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Friday, June 9, 2017


So I did another couple of shoots this weekend in an effort to get more POVs. Unfortunately it didn't go very well. In fact, of about 100 shoots I've done over the years, this is the only one I'd classify as "bad". We had a number of no-shows and cancellations, and the first girl to actually turn up was, by a longshot, the worst player I've ever seen. And by "worst player", I don't mean she was bad at the games, I just mean she was a god-awful person. I don't usually like to bad-mouth my players, but in this case, I'll make an exception. Ugh. Screw you, Cocoa. I doubt I'll ever publish the crappy POVs she made for us, but if you're a fan of unintelligent SSBBWs with freakishly painted-on eyebrows, let me know.

It wasn't all a loss, though. Awhile ago, I heard from a local fan, Cal, who asked if he and his lady Marcy could play. I decided to give them a shot, and they showed up with their friend Gemma in tow. If you like real people, really real people, real amateurs who really have never appeared nude on camera for anyone, you'll like this trio.

Episode 570 today, with Tobi and Stefanie. Those of you who like to see a hapless loser's butthole violated should be pleased.


Bammy said...

Hey Red! I was wondering if you would consider posting one of the unreleased games that you've got hidden away. I believe one features Ashley and Mouna and involves a sybian race? I'm sure most (if not all) of us would love to see that, even if it does feature your (former) least favourite player, Kylie. Nevertheless, I would buy that clip in an instant just to see Ashley again!

Anonymous said...

That will be;
20130813 1-3. Screw your Neighbour

There appears to be a shoot with Star in -that would be good too


ISeek4FreedomWhatIBelieve said...

Hey red you've done this for how long and how many games? Yet you lose footage of her running outside? Really?
Can you please publish the earlier unreleased at least we know game was not corrupted file really?

Anonymous said...

Are you going to post the content with Cal Marcy and Gemma?