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Friday, October 27, 2017

Making his day

First of all, if you've been waiting for a reply in the previous blog thread, it's up there. Sorry for the delay.

Second, hey look, it's a promo!

I've been wanting to do more pizza forfeits, and here's one of a handful in waiting. This guy was so happy. The life of a pizza delivery driver isn't always the easiest, but every one in a very long while, there are perks. Episode 590 today, with Avi, Cass, and Lydia.

UPDATE: It's been pointed out to me in the comments that I haven't said much about what's coming up. My bad. Here you go.

Episode 591 brings the Julie, Kyle, Sparrow, and Hope. (Avi had to bail.) The game is Strip Freeze, and the two losers (...wait for it...) become the sex slaves of the two winners. Anyone interested in seeing that?

In Episode 591 we'll see Mouna, Ashley, Addie, Selah, and Kylie play Strip Screw-Your-Neighbor. The two losers engage in a Sybian race, each trying to force the other to cum. The other has to open up with a speculum and give us all a very thorough view of her freshly-orgasmed pussy. Guys, I really don't know why I didn't publish these years ago.

I'll introduce you to Geneva in Episode 592. She's a 21-year-old with a petite body, a voluptuous figure, and a slightly vulpine look, and she's never been naked on camera before. I put this shy video virgin up against Sassy and Dylan, two of our most extroverted, aggressive players. Ain't I a stinker? Here Geneva is, looking apprehensive before this game.

She's a bit heavy for her diminutive frame, but to be honest, I like them that way. More pneumatic. Plus it gives her some nice big pillowy never-revealed titties. And oh, the day she had. The way things went for her, the things she ended up doing... I can't wait to share it all with you. The saga begins on November 17.

Episode 594 fills a request. I'm going to start taking some of the episodes that were supposed to be B-Sides and put them on the main publishing queue. 594 will feature Fern, Jelly, and Serengeli, who have been very much requested. The play air hockey, and the two losers do exercises outside. In teeny-tiny bikinis, though, not nude. Still a nice sight, and they still have to get naked before they suit up to go outside.

That'll do for now.


lostbetslova said...

damn red these females are so beautiful, hopefully this website carries on for generations your work is much appreciated. Just gotta throw this out: when the b side with kodak gets released life will be complete!

loving it all

Anonymous said...

hi Red, I worked a pizza driver also, in a beach town. I got lots of thrills, nothing quite as blatant as Lost Bets, but damn... i saw lots of bare titties, some asses, and a couple clams.


Anonymous said...

How about some info on the releases for the coming weeks?


Red said...

@lostbetslover: Glad you like the trio of Avi, Lydia, and Cass. There are still a couple more games with the three of them, plus their men. As for the episode with Kodak, don't worry, it'll be out soon enough. I'm going to start putting some of those would-B B-Sides in the regular queue.

@shredder: Lucky. I delivered my pizzas in a college town, and again: Old Lady. $20 Bill. Highlight of my week.

@Anon: That's a good idea. I'll get right on that.

Red said...

Updated this post with forthcoming episode information.

René said...

Are there 2 episodes 591?

Isn't 591 a b/g forfeit?

Red said...

Yup, b/g. Kyle.

abhi said...

pl bring back Nettlestein, Leilaniberg, and Goldendza. they are lovely ...want to see them more....

Anonymous said...

The episode with Mouna seems promising.
Any news regarding the pov?


Anonymous said...

Oo, 591 sounds nice! I like it when you have two losers...it's a little cheaty, but betters the odds for people I want to see lose (Julie, homes).

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Excited to see Kyle risking being a sex slave... hopefuñy something good come sout of it and is a first of many more forfeits with males. Still waiting on them to risk man on man action or pegging-ass-play. Thanks ;) Love, Maria

Anonymous said...

looking forward to whats coming up, and the new girl. thanks Red.


Anonymous said...

How about a new forfeit? Naked habdcuffed right leg to right hand left leg to left hand and a spreader bar keep her totally open. Nothing to hide

Red said...

@abhi: Well, Nettlestein, Leilaniberg, and Goldendza are also known as Nettle, Leilani, and Endza, and they also appeared together in Episodes 541, 551, aand 565. In addition, you can see more of Nettle in Episodes 472, 476, 480m 483, 489, and 492. And Leilani in Episodes 222, 224, and 228. Hope this helps.

@G: I hope you like it. No news on POVs yet, but there is hope.

@GWKS: I hope you like 591 as well. Keep in mind that I don't control the outcomes and they're frequently not what I would have preferred. Still worth it, though.

@Maria: I've heard the many calls for more male players, and I'm trying to answer them. Finding guys who'll risk b/b is a challenge, way harder than it is to find girls who'll risk g/g. I could maybe just use gay men, and maybe I will, but that's probably not as exciting as seeing straight men literally risk their asses.

@shredder: Geneva won't be to everyone's tastes, but I like her a lot. She's as real as they come, and she came to her first ever (possibly) naked shoot without really knowing what the expect, and she ended up with way more than she bargained for.

@Anon 9:22: Please sign your posts, and please tell me who you are so I can tell the girls, so they can properly curse you out when they're immobilized and exposed in your rig.

ghost101 said...

I'm throwing two new ideas of games.

First : 'Sybian War'
The rules are simple : it's the regular card game of war. The only difference is each time you win, the speed of the sybian decrease and if you lose the speed increase. And where there is 'war', the winner's sybian is lowered to the lowest setting which is 'stopped' and the loser setting is increased by a factor of 2. The game end when one of the player cum.

Game no 2 : "The Tasting Challenge"
Players are blindfolded and each turn, a player have to suck something (mostly fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, carrots, banana, marrow... as well as the traditional 'pogo, sausages...) and they have to guess it right. Each time they get it wrong, they have to remove a piece of clothing. Of course, to increase the difficulty, you can use larger vegetables or fruits mostly unknown to people and cut them to the right shape... and to add fun to the game, you can also add things like dildo (perhaps dildos with flavored condom), real dick...
As for the forfeit, the thematic forfeit would be a blowjob and cum on your face... or perhaps more interesting, the loser(s) have to masturbate with each of the items they guessed wrong.

abhi said...

thanks for the reply. its a great help. can I give you my one humble opinion? thanks
I have noticed some models were very serious about the game. They really want to win. When someone plays a game very seriously, it adds extra thrill and excitement to the video. I have noticed in some games models were not very serious, plying casually and rules of the game not followed seriously. So always be strict with game rules. If you can make a rule that winner model gets higher payment than loser one while loser one have to perform more( forfeit), chances are more seriousness in the game play. And make one rule that winner model have to be dressed back again while losers have to perform naked in front of them.
love your website, your videos...keep them coming. We love humiliating forfeits ..not too much sexual ones but the one where humiliation and shyness of the loser models are predominant. my best forfeits were 1. naked in front of pizza delivery boy..2 naked yoga 3. naked in public hallway 4. naked forced masturbation while hands tied up etc. 5.ketchup all over the body.( have not seen model shower and washing up for a long time). so keep them coming( and new more innovative ideas). thank u...love u

RS said...

Red, regarding male players willing to risk b/b forfeits....maybe you could find some bisexual guys who simply don’t tell us viewers they are bi? Whatever b/g forfeits they end up doing first may cause your viewers to jump to conclusions that they are straight, and then assume later that straight guys are being forced to do a forfeit together. You wouldn’t be lying if you simply never mention sexual orientation at all.

Bill said...

Hi Red, I've never commented on the blog before so sorry if you've already been asked this but is there any hope of some of the POV clips coming to the paysite? Or failing that you just making another paysite for POV clips?

An old friend... said...

Lost at the bottom of the last thread...

What I'd like to see for a femdom-y forfeit would be to have the losing guy on his back, hands bound above his head, and legs bound to a spreader bar. The girl(s) would then get him off as rough as possible. Facesitting him, vibing his cock, balls, and ass, some slapping and squeezing (but a bit shy of hardcore cbt), and when he's about to cum his legs get lifted up so he shoots on his own face (ruined orgasm optional). Beyond that, continue to vibe his cock after the orgasm while he squirms (and still has a face full of his own cum). A second milking is optional.

Also, if an honestly straight guy were to risk guy/guy action (oral or anal) on camera (presumably for the first time), what would be an appropriate prize be should he win the game??

Red said...

@ghost101: Thanks for the ideas. I'm always happy to hear them. Unfortunately I see a couple of problems with these. As for the Subian War, it sounds good but I'm down to just one Sybian. (I gave one to Tobi to thank her for her work on Episode 500.) Also, it seems that with the Sybian, just having it on and gradually turning it up doesn't do the trick. Most girls seem to need the speed to vary from time to time in order to cum. But it'd still be worth giving it a try if I still had two Sybians. Maybe Tobi can lend me hers.

As for the Tasting Challenge, I don't know how much of a challenge it'd be. I'd think that most of the girls would be able to tell what was in their mouths by its shape, texture, taste, and smell. But again, I could give it a try.

I hope that my skepticism about these particular ideas doesn't discourage you from offering them in the future. Again, I'm always happy to hear ideas, even if I don't want to use all of them.

@abhi: You can always give your humble (or not-so-humble) opinion. I'm glad to hear ideas for games and forfeits but I'm even happier to hear constructive criticism. Suggestions for ways to improve.

As for the players taking the games seriously, I do tell them as part of my standard introductory spiel that the fans tend to like girls who really get into the games and who try their hardest to win, but some of the players are bettere listeners than others. I don't want to be too emphatic about it, because I want the girls to be as genuine as possible. It's my policy generally not to intervene in the games unless asked. I do it sometimes (like in my last game of Torange, when the girls were throwing out silly things that had nothing to do with the category) but I try to avoid it. And while (again) I love to get suggestions, any suggestion that starts with "always" or "never" probably won't happen. I aim for variety, so few things will happen always or never. What I can do is try to be more specific in the clip descriptions about whether or not the players take the game seriously.

Letting the winners get dressed while the naked loser does the forfeit is a good idea. It can be fun to see some of the winenrs clearly uncomfortable as they're still exposed even after winning, but it'd be more fair to let the winners cover, and it might give them more incentive to win, too. I'll use that rule in future shoots and see how it goes.

There will be a wet-and-messy forfeit coming up. It's starting to get challenging to think of new things to pour over the losers (suggestions, anyone?) but I'll keep doing my best.

As for your compliments, they mean a lot to me. Long-timers will roll their eyes to hear this yet again, but it's incredibly gratifying when people like my work. I love doing this and I'll keep on doing it as long as I can. Thenk you for being a fan.

@RS: I've thought about that, and maybe that's what I'll do someday. (I've got some decent ideas.) I see two protential problems, though. The first is that it might be difficult for a man who enjoys sex with other men to accuratrly portray the discomfort a straight man would feel in that situation. It'd be a closer to acting than the genuine reactions I prefer, but that's not insurmountable.

The other problem is that I hate lying. I'm not saying that everything I've said in this blog or in the clip descriptions is 100% accurate but the vast majority is and I try to keep it that way. If someone asked on the blog if the men in a video were really straight, I'd have a tough time saying they were if they weren't. But that might not be insurmountable either.

Red said...

@Bill: Welcome to the blog, and I hope your first post won't be your last. And no need to worry about asking something that's been asked before. It's not like it's easy to find earlier answers in this archaic mode of communicateion.

The answer to your question is a little complicated. I don't run the paysite. When I first decided to start doing this, there was the clip store and the clip store only. I did that rather than a paysite because first of all, I wasn't sure at the time I'd be able to keep up regular weekly updates. That's not an issue anymore, but there's a bigger one. Like I said above, I like to shoot a lot of variety, which means I make a lot of videos that have niche appeal. With a clip store, I have more freedom to do that, since anyone who doesn't like the content of a particular episode doesn't have to buy it. With a paysite there's more pressure to make videos that have near-universal appeal.

Anyway, after I'd been doing this for a year or so, I got contacted by a dude, and to make a long story short (too late) I license my videos to him and he runs the site, with me getting a piece of the pie. I make the clips, I put them on the clip store, and after they've aged for a bit, I send them over to him.

I sent him all the POVs awhile ago andsuggested that he publish them as bonus updates, but he hasn't done that yet. I'll ask him what's up with those. I'll let you know what I hear.

By the way, if you subscribe to the paysite by clicking through the link at the top of this blog, I get a much more substantial cut, so please do. Unless you've already subscribed by clicking through somebody else's link, please dont switch to my link. Whoever referred you deserves their slice.

@An old friend: Thanks very much for the detailed and specific ideas. I'd thought about doing a milking penalty, with the girl forcing the guy to spurt with rough treatment, but you've expanded the idea a lot. It seems like a great way to punish a guy fot losing to a girl.

As for the reward for those risking b/b: How about two girls vs. two guys, with the losers having to 69 each other to orgasm while the winners get to watch, cheer, and take pictures? The stakes might not be even, since b/b seems much more hardcore than g/g, but if the girls are new to g/g (and slightly grossed out by it) iu could work.

Anonymous said...

The old games - 109 - Strip 8-Ball with Naomi and Lieza (HD) and 112 - strip screw your neighbor do you have more games from that day?


Chucky said...

Hi, Geneva is beautiful, looking forward to her in these videos. Does the forfeit in Episode 592 get in hair & face or just on body?

I wouldn't mind recycling wet & messy forfeit ideas, don't stress stress about every messy forfeit being completely original... different players and scenarios will keep the messy videos fresh. I'd say my favorite was the colored heavy cream poured on head & body... looked great, woukd loved to see different players covered in different colors of the heavy cream!


Chucky said...

592 should be 593... the baby oil. Thanks,