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Friday, June 16, 2017

On realitt

See Scarlett and Kasady take on each other today in Episode 571. Kevin gets to fuck the loser, lucky guy. If you like to see cute girls getting it where it counts, this one's for you.

I've made a post on this topic before but it was years ago. There are new folks here, and I doubt many of them have read the last 10 years of blog posts. Besides, part of this is relevant to today's update.

I always try to keep the games and forfeits as real as possible. I interfere in both as little as I can. I don't even like to call cut while filming, and I generally don't unless one of the players asks for it. This hardly ever happens and the large majority of our episodes are filmed in a single take.  I give the players very little direction beyond, "Have fun. Be yourself. The fans want to see your real personality, so let it show through the camera. Get into the games and try your best to win. Good luck."

I understand that in conventional porn, sex involves multiple takes from multiple angles, so the cameras can get everything and the director can position the actors just-so and get exactly the shot he wants. I never do this. All of our sex scenes are genuine, without guidance from the crew. (Admittedly, we do sometimes cut if a dude is having trouble performing and needs a little help.)

For many producers, the appearance of reality seems more important than actual reality itself. And if it's done well, I guess, the audience will never know. But I'd know, and fakeness isn't what I want to do. In a couple of my very early shoots featuring Pettles and Elora in one and Tristan and Stephanie in the other, I tried to make up a scenario to explain why the girls were playing stripping games, but I soon abandoned that and went with the truth: they're playing stripping games 'cause they're here at LostBets.com, and that's just what we do here.

Our sex scenes are definitely not as polished as the professional ones, and the participants often have a frustrating tendency to get in the way of the camera and keep us from getting a good shot. But that's the price to be paid for keeping it real. And I pay it happily.

And sometimes, if the fuckers take my advice and really do get into it, cool stuff happens. For example, in today's episode (see? I told you we'd get there) there isn't much of a role in the forfeit for the winner. She's just supposed to sit back and relax as Kevin has his way with the loser. But watching the show got her hot and bothered. She decided that she wanted her tits sucked, so she took them out and stuck them in the loser's mouth while Kevin was taking her from behind. We didn't tell her to do that, and we didn't even suggest it. She wasn't getting paid to do it, but she wanted a mouth on her nipples so she made the loser do it. These are the moments I love: when the players are really in the moment and take things to another level on their own.


Bammy said...

Hey Red! I was wondering if you would consider posting one of the unreleased games that you've got hidden away. I believe one features Ashley and Mouna and involves a sybian race? I'm sure most (if not all) of us would love to see that, even if it does feature your (former) least favourite player, Kylie. Nevertheless, I would buy that clip in an instant just to see Ashley again!

Anonymous said...

Red said;
Our sex scenes are definitely not as polished as the professional ones

That's why most of us are here - it's not totally predictable or scripted


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

what I'd still really like to see realized is some game involving chastity.
My idea would be a couple game with gf+bf vs. gf+bf. The boyfriends start with their dicks locked away in chastity a while before the game (maybe an hour). When the game is played, the losing couple loses clothes until they are naked, at which point the winning couple wins back the key for the winning guys cock cage. Now the winning couple is free to fuck the losing girl in any way they want, while humiliating the losing guy, his dick still locked up, and him not being allowed or able to participate. They could also tease him mercilessly or put him in bondage.


RS said...

I like Etienne's idea. To make sure the guys are sufficiently motivated, you could put them in chastity when they arrive and then have them watch off-camera while their girlfriends do a few games against each other while the guys watch. When they play their chastity game, maybe have the guys lose their pants and underpants first to maximize their embarrassment of being exposed in chastity. The guy is tied up in a way that he can see everything the winners are doing to his girlfriend, and the winners have full access to his body to tickle and tease him, so that he's begging to be released from chastity so he can cum.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see some good strip-gaming with competitive players and forfeits just hardcore enough to be worth waiting, but i see most suggestions on fetish forfeits which might be interesting, but you can skip all the gaming... and create site just named "various amateurs doing various fetish stuff".

Anonymous said...

I hope that there's more from Selina, Starli and gang!


Anonymous said...

French Roulette. Two or more participants offer oral to a male. They take turns, either time based or the number of headbobs, either with the goal of getting the male off or with the goal of getting the/an opponent to get painted. Winner gets to take charge of the other contestant(s) possibly including the blowjob recipient.

Anonymous said...

Idea for a game:

I call it Tomato cheeks.

The task in the game is to carry as much tomatos to a plate by clinching the tomatos between the butt cheeks in a fixed time.

Put girls in the following clothing:
- Bra
- stockings
- Bare Butt Panties or crotchless thongs(is needed so the girls butts are free for tomato carrying)
an example here:


So each girl wears 4 articles of clothing.
Then you cuff the girls arms behind their back.
Then you have a beam overstuffed with Styrofoam.
In the styrofoam you have small immersions.
You put cocktail tomatos in the immersions.
For each girl you put a flat plate on the floor.
Then the girls must carry as much tomatos to the plate within a minute.
They carry the tomatos by clenching them between their butt cheeks(This is the reason why they must wear G-Strings).
Then they must walk through the room to drop the tomato on their plate.
It will be difficult to let the tomato drop on the flat plate without bowling it out of the plate. Therefore the girl must slowly get down before dropping the tomato on the plate.
At the end of the time (for example 1 minute) the girl with the least tomatos on her plate looses on article of clothing.
Tomatos landing beside the plate are counted as minus.
If no girl managed to have a positve score each girl looses one article of clothing.

You can see a video where something similar was done. Just search by google for the video by typing:
Isobel The Tomato Game Wasteland Video

Tomato Gamer

Unknown said...

Hi I just wanted to get on here and request more POV videos because it has been a while and those are some of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of having Jelly back or is there any site we can watch her?

foboz said...

I second what slimslayer92 said - been a long time. An A/B POV would be awesome. I like to use a random number generator to choose an A/B episode; I don't know if I'm going to win or lose until I get to the end. Great fun!

Anonymous said...

This site has really gone down hill

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... French Roulette

You might want to look at Episode 543 - it's part of your idea.


BeenAroundSinceTheStart said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site has really gone down hill

July 18, 2017 at 6:20 AM

Especially when you compare it to all of the other sites with over 600 strip game videos - all produced by the same individual - over a 10 year span. Geez, cut Red a break - or start your own site and catch up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,
It looks like you have the wrong preview attached with the video this week.


Anonymous said...

600 videos is great, but I see momentum loss. Same models all the time, strip games seems just like reason to jump for the forfeit. Only games where I saw some stripping competition in last years was Memory and Strip Earth and Fire, others ... :-/.
I was looking forward for some nice unexperienced teens but i've got well known veterans.

RS said...

One of your contestants in this week's game would be an excellent candidate for a "bush's last stand" wager. Especially if it was ALL extraneous hair (e.g., anything below the neck).

SelahRainXXX said...

I did a shoot with you guys back in 2013 at FetCon. I would love to shoot with you guys again this year at FetCon I will be there Thursday through Sunday. If you're interested please email me at SelahRainXXX@gmail.com

Bammy said...

Yes!!! Can't wait to see Selah in more videos! Red still hasn't released one of the games she did with Ashley and Mouna.