when they don't want to be. I want to make some of the best ENF videos available.

The one I've used so far is the office party: the girl is sick of a rival at work giving her shit and taking her credit, so she challenges him to a game of strip poker at the party in front of all their colleagues, hoping to humiliate him as he's forced to strip naked for the laughing crowd. But needless to say, things don't go her way, and she's the one who ends up nude and blushing. (Some of you may recognize this scenario from a series of strip poker videos published many years ago.) Anyone else have some good ideas for why the game is being played and why the girl will be deeply embarrassed to lose?


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

No POV suggestions from me, my mind isn't the most creative unfortunately.

Really looking forward to the girls you've got coming back.

Also any word on when those lost episodes will be published as B-sides?

Keep up the good work!

-The Pin

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Which episode(s) will Sassy, Nettles, and Leilani be appearing in?



Anonymous said...

Hey Red, been a fan wayyyyyy since you had that idea of interactive strip games
The idea as I see it; is should have a scenario for example the early days of poker where a girl is more innocent and embarrassed when losing to a guy, and blushing still at the idea of winning and trying to get the most of her victory. The girl in your 1st promo seemed to have the best idea (what ever happened to her btw?); or a more experienced girl line. Admitedly these girls arnt full on actresses but perhaps you can use their experience to sort the girls out; and perhaps have them play against a real male player; so their loss feels more substantial (talking to a wall/camera dont make it much easier). The true magic behind a PoV is interest in the player.. they should want to win, cherish the victories and struggle with the losses (unless their portaying a more loose concept) Luna vera was quite good in that sense. Ive seen plenty of these games where they focus on each other and seem to forget that there is indeed an extra player (the veiwer involved) this is most common in group games. The other issue is they mistake gloating for butchy behavior and in some cases thats the designated fetish but... I dont believe that should always be the case. If you want most success you should try to put the girl in the role they belong the most as to make it feel more natural. And new girls may be worth starting on PoVs (to get that true innocent feel).
Im still awaiting the magical moment for the interactive games segment; I think itll be a cash cow.
If you like my ideas I do have one big one that I am also trykng to start as my own business but we can discuss details of that another time ;)

Wishing you the best and the arrivals of the interactives

The original DAM999

Anonymous said...

Hi Red - has Sassy forgiven You for the game of pirate penguins ? :)

It was a good outcome for the viewers


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I know you haven't sounded the most thrilled person on having jelly return, but an idea for a pov could be her trying to show how girls are better at game "X" than guys (if I recall correctly, she is a pretty extreme feminist). Just tossing the idea out there. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I completely agree with "The original DAM999"'s comment, he seems to have the right ideas. Although I'm not sure about adding an actual male player.. I want to imagine being him:)

My idea for a POV: hangin'out/sunbathing in the garden with your girlfriend. You teasingly suggest she should lose the bikini. She says she'll play you for it. Near the end of the game she suggests raising the stakes with a forfeit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

In my suggested POV scenario, "girlfriend" could also be replaced by "date". This could add a little innocense, maybe not having seen each other naked yet.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see a smart girl type in a school uniform desperate to humiliate her academic rival. In particular with a singing/dancing forfeit.


Anonymous said...

i like joep's idea of an innocent bedroom ice-breaker, maybe that gets out of hand. like maybe pretend to only agree to naked but unwilling to lose, the girl ups the ante and gets in way over her head. alternative, could be a ruse to get a girl who's never been naked in front of a guy to get over her inhibitions.

another thing would be at the behest of a third person. maybe a dare, maybe both people want to fuck her, or get a job working for her, or win a contract she is offering. she could be a real person or not

i've suggested this before, but how about a 3-way game? two girls out to humiliate each other in front of the player, but insist he plays as well.

player has an extra ticket for a sold-out concert but he's not sharing it for free. or again an escalation match, where both people are vying for the ticket and keep betting up to get in over their heads.

ex-lovers or roommates battling for possession of a favorite sex toy. loser has to use it one last time

office party battle-royal could be adapted to a lot of contexts. the winner has to film the loser, and the video will be made available to all company employees, for example. or a video already exists and is being used to blackmail the player into playing.

the thing which is most important to me is to have a certain balance between the girl wanting to win and wanting not to lose.

those are some mangled ideas, hope they are useful!


Anonymous said...

Hey Red - anyway to get Dolly back on board?

Scott said...

Hi Red!

I'm glad to hear that the face-sitting/vibe combo was a hit. I gather you just couldn't find that many girls willing to be tickled if they lost? If you use that forfeit again I've found that tickling goes well with the vibrator, either alternating or together.

Scott said...

I have another idea - this time for a game rather than a forfeit. It would require at least three players, all women, and it would work best with four or more players.

Each player takes a turn wearing blindfold while one of the other players kisses and gropes her. The blindfolded player has to keep her hands behind her, but the one working her over can use hands and mouth in any way she likes (including going down on her once she loses her panties).

The game is for the blindfolded player to guess which of the others is kissing and fondling her. If she guesses right, then she gets to remove an item of clothing from the other player. If she's wrong then she loses an item of the other player's choice. The player who was kissing her then puts on the blindfold and the game continues.

You might have to use some random method of choosing which player does the one in the blindfold, so she can't get any clues from listening to the others talk.

Richard said...

Would still love to see another bedspread tickling forfeit. Anytime soon?

Jim said...

It's neat, Red, that you're trying to go for deeper story lines in your POV's.

You could use a casino setting where the girl is high status person throwing away daddy's(or whoever's) money at the poker table, gets in debt, and has to sell off clothing bit by bit to try to gamble out of debt since the line of credit she had got cancelled partway through a hand or something. In this situation, you probably want the character to be boisterous and full of themselves. Losing isn't a reality, she only lost because "we" got lucky in the first hand by beating her's by one rank (kings over queens, etc).

The second "personality" you can use is the "i'm using this game to get into your pants" attitude where both players are attracted to one another and are just using it as a sexual ice breaker. She doesn't care about losing, just that the game ends with the two of you going at it. Or where a couple is spicing things up and wants to pick who gets to be dominant tonight.

The reality with all this Red is that you'll end up having to actually storyboard some of this stuff out into short stories. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey red,

How about revising for a biology test with a female student - loser has to give the winner a detailed and embarrassing anatomy lesson ;)

Or boyfriend/girlfriend (or just good friends) loser has to jerk off with winner giving instructions.

Keep the ENF coming! Loving all the new players :)


Ken said...

I like the idea of a job interview taking the form of a stripping game. "We want to see how you adapt to the... unexpected."

I love your vids, and have for a long time. I'm local to Seattle, and would like to try playing, if possible. Do you have an email address I could contact you at? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

My idea for adding a male player is the concept of having him behind screen (as an incentive for the ladies to look at something instead of a wall or a raw camera [realism] we never have to see or hear him (max the D for certain forfeits)

original DAM999

Anonymous said...

i'm liking new girl Tyler... cant wait to see more.


GFO said...

Hey Red, glad to hear you will be doing more about the POVs.

As everyone pointed out, DAM999 is right and I would like to complement on it a bit.

The situation or the circumstances of the game are really important too.
Most of the POVs I see are just the girl on her house/room or wherever with her regular clothes on.

I think this ante can be stepped up, maybe you end up bored at a fancy party with someone and decide to make it more interesting by betting some clothes on a card/dice game.
What does this mean? The girl is in a nice, long dress, probably had her hair made for the occasion, probably took a good bra/undies for it, not just whatever she had on at the moment.

I might be just me, but I get that satisfaction and cherish that victory when you win in very peculiar moments.
The location I understand might be a harder thing to get (I get it, moving the mics and cameras around is not easy), but a good outfit can really make or break a POV for me.

The office and Jim's casino idea are great, but the immersion in the POV will be a lot better if the outfit is the right one.

As for ideas:
A couple of old friends reconnecting after some time, thinking about a drinking game as they used to play in college, but step it up a bit just for the sake of curiosity.

A group of people (or just 2?) on vacation, rainy day so no beach of pool for them and they end up playing a strip game (I think that's a friends episode, but whatever).

Great work Red! Thanks as always.


Anonymous said...

Well, I am actually not so much against that "let's play a game". I am rather indifferent. What I'd like to see is a greater variety in forfeits, on both sides. So far it is 90% "loser has to masturbate".
But there are other interesting things such as anatomy inspections, forced anal, spankings (I loved the Layla POV), cei (if the viewer lost), clamps, naked gymnastics/yoga, humiliating orgasms (e.g. gagged), and so on.

A nice idea could also be something like the wheel you've used already, just as a POV game. That would fit both people who prefer to win and those who prefer to lose.

In general, I'm a big fan of the POVs, both on the losing and winning side :)

On another note, are you at any chance also getting towards custom videos with a few of your models?


James said...

Hi Red,
How about something like Battle of the Sexes wear a girl tries to outwit the male player in a game to prove that women are superior. Whoever loses has to clean the house only wearing something embarrassing like a French Maid hat, super humiliating for a guy or a hardcore feminist lady. When the girl loses she at first refuses to take off her underwear but then gets spanked for trying to whelch on the bet.

BTW, what was the popular office party strip poker video you mentioned in your post? That sounds interesting.

Thanks Red, you're still the best there is in the entire adult entertainment industry.


Anonymous said...

hi red! any chance to see an public walk of shame or something other embarrassing gorfets for the naked losers like we see it from jordana and michelle (striptease)?

any chance to get get paris kennedy, candle or hannah perez back or get cali logan or sara liz?


Anonymous said...

My idea as I posted awhile back. Was a woman playing a strip game that turns into a wet and messy punishment at the end. Its a luck of the draw game. With six stages. She wins two in a row and gets cocky and starts adding more humiliating punishments. Wedgie. Self spanking. She wins again adds a Pie in the face. wins again adds two more pies. Wins again shes now up 5 games to zero so she adds that the loser has to stuff there underwear in their mouth and pour a bottle of milk on their head. She is cocky the whole way taunting the person playing, shes so pleased with herself for coming up with such humiliating consequences. And then she goes on a losing streak and loses six straight games and has to do all the messy punishments she came up with. I think Ryanne would be perfect for something like this.

Anonymous said...

No updates on b-sides today?

Rene said...

Hello Red,

Where has Olivia gone off to? And Dakota?

Anonymous said...

Yes, if you can get Dakota back I'm pretty sure she'd be up for a face-sitting/tickling/vibrator forfeit. So would Bella, Raquel, Candle, Kendra, and/or Bailey.

Of course it would be interesting to see a newcomer subjected to such a forfeit, but any of those ladies are veterans of a lot more than a little facesitting, and they'd be wicked on the winning side of a scene like that.

oop said...

Blackmail is a good scenario. Think up any respectable profession and then some kind of misconduct within that profession that would ruin a career, and you've got a realistic motivation for someone to agree to play a strip game (which they'd otherwise NEVER agree to play) in exchange for you keeping quiet about whatever it was that she did. Having her wear a nice business outfit (jacket, blouse and stockings) would play up the idea that this is a professional who is prim and proper and takes a lot of pride and care in her appearance.

To get an audience of onlookers involved to really maximize the embarrassment factor probably requires both you and your opponent to be in an equally desperate situation. Maybe YOU have been blackmailed into playing as well. How about you got mixed up with a sorority somehow and in exchange for them not getting you in trouble, you have to help them initiate one of their (shy) pledges in a strip game. They keep up a running chatter as they stand around and watch and it's deeply embarrassing to her as she loses ("Awww, cute bra," "I have never seen a pledge so bad at this game," "Come ON, this guy's kicking your cute little butt!") but they tease you when you lose as well.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see in the last video, the loser was barely ticklish. Hopefully the next set of girls will be super ticklish

LoA said...

Kordelia plays Strip Poker was a B-sides video.
Did u really repost in POV site?
Is it not early for April Fool's?

Anonymous said...


How about a creampie in front of an audience? Or how about cum-funneling? The loser has a funnel inserted in her vag and several men jerk of into it?

Anonymous said...

How about having some women win without the a or b choice. I would like to see this as an option. Give the women a chance to win on their own without also losing. Also if this is possible see if any of the women want to put their bush on the line. I really would like to see these ideas in the pov section of your site. Thanks in advance. I still would like to see what more you could think of in the povs.

Unknown said...

A new kind of leg spreader, heh, heh, heh... http://www.martialartsmart.com/20-76.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjwnKzABRDy2pb7nPSazdsBEiQAI4lZQNTwMX4mfj2pGmYlKXl4lwg9cSJ2lJzfAaf1tVGeRnwaAoP-8P8HAQ