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Friday, October 6, 2017

Take 87... action!

Did anybody download and watch the 3D promo for Nancy from last week? I'd definitely like feedback on that one. What did you think?

Episode 587 today. The last time we saw Lydia, Avi, and Cass, the loser had to take two guys at once. This time around, it's just one guy per loser, but two losers.

I want to talk a bit about camera angles.  You may have noticed that we often don’t have angles as dramatic as what you’d see in a professional porno. There's a simple reason for this: we don't cut. We keep everything as genuine as possible. Neither is true -- at all -- of a pro porn shoot.

Next time you’re watching a nice nice pro BJ scene, keep an eye on the shots. Ask yourself: where is the guy with the camera? Often you’ll realize that he's have to be visible from other angles, but he’s nowhere to be seen. That’s because pro scenes are anything but candid. They're carefully scripted, and there are multiple takes of the same scene from different angles.

Sorry if I've ruined professional porn for you, but it's true. Because we don't do that, we're much more genuine, but we can't film anywhere we'd be in the way of other cameras, unless we're 100% certain that at least one other camera will get a good shot. We frequently can't get the nice explicit closeup.

One way to fix this is to give the winner a camera, so they can get in there and get those close-ups for us. The footage we've gotten from them has definitely been of mixed quality, but it's been getting better with time as we've gotten better at giving instructions to the players. Our current spiel for amateur women is:

  • Don't point the camera at us. You'd be surprised how much footage is unusable because the crew is right there in the background.
  • Don't point the camera at the lights.
  • Always hold the camera in landscape orientation. Say no to VVS!
  • Don't use the camera's zoom, If you want to see something up close, get closer.
  • Don't move too quickly. Once you've found a good shot, stick with it for at least five seconds before looking for another.
This is a really roundabout, long-winded way of saying that I think the winner in 587 did a pretty decent job. She got some great views from nice and close. Hopefully, the quality will continue to improve.

Have you seen something that could be improved about the player-shot footage? Is there anything I should add to the instructions? Let me know in the comments.


RS said...

I have been on several porn sets (including staying home from work one day the week I rented out my entire house for a major studio's porn shoot). Not that any of you would doubt him, but yeah, Red's 100% right about all of the stopping to allow the camera operators to change position. That seven-person orgy in my living room took almost 10 hours to shoot, and one of the money shots was filmed after five of the other models had left. And every single one of Red's bullet points (especially the damn VVS) should be on the front page of the instruction manual for every camera and camera-phone sold.

Red said...

Thanks for the backup, @RS. If anyone in the general Puget Sound area wants to follow his noble example and rent your house out to a far-from-major porn studio fir a shoot, I'm always looking for locations. These hotel suites are a little bland.

Red said...

Today's update will be late because Clips4Sale is having technical problems. They don't know when they'll be fixed.

Anonymous said...

Red, weren't you doing shoots at your place for a while, too?


Anonymous said...

Hi Red I just looked at your Clips site, looks like nothing has been added for this week? I see you said that there was a problem but I think other sites have been ipdated today. You may wish to check yours.


Red said...

@Shredder: I was, but that's not currently an option.

@Han: Clips4Sale is still having their problem. I don't know what the deal is with other sites, all I know is that I still can't upload this week's episode. Perhaps those other sites already had their content uploaded, or maybe the problem isn't with every store. Either way, C4S vows that they've got a team of programmers working the problem, and promises a fix in the next few hours. I'll keep checking.

Red said...

C4S is still having this issue. I'm steamed. Their customer service is closed for the night. I'm going to call them as soon as I wake up. Apologies to anyone who's waiting.

Viredae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Should we expect 587 anytime today?


Viredae said...

Red, if I liked professional porn, I wouldn't be so into your stuff... Okay, that's not true, the niche you fill would probably be more than enough, but you get the point, I'm speaking only for myself, but there's no risk of "ruining" pro porn for me.

On another note, I have an idea for a sort of game (not exactly a game, but still might be worth a shot, if you feel that a game is a bit too short or fast paced.

What you do is you use a deck of clothing cards, the colors don't matter, because what you'll be doing is using them to determine what the loser takes off (they draw a card when they lose a round), the kicker here is that it's possible to draw something they're not wearing, so they would get a pass in the game if that happens, this would add an extra element of luck to it, making shorter games longer.

Red said...

Folks, Episode 587 is finally published, in both HD and SD formats. Again I apologize with the delay. I've only been late with a weekly update a handful of times since I first started doing them.

@Viredae, that's an excellent idea. It's an easy way to make a nice simple game last longer and add an element of tension. Another option would be to just have some "safe" cards. I dunno why I didn't think of that.

By the way, those clothing cards were made by Hippo for us many, many years ago. They've served us well (and it's astonishing that we haven't lost any of them yet) but it might be time to retire and replace them. Anyone know of a good place to order large, durable, high-quality custom cards? The few places I found during a cursory search specialized in playing cards, not decks customized on both the backs and the faces.

OD 99x said...

BTW the preview clip contains spoilers and a little head.

Anonymous said...

Red, the odds are that you are going to need a custom order, since I doubt anyone is printing cards exactly the size you want. Your best bet is to contact card printers directly, I am sure many will be able to accommodate. Besides, just a cursory look at pricing options at card printers shows there are usually more options than seen at the front page, and many offer a lot of customization.

I believe Bicycle Cards are a good choice (www.bicyclecards.com) - I've seen them do a number of successful Kickstarters and they have truly amazing art and quality. It is likely that they will be more expensive than your regular card printer, especially for a custom order, but quality has a price. Also, they are based entirely in the US and are environmentally friendly, if these things are a factor to you. It's actually funny that I am promoting American-made production, since I am not even American - but I do think you should support local businesses when you can.


René said...

Hello Red,

Couldn't you have new clothing cards made by a regular copy & printshop? Of course you'd have to have a design ready, but once you have that you can make new ones any time you like. You could even replace 1 individual card.

René said...

Hello Red,

Looking at today's episode it seems that Lydia has one piece of clothing less that the other 2. Or am I missing something (I did a quick rewind, but didn't completely replay the entire episode). Lydia is declared loser after 4 losses, Cass after 5.

I like the episode, but I would like to mention 2 thinks. First, I think the game is a little too short. A longer game with more emotions from the players would've been nicer. Neither seemed much impressed by what was at stake.

Secondly, the game was a bit difficult to follow as the players seemed to forget there were spectators. They should show the cards properly to the camera. Perhaps they could play a bit more with the camera. Each player draws a card, showing it exclusively to the camera. Only after the last player has draw his of her card does everybody find out what the others have drawn.

In general. The scene was OK, but high card is not my game. I prefer a game where you have to be better then the other, trick (screw) the other, etc. High card is too fast, too simple and has far too little interaction between players.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this video...it was a good one! Cass looks like she must be a physical trainer or something.

As to your questions...I actually kind of liked your videos when they were a little more simple...like in this one, it's cutting all over the place, and I kind of liked when the shots were longer and you got a sense of space the whole time. These aren't bad, but they get more hectic. Like, I prefer the style of Kandie getting her first DP, or even the one with Sassy having sex. Not too jangled up with edits. A good twosome scene was the strip twister.

I kind of think the constant close ups of penis entering vagina is a little 1992. A few is fine, but constantly, kind of annoying. And say, on this one, when you go to the handheld camera, no need to spice it up with the fake REC and bars on it. Don't know if anyone would disagree with me, but I think simpler stuff is better.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Any update on POVs?


Bammy said...

I agree with René. Lydia was a bit hard done by in that game, although even if she did have the same number of clothes as the others she still probably would have lost!!

But anyway, that was probably the best episode I've seen in a while! (I mainly bought it to see Lydia, is there anymore of her coming up?).

Unknown said...

Hey Red,
Sorry for the delay, but you asked what forfeits I would like to see if they have to be reused to get jelly back. I like the spankings (even though she instead had her head shaved), poses would work, and I also liked that painting of indigo when she lost as a forfeit for them. But yea, try to work that red magic and see if her limits will go further. If they do that butt plug forfeit that you did with Tobi and her friend (I’m blanking on her name) would be great! Thanks!

Monkey said...

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Tyler is coming!!!!!


Red said...

First let me say that I'm glad so many of you liked 587. To be honest, I was a little worried about the reception of this one, and it's good to see that those fears were unfounded.

@OD 99x: Yeah, I know, and I'm sorry about that. I try to avoid putting spoilers in the previews for the sake of those who don't want 'em. But C4S gives me the following choices: beginning of the clip, 10 seconds in, 1/4 of the way in, 1/2 of the way in, and 3/4 of the way in. The first two are useless, since they barely make it past the intro. And for episodes like this one, with short games and long forfeits, sometimes spoilers can't be avoided in the 1/4 preview. But in the future, when that's necessary, I'll mention it in the clip description.

By the way, I respect those of you who don't want spoilers. It must be nice to watch the game without knowing the outcome. And of course it's a huge compliment that you want to see the clips no matter who wins.

@Zhivik: Thanks for the tips. I pretty much took it as a given that I'd have to do a custom order. I really doubt that anybody manufactures cards featuring different pieces of clothing in different colors. I'll check Bicyicle out. Since I'll have to provide my own artwork anyway, their amazing art doesn't much matter. But I like their playing cards and they have a reputation for quality. The fact that their cards are American-made is a small plus, but not much of one. I'm an American and I'm proud (and lucky) to be one, but everyone else should have the chance to do business too. I want to contribute to the global economy, not just the American one.

@Rene: Yeah, that's a good point. I'll look into that too.

Lydia was one piece of clothingt short, because she wore a dress rather than a top and bottoms. Her loss. I generally tell the girls how many pieces to wear, but I don't actually look them over and count their gamrments If a girl makes a mistake that's her problem. Lydia had such rotten luck that she'd probably have lost anyway.

The game was definitely short, but as you've heard me say that you've heard me say that you've heard me say, I try to shoot variety. We have plenty of long, complicated games, and plenty of games involving physical activity, but we also have short, simple, and sedentary ones, and that's as it should be.

As for the lack of emotion, I tell the players before the games that our most popular players are the ones who really get into the games, who really are competitiv and entusiastic about winning, who can't stand to lose and gloat and trash-talk their opponents when they're winning. If the new players don't listen, there's not much else I can do. I don't want to give them too much explicit direction, because I don't want them to be themselves and not try too hard to be someone else. These girls are not actresses, and if I force them to act, it'll be fake and look it. About the most I can do with an introvert is not invite her back.

And as for them not being impressed by the stakes, another thing you've heard me say is that that's one of the major difficulties with shooting boy/girl. A girl who's willing to fuck on camera usually isn't too shy about doing it, which makes it hard to achieve dramatic tension over the outcome. And it moves the episode way out of the ENF genre. In fact, a lot of the girls who are willing to fuck on camera like fucking on camera. As I said above, I don't want to give the players too much direction but I finally had to start telling them not to say "I'm sure glad I lost," or "I sure wish I'd lost." That's not what we're going for here.

Red said...

@GWKS: I don't know if Cass is a physical trainer, but honestly I think that strenuous exercise would be a challenge with those beach balls bouncing in her face. And they probably wreak havoc with her balance. By the way, Strip Bender will be returning. I filmed a pretty good game. Did you know that the new version has additional spaces for "air" and "spinner's choice" on the spinner? So if the spin is "left foot air", you have to lift your left foot and keep it from touching the ground until it goes somewhere else or another body part is put in the air.

I'll pass your comment about shot length on to Johnny. And I'd like to know what other people think about the REC overlay. We recently added it so the cameras held by the winners could be distinguished, but if you guys find it annoying or distracting, it can easily be removed.

@JD: I've got some GREAT ones filmed and ready to edit but as long as we're barely keeping up with the regular episodes, the POVs will have to wait.

@Bammy: I wrote what I told @Rene above before you said exactly the same thing. Took the words right out of my mouth. And as I said at the top, I'm glad you liked it.

@What Evs: I'll see if I can look Jelly up to see if she wants to come back, but I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't. It's been almost four years since I last saw her, and I have no idea what she's up to these days. And unless things have changed, there is no way she'd take a butt plug. And Tobi's friend whose name you're blanking on is Stefanie.

@Monkey: Yup. Soon.

Red said...

@Bammy: You'll next see Lydia in Episode 590. After that, there are still two more with her to be published.

Red said...

Okay, guys, I just reviewed Episode 588, and yeah, it's pretty awesome. If you wanted to see more of Tyler, you will not be disappointed at all this Friday.

René said...

Hello Red,

Thank you for the extensive reply to my message. Despite my comments I would like Cass and Avi return (for another b/g forfeit), despite Cass's obviously fake breasts. She was awesome in the forfeit and I would love to see Avi in a b/g forfeit without anal and more positions then in the DP she did. I will anxiously await your announcement that they will return. Lydia is not my type, but I am glad to see that others do like her.

When is the b/g scene with July scheduled? I am even more anxious for this one.

Red said...

That'd be Episode 591, René, and I hope you like it.

René said...

Hello Red,

Any chance we'll see a promo for 591? Who was Julie competing with?

Anonymous said...

As to shooting candids--which by definition are the most real, so kudos for that, there is another option.

It involves shooting with multiple cameras. One or more stationary cameras are left running with little or no adjustment as the shot progresses. They can of course be controlled remotely. More detail to follow.