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Friday, November 24, 2017

Yeah, yeah

Don't ask. I plan to get to comment responses on the last blog post later.

In the meantime, enjoy Episode 594 today.

It's a long-lost episode featuring three girls I've gotten many, many requests to have back: Fern, Jelly, and Serengeli. Oh, and Jerome, whom I've gotten fewer request for. Keep in mind that none of these girls was willing to risk anything overly sexual (although Fern relaxed this later) so don't look for that. On the other hand, we get to see a couple of girls go into the great outdoors in the tiniest of bikinis, to show off their nearly-naked bodies as they do exercises. And look, there's even a promo!

Next week, we'll see a double-update weekend. Episode 595, on Saturday,  features Endza, Lelani, and Nettle, another much-requested group. Loser gets slathered with baby oil and paddled.

On Saturday, Episode 595a has another much-requested group. In fact, they're probably the most requested group. Ashley, Addie, Mouna, and Kylie play a new game (Whipped Cream Race) and there's a hardcore forfeit! Loser gets double-teamed by two guys, one in front and one in back! Sounds great, doesn't it?

Yeah, no. I delayed publishing this whole set for awhile because I didn't think it was good. But then when I saw Episodes 519, 584, and 592, I found myself wondering why I disliked the shoot so much, since those episodes might not have been the best but they certainly weren't awful. Well, now I remember. The game was pretty bad, but the forfeit was awful. The loser was just... awful, that's the only word. There is one reason and one reason only to buy this clip: to see three extremely hot girls lose their clothes, for probably the last time ever at LostBets.com. I wish I had a better send-off for them, but this is it.

Episode 596 will be the second featuring Dylan, Sassy, and Geneva. Last time those three got together, Geneva found herself getting a crash course in what it's like to lose at LostBets.com, getting stripped naked and covered in baby oil by the gleeful winners. This time, the two losers of this game of Strip Memory have to 69 in front of the winner, and of course all of us.

Then we get Avi, Cass, Lydia, Thomas, and Dante back in Episode 597, playing a free-for-all game of Screw Your Neighbor. Remember the spanking loop from Episode 406? Well, Dante sure does, which is why he really, really wants to not lose this game. Does he" Wait 'n' see.

That's it for now. I hope everyone (well, Americans, anyway) had a happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

are there any more games to be published from the first series with Carmen and Dylan? and when are the next series of games starting to get published? also sparrow is awesome would love to have her back

Mark Hill

OD 99x said...

Red since your pulling stuff from the vault, is there any chance that there is more of Annabelle there? I was looking at some old clips, 269 is a
great yoga clip considering the loser picks the pose, and I'd love to see more of her.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving (weekend) to you, Red! I for one am thankful for all the clips you've produced for us over the years.


RS said...

I like Jerome. He may not have the chiseled body that some of your guys have [insert another request for Eric here], but he has a nice boy-next-door innocent vibe. I vote to continue to use him if he's available, especially if he's willing to take some serious risks.

(P.S. On that score, Kyle, if you're still about: I hope you'll discuss with Red what kind of forfeits you haven't yet done that you'd be willing to risk. Having your body shaved? Tickled? Getting pegged by a girl with a strap-on? Any sort of same-sex interaction?)

Red said...

@Mark Hill: There are indeed more from that first series with Dylan and Carmen, and the next one will be published as Episode 602, in mid-January. (Sorry for the delay. This is the problem with having so much material on tap.) The first episode of the next series, which has those two plus Dylan's friend Nancy, will be Episode 607 in late February. It was going to be Episode 602 but you wanted to see more of the original series so I bumped it. Again, sorry for the long wait. Another reason is that now I have a lot of material featuring Dylan, which is not at all a bad thing but I have to space them out a bit.

Sparrow will next be in Episode 609 but in this case there's a reason for the date. That'll be the last I have of her for now, but enough people have sung her praises that I'm going to try to get her back.

@OD 99x: Deeply sorry, but that's all I've got of her. Based on what you said, I went back and looked at 269, and yup, that was pretty hot. It's like a hybrid of staqndard yoga posing and letting the winner just pose the losers. The problem with the latter is that the winners sometimes lack creativity. Having one winner and two losers worked out well, too. I'll put that into practice next chance we get.

@Napebaf: Having fans like you who've made it possible for me to do this was near the top of my "things to be thankful for" list, as it has been for a decade now.

Red said...

@RS: Episode 594 was actually filmed in 2012, so I doubt I can still get in touch with Jerome. Kyle, on the other hand, is very much still around. I'll pass your requests on to him and see what he says.

René said...

Hello Red,

When's the next b/g forfeit? Appart from the one you qualified as bad?

Any chance of a return of Stefanie or Helena?

Have gotten around yet to answer my e-mail?

Red said...

Reply from Kyle:

I'm down for all of those things except i'm not into same sex interactions especially on camera. I suppose i might have a price but I doubt anyone wants to pay it.

@Rene: 601 has b/g but I'm not sure how good it was. The angles were a little obscured. You'll see. I am desperately trying to get Stefanie back, and soon, but she hasn't gotten back to me yet. She's Tobi's friend and I've asked her to help see if I can track her down. As for your email, I'm working my way through the emailss that have accumulated lately.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to post anymore povs where you both win or lose???

RS said...

LOL. Thanks for passing along the word to Kyle. Since b/b is out, maybe you’ll have to do one where he ends up being tied up and shaved before being pegged by one girl while being tickled all over by several others. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Have you considered giving and encouraging popular players such as Julie or Dante their own accounts on this site so they can interact with fans directly? You could have them give video updates for instance


Unknown said...

any new pov's coming soon :)

Viredae said...

Hey Red, since we're on the subject of b/g videos, any chance you can get Nettle, Leilani and Endza into one? I'm seriously wondering what their limits are.

On another topic, I've always liked the idea of OON, or Only One Naked, of course, since we want to see the girls play the game first, maybe a good idea is to determine the loser, then allow the winner(s) to get fully dressed, thus leaving the loser as the only one naked, I'm sure that whatever the forfeit is, it'll be extra embarrassing that way.

Anonymous said...

YES RED you legend !!! Finally getting proper wedgies onto the showreel !! Think it's been 5years plus asking for these and although I haven't bought a clip in a few months I'll be downloading this one !!!



Anonymous said...

Anymore possibly from the Paige, Jennifer, Jasmin group? I was hoping there might be a messy forfeit for them? I think anyone with the low limits make great for messy options.


Anonymous said...

I think that its pretty clear that Kylie is one of the worst players in the sites history. You should humiliate her as a result and just post that video for free or post embarrassing screenshots of her.


Anonymous said...

Bit harsh. Just dont hire her back

Anonymous said...

wow... no joke, 595a is bad.
Red promised that it was, and he didnt disappoint.

i suggest buying it just for the train wreck factor.


Anonymous said...

Ufff, the sometimes i dispute the casting, are those only girls available?
Sorry for the comment, I enjoyed episode with good acting pros like in 147, playing good game than such amateur failures. Get a nice girls (please less BBW and more fit ones with less tatoos) and make up game that they understand, and can play (not just randoms shuffles, when somebody is naked without chance to avoid that).

I liked the strip game fetish, i like hardcore forfeits. But sometimes to many "other fetishes" are teking over the original idea - strip gaming! Nice girls getting undressed under some level of stress.

dday66 said...

Hi Red do you have any information about Cora's audition tape you refered to in December 2015 and as to how I could get a download copy of it? Think your website is brilliant and keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff! Don't know how it took me so long to find your site! ...Would love to see Dylan and Tyler with anyone else in an Earth and Fire Game, WOW please tell me it's in the works!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think an episode that bad merits a selling price...

Federbear said...

Hey Red! Been a fan for years! Thank you for all of your contribution! I wanted to run a game idea by you...not sure how it could come to fruition, but I think there would be a high demand were it to be produced...

So, I think something that a lot of people like to see (as far as fetish goes) is spanking. But a real spanking, not just 10 or 20 whacks or hand slaps. I'm talking like what you see on the multitude of sites. For this game, you would need someone who is an actual spanker (maybe a Sarah Gregory type, who I've seen here before). You would need two girls to play the game. The loser is then turned over to the pro spanker for a real spanking (nothing other-world crazy, but like a solid maybe 5 minute OTK spanking).

I realize that may prove a little tough for a couple amateur girls to risk that, but I fell like it could also be enticing for some, because it doesn't involve sex. I've also had ideas about two girls that could argue something (as if they were in court) and then a jury (in this case a group of players, or production staff) could decide who wins. Obviously, loser is getting spanked.

Anyway, just some ideas...would love to see it produced, but also curious as to your thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, and best wished for continued success!

lostbetslova said...

Hey red buddy I was wondering if on the unreleased b-side w/ kodak, tori, cody and becca if becca is mistaken for bibi there because bibi is in all the realeased games w/ those 3 and I don't see a player named becca anywhere?


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me if Taylor had ever done other modeling? Any chance at her coming back? Also super interested in Dylan! Thanks for all the great stuff!!


Anonymous said...

heeee man - red what you did to kylie is only with one word said and the word is SHIT!
why are you hating her? what did she to you?
im a fan but i think that was not ok from you!
greets gagu

Anonymous said...

Hi red,

i dont see the new clip yet

Anonymous said...

That commentary about the model ... making whatever issues you had into a public spectacle ... and putting it out there for paying customers to see ... is just petty and completely unprofessional.

Anonymous said...

Please more with cute Jelly!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please more with cute Jelly!!!! Also some harder stuff, she is so cute!!!!