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Friday, August 11, 2017

It was the best of POVs, it was the worst of POVs

Fans of the POVs have been disappointed lately, since there hasn't been a new one in quite awhile. Well, this Wednesday I'm finally publishing new one, and I think you're gonna like it. In my opinion, it's the worst POV I've ever done, yup. But it's also the best. By a lot, I think.

It's the worst in terms of technical quality. A number of the cameras (including the one your opponent was looking directly at) just flat-out didn't work, and the ones that remained weren't our best cameras. But IMO in terms of content, it's the best (or at least one of the best) POVs to date. If you like ENF, you'll love this one. If you like forced masturbation, you'll love this one. If you like JOI, you'll love this one.

Unlike the regular episodes, which are mostly candid and real, the POVs can't be real in the same way. Usually, I have the girls ad-lib their games against their nonexistent opponents. Some of the girls are really good at this, some aren't, but  there are things you just can't get without a real script. I haven't done a fully-scripted production since Episode 017. (That remains one of my best-selling episodes, even though it makes me embarrassed to watch it today,) Well, I wrote a script for this one, and it's pretty good, if I do say so myself.

In the scenario, you're studying for your Anatomy and Physiology final, when Cyndi comes in. She's studying for the same exam and is having trouble with the unit on the male reproductive system, and she's wondering if you'll give her a little show-n-tell to help her understand it better. You agree, as long as she'll do the same so you can get a better understanding of female anatomy, but she reacts with shock and horror. It's different for girls to expose themselves to guys, she protests, and it'd be way too embarrassing for her to let you closely examining her body. One thing leads to another, and you end up playing a game of strip poker, with the naked loser having to exhibit their body to help the winner. At first, just an anatomy lesson is at stake, but after some mutual trash-talk the stakes are raised so the loser also has to demonstrate sexual arousal, and raised again so the loser has to show what their gender's sexual climax looks like. And the game goes on.

Two endings available. Nearly 303 minutes long Published in both regular and 180° panoramic versions. Episode P156, coming on Wednesday, 16 August 2017.

But today, it's Episode 579, with the foursome of Alisha, Helena, Selena, and Starli. This one's for the WAM fans, and also for those who like sprinkles. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Yay for POV's! sounds worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

Red - Great to hear from you! Was a little worried. When are we going to get the Stefanie 3-D printer game?

I also had two ideas.

1. What if you had N players and N-1 forfeits. The first loser must do all three. The second loser can pick two. And the final loser only has to do one of the three. This could be good to introduce new players.

2. Winner can take pictures of the loser(s) using her phone, and then send them to someone in her contacts.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Btw, I meant using the loser's phone, so the person in her contacts is someone she knows.

Red said...

@PQ: Well, it’s been a long time coming, and I hope it will have been worth the wait.

@RN86: Re. the 3D printing game, excellent question. The really unsatisfying answer is that it’ll be published when it’s ready. I want to get it just right. The models needed a lot of patching, which is usually the case when your 3D scanner is a first-generation Kinect. That’s done now (thanks, Hippo) but my 3D printer picked now as a choice time to go on the fritz. One of the extruders is working but the second is not, but these models absolutely need to be printed with support and I really want to use something dissolvable, so it might have to wait until I can beat that second extrudfer into submission.

Long story short: I’m a huge nerd.

As for your first idea, the problem with that sort of format is that the first loser gets the harshest penalty and the subsequent losers get progressively lighter punishments. This may be just (in that it gives the bigger losers the bigger penalties) but it means that as the games go on, the stakes get lower, until at the big finish the last girls standing battling over not very much. It’s anticlimactic. Believe me, I’ve thought of this.

But I definitely like the idea of the loser having compromising pictures taken with her own phone and sent to one of her contacts (or two, or three, or four…) I’ve been trying to do more ENF forfeits, and this will be a good one. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

just wondering if there are other games featuring carmen and if so when will they be published? thanks

Mark hill

Red said...

@Mark: Yep, there sure are more episodes with Carmen (and her best friend Dylan), and the next one will be published as Episode 584 in mid-September.

Piti said...

Nice to read you again Red.

I would like that the site will return to normality. With promos for upcoming games (Can you anticipate something? my lovely Sassy?), meet a new girls (Someone new soon?), PoVs updates, (Good)and other sections that we are waiting a lot of time.


Red said...

@Pill: I'd love to have Sassy back, and she'd love to come back, but we just haven't had the opportunity yet. It'll come.

As for new girls, yup, we got some coming up. Here's what the future has in store:

Episode 580 is one for the hardcore fans. Avi returns with new girls Cass and Lydia. The loser has a very intimate encounter with Dante and new dude Thomas.

Episoe 581 introduces new girls Gemma and Marcy, joined by Marcy's husband Cal. Cal and Mercy aren't actors and aren't models. They're fans of the site who wanted to try posing for it, and Gemma is the friend they brought along with them. If any other fans are in the Seattle area and want to join in, let me know. Girls and couples only, please.

Episode 582 brings back Avi, Hope, Sparrow, and of course Julie and Kyle. Last time, the losers had to expose themselves. This time, things go a bit farther.

Episode 583 is the finale of April, Ana Molly, and JD. Over the years I've had a lot of requests for foot worship and I've tried to accommodate them every now and then. Here's another one, and I hope it's a good one.

Episode 584 features, as I said, Carmen and Dylan. Loser meets the Greyjoy Cross, plus one other nifty toy.

That takes us to mid-September. More info as time goes by.

Anonymous said...

Years ago there was talk of more interactive games - whatever happened to that stuff?

Bammy said...

Hey Red! I was wondering if you would consider posting one of the unreleased games that you've got hidden away. I believe one features Ashley and Mouna and involves a sybian race? I'm sure most (if not all) of us would love to see that, even if it does feature your (former) least favourite player, Kylie. Nevertheless, I would buy that clip in an instant just to see Ashley again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Red

I'd go along with Bammy :)


Anonymous said...

I also agree with Bammy!!

Red said...

@Anon 8:15 (please sign your posts): I'd still like to do the interactives, but after so long I've given up on making promises for their release. Some day...

@Bammy, @MRB, and @Anon 2:19 (please sign your posts): Very well. I've added one of those gakes to the publishing queue as Episode 585, and may God have mercy on your souls.

(Actually, maybe it's not that bad. There have been several times I'd thought a shoot went badly, and when I saw the final product it was actually pretty good. Let's hope this is one of these.)

Kylie is still one of my least favorite players, and she doesn't have a lot of company. I've been extremely lucky and have not had many players I'd consider "bad". The only one I'd consier even close was Cocoa, who you haven't met yet but was awful in just about every way it's posslbe to be awful. I'd sent her a detailed email telling her what to expect and what to bring (specifically, several outfits each consisting of several articles of clothing.) I sent her another email a couple of days before the shoot emphasizing how important it was that she read the first email. So naturally she turned up with nothing. She was only wearing two pieces of clothing, one of which was a ridiculous thing made entirely of leather straps, which cut deeply into her corpulent body.

Yes, corpulent. I found her on a modeling website and she totally lied on her profile. She described her body type as "Athletic", which I suppose is true if you count sumo wrestlers as athletes. She also said she had a 34" waist, but I think they was a typo and she meant to include a leading quote as well as a trailingt quote, like "34", indicating irony. Or maybe 34 is her waist size in meters, or surface area in hectares. Also, she'd shaved her eyebrows off and repainted them in a thick shocking white, and painted a black stripe down the middle of that.

I'm not likely to say bad things about my players and even less likely to fat-shame them (I had my own struggles with my weight when I was her age) but in this case the shoe definitely fits. The day after the shoot, she emailed me to ask when I wanted her back. After I wrote her back politely telling her that we wouldn't be working together again owing to her failure to read the instructions and the inaccuracies on her profile, she threatened to sue me for calling her fat. This didn't scare me at all, but she did forfeit any good will I had towards her. Screw her, the stupid fat ugly sow.

The only reason I don't rank her as absolutely the worst player I've ever ever had is that I might be able to get a hilarious video showcasing her awfulness. Sinn/Cyndi was visiting me a couple of weeks ago, and when I showed her the footage, she couldn't stop laughing. So at least there's something.

Anonymous said...

do you any unpublished snip games?


Scott said...

Hi Red! Welcome back. I was getting a little worried about you.

I wanted to welcome you back and also give you a reminder about a shoot that we've discussed a few times: a game involving 3-4 women, with a tickling forfeit: Loser is tickled while the winners take turns riding her mouth. :)

I hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Red! Your return has been long awaited in this space. Hope all is well. Gonna try to keep this short as always the first draft was lost to an android browsers incompatibility -_- lol. Purusing the schedule through september I have never as a day one supporter been more disappointed, we've really two and done seen the end of Jazmin huh? ))): she is my exact perfect type of sexy over confidence like sassy and much more keenly where is a millions times more arousing and thrilling wathing someone who often wins to lose and fall so hard from grace. I wanted to bad to see her badly beaten, stripped completely, and forced to submit and cum to her girl opponents. To expose every inch, sight and sound she never thought she would in such a place. Truly, could not be so so so more disappointed /: but am fully aware many times players coming and coming back is entirely out of your control. Been a fan since before you even started actually. Can't wait for many more years of quality content.
Cheers, tbone

Red said...

@OSTZ: Unfortunately not, but it's good idea to get more. I'll remember that for the next time I shoot.

@Scott: Thanks for the welcome, and I'm sorry to make you (and others) worry. And oh yes, I remember the suggestion, and it's on my list of things to do at the next opportunity.

@tbone: Thank you too for the welcome. I'm extremely grateful to those of you who've been here since the very beginning, especially the ones who've tolerated my frequent and unexplained sudden absences.

Unfortunately we've seen the last of Jasmin (or Jasmine, as she was once incorrectly credited) for awhile, maybe for ever. We met her on one of our annual East Coast whirlwind trips, which we don't do any more. (They were fun and productive, but extremely stressful and expensive.) I'm sorry she didn't lose, but that's the price we sometimes pay for having fair, unscripted games. And sad as that is, I think it's worth it for the genuine reactions we get. If it's any consolation, a forced orgasm was probably not goingt to happen anyway. The girls had very tight limits and probably would never have agreed to do something so sexual on camera.

That being said, never say never. I've gotten girls back (sometimes after years) that I was sure I'd never see again, so it's always possible. But don't hold your breath.

Thanks again for sticking with me for so long. It's not just gratifying, it's incredibly humbling to have such loyal fans. I've heard people describe the experience as humbling but I never truly understood until it felt like until I was in it myself. Having been here since before Day 1, you've heard me say similar things many times in the past, but it's as true today as it was the first time I said it. Few people are have the privilege to succeed at making creative content, and I never forget how lucky I am to be one of them. Nor how much I owe the people who've made it possible.

Yeah, that's pretty sappy, and not the reason people come here, but sometimes I gotta say it.

Andrew Breckler said...

I made this suggestion, I think three or four years ago. Then even i forgot about it until recently, so I thought I would remake it. It is having three or four girls play any stripping game, with the forfeit being that the loser is strapped to the cross and then the winners get to play with the losers breasts for a set amount of time, say five minutes. I think it may work well with girls with lower limits.

Anonymous said...


I know you're going to be getting this left and right over the next few days, but that POV with Cyndi was a masterpiece. I genuinely hope more like that are coming up soon. Also Cyndi is PERFECTION.


Anonymous said...

hey, so the new POV is wonderful and i really think the scenario adds to the experience. i know it'd be a lot of work to craft a new scenario for every week, but the final product is worth the work when it's possible.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, good to see you back, hope all is well. A while ago you offered your 10th anniversary clip for free if you could provide receipts for clips bought in the first year. I sent several emails with my receipts attached but never heard back from you. Could you take a look in the depths of your inbox. The original was sent on Mar/9/2017, subject "10 years, congats, receipts below".

All the best.

Red said...

t@Andrew: I remember your request. I like it and want to do it (and yes, I know its been years.) Part of the problem is that most of the girls I meet nowadays are willing to go further than softcore. So even if I did shoot soem softer forfeits with them, the girls probably wouldn't have genuine embarrassed reactions. I think that maybe girls these days are less shy aboutg exhibiting themselves on camera. I suppose that in general it's a good thing that more young women are comfortable enough with their bodies that they're not afraid to show them, but something has been lost. I'll try (as I always do) to find shyer girls who cah't believe they're doing this. They'd be more inclined to play if the stakes weren't as sexual, and crossbound booby-groping would be great with those kinds of girls.

@Bud: "Masterpiece," eh? I like the sound of that. Thanks! And there are more to come and I'll try to get them out soon. And yup, Cyndi's perfection. She made her first appearance here all the way back in 2009 and I'm always happy to see her back.

By the way, I probably shouldn't say this (since it'll make some people impatient) but I've got some interesting candid footage of Cyndi. After we were done shooting and were just hanging out in my living room, I offered to show her the Oculus Rift. (If you haven't played with one, I suggest you find one and try it. It's a unique experience.) Once she started playing and was entrancedm I whipped out my cellphone and started recording video. Then it occurred to me that I was being stupid. She really needed to be naked for this. So I told her to strip, and now I've got a bunch of footage of her playing stark naked except for the Rift headset. It's a great sight. One of these days (and here's where the impatience will kick in) I'll cut it together into a quick candid video and share it. But I don't know when.

@m: Actually, writing the scripts isn't the hard part, since I've been dreaming up stripping game scenarios in my imagination since I was a teenager. But shooting scripted scenes takes longer than the candid scenes, and it requires good actors/actresses playing the parts. Don't expect a scripted POV every week but I'll try to do more of them.

If you want to see the actual script for P156, it's here. You'll notice that Cyndi didn't stick to it exactly. That's actually per direction: I told her that the actual lines of the script were less important than the ideas behind them and she should feel free to modify the dialogue to suit her natural way of speaking. You also might notice that the ending where the viewer loses was unscripted and was entirely ad-libbed by Cyndi. She did a great job.

@SC: I was distressed to read that, since I tried to be quickly responsive to the fans who've been here for the entire decade. (There were quite a few more of them than I'd expected, which was yet another insanely gratifying and humbling experience, but enough of that for now).

But when I went looking for your email, I couldn't find it, and I looked at all the email I received that day. Yours must have been flagged as spam for some reason. Please send it again, and I'll keep an eye on the junk mail folder. You can also reach me via Google Hangouts at red@lostbets. (That goes for everyone, by the way. If you wanna chat, feel free to reach out. I like talking with fellow stripping game fans.)

Anonymous said...

Just sent the email again Red. Thank you.

Red said...

@SC: Dude, I'm totally not getting it. Are you sure you're using the right address? Should be red@lostbets.com.