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Friday, May 12, 2017

Get your kicks on 566

Episode 566 publishes today, meaning we're only 100 episodes away from Episode 666. I'll have to do something special for that one. Maybe have the loser sacrificed on an altar to Ba'al or something like that. While we wait for that one, Episode 566 brings back Roxy and Gracie for higher stakes than last time. I cab't help it, I've got a thing for Roxy. There's just something about smart girls I can't resist. (Oh, Isobel, how I pine for you.)

I need to extend apologies to the POV fans. Like I said awhile ago, the supply of available POVs is running very low. I was supposed to have a shoot scheduled so I could make more, but it fell through. I'm working on one now for later in May. Until then, I'm sorry to say that POV updates will be sporadic. Hopefully we can get back to regular updates soon.


Andrew Breckler said...

Speaking of special episodes, since you are only 34 episodes away from 600. What are you going to do for that?

Bob said...

I would love to see Roxy in a POV. I wouldn't mind losing to her, especially if ballbusting were at stake.


Brian said...


How are you doing?

I hope your health and sight are stable and you still can continue running this amazing site for a while.

I've got 2 requests:
in july 2016 ( http://blog.lostbets.com/2016/07/whats-next.html ) you gave us a list with unpublished episodes and asked which ones we would likes to see added to the list.

Will these ever be published? Please do, it doesn't matter which order and yes, we know it's bad quality but we don't care. (seeing a naked Ashley, Ashton and Mia one more time would be worth it for me and i'm sure many others)

Also, 2 years ago, in may 2015, LSD and i mentioned that a lot of older (pre-episode 400) have not been published on the lostbetsgames site. I know you don't run it but 24 months later most of them still haven't been published, it is still publishing the more recent ones. Please ask the guy again. It isn't exactly rocket science to find out which ones have been published and which ones have not been published yet. And he has got all clips.


Wish you all the best!

RS said...

I know it's a long shot but I figure it never hurts to post the occasional plea: any chance of a mixed game where male and female players do lots of quickie dares where players don't control what they have to do, or with whom? Like a game show format, or a wheel of misfortune, or dare ring style?

Anonymous said...

Hi Red

Just revisited the list Brian referenced. How about publishing

20130813 Megatrip 2013 20130814/4. Michelle Star/===4-1. Pod Stomp===Dildo Gag

Thanks, MRB