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Friday, November 18, 2016

And we're back

Aurora, Julie, and Catalina return today in Episode 540 to see who can eat pie fastest without using her hands. Georgia is along too, but as she can't participate in the contest, I made her just stand around stark naked. Her nude body provides a nice view while the other three frantically try to gobble their pie.

No new episode promos this week, but meet Carmen.

Carmen is Dylan's best friend, who talked her into this. By the way, I have absolutely no clue what she's saying here., If your Spanish is better than mine, please tell me. 

If you like Carmen but speak Spanish as well as I do (i.e. not at all), here's an alternate version for you.

By the way, since I asked a question here, I'm going to try to stay current on blog replies from here on out. If you asked a question earlier and would like an answer, please repost it.

Or you could email me at red@lostbets.com. I try to stay up on that. (Again, if you've sent me an email and haven't heard back, please resend it.)


Anonymous said...

Any chance we'll see more LunaVera in POV?


Anonymous said...

Loved Selina on POV this week. Are there more POVs for her coming up? if not, i would definitely request that

Red said...

@JK: I'm afraid it's pretty unlikely. I haven't seen her in years and I have no idea what she's up to.

@Anon 3:22 (please sign your posts): Very glad you liked P138, but unfortunately it's all I've got of Selina. But I'd love to have her back and I'm pretty sure she'd like to come back too. Stay tuned.

Man, do I hate being the bearer of bad news.

Anonymous said...

This sort of game and forfeit (ep 540) is the sort of thing I loved about this site a few years ago - the forfeits have been very hardcore for the last couple of years and that turned me off the site quite a lot.

Technical question - can I view the embedded ILAMC videos in any higher resolution/size? I found and downloaded the Promo Pack on the blog and the videos on there are large and clear.



Anonymous said...

Hi Red!

Is there any date that you'll start to publish some of the B sides that you mentioned a while back?

Also I remember you saying that you'd been in contact with Ashton. Did that end up going anywhere?

- The Pin

Dave73 said...

Hello Red, I'm an old follower of LB (I've bought my first LB's video in 2007). And I'm a fan of Julie. For this reason I want to ask if you know if she has an her own site, or if you know if she has done video out of LB. I Know that, probably, this is not the right place, but I don't know where I can do this question. Thank you! Bye,

mismanager said...

Dave73, Google is your friend! Search for Julie Lomar and you should be rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Hi red,

Any public forfeits in the near future? I love the embarrassing / humiliating forfeits in public. Or the lap Dance forfeits for the Pizza guy.

Cheers, p

Anonymous said...

Hi, any chance to see Kymberly Jane at Lost Bets soon again?

Anonymous said...

Red, forgive me if you've answered this before ...
Any chance we will see Trinity back?
Jack Casper
Keep up the awesome work man ...

Bammy said...

I would also like to see Kym Jane back on LostBets. I felt that she won a little too much when she was previously here. I'd love to see her doing a Sybian race or take a strap-on! She also seems to make games just that extra bit more fun!

Red said...

Here I go again with the "bearer of bad news" stuff. Sigh...

@Matt: I'm sorry you've been disappointed in the material lately, but I'm glad you at least liked 540. Hopefully there will be more of that sort of thing in the future: like I said, we haven't done enough pie eating contests lately and WAM makes a natural forfeit after one of those. Honestly, I'm more into ENF myself and the sad fact is that girls who are willing to risk hardcore forfeits usually aren't embarrassed by it. But the harder ones seem to be more popular, and I want to give people what they want.

@Pin: I don't have a date in mind, but I'll shoot for the end of the year. (This is the same sort of deadline that got me to finally get off my ass and open the POV store.) I recently contacted Ashton again to see if I can get her down here for the 10th anniversary next March, and am waiting the hear back from her.

@Dave73: What @mismanager said, although a lot of the stuff that turns up under that name doesn't seem to be her. Yanks and HDWetting are the sites I know she's done. (Yanks is where Lily Cameron works, and they were just nominated for Xbiz awards. Congrats!)

@p: Well, I recently filmed one where the loser had to streak naked around the house several times, does that count?

@Anon 9:10 (please sign your posts), @Jack Casper, and @Bammy: I haven't seen Trinity nor Kym in awhile, and I don't know if they're ever coming back. (See above about bearing bad news.) I'd love to have either or both of them in front of my camera again. Trinity had incredible enthusiasm for the games. even if she was a bit too good at them. And Kym is one of those high-energy girls like Candle and Ashley who pump up their opponents and make every game they're in better.

So... does nobody here speak Spanish? I'm really curious about what Carmen had to say.

Anonymous said...

I've been away for a while but I'm back and catching up. Watched 532, excellent episode! Great game with fresh girls. Becky is a star, no enf for her, she was peacocking on the couch, instead of covering up. Would love to see the overhead cam shot starting at the 15:32 mark. When will we see her again?

Keep up the amazing work.


Red said...

Krycek: Very glad you liked Episode 532. As for seeing more of Becky, we've got a bad-news, good-news sort of situation here. Bad news: I thought that 532 was all I had of her. Good news: I was wrong and there's still more of her yet to publish. Bad news: There's only one more episode with her in it. I sometimes have players come in for just a game or two so I can have other players come in that same day. This is great for my never-ending quest for variety, but not so great if a player turns out to be excellent and I regret not getting more of her. Good news: I put the remaining game on the publishing queue. Bad news: because I needed to fill out the queue earlier to make sure that a couple of Very Special Episodes were set to publish on 12/13 and 1/20, the other Becky game will be Episode 550, slated for 1/27. I hope it's worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

@red: yes that count :)
When will you publish it?

Cheers, p

René said...

Hi Red,

How are the plans for a large group shoot progressing? Preferably with a hardcore forfeit?

Where have Olivia and Dakota gone off too? Any chance of seeing them back?

RS said...

Does streak naked around the house mean inside the house or the outside of the house where strangers might see? Also, I second Rene's request for a large group game, especially co-ed.

Anonymous said...

Episode 550 will be here in no time. Thanks for the update.

I am looking forward to whatever the special episodes are as well.


Red said...

Aargh. One of these days, one of these days I'll learn that I shouldn't mention things that are still well into the future. Yes, the streaking around the house was outside. But we won't see it for awhile. It was Game 3 of our October 17 shoot with Carmen and Dylan. I like to publish the games from a shoot in order with a few weeks between, and that shoot hasn't even begun to be put on the schedule yet. Bottom line: March at the earliest, and more likely April. Again, I hope it's worth the wait. Carment is pretty awesome, even if she is a dirty, dirty cheater.

By the way, Dylan, Carmen, Kendall, Tyler, all pure amateurs. None had been nude on camera before this.

As for the Very Special Episodes, I mistyped the date for the first one and it's 12/23, not 12/13. That one is to commemorate a certain holiday around that time. People who've been following LostBets.com for a long time (say, eight years or so) might be able to guess what the 1/20 episode is for.

I've desperately tried to get Olivia back, without success. I haven't seen Dakota lately either, but at least we've got 14 episodes with her.

I still want to get a large group shoot in. I'm planning a shoot for March and will try to get as many players as I can.

René said...

Hello Red,

Please keep trying to get Olivia and Dakota back. How about Mouna and Grace? Or.... Ashley.

A new Twister game would be nice. With a hardcore forfeit.

What happened to the all times favourite election?

When's the next b/g forfeit?