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Friday, November 3, 2017


You've seen Julie, Sparrow, and Kyle fully exposing themselves. in Episode 578 You've seen Hope, Julie, and Kyle masturbating side-by-side in Episode 582. You've seen a helpless and tied-up Julie tickled mercilessly until she peed in Episode 586. And through it all you've wondered: how far will they take it? Will they go all the way? Will the girls get penetrated? Will Kyle get to put his dick in someone's mouth, or more than one person's mouth, or even someone's pussy? These and other questions will be answered today in Episode 591.

A lot of people have been waiting for this. I hope they like it, but I feel like I have to offer this caution. While the forfeit was great to watch and we get to see a lot of things, there were some things I would have liked to see and didn't, and I think I won't be the only one. Maybe sometimes I take my policy of noninterference too far. Anyway, enjoy the show, and maybe we'll see those other things some other time.

In other news, comments on the previous post have been answered. Please leave any replies here, since Blogger is a terrible way to maintain a community. Someday...


Anonymous said...

Not to be too greedy Red, but I thought I'd request a few of the would-be B sides for prioritization in your que

1.Ashton, Mia, Sammy, Julie RPS
2. Lakota, Hannah, Siren, Ashley, Michelle Croc & Balls
3. Julie Sammy Mika Leilani Vince Botis Screw your neighbor

Also, did you like my idea for the Beauty Pagent forfeit from when you were soliciting ideas for the recent shoot?


Anonymous said...

Has Julie ever done a full boy girl scene?! I remember one BJ. I'm so so disappointed Kyle didn't take this rare opportunity. I've been waiting for this for years. Please please create more scenarios where this outcome is possible. Thank you kindly.

Anonymous said...

Two possibilities here.

1. Julie is willing to have sex on camera.
2. Julie isnt and the reason Kyle didnt take the "opportunity" is because it didn't actually exist.

if it is number 1 Red then make it happen. Rig it if you have to.

Anonymous said...

hot clip Red, one of the best.
I loved the energy Sparrow brought to the action.and how she was blushing so hard. her and kyle clearly had a chemistry.

i know Julie wont go for it, but maybe Sparrow and Hope might be willing to gamble on a gangbang?

bring these girls back for more.


Anonymous said...

Seems worked. You'd think the girls would team up to ensure the guy loses in a game like this, and Kyle's clearly maneuvering around some limits in the forfeit.

Still, great clip! You shouldn't be so hard on yourself!

Zhivik said...

So about Julie and her mates. I guess there are two possibilities - either she (and Hope, for that matter) is not willing to have a boy/girl scene or camera, or she is simply gay and isn't interested to. Which one is true is no one's business, really. What matters here is trust, as Julie obviously trusts Kyle not to go farther than he knows she would be willing to go. My personal opinion is that a boy/girl scene was never an option for Kyle, which is why he never attempted it. Did I hope that it could happen? Certainly. Am I disappointed that it didn't? No, and here is why.

The key thing here is that these people trust each other, which lets them have fun. I believe this is the most important ingredient, as the best videos on this site are not those with some extravagant forfeits, but those where all of the participants have fun. Sometimes embarrassment takes over and kills part of the fun, which is why I don't particularly care for those episodes. However, this time everyone obviously enjoyed themselves, even though they were a little nervous, considering the stakes.

If I have to give another example, let's go back to that series of episodes (around 400), involving Dante and his friends (including his former girlfriend, Sassie), I believe the best episode of those was not that famous 400 (with the gangbang and all), but the one that was shot towards the end of the day, where the forfeit was spanking three naked losers with various contraptions. Everyone had so much fun, which made the episode really great, even though it wasn't as hardcore as number 400.

I believe this is what this site should go after, make sure that everyone involved has fun, regardless how softcore or hardcore the forfeit is. This is why certain groups of players are far more popular than others, mostly because some people are easy with each other and enjoy themselves, while others - not so much.

It came out longer than I intended, but I guess feedback is always useful.

Anonymous said...

I loved this update, and I think Kyle did fine, actually. Especially for an amateur. You can’t expect a regular person to turn into a sexed-up Bond Villain on a dime like that. Those pants, however, deserve heaps of criticism. Anyway, thanks for more awesome stuff, Red!


Unknown said...

Maybe is Julie had won she woukd’ve penetrated Kyle with a strap on and we would’ve had Girl/boy sex but roles reversed. Just a thought ;)

Anonymous said...

hi red,
are there old stuff for b-side with hannah perez?
if not is it possible that we see her again in new games? the same with whitney morgan and candle boxxx?

what is with the following girls, is there any in who will be at lostbets in future?
bella rossi, sara liz, cali logan, terra mizu, ludella hahn, mistress kara, ariel x

Anonymous said...

ps: i like your work and i'm customer since the early years.

another question: forfeits in future: public nudity? spanking? ass kissing? something in in the near future?


Bammy said...

Hey Red,
Do you know if Piper or Zahara did any work outside of lost bets? Under different stage names perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Would be super hot to see Piper and Zahara back -

Anonymous said...

hi red,
can we get julie against sassy in a game?
i dream from a strip no name game julie (with kyle) against sassy (with dante) where the loser gets an over the knee spanking from both males and the winner. as final humiliation the loser has to kiss and worship the winners ass.

if it isn't possible with these four players it would be also great to see this forfeit with 2 other girls and males.
whst do you think?

lostbetslova said...

gugs dream is my fantasy! otk spankings are the

Riggins said...

Nice post, Zhivik. I agree. Players having fun and enjoying themselves is fun and enjoyable. "A little nervous but enjoying it" makes for a good episode.

RS said...

Re: Kyle not fucking Julie....

If I recall correctly, Kyle was introduced to Red through Julie. Sounds like they’ve been friends a long time. Perhaps because they’re friends, they’re willing to do certain naked things together but actual PIV sex is a line that at least one of them doesn’t want to cross and s limit that both respect. Just a hunch.

Hamilton said...

We need to see Julie get FUCKED

Anonymous said...

not gonna happen.


An old friend... said...

I've been a fan of Julie since way back in episode 29 (shit, that was a long time ago), and to this day she is by far my favorite player ever to appear in Red's videos. To an extent, I was cheering for her to win this game. As fun as it is to watch her lose, she has such a devilish quality about her when she win.

However, I still feel that she got off easy back in episode 218. As fun as it was to watch her suck on Vince, she failed to get him off. I think she owes the LostBets universe a game with the forfeit being a face/mouth full of cum. That being said, she would be perfect for the forfeit I had proposed on the last thread. Perhaps her and Sparrow against Kyle - Kyle gets off either way, either onto her face or onto his own.

Anonymous said...


Your idea of two guys vs. two girls with the losers 69ing each other in front of the winners would make a great clip, I'm sure. If you can arrange it. But I suspect most guys wouldn't consider that a reasonable risk/reward ratio. Perhaps if the guys win they could get blowjobs from the girls after the 69 show to sweeten the pot.


ghost101 said...

Even if my rate of success for ideas is probably around 0%, I guess you never know when the real good suggestion will come out unless you continue making them until one finally got some considerations.

Continuing on the idea suggested by someone of the loser not knowing who the boy is, I always tough erotic for a woman to be tied and being offered to a man she knows and find attractive but never actually told him so. Imagine a co-worker or a friend, removing her clothes and making love to her while she can do nothing to prevent (and secretly, she actually want him to make love to her) as she is tied. You would have to ask the girl friend of that friend to also ask her boy friend to come and you would have to make sure that the contestants knows that the loser will be offered to someone they know. However, despite how great this idea could be, the feasibility is close to impossible as it would be almost impossible to organize and there is such a high risk that it actually fail.

A variance of that would be to instead have one of the highest contributors/customer to the site (and I know I am not one of them so it is not a self-interested proposition) participate. A skype session where one of us, customer, would be in control of what the loser do (ex: masturbating, etc.). However, I already anticipate that being a complete stranger, it won't turn them on as much as would someone they know.

Another suggestion would be for the contestant to write a phantasm they have and the loser (or perhaps this time it should be the winner) have the chance to have her phantasm being played out.

Kyle said...

Hey everyone!

I'm Kyle from the videos!

I'm very much enjoying reading your comments!

Id love to come back and do ALL the girls! The only reason I didn't is because we ran out of time!
and I suppose I was a little shy because I've never done freaky stuff on film before.
my only videos are on lostbets...

anyway.... Ive lost some weight since these videos.
damn I was looking a bit chubby.

ill tell the girls you said hi!
thanks for watching
i hope to be back soon!

RS said...

Hi Kyle! Love it when players comment here. I'm a big fan of your videos -- especially when you lose! Hope you keep coming back both to this message board and also in front of the camera, and that you keep risking ever-more-embarrassing forfeits.

Anonymous said...

Kyle make sure you show the ladies equal love next time! Look forward to more videos!

Anonymous said...

more Geneva!
she is cute and sexy.

i hope she comes back.


dday66 said...

Hi, in December 2015 you mention that you had a behind the scenes promo involving Cora do you have any idea of when this will be posted as I think she is a natural and would make an excellent host for future games as she has the right personality and would make first timers feel relaxed

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, so I watched this one...it was actually very good. But, to reiterate what Red was saying, it's disappointing only in context. A long term player who lost a hardcore bet and didn't forfeit anything? That's thiiiis close to being illegal! Julie didn't even give a real blowjob. So yeah, Red should have said something. For me, it's more about I like it when long time players lose big...like Mia and Sassy did. Newbies having sex on camera for the first time is great, but long time players doing the same is better.

So anyway, it was still a good video, but doesn't make classic status. Maybe Julie should come back and run some risks along this lines again, with less players so her odds are worse. That'd even things out somewhat.

With that, I have to watch the Hobbit.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hey Red I was wondering if you had a personal email. Because I want to talk to you about business. I hope this comment gets to you.

An old friend said...

So what do you say Kyle (ya lucky SOB)??

You vs Julie and Sparrow - Game TBD - Loser(s) get a face/mouth full of cum. If you win, they suck you off any way(s) and in any position(s) you want with Julie taking the money shot. If you lose, you're on your back, hands bound above your head, feet bound to a spreader bar while they get you off in as mean a way as possible, forcing you to cum on your own face, and then continuing to torture you post orgasm (second milking is up to them).

Assuming of course Julie and Sparrow take the challenge...

Anonymous said...

Lostbets is probably the one porn producer where an episode can be controversial and be debated like Game of Thrones.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Kevin said...

So any specials for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday/ Or small business Saturday. I figured it was worth a try. Luna Videos available preferred.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, could you tell me the artistic name of the following girls: Julie, Navarre, Erin, Leilani, Kandie, Star, Chanel, Trinity, Madison, Piper, Bex and Zahara, I would like to see if they have been successful

Anonymous said...

Julie last name