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Friday, May 26, 2017

Hey, it's another promo

Again, not much to say here, but here's a promo for today's Episode 568, featuring Gracie and Roxy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I discovered your site a few months and I've been really impressed with the quality of your work. I leave my first comment on this blog to tell you that I really enjoyed this particular video: Roxy and Gracie are really good at playing this game and it is really fun to watch. Besides, you can definitely tell that there's tension going on and that neither of them wants to loose.
Browsing through this blog, I've seen that we are invited to leave some suggestions here so here is mine: there has been some good quality spanking forfeits on this site and I've enjoyed the spanker competitions among winners but have you ever thought of doing a spankee competition as well?
For example, you have 4 players, have them play a quick game to determine 2 losers (like Screw your neighbour really like this one), then the winners play rock_paper_scissors to determine their victim. Then each winner has a loser over her knee to spank until one of the losers cry "mercy". Finally the loser who gave up and the weak spanker have to submit to another forfeit. Il would have to be one neither of the players want to do as to guarantee a good firm spanking like a paddling for the 'weak spanker' and for the big loser, something like the pussy rope or pussy shock therapy (I've just watched the Fern-Salem series and found it amazing).
Anyway, this is just an idea and to let you know that you have a new fan of your work.
Best Regards.
Froggy. (whose 1st language is not English so I apologize for the errors I'm bound to make)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes red is better at responding to emails. It may be.worth emailing this idea

Anonymous said...

I'm going to add my support to Froggy's "spankee competition" idea -- I'd purchase any clip with that premise in a heartbeat!